@zephra85 replied to your post “I watched the premiere and then forgot about it. Where is old man show…”

There’s still no airdate for the next episode. ToT

They like our pain

@faeline replied to your post “I need drunken karaoke therapy”

Can I be the Sober Friend (alcohol is a Bad Combo for me but karaoke sounds like fun)

Actually since I can only drink tiny baby sized cheladas, I will probably just eat a handful of edibles so I can sing more pain free

@zephra85 replied to your post “I need drunken karaoke therapy”

Come heeeeeeere ground-bridge to Canada and join me for my karaoke night I’ll have the drinks covered.


@plastic-knives-and-forks replied to your photoset “Thanks bitmoji”

ur officer dva

YEP, dat’s me

@softcurl replied to your photoset “I put it in mac n cheese and my feetsies tinglies”

your skin’s so glowy~

Thanks! Lots of shiny powders lol

@plastic-knives-and-forks replied to your post “I wanted Aqua and Hana to work at the store together but Hana can’t…”

Try making them co owners!

Hrrmmm I can’t figure it out, and Google isn’t helping either. The hell

@zavitsregularplace replied to your post “Bruhhhh I forgot I had lavender earl grey”

wuuut? sounds noice.

From The Tea Spot! Good stuff.