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Babygirl - Seokjin Smut (Rated M)

Anonymous said: Hello! Can I get a Jin smut, where you get kinda lonely as he always spends time with your 2 year old daughter, and he talks about her all the time. You don’t say anything, bc you don’t want to sound rude. You start to get insecure, bc you and Jin haven’t been intimate since her birth. One day, Jin comes home early from practice (the daughter is at play group idk XD) and sees you crying. You open up about your insecurities adn he reminds you who his babygirl is heheheheeee… Thank you!

oh shit. i don’t know how this is gonna turn out. im nervous. oh god. this is gonna be under a read more because its long oops

warning: smut. smut. lil fluff. smut.

“Gah, isn’t she adorable?” 

Jin was sitting on the floor across from your two year old, handing her different toys that she would pick up and either chew on, throw, or hand them back to her daddy. Her little hands would grasp onto Jin’s fingers and she would try to pull Seokjin towards the princess barbie castle you had bought her for Christmas.

“Jinhee - hey, no, don’t put that in your mouth.” Jin said, gently taking the small plastic puzzle piece from his daughters hands. “You’re such a handful, but also such a cutie!” He’d say, hoisting the child up and tickling her so she giggled with happiness. 

You stood in the doorway, just observing your husband play with your daughter and her barbies. It was heart warming - and sweet, and adorable and everything in between. Although you didn’t want to admit it, though, its as if things between you and Jin had completely fizzled out. 

After having Jinhee - who was undoubtedly the light of your life - you felt unattractive, bored, and stressed. Life as a mom was everything you thought it would be: lots of happiness, laughter and admittedly, stress. But you never thought it would put a dent in yours and Jin’s intimacy. But instead of a dent, it’s as if it’s crashed completely and is unfix-able.

The next few days were the same. Jin got the baby up, dressed her for her play group, and packed a small bag to take with her for when her grandma picked her up later that day. You just sat in bed the entire time, playing with your phone. Seokjin was a good husband. He got your little girl up and ready for her group, and offered to do everything he possibly could when he was able. You almost felt like Jin would rather spend time with Jinhee than you.

The thought upset you so much that, when Jin came in carrying Jinhee to come say goodbye, you kissed your baby girl and hugged her tightly, but when Jin leaned forward to kiss you goodbye, you turned your head so his lips hit your cheek. He pulled back with a hurt look on his face, as if you had just betrayed him. Seokjin didn’t say anything though, and just picked Jinhee back up and walked out the door.

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anonymous asked:

I feel so bad because I keep picking at acne and I know that's bad to do I just can't seem to control myself. I guess I just need to get myself a toy that requires both hands because if I have a hand free I always instinctively go for my acne. Sorry this isn't really a question.

You don’t have to ask a question, anon, or apologise for its lack. Sometimes you just want to express yourself. Sometimes you want to let us know you found something cool or that you’re rocking your new Tangle. Sometimes you want support. Sometimes you want a bit of reassurance, or just to know that you’re not alone, or talk about something to someone - especially if it’s something you can’t talk about offline.

Please do not feel bad for picking at acne. I mean, it’s a raised swelling on your skin. If some deity didn’t make that for picking, what did they make it for?

It’s doubly hard if for whatever reason our bodies decide to give us a constant supply of things at which to pick. (Especially since most of those conditions, like acne or dry skin, are difficult to manage.) You’re unconsciously picking before you realise that you shouldn’t. Society acts like we should just be able to decide not to do something bad for us and not do it, but if that were the case, well, I’d never be working myself into pain flares. Humans are more complicated than this idea that recognition and understanding results in behaviour change, especially when that trigger is always there.

Anon, it is really hard to not pick (or peel or pull). It’s often a stim that fits a need we have. It can be sensory-seeking, it can be an attempt to calm or manage emotion, it can be a kind of self-harm, it can be the removal of bad texture, it can be many different things. I like the feel of peeling dry skin off my lips, and while I don’t like the bleeding, I do like the pain. When I get a good sensory experience from it and the absence of the dry skin (bad texture) that annoys me, how do I stop? Especially when I’m doing it subconsciously?

(As a case in point, the entire time I was typing this, I was worrying free a cuticle beside one fingernail because the pain of pulling at it is pleasant in ways I can’t quite identify or articulate. I didn’t realise I was doing this until halfway through writing.)

It’s hard, anon. Know that it takes a lot of work to recognise when you’re picking, stop and redirect the behaviour elsewhere. Or, in my case, get up, cut away the cuticle, clean the wound and bandage my finger. This is a habit you might be a long time unlearning, and that’s normal.

We’ve discussed some replacement stim toys for picking and peeling (and we have a tag you might like to check out). Here’s some links to a few different posts for replacement stim toys that you might want to think about:

- Corks

- Peelable nail polish

- Painting a Tangle/snake puzzle/plastic stim toy in PVA glue (scroll to bottom of post)

- Painting hands/skin in non-toxic glue (think PVA or Clag)

- Painting back of hand/skin without hair in liquid latex

- Peeling the paper off crayons (dollar shop crayons are great for this)

- A whole range of stim toys (including Tangle Hairy, Koosh balls and puffer creatures) good for picking

I’ve also noticed (in playing with my mermaid sequin pillow) that when some of the sequins get pushed around the wrong way (so gold shows when they all face black) that I have the compulsion to grab the sequin and turn it, because I dislike that flash of a different colour. This is quite hand intensive (first I push back the sequins around the wrong sequin and then turn the wrong sequin over) and you might find grabbing and turning sequins to be a sufficient distraction.

Lastly, I’ll refer you to this post for a list of various stim toys that are good for keeping hands busy. You might find some good alternatives there if you don’t want to redirect to a similar stim, just a distracting one.

But please, please don’t feel bad. We’re cheering for you, no matter how well you do or don’t manage to accomplish the seriously difficult task of redirection!

By the way. Talking about something you’re struggling with? Thinking about ways to redirect it? They’re all pretty awesome things to be doing, anon. Please take the time to applaud yourself for doing the mature (and not easy) thing of acknowledging a problem and considering better ways to manage it.

- Mod K.A.

I thought I’d share what my current stim toy collection looks like. I just received a kit in the mail with a tangle, fidget cube and spinner so my collection has grown quite a bit. Some of these are bought and some are homemade.
List starting from top left:
Wooden puzzle, 2 plastic puzzles, 2 slimes, black crystal, fidget cube, tangle, homemade push beads (on string and on safety clips), switch, spinner and glitter bottle.