plastic surgery

to anybody going through the nose job tag considering/prior to getting it done, here’s what you need to know-

  • this is your decision, not anyone else’s. if your family or friends try to make you feel bad for doing it, then that’s their problem, not yours. if you can’t love yourself fully then do whatever you can to get there
  • the surgery’s easy. you can ask for a calming medicine before and they might give you something. even if they don’t, you’ll be knocked out before you can even say it isn’t working and then it’ll be over.
  • you might feel a little queasy after, but they will take care of you and you’ll go home and sleep for hours
  • please please please have someone to watch after you for the first little while, because it’s hard to get your shit together, especially the first day or two
  • within a week or two you should be fine to go back to school/work and you can use a little makeup to cover up the black eyes, but there will be a small red scar under your nose and a little crusted blood/snot
  • clean your scar or anything gross stuff with a wet q-tip and for the love of god please do not poke inside your nose (it’s not dangerous, just stings))
  • it kinda feels like you just hit your nose after, but it’s manageable tbh
  • i got hit w/ a broomstick and was singing in a musical nearly right after mine. you’ll be fine.
  • the constant congestion is the worst part. you’ll have to retrain yourself to breathe after and it gets really annoying- imagine a constant stuff nose but with snot still coming out
  • the snot sucks too, but DO NOT blow your nose for a few weeks after
  • it’s been 6 months after and i still can’t feel the tip of my nose so don’t worry about it
  • taking the packing out feels like pulling a really deep, long booger out of your nose- it’s uncomfortable and kinda gross but doesn’t hurt
  • taking the stitches out stings quite a bit, but it’s not the worst part. there are usually only 4-6 and you’ll want to check after that they got them all
  • do not go to anyone you feel uncomfortable with
  • check reviews on your surgeons
  • please make sure this isn’t an impulse thing- i was bullied for years and years because of my nose and would cry when i looked in a mirror because i hated it. it’s a serious, serious thing
  • people will stay dumb shit after like “but I loved your nose, it was so ethnic!!!” and you just gotta be like w/e. it was your decision and you don’t need to feel shamed for a low self-confidence
  • they may also say that you’re a spoiled, shallow brat, but fuck that. it’s just wrong and if you let that get to you, then send me a message and i will talk you right out of that
  • please invest in some cheap button ups/flannels from goodwill
  • tbh you’ll probably get blood/food all over your shirts
  • get a netflix or some good movies to watch on your computer. i’d bet you probably won’t be leaving your bed
  • it’s going to bruise n swell- ice won’t help anything other than your eyes
  • don’t use nose strips until 3 months after
  • the healing probably won’t be complete until a year or two after, but will look decent within 2 weeks to a month
  • if you need a revision surgery, then oh well. i won’t know for another 6 months, but it’ll be fine.
  • don’t wear glasses for a while unless you can stop them from touching your nose
  • a lot of people won’t even notice anything’s different, but if you’re really scared of that, change your hair right before and people will just notice that
  • i find “deviated nasal septum” to be a good excuse for getting it done
  • you won’t be able to move your top lip for a long time so be ready for sultry selfies
  • you might feel sick or horrible when you first get the cast off because it’ll look puffy and kinda gross, but it gets better. i swear.
  • do not expect a perfect ski slope nose. that’s near impossible. you can only change it so much, so keep your expectations realistic
  • the soreness after isn’t that bad, just a little annoying, but you get medicine
  • don’t read the horror stories- they rarely happen!!! you’re probably going to look 10/10 perfect
  • it’s normal to be nervous, but it is fun!! 
TWO YEAR UPDATE: I have never been happier with myself!! I feel beautiful and my nose healed perfectly! Check pics on my Instagram @emilieacw because I don’t really post on here (not a self promo just wanna show you)

화장 = makeup

화장품 = cosmetics

화장품점 = cosmetics shop

눈화장 = eye makeup

아이라이너 = eyeliner

리퀴드 아이라이너 = liquid eyeliner

아이섀도 = eye shadow

마스카라 = mascara

립스틱 = lipstick

립글로스 = lipgloss

볼터치/블러셔 = blush

비비크림/BB크림 = BB cream

컨실러 = concealer

세안제 = face wash

얼굴 마스크팩 = face mask

콜라겐 = collagen

곧모습/외모 = appearance

사진발 잘받는 얼굴 = photogenic face

민낯/쌩얼 = makeup-free face

피부 = skin

성형 수술 = plastic surgery

쌍꺼풀 수술 = double eyelid surgery

코 수술 = nose job

주름 제가 수술 = facelift

보톡스 주사 = botox injection

허세/허풍 = false boast/bluff

화장을 하다/화장하다 = to put on/wear makeup

화장을 진하게 하다 = to put on/wear a lot of makeup

화장을 연하게 하다 = to put on/wear very little makeup

화장을 지우다 = to remove makeup

뽐내다 = to show off/flaunt

Things nobody tells you about having a rhinoplasty:

• Your butt is probably going to fall asleep from sitting in a chair for too long.
• You’re going to probably finish watching everything in your Netflix queue by the 4th day.
• Not breathing out of your nose is a pain in the butt.
• You might hit your nose in your sleep.
• It will SERIOUSLY hurt to laugh, smile, or brush your teeth.
• Your teeth will hurt after surgery.
• Along with the aches after surgery, you’ll also get some stinging pains.
• You’re going to need help picking things up for the next few weeks because you can’t bend down.
• You’re going to need help walking for the first few days.
• You’re most likely going to become constipated.
• Netflix will become your life.
• Gross, long black boogers will end up coming out of your nose. (EW)
• Nothing is going to taste good at all until about a week after surgery.
• You’re going to want to eat everything in your kitchen once you’re able to eat solids.
• Your mouth is going to feel like the Sahara Desert.

The list is ongoing.

*this is just what happened to me so far in my recovery. Not everyone will have the same experience.

TSK: Chief Complaint: “I took my stitches out too early”

Yes, you should’ve left those in for the 10-14 days as instructed, instead of believing your “healthcare friend who thought they looked ready to come out” on post-repair day 3.

No, I’m not putting in new stitches now, 2 weeks afterwards.

Yes, your scar is going to be more visible than it would have been.

No, our Urgent Care does not have a plastic surgeon on-call in-house for second opinions on super-delayed closure of superficial hand lacerations.

Ultimate Fan: This Woman Spent $100,000 On Plastic Surgery To Make Her Comatose Husband Look Like Denzel Washington

Okay, we all have our favorite movie stars, but here’s one fan who’s seriously obsessed.

Sarah Pettis is a Denzel Washington superfan. She’s seen all his films and says she knows basically everything there is to know about him. So when a violent head-on car collision left her husband, Mike, in a coma, Pettis went all-out to show her devotion to her celebrity idol: She dropped $100,000 on plastic surgery to reconstruct her comatose husband’s face to look just like Denzel’s.

Um, talk about taking your fandom to the next level!

Because the couple’s living will gave her power of attorney, Sarah wasted no time getting to work making her husband look exactly like Washington. The 37-year-old, who says she has been crazy about Denzel since she was 14, hired a team of the best plastic surgeons in Los Angeles to operate on her husband in the ICU.

Seven surgeries and $100,000 later, the unbelievable transformation was complete. Mike has a striking jawline and a fierce brow, and when you pull back his cheeks, you can pretty much convince yourself you’re looking at the same man you saw in Remember The Titans.

All we can do is shake our heads at Sarah’s crazy dedication. We might never understand why some fans do the things they do, but it’s safe to say the bar for Denzel fans has officially been raised.