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Mater Semper Certa Est

an X-Files fan fic

Answer to the “thanks” writing challenge of @leiascully . It’s a story I started some time ago and altered a bit to meet the challenge.

The title translates into “the mother is always certain” and is a Roman law principle against which no counter-evidence can be made. It means that the mother of a child is the woman who gave birth to it, she is therefore always known.

The story is set some time after ‘Home Again’ but before 'My Struggle II’.

Chapter One

“Seriously, Mulder? You promise me a fun afternoon and then you drive me through the country for half a day only to drag me into a high school gym for a basketball game? Are you out of your mind?”

Scully is whining, but if she’s honest, she’s grateful that Mulder has picked her up from work to include her in whatever he’s up to. She’s overdone it again lately, working double shifts and literally begging for on-call shifts silently hoping she would indeed get a call. She behaves like this once in a while when her personal situation threatens to overwhelm her. She prefers to numb herself with work instead of allowing the pain to get the better of her; the nagging pain at the failure of her relationship with Mulder, the agonizing pain at her mother’s sudden passing, and of course the never subsiding pain at the loss of her only son.

She will never admit it in front of Mulder, of course, although it’s quite probable he knows. He knows her well, not believing her whenever she assures him she’s fine. There’s been only one time in her life when she felt misunderstood and left alone by him, and it had made her leave their home eventually. But some things are never meant to change and being able to engage Mulder in a friendly banter is one of those things.

“You really know how to spoil a girl!”

“Stop complaining, Scully, would you? I got us great seats,” Mulder says, being in the best mood obviously, completely ignoring her sarcastic undertone. “Sit down, I’ll get us something to drink.”

“I definitely need a beer to get through this!”

“This is high school basketball, Scully. So, no beer. Coke?”

“Sure. Fine. Whatever.”

Mulder scoots off. Scully stays behind and sits down on one of the special court side plastic chairs in front of the gym’s bleachers. She’s surprised by how many people seem to be interested in the game. It’s a huge, well-equipped modern gymnasium with a sprung wooden floor and drop down curtains to divide it into smaller units for practice. This is obviously a high school where sports is important, and basketball in particular. A huge banner has been put up saying 'Welcome to the home of the Hilltoppers’, the host team.

Scully feels beamed back into the time when she was a high school student. She’d never been very interested in basketball but she remembers being interested in a player called Jason Fitch once, a hunky boy two years older than she who was the star of the basketball team of her school. She was so nuts about him that she had volunteered to keep the score book for a whole season, spending more time watching basketball she ever imagined possible. One day she had to accept that Jason didn’t have the slightest interest in short, astute redheads but rather fell for simple-minded blondes with big boobs.

Mulder returns with a somewhat contrite look on his face. “They don’t have Coke. I got you a Dr. Pepper.”

“Now that does it! As nice as it was of you to take me on a little trip out of DC, a nice restaurant hasn’t crossed your mind, Mulder, has it? If you want to watch this stupid game, go ahead! Don’t bother about me, I think I saw a bus stop outside.”

“Don’t be silly,” Mulder replies, “Trust me. You’re gonna like it, and you’re gonna thank me afterward. I promise!”

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