plastic soul

why are ball jointed dolls so pretty i don’t even like dolls i want to punch myself in the eyes this isn’t fair stop being prettier than me you are made of plastic and the repurposed souls of dead poetry 

Who’s your senpai? - Based on your Astrology sign!


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I was surprised how many people liked the sword I had at PAX East because it’s not actually the black knight sword (and for all you complainers out there, that’s why it’s too short XD)! It’s a cheap plastic sword I modified in a couple hours, when I realized I didn’t have time to make a sword from scratch. I intend to make some of the black knight weapons from the game for a future convention.

Anyway, here’s a general overview of the steps I took:

1) I used black worbla to change the overall shape of the sword, for example extending the cross guard to look more like the black knight sword. Worbla doesn’t stick to hard plastic very well, so I used a bit of hot glue for extra security (E6000 is probably better, but I was short on time and the next step secures everything in place anyway). Card board or foam would also work for this step.

2) Apoxie sculpt, apoxie sculpt, and more apoxie sculpt. And just in case that wasn’t enough, a bit more apoxie sculpt. This stuff adheres very well to hard plastic so you can use it to fill seams between the worbla and the base sword, add details, and enhance existing details. Detail spam away for more impressive results. (Random tip - if you want to sculpt both sides at the same time, suspend the sword between two tall containers, like i did in the picture. Then you can just rotate it to access both sides.)

3) Prime and paint your sword like you would any other prop. I found auto body primer adheres well to the hard plastic. Then I used the same paint scheme as the armor - metallic black spray paint with hand painted silver accents.