plastic rabbits

Another thing about that Plastic Man pilot, how did he get arrested in the first place? Was he arrested right after the chemical incident? Did he turn himself in willingly? Either way, putting Plastic Man in a jail cell probably would have worked as well putting the Human Puddle in a jail cell.

If the show had taken off and there was never a gag of Plas removing his hands from cuffs or stepping out of a locked cell, I’d have been disappointed.


Their new face was easy to pull off, leaving Bonabelle easy access to all sorts of wonderfully vulnerable bits to play with. Plunging her hand into the head of her purple predecessor, she yanked out a handful of wires and metal, enjoying the mechanical shrieks of pain that echoed in the room. In her hand, she unknowningly held the AI chip that was Bonnie’s mind.

And for a moment, the room was quiet.

Foxy’s yellow eyes lit up in the corner, gears whirring as he flew to his feet, realizing what had taken place. What he had taken for another session of cruel taunting had taken a turn for the worse. With a roar, he threw himself at the plastic rabbit that had hurt one of his crewmates, smashing into her.

And then Clyde stood up.