Here are the stages of the cover for The Immortal Time Traveler, a pitch written by Rafer Roberts (plasticfarm) and drawn by me.

Hamilton Chirich is immortal, a dick, and capable of time travel. His signature move is “The Bill And Ted”, where he travels back in time to leave something for his past self.

Nikki Green is not immortal, not a dick, and joined Chirich’s mad dash through time on a bored whim. Her signature move is shooting things, and her superpower is not shooting Chirich.


This past Friday night, we had to say goodbye to @locustmooncomics’ beautiful shop.

A few weeks beforehand, Rafer Roberts (@plasticfarm) suggested the idea of making some kind of tribute comic as a surprise gift for the Locust Moon boys, with a riff on Goodnight Moon, and I don’t think he knew just how seriously I’d take that challenge. It was an immediate frenzy of sending emails, writing the book’s poem, calling in half a dozen favors… and this beautiful beast came together.

We’re not ones to say goodbye, so instead, we said “good night” to Josh and Chris’ magical store - where I spent so many days and nights meeting incredible creators, hung out with my favorite people, and was only a drunk stumble away from my front door - with the help of so many generous, fabulous people. We love you boys, so here’s to your next adventure!

Please enjoy Goodnight Locust Moon.

One million thanks to Farel Dalrymple, @jarreauwimberly, @cynwhy, Denis Kitchen, @weshoyot, @msgier, @andreatsurumi, Dean Haspiel, Bob Sikoryak, and everyone else who helped make this happen. ❤🌛 ❤