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Slytherins truly being slytherins. 

Slytherins working with Dumbledore’s Army. They spread false rumors about where they’ve sighted students. They join Umbridge’s close circle so that they can learn the moves and plans of the Inquisitorial Squad so that they can warn the DA of when it’s safe to hold practice. They rotate in shifts, some lead the IS on a wild goose chase while their housemates practice with the rest of the army. Sometimes they charm their robes to look like another houses and lead the IS far away from the Room of Requirement as they can before turning a corner and de-charming their robes. They make up stories about chasing students who mysteriously disappear without a trace. Umbridge sends students to search areas of the castle nowhere near the actual Room of Requirement.  

As Umbridge tightens her hold on the school, slytherin students try to protect their DA friends. They pass messages of encouragement and support to their friends, veiled in threats and taunts. They bully the loudest, but do the least damage; their housemates think that they’re being cruel, their friends know that they’re shielding them from actual harm. 

Slytherin students passing information to the Order while the Golden Trio is hunting for horcruxes, tracking the moves of Death Eaters to the best of their ability. They withstand the dark days in Hogwarts, helping their friends the best they can without looking suspicious. Charmed plastic rats run through the castle hallway, passing messages between the houses. Children of Death Eaters eavesdrop in dark hallways of their homes, holding their breath and straining their ears. When slytherin students suddenly disappear, go home and don’t come back, everyone knew what had happened. They mourned privately and quietly. 

DA members and the Order housing slytherin students who can’t go home. Many have to run away, for their own safety. As Voldemort grew in power, it was harder and harder to keep their true intentions a secret. Children of Death Eaters were being pressured to take the Dark Mark, were being drafted to fight for Voldemort, were being told that their friends deserved to die. The students that said no were threatened with death or kicked out of their homes, branded as disgraced traitors. Those who couldn’t stand up to their families slipped away in the night. Some died, at the hands of Death Eaters, at the hands of their own parents.

Slytherin students fighting during the final battle at Hogwarts, standing up against family and friends to protect their home. Staring across the courtyard at their mothers, fathers, siblings, childhood friends. People screaming at them; ‘blood traitors’ ringing through the air of the courtyard, hurled at slytherins who had their shoulders squared and their chins up. Slytherins having to throw charms and jinxes and curses at familiar faces, people they had trusted. Slytherin students killing their loved ones, being given no other choice. Slytherin students dying while standing up for what they believe in. 

Slytherin students being more than a stereotype. Slytherins being more than one dimensional villains. Slytherin students being shown as diverse, fully developed characters with a variety of motivations and beliefs. Slytherins being slytherins; proud, ambitious, and cunning. And proving that those things don’t mean being evil. 

boyfriend! yuta

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waddup kids im back and im ready to write (i shouldnt be i have exams ahahaha :( anyway yup imma write some boyfriend yuta shit bc yuta is a little shit and hes boyfriend af so here)

  • first. of. all. yuta nakamoto is f u c k i n g precious and you better feel blessed that you’re dating him bc (well u are whilst you’re reading this) he doesn’t just date anyone no, no, no!
  • this boi LOVES you, honey. you are his damn everything and he will show you every single second of the day in the most adorable but subtle way.
  • when u wake up he might be at practice or whatever he doing w nct but he will have bought u some breakfast (can yuta cook? idk i cant remeber from that thing whatever it was called i think he thought he could cook but he flopped. anyway) he bought u some breakfast before he went bc u gotta eat good bbe 
  • HE’S A LITTLE SHIÎÏÍĪĮÌT he will prank u all the damn time. get ready. u hear him scream bc of a spider, ur getting a plastic spider thrown at ur face (this girl in my science class had a plastic rat and a plastic spider and she used to throw them at people lmao lol can i sTOP GOING OFF TOPIC) u know just like couple pranks that annoy u but u put up w it bc u love hiiiiiiiim bc hes cuuuuute
  • texts u cute things when hes bored bc he knows u blush so hard like “hey ily, have a good day, u slay bby” 
  • makes u feel like the most important person in the world. like u know how theres like 1743847921847 couple holidays in south korea well hes not gonna be there for all of them like hes in nct so he makes sure he leaves u some flowers or ur fav snacks bc hes a cutie like that
  • subtly leaves his tshirts and hoodies at ur house bc he knows u love to wear them and he secretly loves seeing u wear them
  • chill dates like getting ice cream together at weird times like 4am but neither of u care bc ur chilling with each other and thats all that matter
  • doesnt really like matching couple items but will probably wear them if u want. maybe like matching rings or some shoes or something
  • making fun of him (in a loving way) and him giving u the silent treatment so u’ll cuddle him
  • secretly LOVES cuddling with u even tho hes bad af lmaooo
  • ur basically winwin’s legal guardians. he loves winwin guys its so cute he’ll probably always be at ur house its socuuuute

 anyway imma wrap this up and say that yuta is a little angel cutie who needs to be my boyfriend asap now :-) his personality suits me well lol anyway gooooodbye i hope whoever bothered to read this enjoyed it aha

Tony Stark Drabble 1

Requested By: Anonymous

Prompts: “Show me what’s behind your back.” “Have I mentioned, I fucking hate Halloween.”

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“No, ugh- Dum-e, don’t do that!” Tony chastised the robot who was knocking over decorations left and right. Just as Tony had said that, the unknowing robot had just knocked over a glass punch bowl onto the floor. Wincing at the sound of glass shattering, Tony glared at the robot. “Stupid bot, that cost two-hundred dollars!”

“Are you being mean to that poor ole’ robot again?” Your melodic voice rang out, causing Tony’s ears to perk up. 

“I have no idea what you mean,” He replied as he went back to digging through the boxes of decorations. Upon your entering, Dum-e whirled happily as he made his way towards you, leaving destruction in his path. “I just cleaned that…”

“Oh, don’t be such a baby, Stark,” You laughed as you walked up to him. “What is all this stuff, anyways?”

“Halloween decorations!” He cheerily replied as he dug through the box of plastic decorations. Frowning slightly, you looked at Tony.

“Tones, it’s not Halloween,”

“So? We are going to have a Halloween party!” He said as he pulled out a mini skeleton. Grabbing the skeleton’s wrist, he made the plastic hand point towards you. “And you are coming. I want to see you dressed up in one of those sexy costumes.” He finished with a cheeky grin.

Rolling your eyes at him, you gently pushed him. “I’m not going. And besides, where would I even find a Halloween costume? In May?

“There are plenty of sexy costume places around here,” Tony answered as he dug through the box once more. “And what do you mean you’re not going?”

“I’m just not going,”


“Have I mentioned, I fucking hate Halloween,” You promptly said as you held up the plastic rat in disgust. Quickly turning around, Tony clutched his chest.

“How can you hate Halloween?!” He asked in disbelief, still clutching his chest as the bright blue light from the arc reactor peaked through his fingers.

Shrugging, you continued to rifle through the box. “I just don’t.”

“Well, I’m going to change your mind,” Tony adamantly said as he pulled something from the box.

“How’s that?” You asked as your eyes wandered around the lab. Your eyes fell on Dum-e as he carted aimlessly around the room.

“Just come tonight wearing this, and I will change your mind,” Tony cheekily responded as he held something behind his back. Sighing at his antics, you quirked up an eyebrow.

“Show me what’s behind your back,” You demanded, already knowing what was behind his back. Cheekily smiling as he pulled out cat ears, you sighed in relief. “Is that it?”

“Oh, no,” Tony smirked. “I still have to find the matching catsuit.”

“You’re insufferable, Stark,” You said as you rolled your eyes at him. Promptly leaving the room, you leave the cat ears with him.

“You forgot your cat ears!” He called after you to which you rolled your eyes once more. 

“I’m not going to be a fucking cat!” You yelled back over your shoulder, smiling as you leave to plan your real costume.

Breathe.  Blink a of couple times.  Allow your eyes to adjust to what lies before you and permit your brain the crucial time it requires to figure out just what the HELL is going on here….

As far as I can discern, this exceptional Beast has been fitted in a dismembered wig (half of it anchored down on his head with a flimsy set of felt ears and the other half repurposed as a beard (?)….of sorts….), a plastic rat nose, a suit design a la the Dapper Dans Barbershop Quartet of Main Street USA, a standard set of gloves (….why even bother?), a trim-lined piano cover doubling as a cape, and a pair of Vans this fine actor unearthed from the depths of his own closet.  

….Also, let’s not ignore the elephant in the room, why on earth is the Beast KARATE KICKING Belle and furthermore why is she ENJOYING it?!

Bravo, Erik, for this genius find! 

flavoracle  asked:

Have you ever found little "surprises" left behind by other astronauts on the space station? Just like little items or notes saying "John was here" or anything like that? Do YOU plan on leaving any small surprises?!

Garrett placed a plastic rat in the toilet, which startled me when I noticed it.  I hid it in his sleeping bag as revenge…he admitted to being startled the next day as well!  



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Assignment for school. We had to simulate a microsurgery on a rat from the surgeons perspective. Main focus was hands and instruments as well as learning to combine loose elements into one illustration. The reference for the rat was a plastic rat that is used for training surgeons. The bowls of the rat were referenced from photos from dissection class. Painted with gouache, most detailed thing I have attempted with the material. Learned a lot. I’ve made some colour corrections in PS, the original one had a more brighter green. Might make a process GIF.