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I had a dream last night where Dyson saved our planet’s butt by inventing these cute little clear-plastic sky robots that filtered the air through the same black magic that they’ve clearly mastered to make those uber cool fans of theirs (how DO those work) and now I want it to happen because I’m terrified for this world’s future and also they had really adorable projected LED eye displays

in contrast the launching mechanism was super simple it was hilarious

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I've been a fan of Godzilla/kaiju stuff for the longest time, and I want to start watching Ultraman, but I have no clue where to start. Any suggestions?

The number of people who have been asking this lately warms my heart.

Though there are a lot of recurring Ultras/kaiju/aliens, the franchise isn’t big on continuity, so you can pretty much do as you please. My personal favorites are Ultraman X and Ultraman Max, which can both be streamed on Crunchyroll for free.

Zen!!! I came up with another crazy idea. While it sounds like one to me but I must shareeee. So where was I..oh yeah so the merformers of prime an megs are like obsessed with finding a human to keep an study their behavior and blah blah blah but the cutest thing is they can’t get to this human. And well they both planned out becoming small fishies that are like le bomb fishies totally adorable and money worth ~(˘▾˘~) so they go to the pet store and bam they never leave because the clerk there is like this super nerd geek gurl and they like totally want to be with them but someone tries to buy them until they just become so angry that it wasn’t her an like make a hole in the bag leaving the customer unsettled and they refuse to buy them so it’s the girl clerk who does but like when she goes home with them they turn back into their merforms an bam she discovered their secret.


I LOVE IT!!!  Just imagine angry beta fish Optimus and Megatron!  The angriest little glubs!  XD XD XD  Then the poor human gets home and finds these massive fish creatures i their swimming pool!


after chugging 2 red bulls and watching the LWYMMD video 90 times on repeat i spotted some stuff-

1. at 0:29 in her video on the gravestone to her left is “nils sjoberg”. the pseudonym she used when she co wrote calvin harris’ song “this is what you came for”

2.  the entire bathtub scene at 0:35 could be in reference too kim kardashians paris attack. things like when she somewhat gagged with diamonds in reference to kim k being gagged in the bathtub , the pretend finger gun she shot in reference to kim being held at gun point ,the big rings on her fingers in reference to the fancy engagement ring stolen from kim. this could also be in refernce to an interview she did where she quoted  "She’s crying in her marble bath tub surrounded by pearls.“. i apologize in advance for the kim narrative if it offended you. 0:50 along the structures columns and on the end of her handrest is “et tu brute?” scrawled which references betrayal which can be any of her rivals kanye, kim or katy.

4. the scene at 1:33 where she stabs a lobster could be a jab at katy perrys bon appetit 

5. the scene at 1:35 shows men in room with recording machines which could be in relations with kim k recording taylor and kanyes conversation. and also shes “robbing” a streaming company which could be about her fight with apple music. she also wears clothing that sports a tiger on it which is katys signature animal.

 6. at 1:53 she is seen recruiting beautiful, skinny women into her squad which could reference to the controversy that she was biased and only had models in her group.

7. in 1:57 she seems to be wearing a somewhat similar outfit to the one the model wore in calvin harris’ “my way”. this model was rumored to have been acting as taylor swift for the music video.

8. the scene in 2:02 where all the models are lying on the ground seem to refence calvin harris song “my way” which was rumored to be about her. from the box the models were laid in that looked quite similar to the light up box in calvin harris’ video for “my way” and even “this is what you came for” and the striking resemblance of the models in her video to the model in the “my way” video (plastic like skin, robotic movement etc)

9. the men in 2:17 seem to be sport a very similar shirt to tom hiddlestons “i <3 TS”

8. the entire scene in 2:50 with all those haphazard lazers looked deadly similar to kanyes peformane on SNL where tapes that were leaked caught him calling taylor “fake” or even the lasers used in calvin harris “my way” ending

9. “you belong with me” taylor wears a shirt thats signed by members of her friend circle like blake and ryan, selena, abigale, todrick, lena, gigi etc

there are 11 prominent scenes and i believe each has a different meaning. so far i only spotted these which may or may not be true. if you’ve seen something leave them in the comments below and tell me if there are some of my assumptions you agree/disagree with so i can add or cut a few points of  my list.

On Kylo Ren concept art...

In the beginning we have plastic baddie. metal, robot, droid baddie.

Then more human shapes. I’m thinking this coincided with casting Adam.


Adam, obviously.

And then….

…we get partial humanoid, partial robot kylo with what must be rey, obviously modelled after Adam.

But in the end..on that screen, we get this pretty boy with fluffy cloud-hair who looks so vulnerable and young, you kinda wanna hold him:


Early-version metal-Kylo would’ve been around the same gross/terrifying-level Darth-Maul was, something for the boys to fap over because jolly evil robot grievous-style badass…bet he’s gonna be real evil and give no shit.
But that’s not what they wanted or went with in the end.
I’m asking myself, what if they started out planning Kylo Ren as this half robotic Darth Vader impersonator, who was merely fascinated with the old Sith and Rey was conceptualised as the Skywalker legacy, Luke’s or Han’s and Leia’s. Then, fairly early on after talks with Driver started or shortly before, Kylo Ren was turned into a half-bionic half-intact human.
Then I imagine Adam Driver signed on and the art and concept starts to shift again, and suddenly there is this potential and they actually commission a painting to be made of Kylo Ren with his arm around Rey modelled on a picture with Adam Driver holding a woman protective/possessively which is likely supposed to show the abduction scene (with a conscious Rey instead of the bridal carry). So they look at that…and look at the actor they got.

Adam Driver and his great scope and renown for sensual parts and they look at the female character they planned. And they look at Driver again.

And I have this tiny little theory that they switched things around then. That they wanted to use that potential, not just for the potential but also to have a twist, an epic twist that most people wouldn’t expect - the evil guy going good, for real.
But now, if we want this, we need a reason for people to root for him. So what do we do? We make him the legacy, we make him human. And Ben Solo was born.

Now bare with me, I think there was a time where Ben Solo and Rey Skywalker were the plan. I think they were at the point where Kylo Ren was still half-robot.

But I believe that didn’t last too long. I think by the time Daisy Ridley had her final audition for Star Wars doing the interrogation scene, potentially with Adam present to play off of, Rey was no longer a Skywalker.
Because they looked at the potential and they saw it. That’s why we got the Kylo we got. Not bionic-man, but Disney-Prince-Wella-Hair with the smoulder and the pout. Because there was potential beyond Ben Solo, Han and Leia’s son, there was potential for Ben Solo/Kylo Ren romantic hero. So we got a romantic hero underneath an evil robot-ish-kinda mask. 

All the intent from the original concept art but with that new, endlessly compelling twist that obviously very many people don’t anticipate even now.

I think that’s one of the biggest Reylo-clues and it’s been right under our noses. The way he looks as opposed to the way he was originally planned to look.