infant-lamb  asked:

Hei !! What are your favourite blogs o: ?

ahhh hi angel! I have a lot of favourite blogs omg ok I am gonna make a list! (I have some more but I wont tag them because I am not sure if they would want that, privacy matters but I hope they know!)































plasticplayhouse  asked:

Did Star arrive yet?! I'm so excited to hear about your experience with him! Star is a he, right?

you are correct! Star is a he, thank you for asking!!

unfortunately it may take another week or so until Star gets here ): i forgot my default paypal address is set to my college (in Georgia), so even though i entered in my address in California he still ended up being sent there 

thankfully my college mail service is very understanding and they’re actually reshipping him out to me today! haunted_hearts told me Star is a mellow bear and probably fine with the cross country detour, but i’m still excited for him to reach here hopefully asap 

plasticplayhouse  asked:

HeyheyheeeyAries Scorpio Leo

This is one of my favorite ones. 

Everything red, a deepening red. Silk veils. Stars in the desert. Sucker punches and bleeding lips. Sneaking off during the party. Swimming pools at night. Velvet dress, someone’s spilled alcohol on it. Being afraid to open a closed door. Blood-soaked gauze. Salome. Running, then running faster. Cherries. The endless staircase in Super Mario 64. Lipstick marks on cheeks. Looking someone right in the eyes. Masquerade balls. Being out at night. Falling in the grass. Surf music.