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My dnd oc is a 9 year old girl who was going off to school one day when she accidentally got mistaken for her party's new bard, so now she travels the land with then constantly mistaken for a halfling when she is really just a lost 4th grader too embarrassed to correct her incredibly dense group. Of course her instrument is a hot pink plastic recorder.

OH MY GOD I’m fukcing cackling this is the best one yet

guys I’m so happy these have made my day <333


Some facts about The Beatles’ Girls by goddamnthebeatles

Cynthia Powell

  • Born 10 September 1939, died 1 April 2015
  • Dated John Lennon since 1958 and was married to him during 1962 until 1968
  • Mother of Julian Lennon
  • Cyn met John at Liverpool College Of Art, people used to say she was too good for him, George Harrison used to idolize her at the time
  • She found John and Yoko sleeping together in her own house, divocing from him immidiately after
  • Her dream job was being an Art teacher, which she accomplished for a few years
  • Paul McCartney looked after her and Julian during her entire life, being a loyal friend
  • She wrote the book “John” in which she talks about her and Julian’s relationship with John

Jane Asher

  • Born 5 April 1946
  • Dated Paul McCartney during 1963 until 1968
  • She came from a rich, high class family from London
  • Successful actress in her early years, later on she became a writer and a famous baker
  • Jane was the main inspiration for many Beatles’ songs, like “And I Love Her”, “Honey Pie”, “I’m Looking Through You” and many others
  • Paul wanted her to quit her acting career 
  • Jane and Paul broke up definitely when she reportedly found him in bed with Francie Shwartz

Patricia (Pattie) Boyd

  • Born 17 March 1944
  • Dated George Harrison since 1964, meeting him in the set of “A Hard Day’s Night” and was married to him since 1966 until 1977
  • She was a famous model since the late 50s, getting even more acknowledge in the 60s and 70s, later on in her life she became a photographer
  • One of the main reasons why The Beatles went to India in 1968 was through her interest in eastern mysticism
  • John Lennon and Paul McCartney had a crush on her
  • Inspiring muse of “Something” and many other Beatles and George’s songs 
  • Later on she married anotther famous musician, Eric Clapton
  • Pattie wrote the book “Pattie Boyd: Wonderful Tonight” in which she talks about her life, her childhood, her abusive stepfather and her troubled relationship with Harrison and Clapton

Maureen Cox

  • Born 4 August 1946 and died 30 December 1994 from leucemia
  • Married to Ringo Starr since 1965 until 1975
  • Part of the first Beatles’ fans, she used to watch the boys playing at the Cavern Club in the early 60s, at that time she kissed Paul McCartney as part of a dare with a friend
  • Maureen left school at 16 years old to become a hair dresser, her dream job
  • She’s the mother of Ringo’s children Zak, Jason and Lee
  • Maureen had an affair with George, leaving both Ringo and Pattie in dismal

Yoko Ono

  • Born 18 February 1933
  • Married to John Lennon since 1969 until 1980 
  • Mother of Sean Lennon
  • As a child during the WWII, lived in a concentration camp for awhile
  • It is said that Yoko met John at an art gallery where she had an exhibition, although Cynthia’s book reclaims it, assuring she used to send John letters and staying at Keenwood’s gate waiting for him
  • She’s a very well known and respected plastic artist, peace and feminist activist, she also was a musician, being part of the Plastic Ono Band and recording albums with her husband John
  • Yoko introduced Lennon to many new ideologies/phylosophies, she was also a great influence of his actions, there’s a great discussion wherever their relationship was abusive or not
  • Inspiring muse of many of John’s song, being “Woman” the most famous one
  • Yoko was present the day John was murdered

Linda McCartney

  • Born September 24 1941 and died April 17 1998, from a long battle against breast cancer
  • She was married to Paul McCartney since 1969 until 1998
  • Linda met Paul at a bar in London, before that she took pictures of him and the other 3 beatles at the Sgt. Pepper album premiere
  • Mother of Heather, Mary, Stella and James
  • Famous photographer of the 60s, keeping up her work in a more domestic way in her late life, she was also a animal rights activist and a musician, being part of the band Wings and recording albums until the late 90s with her husband Paul 
  • Linda was a Beatles’ fan, she saw the boys playing at the Shea Stadium in 1965, John Lennon was her favorite Beatle
  • She was the source of strength for Paul when The Beatles ended
  • Linda was the first woman to have a photograph featured on the front cover of Rolling Stone Magazine
  • She published several books of her photographs: Linda’s Pictures, Sun Prints, Sixties: Portrait of an Era, Roadworks and more

Olivia Harrison

  • Born 18 May 1948 in Mexico
  • Married to George Harrison since 1978 until 2001
  • Mother of Dhani Harrison
  • She met George through the telephone, she was a secretary at Dark House Records, they used to talk for hours before meeting personally
  • Olivia bravely protected George from being stabbed when a assailant broke into their house
  • She took several important roles on books, documentares, concerts and others regarding George after his death

Barbara Bach 

  • Born August 27 1947
  • Married to Ringo Starr since 1981 until nowadays
  • She met Ringo in the set of “Caveman" 
  • She was also a Beatle’s fan and watched the boys at the Shea Stadium in 1965
  • Barbara is a very famous actress and model of the 70s and 80s, mostly well known for being a bond girl
  • She struggled through years of Ringo’s dependency on acohol
  • Nowadays she’s a philanthropist along with Ringo, both run the Lotus Foundation dedicated to charity

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hi! love your account! could you do a scenario of what shinee would be like as preschoolers?

hello there! i’ll try my best anon! 


  • really likes legos
  • does NOT like sharing them 
  • lives for nap time 
  • chicken nugs for lunch all day eryday 
  • pororo band-aids all over him 
  • falls down a lot but never cries 
  • will pass out anywhere 
  • tried to eat a crayon bc he was hungry and couldn’t wait for lunch time 


  • really likes knocking over legos (”I AM GODZILLA”) 
  • therefore is at war with jinki 
  • crazy gelled up hair 
  • is not allowed to have apple juice anymore bc it makes him wayyyyyyy too hyper 
  • “jonghyun stop taking off your clothes”  
  • always has one of those plastic recorders in his hand (toot toot) 


  • adorable!!!!!!! in OVERALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • stickers all over his folders and clothes
  • draws on his desk (and taemin) with a tube of lipstick which magically disappears when the teacher looks for it (”you can’t prove it was me”) 
  • learned a curse word
  • will not stop saying it
  • time out time forever 


  • ALWAYS running and the teacher is always chasing him
  • runs like naruto
  • the kid who actually prefers apples/carrots over oreos for snack time 
  • refused to come! back! inside! after recess 
  • buys extra pretzels to share 
  • named his hands and feet 


  • the bowlcut
  • carries around a backpack that is twice his size 
  • literally nothing in said backpack 
  • looks like an angel but is a menace to society 
  • flipped all the chairs in the classroom upside down, refuses to make eye contact when asked why he did that 
  • set the class hamster free 
  • hugs all the girls 
  • a fly landed on him and he was inconsolable for an hour 
Magic Focus - Urban D&D Style

So a magic focus is important for several of the D&D classes in order to - well - focus their magic. They usually are staffs or wands or crystal balls. But in a modern urban setting, some little jokester edgelords, -ladies and other edgeroyalty might adjust their choice of foci.

- a Wizard who uses a Magic 8 Ball as focus
- a Druid who uses a decade old potted plant from an abandoned apartment that somehow survived abandonment and cigar ash as a focus
- a Bard that uses a pink plastic toy piano as a focus
- a Cleric or Paladin who uses a bad overdone Jesus Cosplay meme as a focus
- a Warlock who uses a bootleg Shrek or Pokemon toy as a focus

Arcane Foci:
Lava lamps, old flip phones, CD’s with unknown and data corrupted contents, Sailor Moon merch, Harry Potter merch, a pouch of soothing bathsalts, a bubble blower

Druidic Foci
A paper bag with a spice mix, stale holiday cookies that grew too hard to eat, a stick just a random stick, a cup of frogurt, a big piece of kale, a wooden spoon, a fake blunt, a bottle of fancy overexpensive water, a bag of fast food, a cardboard cutout of Smokey the Bear.

Warlock Foci
A roll of papers with printed out creepypasta, a picture of the Ben Drowned Link, an mp3 player with creepypasta audio, a “too edgy” metal sign from an interor design shop, a haunted doll that cost them 2.59 at Goodwill, a painting of a clown, a plastic pitchfork from Halloween

Bard Foci
Kazoos, a dancing and singing holiday decoration, a first grade plastic recorder, one of these singing monster automatons in the shape of notes, a Weird Al album, a phone with their spotify playlist but it’s the free version so on fails it plays an ad, a cat piano… Not the cruel version, the one with the plush cat toys with sound

Divine Foci
Any religious symbol depending on their religion but including the really cheap ones that have been made by people who don’t really know the faith and therefore got some stuff wrong, the “y'all need [insert deity]” meme printed on a large sign, a plastic figurine in the shape of the animal most assigned with their deity, a piece of angel cake, a sign with [deity] is my co-pilot on the cleric’s back. No car or other vehicle present.

Feel free to add anything…

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what are ur opinions on the film american beauty

my opinion is that thora birch should have ran away from that dude when she had the chance. who the fuck just records a plastic bag floating around and has the nerve to show it to you? not even an art hoe would be that dramatic… but i mean good film i like it


So uh… my mind goes to WEIRD places sometimes…

I was basically thinking, “Man. I’m pretty sure a villain could play any instrument and it would be intimidating and cool. I mean, any string instrument, saxophone, trumpet, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, even a tuba!”

And then I remembered recorders exist.

So me, being Darkiplier trash rn, decided to doodle Dark trying to play a plastic, elementary school recorder seriously. I was originally going to have Wilford burst in playing a kazoo.

But then I remembered the terror that is the vuvuzela.

Frank Deserto, aka Frankie Teardrop, has been a champion of obscure music, focusing heavily on the 80s post-punk, minimal synth, and coldwave scenes. He has been running music blog Systems of Romance for eight years, ripping and sharing obscurities from his collection and exposing a new generation of music fans to long, forgotten classics. Also a DJ in the NYC scene, his passion for the obscure knows no boundaries. He also is active in The Harrow, who will be releasing their debut LP on aufnahme+wiedergabe this November, with lead-off single “Love Like Shadows” coming this Friday, August 28th.

We’re excited to feature this excellent podcast from Frankie’s favorite archives, the first in what we hope to be a regular series. This particular installment focuses entirely on female-fronted projects, running the gamut from experimental industrial dirges to minimal post-punk, jumping between countries and continents with only the feminine mystique to string these songs together. Without any further adieu, click above to listen, with tracklisting and descriptions to follow below.

1. “Strange Girl”- Candidate (France, 1987, Side By Side 12”, Dum Dum Records)
Extremely minimal/coldwave duo from Nancy, kicking things off with a bleak babygirl lullaby. Vocalist Cécile would also provide backing vocals for Oto’s Purge An Urge LP.

2. “Caos”- Harry (Brazil, 1987, Caos 12”, Wop Bop)
Industrial inspired darkwave project from South America, whose members shared vocal duties across a small, but respectable discography.

3. “Walking Through Gardens”- Ghosts of Dance (UK, 1982, Ghosts of Dance 7”, Plastic Canvas Records)
The flip side of this UK band’s lone 7”. This five piece took their name from Japan’s excellent “Ghosts” cut, and would record several more tracks in a more New Romantic-inspired vein, culminating in a rare CD reissue in 1996.

4. “Stay With Me”- Industrie (Australia, 1983, H LP, EMI Custom Records, Australia)
An obscure treasure from down under, this is one of many highlights from Industrie’s lone LP. Released in 1983, the band was never heard from again. A shame, as Anne Fish was a true vocal talent.

5. “Whispering Sons”- Moral (Denmark, 1982, Whispering Sons K7, Ådsel Service)
The standout title track from this Danish three piece’s first cassette. This track also appears as a bonus track on Dark Entries Records’ recent reissue of their classic And Life Is LP.

6. “It”- Astaron (Austria, 1988, Lance the Ensemble 12”, Bugel Records)
Incredible female duo from Australia, who released one cassette, one LP, and this lone 12”, which is the catchiest of their discography. Haunting, rhythmic, and gorgeous, giving way to absolute cacophony by the track’s end.

7. “California Dreaming”- Denial (Australia, 1982, California Dreaming 7”, M Squared)
Bleak, minimal cover of the Mamas and the Papas classic single. Their only release, though a handful of other tracks were recorded under the Aural Indifference moniker.

8. “Grüne Augen”- Asmodi Bizarr (Germany, 1986, Sunsierra LP, Das Büro)
Roaring post-punk/goth band in the vein of Xmal Deutschland, also active under the name Aspirin. The band has been active again since 2011, performing a set at this year’s Wave-Gothik-Treffen festival.

9. “Release”- Indifferent Dance Centre (UK, 1981, Flight & Pursuit 7”, Recluse)
The b-side from an incredibly obscure, Factory-influenced post-punk 7”, self-released in a stamped paper sleeve with minimal information. Extremely DIY to the last drop.

10. “Tina Town”- Kas Product (France, 1983, By Pass LP, RCA Victor)
Classic French Coldwave duo from Nancy, a rare sensual moment in their catalog. Kas Product have since reunited and have played a handful of shows throughout Europe, including highly publicized appearances at Wave-Gotik-Treffen and Gothic Pogo Festival.

11. “Pushing”- Matador (Germany, 1991, Écoute LP, Moabit Musik)
All female German supergroup of sorts, featuring ex-members of Malaria!, CHBB, Einstürzende Neubauten, and Liasions Dangereuses. Matador formed in the mid-80s and released three excellent records and one 12” before disbanding in the early 1990s.

12. “Sensible”- Hedone (UK, 1984, Sensible 7”, Omgowa Power)
Obscure, melancholy post-punk from Bath. This is their only release, stacked with an equally great B-side.

13. “Nowhere Bei Mir”- Nicolle Meyer (Germany, 1983, Nowhere Bei Mir 7”, Virgin)
One-off single released under Nicole Tollmann’s pseudonym. Nicole was also a contributing member to the Fred Banana Combo, who recorded their own punked-out version of this track in the same year.

14. “Sudan”- Thick Pigeon (UK, 1984, Too Crazy Cowboys LP, Factory Records)
A Factory/Benelux treasure, recorded by the outsider duo of Stanton Miranda and Carter Burwell, with additional help from Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert of New Order. Thick Pigeon would release an excellent club-centric single under Stanton Miranda (“Wheels Over Indian Trails,” 1986). Carter Burwell would go on to contribute music to Raising Arizona, Psycho III, and Fargo, among many others.

15. “Morning Train”- Esprits Animaux (Netherlands, 1985, Whip of Passion 12”, Poppi Disk)
Lead-off track from this excellent 12”, the only one on the record solely featuring female vocals. Though the band was Dutch, their name is French, and translates to “Animal Ghosts.”

16. “Beautiful Diseases”- The Vyllies (Switzerland, 1985, Lilith LP, Out of Tune Records)
Another all-female group, this time a trio. Oftentimes appearing in shrouds and flowing dresses (their name invokes a Slavic folk legend), The Vyllies have a near-flawless discography and cult influence that spreads across the globe.

17. “Don’t Believe It’s Over”- Nocturnal Emissions (UK, 1988, Duty Experiment (1982-1984 Years), Soleilmoon Recordings)
Dark, mantra-esque demo from one of the UK’s most prolific experimental tape projects. Recorded during the band’s early years, it has since been reissued on several collections of the band’s work, achieving near-mythic status in an otherwise expansive discography.

18. “Bound By Silence”- Pink Industry (UK, 1985, New Beginnings LP, Zulu Records)
UK’s Pink Military was already a classic underground band, but from their ashes arose Pink Industry, a much more satisfying project, through and through. Jettisoning angular guitars and embracing the 808 drum machine, menacing rhythms, reverb-drenched saxophone, and Jayne Casey’s seductive vocals, Pink Industry would release three flawless LPs before splitting in 1987.

19. ¼ Circle Black- Turning Shrines (UK, 1985, Face of Another 12”, Temple Records)
Recorded by Fred Giannelli just before joining Psychic TV’s acid-driven incarnation (and released by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s Temple Records), this Turning Shrines 12” features four tracks of pre-dreampop perfection. This standout track (a highlight among highlights) was reissued by Mexican Summer in 2013, featuring a bonus re-recorded version of this track by Tamaryn and Lansing-Dreiden’s Jorge Elbrecht.

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I like to think 2D and murdoc has jamming session were Murdoc is out at the controls and 2D's just in the box singing away in the studio in king studios perhaps a prompt were stuff gets sweaty after 2D all of the sudden starts singing some real angsty song to murdoc about his feeling for him

2D: *singing* You’re a piece of shit, I fucking hate you~, you’ve done nothing but ruin my life~, I wish you would get HIT by your stupid Geep, you giant wanker fuck you~ 
Murdoc: we just need to record Plastic Beach you stupid git


On this day in music history: May 3, 1982 - “After The Snow”, the second studio album by Modern English is released. Produced by Hugh Jones and Modern English, it is recorded at Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, Wales, UK in Early 1982. The second release by the British post punk/new wave band is issued the UK by influential indie label 4AD Records, and is picked up for US release by Warner Bros distributed Sire Records. The album gains the band a foothold in the US charts when the video for “I Melt With You” (#18 UK, #78 US Pop) receives significant play on MTV, increasing in popularity when it is included in the film “Valley Girl” in 1983. Despite its low chart position and the band’s “one hit wonder” status, it is later regarded as a cornerstone of 80’s pop music. Modern English re-record the song in 1990 when they sign with TVT Records (#76 Pop), even recording it again for a third time in 2010 for the Mark Pellington directed film of the same name. “Melt” goes on to be featured in television commercials, and has been covered by several other artists including Jason Mraz, Good Riddance, Bowling For Soup and Sugarcult. Out of print on vinyl since 1989, it is reissued in a limited edition of 1,000 copies by Drastic Plastic Records in 2016, on standard black and white vinyl. “After The Snow” peaks at number thirteen on the UK album chart, number seventy eight on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.