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Appropriate Offerings for the Fae

Because I just told you to offer things to the fae, I figured I would write up a little list of things that are good offerings.  One thing to note, however, is that whatever you offer them you cannot take back.  Unlike with (some) gods, it’s not a good idea to eat things after you’ve offered them to the fae, and a trinket once theirs can be traded for, but you should never just take it back.  Okay, with that, I give you good offerings, grouped into categories.


1. Alcohol is usually good - the sweeter the better, usually, though they also seem to like all kinds of beer.

2. Juice is also good, especially if it’s something a bit exotic.

3. Clean, cool water is good in a pinch, especially if it’s from a well, or filtered - they don’t like water with too much fluoride or chlorine in it, which rules out tap water in a lot of areas.

4. Any kind of cake or pastry is good.  Also bread.  Really just baked goods in general.  And sweeter is usually better here, too.

5. Meat.  Yes, some fae like meat.  Particularly the Wild Hunt types.  Figures, right?

6. Fresh fruit. Pretty much anything is good, so long as it’s not too bruised/shriveled, etc.

7. Honey.  Any kind of honey is good, by itself or drizzled on a baked good, like a piece of bread with butter.

8. Dairy products.  They love milk, cream, buttermilk, buttered bread, you name it.  Probably yogurt too, but I’ve never tried that.


1. Old jewelry.  Have an earring missing it’s pair?  Excellent gift for the fae.  Jewelry you used to love but don’t wear anymore? A broken silver chain?  All good.  And here most people will tell you it’s only okay if it’s silver or gold.  And I’m here to tell you that most fae don’t seem to mind a little stainless steel, and nickel and copper were never a problem.  The problem is cold black iron, like the stuff they make railings out of.  Eeesh.

2. Beads.  Plastic, glass, resin - really anything goes.  Strung or single, they seem to love beads.

3. Bits of broken glass or pottery.  Especially if it’s colored and you put it in a jar.  Pretty and interesting and they love it.

4. Bits of string.  Especially ribbon, and especially brightly colored, but twine is also acceptable, as is embroidery floss, or even hair ties.

5. Sequins and confetti.  These are also really quite wonderful when collected in a jar.  Fun shiny things are pretty excellent fae offerings.

6. Origami or other papercrafts.  It might just be the brightly colored and floral papers, but I find that fae like 3D papercrafts.  Just be careful - these cannot be left outside in the weather.

7. Hanging decorations.  I have a mini-mobile with a central prism that casts rainbows that they seem to like.  Things like that, especially with prisms, can be good offerings to the fae.


1. Pretty stones.  Polished or not, just make sure that you didn’t actually take these from the fae in the first place - if you collected it out of a stream or forest, did you leave an offering in return?  Anything you bought is probably fine.

2. Flowers and leaves.  I like to give bits of plants that I’ve grown and tended, because otherwise you usually get into that “did you leave something in return when you collected it?” problem.  Plants you grow you are constantly giving offerings to: care, weeding, watering, etc.  Sometimes I make patterns with leaves and seeds and flowers, similar to a mandala.

3. Bones.  Most fae like bones, whether they are bones from your dinner, or bones you bought, or bones you found - though again, if you find something, give an offering in return.


1. Mini decorative birdhouses.  If you want fae (especially smaller fae like brownies and garden sprites) to move in nearby, try offering them a decorated mini birdhouse.  Just be sure the birds know it’s not for them!

2. Doors.  A lot of people sell little decorated fairy doors - these can be good, too, as long as you keep your Neighbors happy so that they watch the door for you.  It’s likely to become a portal to the fae realms, and not everything on the other side is friendly!

3. Windchimes.  Not exactly a home per se, but a wind chime can function as a sort of little outdoor altar to the fae.  Find one with a pleasing noise.  And again, they don’t seem to mind a little stainless steel, but make sure it isn’t made of cold black iron!

4. Gardens.  Some fae will come and inhabit a garden, or even the pots of a container garden, so make sure your garden is welcoming, if you have one!  They seem to especially like butterfly attractants and medicinal flowers, but for some of them any plant will do!


You can also offer the fae things like: a stream clean-up, reiki, visiting a wild place, or a memory.  It is really up to you and them.  This list is meant to be helpful, not exhaustive, and I recommend finding a way to get messages back from your local fae so that you can learn their particular preferences.

A Little Help For Panic! At The Disco fans...

Burlesque: an artistic composition that vulgarizes lofty material or treats ordinary material with mock dignity; any ludicrous parody or grotesque caricature OR a humorous stage show featuring slapstick humor, comic skits, bawdy songs, striptease acts, and a scantily clad female chorus

Daquiri: a blended cocktail made of rum, lime/lemon juice, sugar, and often fruit and/or ice Formaldehyde: (CH2O) a colorless, toxic, soluble gas usually created from methyl alcohol through oxidation, used as a disinfectant and preservative as well as in the manufacturing of some resins and plastics Nitroglycerin: (C3H5N3O9) a colorless, thick, oily, explosive yellow liquid made by nitrating glycerol, used in explosives such as dynamite and in rocket propellants, and in medicine as a vasodilator in the treatment of angina pectoris. Trophy Wife: a young and attractive wife used as a status symbol for an older or middle-aged man; often the second wife Shotgun Wedding: a forced or hurried marriage often caused by the bride’s pregnancy Martyrdom: extreme suffering or the conditon/death/suffering of a martyr
  • Martyr: a person who (often willingly) suffers death or great torment for a belief, religion, principle or cause

“Aubergine Dreams”: “Aubergine” is a dark purple color; the line “aubergine dreams” in Time to Dance refers to a shade of eyeliner that a character uses in the book Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk (*many of the lines in Time to Dance reference parts of Invisible Monsters, but this is the most obvious and also the most confusing to many people)

Apostasy: a total desertion or departure from one’s religion, party, principles, etc.

Vagabond: a person without a permanent home that wanders from place to place; nomad; rogue; tramp; vagrant; someone who is worthless, carefree or irresponsible

Surreptitious: operated in stealth or done by/acquired in secret

Asbestos: a fibrous mineral (amphibole or chrysotile) formerly used in incombustible or fireproof articles, fabrics, theatre curtains or boards, etc.

“Purse of a Different Kind”: Meaning a black book, a book used to record names of clients, dates, and times (hence the line “Along with the people inside”)

Linoleum: a hard, washable floor covering of burlap or canvas coated with linseed oil, powdered cork, and rosin

Quarantine Wings: wings of the hospital in which strict isolation is imposed for sanitary or hygienic purposes

Camisado: a surprise attack at night or daybreak when the enemy or target is believed to be asleep

Cabaret: a restaurant that serves/includes food, drink, music, a dance floor, and often a floor show

[Definitions from or google]


Handmade plastic resin brooches on my kanken bag… all available to purchase on my etsy. I’ve made so many now that my kanken has about 50 holes in where I’ve been putting in different brooches to photograph (sorry little buddy)

I think I might share a post explaining what I’ve learnt about shrink plastic as it has been a really hard material to work with so far, but so utterly satisfying when it goes right. It seems to be a fine art getting it to co-operate! 

Methanal (Formaldehyde)

Used as an antibacterial and antifungal disinfectant, an embalming and preservative solution, and as a precursor chemical to various polymer resins and plastics.
It’s also an irritant to the eyes, lungs and mucous membranes, and is classified as a potential carcinogen due to its toxicity.

Formaldehyde smells a lot like Calamine lotion to me, so working with preserved animal cadavers really took me back to the summer of 2007 when I had chickenpox. Fun times.

Piece requested by @cyberbullie.

I don’t care if your doll is an expensive company or a cheaper one. I don’t care if it’s resin or plastic. I don’t care if it’s got an expensive wig or one off of ebay. I don’t care if the eyes cost you $50 or $3. I don’t care if it’s faceup is a stock one, one you commissioned, or one you did yourself with sharpies. I don’t care if you style them in lolita, pastel, provocatively, or just in casual clothing.

Your doll is beautiful. Because you love them, because they make you happy. Because that bond you have with them is what makes them beautiful. And no one can take that away from you, no matter what their opinions or harsh words. They’re still your doll and you still love them and that is beautiful.


The Desire For The Cage

When viewed broadly it’s amazing how similar we all seem, but once you start looking closer it becomes abundantly clear how different we all are. Even people with an identical kink experience it in different ways, and we can have the same desires for different reasons. I mention this because the subject that I want to write about would seem to be pretty one dimensional, but experience has shown me that the motivations behind the desire are unique to the individual. So…if it wasn’t already clear, these are just my thoughts.

As I alluded to in an earlier post, I am currently chaste, but not locked. My Wife controls my orgasms, but the upholding of my chastity falls mainly to me. A large part of this is to prove my commitment to Her. It’s easy to not eat doughnuts if there’s none in the house, it’s a little bit harder when there’s a box of them open in front of you. It’s the same idea as ‘unbound’ bondage. You can struggle against a rope and still stay tied up, but when your hands are bound behind you by nothing more than a command there is added mental anguish.

It’s genius really. Having to ‘earn the cage’ requires a full commitment, and that can be challenging when you can’t sleep because you’re so horny. I’ve had several nights where I was certain a quick release would return me to blissful sleep, but the knowledge of what that would mean keeps me frustrated and hard. Of course, I have succumbed a few times. It’s like trying to work an underused muscle, only the muscle here is willpower, and I never had to have it before.

So you might think that my point here is that I desire to be locked to ease that burden - throw the doughnuts out, so to speak. But that’s actually not the case. The funny thing about writing this is that I know a lot of guys reading it are currently locked, and they’re probably reading it from the perspective of ‘be careful what you wish for’. Maybe someday I will look back on this post and think ‘idiot’, but like I said at the start, I can only speak from my experiences and desires.

My desire to be locked is entirely about that constant reminder. A little steel (or plastic or ‘biosourced resin™’) hug that says ‘you are loved’. You could substitute the word ‘owned’ for ‘loved’ there, but I’m starting to realise that the words don’t matter. The intent is always there.

When i was younger I experimented a lot with crossdressing, and my fondest memories of that time was going out with lingerie under my regular clothes. There was great joy in moving slightly and feeling the fabric rub and knowing what I was wearing. Looking back I realise that that joy wasn’t ‘feeling naughty’, or ‘getting away with something’, the joy was self love. Knowing that, even though other’s couldn’t see it, I was allowing myself a gift that I usually denied.

It’s the same with the desire to be locked. Others can’t see it, but that reminder is always there. A little something that says ‘I love you’. Now, sure I have a wedding ring that says that, but I guess this is closer to saying “I love all of you”. It’s someone holding you even when they aren’t there.

Does that make sense?

anonymous asked:

why are bjds so expensive? most are factory work or even printed why is aesthetic plastic so expensive?

Hi anon!

It sounds like you’ve heard some misinformation about BJDs, mainly that these dolls are just printed or “factory” work (which, I’m guessing means mass produced in this context).  So here are some things to know:

  1. BJDs are hand sculpted from clay or sculpted on a computer.  Both take a massive amount of skill and understanding of the human form.  Digitally produced dolls then have to be printed and refined further to get a smooth, even cast.*  Artists 100% deserve to be paid for the time and work they pour into creating these masterpieces.
            *true, there are some dolls sold that are only 3D printed but this is not the majority of dolls and these types of dolls are often lower priced OR the engineering level (ex: animal dolls with many tiny joints) is incredibly high and therefore the cost is higher
  2. Resin is a type of plastic but resin is both tricky and dangerous (toxic) to work with.  Casting resin has a lot of finicky details and learning to cast is difficult.  Small companies casting on their own will have a lot of waste and even “large” casting companies (which are still usually only 3-8 employees often times) still have to deal with mistakes.  The total amount of dolls being produced is drastically lower than any “mass produced” doll. like a Barbie.  Costs need to cover materials and safety of the employees in addition to wages.
  3. BJDs are a luxury hobby.  I can go to a box store and buy a purse for $10.  I can also go to a luxury purse shop and get a purse for $1,000.  The same is true for dolls.  You can go get a cool doll from the box store for $10 or you can pay extra for the luxury hobby, the time spent engineering, sculpting, casting, and creating. Of course it’s going to cost more!  

What you’ve asked is a fairly common question, especially by newbies to the hobby and there are a lot of really great links that can be found via google to read about it more.  Below I’ve included two of my favorite explanations regarding the expense that covers a lot more than what I’ve discussed above.

What it comes down to though is that most BJDs are not mass produced and require a great deal of time, skill, physical labor, and mental labor to complete; the cost of the doll reflects that. 

Weed for beginners

Smoking weed is fun as fuck but I get how awkward it is when you’re starting out. Everyone seems like a pro and you feel like an idiot. So heres my guide on becoming a stoner.

Before you start:

  • There is such a thing as smoking too much
    • When you’re starting off, your tolerance is probably crap. Don’t smoke too much, because if you do you’ll probably just shut down, i’ve seen it happen. You’re basically a zombie and  pass out. If you’re feeling chill, it’s ok to say you’re cool. you don’t need to keep smoking if you’re already having a good time. Your friends might give you hard time but there’s nothing worse than having someone babysit you.
  • Beware of Edibles
    • When trying edibles, try to be with someone who has experience with them just in case you take too much. Almost all edibles are overmedicated which means you shouldn’t eat the whole thing at once. Most edibles take 15-60 minutes to set in. I recommend starting with a bite the size of a quarter coin to a mouthful and wait 15-45 mins. Then after the high hits, wait at least 20 minutes before taking another bite. And then 30 mins in between bites after that. Edibles can be overwhelming so don’t take too much to fast. If you’re eating candies you should eat a few at a time. Most edibles come with the THC mg on the package so each candy has a fraction of that. Try not to eat too many.
    • You don’t need to keep eating edibles, if you’re stoned you should be good for at least two hours.
  • Do Not Smoke out of Aluminum
    • smoking out of aluminum pipes or cans is the absolute worse thing you could do for yourself. its bad for your lungs, its bad for your brain, and its bad for your blood. i recommend avoiding this as much as possible. apples and fruit make good pipes with a little work.

The Basics

  • Measurements and Pricing
    • an Ounce/Zip is usually about 28 grams and will cost anywhere from $200-$400 depending on where you buy it and the quality of the weed.
    • a Quarter of an Ounce is ¼ of and ounce and is typically 7 grams and will cost you $60-$80 depending on where and quality
    • an Eighth is 1/8 of an ounce and is 3.5 grams and ranges from $30-35
    • a Gram is the basic measurement for weed and refers to weight. 
    • A gram will cost anywhere from $10-$15 depending on where you get it an quality. $10-$12 is a good price $15 is good if you buy from a shop. Unless you’re buying private reserve at a shop or whatever, anything over $15 is a bit much
    • a Dime is $10 worth of weed and is usually about a gram
    • a Dub is $20-$25 depending on where you live, 20 is common in the west coast but 25 in some of the more eastern region. its usually about 2 grams
  • Equipment
    • Pipes
      • the most common pipes are spoon pipes and are pretty basic. it has a deep bowl where you put the weed and most have a hole on the side called a carb. a carb is used to clear the chamber when smoking. you load the bowl with weed, cover the carb with your finger, spark the bowl, and release the carb to clear the smoke. its pretty simple. I wouldn’t recommend this for sneaky smoking, the weed gives off a lot of smoke when it burns and usually keeps burning after its lit. some refer to it as cherried because the way it burns. plus the smell of a pipe is pretty strong.
      • the best pipes are glass pipes. they’re cheap and many are pretty cool in design. they can cost anywhere from $5-$45+ depending on design and customs. i suggest investing in a good sturdy pipe about $10-$30 depending on how much you can spare. many places sell thick shatter resistant glass pipes. don’t be afraid to ask about quality and price.
    • Bongs
      • Bongs are water pipes. there is a main chamber where water is filled; a downstem which should lie under the water to filter the smoke, and a bowl to hold weed that should attach to the downstem.
      • Glass bongs are the best option but can get expensive the more intricate the designs and can be easier to break. A good basic glass bong could cost anywhere from $25-$45. Keep an eye out for painted bongs, i once bought a glass bong that was painted black and over time the paint started chipping.
      • Acrylic bongs are made of thick plastic like resin and are more durable than glass bongs. Acrylic bongs are good if you’re starting out. Their crowd friendly and can handle wear and tear and even drops. But overtime acrylic bongs break down and start affecting the taste and quality of the weed.
    • Bubblers
      • Bubblers are similar to bongs but are almost always one singular piece. its like a pipe that you fill with water basically. Usually you load the water through the bowl or mouthpiece. a basic decent bubbler would cost anywhere from $20-$40
    • Rigs/ Dab Rigs
      • Rigs are waterpipes and are usually more advanced. Their used to smoke concentrates and oils. most dab rigs have a nail that serves as a bowl. its heated with a torch to a temp that evaporates the concentrate on contact. the smoke is then filtered through the bong-like rig. I would not recommend dabbing until you have built a tolerance to weed and can handle high doses
    • Vapes/Vaporizer
      • Vaping is the healthiest way to enjoy weed. Most oil vapes that are very similar to regular vape pens. There are also dry herb vapes that are used with actual weed. you load the weed into an “oven” that bakes the thc right off :)
    • Joints
      • Joints are weed cigarettes, weed rolled in rolling papers, usually hemp. 
    • Blunts
      • Blunts consist of weed that’s been rolled in cigarillo wraps. Swisher’s are a common brand that are easy for beginners to get the hang of.
    • Spiffs
      • Spiffs are joints that have been rolled with both weed and tobacco. 
      • *You should always ask the people you’re smoking with if they’re okay with smoking tobacco. Just because people smoke weed, doesn’t mean they want to smoke tobacco.

Types of Weed

  • Sativa
    • Sativa is the uplifting strain. Its good for active days and staying awake. This is the type to smoke when you got shit to do. its an active high good for a busy day.
  • Indica
    • Indica is the body high. its good for long hours on a couch or marathon gaming. Indicas are good for pain management and are more dulling. Most indicas give strong munchies and might even make you sleepy.
  • Hybrid
    • Hybrid strains fall somewhere in between. Its a good balance between mind and body and are good for a chill high 

This is just a beginners guide I made for reference, this is not everything there is to know about weed and this probably won’t apply to everyone. Prices and quality will vary depending on where you are.  Feel free to add anything I missed or any of your own tips or info. Happy smoking :)


Hey guys! I’m really excited to announce the grand opening of my Etsy shop, where I’m selling SU gems for cosplay! 


All gems are made by hand with custom molds. They are transparent dyed resin with a mirrored back, with the exception of Pearl which is liquid plastic and mica powder. Pearl and Peridot both have curved backs so that they will properly fit your forehead or visor.

Lapis, Y/B Pearl, Y/B Diamond, and fusions aren’t ready yet but I aim to have most of them them available sometime this February. I won’t be making Jasper due to sizing complications. Also in the future there will be mini gem keychains and jewelry, as well as other plastic and resin cosplay accessories. You can follow this blog for future updates. 

There will be also be GIVEAWAYS so watch out for that! (Note: If you win the giveaway after buying a gem you can be refunded for the most expensive gem you purchased)

If you have any questions, feel free to send an ask!


This thing has just revolutionized how I fill gaps and reinforce the seams in old-school, way too heavy metal models. It’s a UV curing plastic resin. Apply in a thin layer, then blast for four seconds with the UV pen. It forms a hard waterproof plastic compound. It doesn’t distort when cured, is odorless and you have no risk of gluing your hand to your face/model.

Seriously effective stuff. And not bad at $20 to get started.


All my current mini bases! I’ve been printing 1-2 a night all week. Im waiting for more filament to make my next fursuit size base so this was a good way to stay productive!

Not all have been added to my preorder yet, I’ll do that after I get good pics tomorrow.

For those interested, these will be used for molds. The minis will be cast in solid plastic resin and the fursuit sized ones will be made of foam.

a design that I got gifted from @skelefrog !!

they love plastic bead / resin jewelry / jelly bracelets
their body markings and scales don’t have to be exact, and the scales can even be different geometric shapes / or stars / moons
she’s so extra and colourful and i love them