plastic side chair


I won’t leave you
No one was allowed in the hospital room where you were at. No one but the doctors making sure that you were still breathing.

All Bucky could do is wait, wait for one of the doctors to come out and tell him that it was going to be you. You were going to live.

Day after day, Bucky would wait in the plastic chair out side your room until the hospital asked for him to leave. Day after day he would think to himself that today you were doing to live.

“Sir, Patient Y/N has woken,” the young doctor said. Mediately he stood up, eyes full of life. “But she needs sometime, try back in a few days.”

But no. Bucky would not wait. For you had been dying for two months, Bucky would wait no more.

He shoved the doctor out of the way, raced into the room where the love of his life lay, breathing. Alive.

“Glad to see you Bucky.”