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Fun fact i found out on discovery channel: you know the long horizontal pupils goats and sheep etc have? Theyre like that so that their peripheral vision would be clear bc predators. However when grazing their eyes would be no longer horizontal and useless, right? Well, apparently when they lower their heads, their pupils turn so that they would stay horizontal, which i found p weird and cool


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Poop: food goes in, acids and nice bacteria take all the nice stuff, only poopy left, it goes to the butt and when its poopy time the muscles in the butt go NNNNNNNGH and u poop

I know but then the poop is just inside of us, you know? You ever take a poop and it’s so big and you’re just like, how the hell was that inside of me????

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Ok so ive noticed the whole menhera discourse, and from what ive gathered its essentially a kawaii japanese version of emo (at the emotional/motivational core of it) with a more medical slant. So couldnt the short answer to haters be 'its kinda kawaii japanese emo actually', like, to make things clearer from the start? Bc starting a longass explanation about word meanings and social climates in japan every time must be tiring for both sides

Yeah, I’ve heard it called kawaii emo too. It’s so frustrating that people won’t even actually look into the meaning of something before claiming it’s bad and asking for “r u  mentally ill” permission slips.

fic deleted scenes lmfao
  • にゅー*: ・゚✧*:・゚✧: well initially
  • にゅー*: ・゚✧*:・゚✧: it was that tony touched down to fight and ultron just sort of blasts him off the building and goes back to kissing vision
  • にゅー*: ・゚✧*:・゚✧: he's just like "not now"
  • Plastic: omg
  • Plastic: go away im ravishing your other son
  • にゅー*: ・゚✧*:・゚✧: xDDD
  • Plastic: fuck u dad
  • Plastic: maleficent would be like MINE ARE REAL YOU HORNLESS FOOL
  • New: they fight over fashion
  • Plastic: 'do you ever wear anything that is -not- green?'
  • Plastic: 'u wench u dont even know what colour IS, judging by your clothes'
  • New: xDDD
  • New: he uses magic to color her clothes green and they have a magic fashion fight
  • Plastic: like the fairies in sleeping beauty
  • New: exactly hahahahaahah