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1st barby i repainted vs barby im currently repainting :)c


Sruli Recht’s Transparent Leather Clothing !

Recht worked closely with the R&D team from Dutch ECCO company, studying ancient Egyptian and Greek tanning techniques to create the world’s first transparent cow skin leather. 

With a plastic aspect, crumpled like paper and water-resistant like coated leather, this stunning futuristic material is a real aesthetic and technical prowess and enrolls as a new category of leather.

Apparition collection Courtesy of ECCO Leather.


hoping it will be useful for some of you! (灬╹ω╹灬)
since many, MANY of you requested it, i spent a little time on this one even if it’s messy, hoping that some of you guys may find replies on their questions about “what color do i put here???” when shading.

== so, let’s start this tiny, tiny lesson ==

★ i’ll start by saying that when it comes to shading, many people think that the only color that fits is black (or dark grey), which is the WRONGEST thing you could ever do! even when it comes to realism where you can see shadows that seem to be greyish, there is a little color and that’s because the surface you are putting shading on reflects light, which is a mix of colors reflecting in different ways depending on the texture and material! clothing, bandages, wood, plastic, rubber, fur, skin, latex - everything reflects light on its own way, and same will go for shadows. in art, this thing is even more emphatized to make it look pleasing, colorful and catchy, so i drew some little examples to show how i use colors for my shading technique!

★ the first column is made by pastel rainbow colors, the second column is made of normal spectrum colors, and the third one is a grey scale.
i tried some different hues and palettes for each one, even if you can see that i frequently use blue and purple.
those two are, in fact, the most used colos in shading and work super well on basically everything (maybe making them darker or lighter, depending if you are using pastel colors or not).
my shading is based on color contrast: you can see that i use blues on warm colors and purple/pinks on cold colors: it creates depth and adds a nice effect to the pic, in my opinion!

★ same goes with the grey scale!
look at how colorful can grey, black and white look! it only needs a little bit of experiments: don’t be afraid to change your shading hue - colors won’t be hurt and you will be happy with the result after you find the perfect shading color! ^w ^

★ i’ll do for lights and lightspots the same technique i use for shading, just with an “overlay” layer instead of “multiply”! most used are obviously pastel colors, but i often see people use white for it! instead of that, try a light pink, yellow or blue: you will be super satisfied of the result!
the only colors that often don’t show lights well on overlay layers are neon pink or red: they are too bright, and the only colors that show a little bit are light blue or yellow. Instead of an overlay, maybe try a “screen” or a normal type layer, just as when you are coloring pitch black!

what i call “warmer” is just a plain peach/orange-ish color that some artists use to make shading less plain. Sometimes, even if you blend and blur your shading edges, they will still be “too cold/plain” to look at - and that’s what the warmer solves! don’t worry about how cold/warm your shading is, a peachy pink will always help you: put some of it (just a thin line or a little blurred one) on the edges of your shading and blend, blend, blend it until you like the result! ♡
as shown in the picture, it will be a lot better!

*use different shading layers when you draw, don’t just stuck yourself on a single one! i am used to make two of them: one for the basic/lighter shading, more detailed, extended and soft, and another one for the darker parts of the shading, with a colder color such as a medium blue or a sky blue (which is often really limited since the really dark parts are few on my pics)!

*mix different textures when you are shading! for example, try to add a granulated pattern/texture to your clothing layer, or add a shiny and compact, thick light if you are drawing latex or leather!

*remember that different materials reflect light in different ways: you can’t shade fur or fluff the same way you shade a t-shirt! clothes will have a harder shading, more defined, while skin and fur (velvety things in general) will be blurred and softer. Same with a ribbon, that will have a soft shading and really hard light because ribbons are usually not matte, but shiny material!

*try different blendings on different layers! if for a first layer you blended your shading more to add depth to the character, the darker/second layer could be a little sharper and defined when it comes to shading tools.

Overall, my biggest tip is: experiment! drawing must be a pleasure and a self-apreciation activity which can always improve. Find your inspirations in music, animals, artists, books, films, nature, and draw what you feel happy to draw. When art (or a hobby in general) becomes stressing it totally loses its meaning and you’ll soon loose interest in doing it. Please, try every character, style and technique you like: a consistent style or a clean gallery isn’t the only way to be a good artist, so NEVER stick with just one style or color! You have plenty of things to do and if this applies to color technique it can be applied to style as well. Be creative and have fun: it’s the biggest advice i could give you! ♡

michael chu really gave us the canon genji dick lore im………………

mercy: yeah no like you are breathing through 70 tubes. your heart is plastic. half of your skin is now made of silicone that i stitched together with a sewing machine. also i might have to amputate your only flesh limb, not cuz its posing any immediate danger to your healing process but because with dual mechanical arms, your fighting will be that much more proficient, and-

genji, so traumatized that he can barely process the gravity of what dr ziegler is sharing with him: ok. what about my dick

mercy: *squeezing his metal shoulder* omae wa mou shindeiru but heroes never die

a note for fashion website creators: please. please. you are trying to sell me the dress. you are charging 10,000+ dollars for this dress. please. take a picture of someone smiling while wearing the dress. give it decent lighting. just…don’t use a photo taken at a runway event. runway models are essentially mannequins that walk around; your customers, however, are not mannequins that walk around. take a good looking photo. i know you can because you do and it’s really jarring to see “smiling woman in studio wearing dress” surrounding “runway model”

also, that’s a hideous dress. what the fuck were you thinking.

hoseok scenario | metallic snow

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You go to the mall looking for a present, and come home with a whole lot more

prompt: I’m desperate to find a particular item as a present, but it’s sold out everywhere. Luckily, I have you to help me out!

pairing: android hoseok x reader

requested by anon | 5.0k words | fluff, sci-fi au

You’ve been putting off going to the mall for a long time.

Ever since the city superstore got the latest instalments of android shop helpers, you’ve been too scared to venture inside. The new additions, updated for 2050, are just far too realistic, their plastic skin and woven hair terrifying you with their authenticity. Maybe you’re too old fashioned, but you’d rather go around the stores by yourself, without a high-tech replica of life following you around. That’s why you stick to the small shops by your house, the owners of which are still unable to afford the updates. You feel more at ease with only humans around you, preferring those who pump blood to those that pump oil.

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“We were supposed to fly on January 30th, but then they told us that no new refugees were allowed to enter the United States. We were removed from the plane, and we stayed at the airport for 10 hours. That day was terrible. They remove you from the plane to go back home, but then you have nowhere to go. When you’re a refugee, they give you a lot of vaccinations before you can go to another country, so the children were already stressed because of that. But then we had to get off the plane, and the kids were asking, ‘Where are we going?’ You know, African children get so excited when they’re about to go to other countries. They want to go, they want to see everything. They see pictures of other children living in nice houses, while they’re living under a plastic sheet. Sometimes the wind blows the plastic sheet away, and then you’re just outside in the desert. Or, when it’s sunny, the heat of light reflecting on the plastic sheet burns your skin. Especially when you first arrive in the refugee camp, the roof is a plastic sheet, the walls are a plastic sheet, and the floor is covered with thorns. So they give you shoes made of rubber from car tires.”

Salem, MA

Big, Blonde Idiot


Anon asked:

‘Hey 👋🏼, can I have a request for Thor where he has crush on the reader and is always trying to impress her with his strength but one day he embarrasses himself in front of her and team’

Pairings: Thor x Reader

A/N: Thank you for the request! My first Thor fic! So, I had to go a little AU for this fluffy little number, so for all you canon sticklers I apologize ahead of time. I hope this is what you were looking for Anon!

She grunted as she shimmied through the open door of the compound, various sharp edges and hard surfaces banging against her already bruised hip bones as the plastic bags that lined her forearms swung with her movements. The feeling in her fingertips had long since faded into the buzz of pins and needles, and finally into nothing as she lost sensation all together.

It was worth it.

She would not, would not, go back for a second trip. She hadn’t ever since she left home for college, and she wasn’t about to start now. Valedictorian of her graduating class at M.I.T, executive technical assistant to Tony Stark himself, and operations manager to Earth’s mightiest heroes, she could handle a few grocery bags.

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hunk: keith is a really serious guy huh :/

pidge: yea… he’s kinda intimidating tbh. i wonder what he’s thinking

keith, internally: ….what if skin was made of plastic!! i wonder if we could live with skin made out of plastic. having skin is weird. why is it so flabby. why arms are shaped like that

why do people think that us black girls hate ourselves for wanting to switch up our hair and for contouring our noses AND HIGHLIGHTING (like what the fuck) but nobody thinks white girls hate themselves when they fill their lips with plastic and make their skin four shades darker and constantly talk about how gross they feel when they’re pale

Turtle Dove

tur·tle·dove  /ˈtərdlˌdəv/ noun


  1. a small Old World dove with a soft purring call, noted for the apparent affection shown for its mate.

Clyde Logan x Female!reader

Soulmate AU (my first soulmate AU story!! So excited! I love soulmate fics :D)

Warnings: some cussing I think. Mostly just fluff and feels. possibly movie spoilers

A/N: Clyde Logan owns my ass. That is all. 

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