reef revelations :

went for a snorkel for some real talk with the reef. 🐠✨
iridescent coral & fluorescent fish filled my underwater window and stimulated my wonder. eyes drawn to shimmers & sparkles, i soon saw dull stretches of battered sick coral.
sometimes as a mermaid dedicated to ocean play + protection I wonder HOW I best do this. I cling to hope & faith that my efforts are not in vain. floating on my belly, face in the sea, I stared deep into the brains of sick indo reef and I asked “do you need me?”
to the fish darting about, lazy turtles barely batting an eye, sea cucumbers bobbing, feathery headdresses of lion fish rippling, little crabs collecting bottomy-bits. “do you need me?”

perhaps a bit questioning my purpose, my mermaid path, falling to that basic seabitch level where you seek assurance. expecting Morgan Freeman’s voice to whisper “yes you are the chosen one” or bestow some soothing guidance. instead something along the lines of chris tucker from fifth element screamed out “helllp! yes anyone! help us! we need you, we dying! we need anyone! help us!” and i was humbled into a fit of giggles at my own foolish ego and let perspective settle in at this reef trapped in the sea version of the ghetto getting acid baked and trash caked. the reef doesn’t NEED ME. the reef, all the ocean needs a bigger shift to save it. we are all interconnected & inter-dependent. me alone won’t do it any good. though, we collectively could. we humans with our impressive cognitive abilities. some with a dash or more of awareness of connection. not just me. not just my mermaid sisters who quit plastic. all of us. we each individually need to make personal changes on the REG. personal shifts to quit so much power, so much plastic. to recycle more, donate to orgs. because the reef is desperate & we’re just sitting comfortably. we can totally make some sacrifices to get morgan freeman voice back into nature. #plasticfreeforthesea #savethemermaids #banthebag #quitstraws #take3 #take3forthesea #riseaboveplastics (at g i l i 🐠 i s l a n d s )

high vibe healthy hour!!
we love @simplystraws reusable GLASS STRAWS. sometimes we like to treat ourselves to sip our mason jar-ed bevvies through a straw, but having taken the #plasticfreeforthesea pledge against single use plastic, this is an excellent solution!

make this yummy berry-infused mint lemonade : ¾ cup blueberries; ½ cup raspberries; 1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice (about 3 lemons); 1 lemon; 5 cups water; ½ cup fresh mint leaves; ½ cup honey or agave and ice. The scoop: Squeeze lemons into a large pitcher. Add in honey and stir until honey is mixed in. Add water to pitcher. Muddle together ¼ cup blueberries and ¼ cup mint leaves. Add in muddled mixture to pitcher. Thinly slice remaining lemon. Add remaining blueberries, raspberries, remaining mint leaves, and lemon slices to pitcher. Add ice, stir with your reusable straw and enjoy!

Sending some love to Save the Mermaids. A local, nonprofit focused on educating our community about human sourced ocean pollution and advocating behaviors that benefit the ocean environment. #plasticfreeforthesea @save_the_mermaids

our Eco Adventure Ambassador Alison Teal @alisonsadventures ripping in her vintage northern lights hot pants in the Maldives, one of the most beautiful places on our earth that is filling up with not sun, waves, & sand but PLASTIC TRASH. It’s floating ashore pristine beaches and staying there, never to biodegrade. Well we teeki gals & Alison don’t think that’s very cool! check our Facebook page for a teaser of what she plans to do about it! #plasticfreeforthesea

photo by @hisarahlee / Eco board by @etechboards 🙌💙

we are ALL mermaid queens. we ALL come from the sea & are drawn by it’s healing spell. ALL of us are required to rise for the oceans. we need a feckin army! a sparkly seashelled army✨✨✨ let us change the world together, starting with our-shell-ves🐚 @save_the_mermaids is about educating our network about plastic pollution. so join the movement! this not about ego or trophies. the aim is to walk the beach without finding 100 straws. surf without plastic film floating onto your leg. cruise the sidewalk without a plastic bag blowing past.😭 we just want to save the sea. be a mermaid. quit plastics. #plasticfreeforthesea 💙💙💙

my birthday is coming up and all i want is for BONDI TO BAN THE BAG.

@surfrideraus & friends are cleaning up Bondi beach & asking soon-to-open woolies to be plastic bag free on 22 Nov. ✨💙🌊
agenda: 1pm surf. 2:30pm clean beach. 4pm trash assessment + press conference. 5pm bit of a sunset session…ifyaknowwhatimean.

*dress as a mermaid for extra points.
**bring your own cup for the session because you know it’s all plastic free 4 the sea 💙💙💙 #savethemermaids #plasticfreeforthesea #banthebagbondi (at Bondi Beach Sydney)

weekend here & summer parties coming in hot.. sort yourself out a sexy reusable cup to bring along for the fun, so you don’t have to use trashy disposable plastics. 💀 you’ll never lose your drink & you’ll be saving mermaids all night🐚🐚🐚 #plasticfreeforthesea

50 million plastic bags end up in Australia’s environment every year. plastic never biodegrades & either chokes /starves animals who mistake it for food OR because it’s so flimsy it just shreds down to the microscopic level where it enters the food chain–thus facking us via developmental disease, hormonal imbalances, cancer, y mas. i saved the mermaids from this offensive sac whilst surfing bikini-warm crystal blue waters out whale beach today. lucky the greens are pushing for a ban on disposable plastic bags. 🙌 when this policy moves forward, let’s get behind it, yeah?? surely we love our oceans & dolphins & mermaids enough to resolve to bring our own bags to the shops. we can step up & be plastic free for the sea 💙🐚🌊 @save_the_mermaids #plasticfreeforthesea #savethemermaids (mermaid=don’t use disposable plastics👌get on board💋) (at 🐳 🐋 w h a l e b e a c h 🐳 🐋)

i often go full mermaid 🐚🐚 to bring attention to our dirty plastic habits trashing our seas. but today i had the honor of wearing a mermaid costume made from repurposed plastics found in the ocean or on beaches. artist @marinadebris held a trashion show to kick off sculptures by the sea. ❤️ #savethemermaids #riseaboveplastics #plasticfreeforthesea (at Marks Park Tamarama)

plastic is over. plastic is old.
if you’re still hooked on plastics you must not have been told..
you use it so briefly, yet it lasts for ALL time!
ditch it THIS MONTH, give mermaids peace of mind 💙

#plasticfreejuly #plasticfreeforthesea
photo @save_the_mermaids 🐚 (at Surfrider Foundation Australia)