Our 5 fav graphic novels out this week!

D4VE by Ryan Ferrier and Valentin Ramon

Primetime TV; mortgages; traffic jams. The robots conquered earth, wiping out all life in the galaxy, but nothing changed. Meet D4VE, the greatest robot war hero, now trapped behind a desk at a soul-sucking day job. Can something, somewhere snap him out of this slump? Will a new presence on 34RTH ignite his long-lost spark for battle?

MOON GIRL & DEVIL DINOSAUR Vol. 2: COSMIC COOTIES, by Amy Reeder, Brandon Montclare, Natacha Bustos, and Marco Failla

She’s been so busy worrying about the Terrigen Cloud turning her Inhuman, Lunella Lafayette might instead fall prey to…Cosmic Cooties?! Because when a new boy moves to town from far, far away, he’s oddly interested in her. Meanwhile, the most wanted T. rex in NYC is running out of places to lie low — a problem that won’t get any easier when our darling duo undergo a body swap! It’s a big change-up that will see Luna spending a freaky Friday (or whatever day it happens to be) as Devil Dinosaur, and vice versa! Will Luna evade capture? Will DD get a passing grade? And who exactly is Moon Girl’s new 9-year-old archnemesis, Kid Kree? Luna’s got a huge future in the Marvel Universe, if only she can survive the present! Collects Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #7-12.

PRINCELESS - RAVEN: THE PIRATE PRINCESS, BOOK THREE by Rosy Higgins, Ted Brandt, Sorah Sungh, Nicki Andrews, Bill Blankenship, and Jeremy Whitley

After the confrontation at The Island of the Free Woman, Raven’s crew is worse for wear and one of their number is on the edge of death. But somewhere nearby is an island where a legendary woman can heal any ills. Can Raven and her crew get there in time and will this woman even help a crew of pirates?

SUPERMAN - ACTION COMICS VOL. 9: LAST RITES, by Greg Pak, Aaron Kuder, and Peter Tomasi

Superman’s downfall has come at the hands of Vandal Savage. After eons of seeking a method to draw back to Earth the meteor that granted him immortality, Savage has discovered he can realize that goal by tapping into the Man of Steel’s super-abilities, and in turn the combined might of the Justice League. Superman’s salvation—and Earth’s—may lie in the one substance that’s lethal to the Man of Steel. Should he use it and somehow defeat Savage, one thing will be certain: regardless of the outcome, Superman as the world knows him will be no more.

A&A: THE ADVENTURES OF ARCHER AND ARMSTRONG Vol. 2, by Rafer Roberts, David Lafuente, and Mike Norton

A VALIANT TALE FOR THE AGES! This ain’t no ordinary team-up? It’s Archer & Faith’s first date! First, A&A’s whirlwind ongoing series is hitting the town with the one and only FAITH! With Armstrong on the road, Archer is taking some much-needed personal time? and bringing his long-distance romance with Los Angeles’s number-one superhero off of FaceTime and into the real world! Then, Archer and Armstrong go on the hunt for Armstrong’s long-lost wife, and the clues will put them on the trail of America’s craziest traveling circus! Come on board here as red-hot writer Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm) and Eisner Award winning artist Mike Norton (Revival) bring you more crossbows than Sleepless in Seattle and more fistfights than The Notebook! Collecting A&A: THE ADVENTURES OF ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #5-8.

Fund This Project: Plastic Farm: Seasons of Growth in the Fields of Despair

Rafer Roberts has launched a kickstarter to help with the printing cost associated with the newest Plastic Farm collection. He has plenty of wonderful rewards, including a custom sketch card ($5…I have one of these from a previous campaign and it’s such a wonderful little thing for only $5), a PDF of the book ($10), physical copies of the book or past collections ($20), custom 9"x12" sketches AND the physical copy of the book ($60), framed original pages AND a physical copy of the book ($150), and even something that I think is pretty danged cool - for $500 he’ll pencil, ink, and letter your four-page comic, give you the original pages and unlimited publishing rights, publish it as a backup story in a future single issue, and send you BOTH Plastic Farm collections ($500). 

Rewards aside, Rafer’s a great guy with a great book. I personally think he’s one of the hardest working guys in comics, he’s wonderful to talk to, and he’s only trying to raise $2000 for the printing. So get on it. Go. 


I’m pricing the PLASTIC FARM pages that I’m bringing to Baltimore Comic Con lower than usual. Pretty much all of them are $35, with a few lower. A handful of “key” pages are higher, but most are priced to move.

I’m also bringing some WILD WOMEN, OXYMORON, and FUBAR pages with me. They are also very affordable. In addition, I’m bringing a little portfolio filled with drawings from the past few years, most done while standing behind convention tables pretending to be busy. These are super cheap.

So come see me this weekend at Baltimore Comic Con, booth 2510.

The Lake House Part 2

Characters: eventual Sam x Reader

Words: 3112

Summary: Sam and the Reader find out they are in different times, and continue to talk more and more.

Read Part 1 Here.

Based off of The Lake House with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.

Bold are the reader’s letters. Italics are Sam’s letters. 

This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing  ‘s wonderful Spn Movie Night Challenge! Expect one more part, with a major difference from the movie. ;) Enjoy, everyone!!

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