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The Problem of Plastic

Plastic, like all organic materials, can deteriorate in a variety of ways. This degradation can cause changes to its appearance and physical properties. Deteriorating plastics are found occasionally in the Official Military Personnel Files held in St. Louis when plasticized identification cards were kept with the record. Some plastics, like this Navy ID card, shrink as they age. The photo inside the plastic has been forced into a severely confined space over the years as its plastic housing has contracted. Although physically distorted, the photograph itself is chemically stable. Once free of the plastic, the photo ID only needs to be relaxed with gentle humidification to become flat again.

Another ID card issued to a Marine was laminated in a plastic that became sticky over time and oozed out of the card making the edges sticky. At some point, it was placed into a plastic zip bag used by the Navy as a “document envelope” in order to contain the sticky deterioration. This plastic envelope also deteriorated, yellowing and contracting. Inside, the entire bag became one sticky mess. The original plastic laminated card has been removed from the plastic envelope and is now housed in a polyester sleeve meeting archival specifications. Unlike the “document envelope” we found the card in, this sleeve is stable. (Those plastic sleeves you buy at the office supply store may also be polyester, but they contain additives and slip agents that make them more attractive products so that they are clear and paper can slide in easily—but can deteriorate over time.)

For laminated paper, additional conservation treatment are available but are time-consuming. Although readable as it is, the paper has become translucent due to the laminate’s adhesives and will continue to deteriorate inside the laminate card. Since we do not have the resources to do further treatment for this ID, we have made a preservation photocopy for the file and will keep the original card in its new sleeve in the record. 

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No, not Fraser or Spark. I'm not cool enough to be them, but hey. I got a plastic recorder so I'm happy. You can also ask me to play a song, but it only plays one note so it won't be the best.




Okay I see how a lot of you had some cool RWBY AUs but a AU you shoulder consider is MARCHING BAND!

  •  Ruby being a freshman who is fresh out of middle school and in the percussion pit and suddenly wow there is a lot more percussion instruments then she thought and the music is a bit harder, but she can do it!
  • Weiss playing the flute and is great at it and will hurt someone if they talk bad about the flute section.
  • Blake playing the clarinet. I don’t really have much for this I just can see her playing it?
  • Yang marching the bass drum or at least one of the drums on the drumline, again because I think it would be fitting for her.
  • Jaune, who hasn’t touched a instrument since those plastic recorders well all played in first grade, is the kid who impulsively joined band because all of his friends are in it and marching can’t be that hard! But then he experiences the horror that is band camp and suddenly appreciates water and things that repel the sun a lot more.
  • With Nora, since she is kind of small and a loud and energetic person, people expect her to be a trumpet player. WRONG. SHE CAN MARCH THE SOUSAPHONE LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS AND PLAYS LIKE THERE ARE AT LEAST THREE OTHERS BUT NOPE. SHE’S THE ENTIRE SECTION.
  • Pyrrha being the drum major because everyone loves her and she is basically the mom of the band, making sure everyone has water during marching rehearsals and tries to hep out anyone who is struggling with their music.
  • Ren I am not sure about, possibly a woodwind instrument or maybe even on the color guard?

Okay that’s all I have but if any of one have anything you want to add or maybe even some better ideas you should totally share it!

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I went out on the porch in the pouring rain with my plastic recorder from elementary school and played my heart will go on as a tribute to your memeness. (it was an epic struggle as my recorder didn't have enough holes for all the notes I needed) Imagine one of the volleykids doing this after loosing a match/fav volleyball/fav shoelace??? *remembers the PnF song about the plastic thing at the end of a shoelace* "A-G-L-E-T, DON FORGET IT!" never forget, never forget...

I’m honoured you’ve actually played a recorder cover of my heart will go on for this meme blog bruh!!! (also yeah I don’t think there’s enough holes on the recorder I tried playing on my ancient elementary recorder too)

Bokuto would probably be the type to play ‘My Heart will go on’ in every type of situation B))


$3 plastic recorder and Teka is dancing 😂 #musiced

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