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hey so you know that vicious cycle of mental health making you unproductive which makes your mental health worse? don’t worry friend I am here with something that can help

just get one thing done. break the cycle. it doesn’t have to be some big task. in fact it’s better if it isn’t. decide on something that takes five minutes or less. keep it tiny and manageable - the key is to feel like you’ve accomplished something, so when your brain is all, you can’t even do a single thing all day except lay in bed being useless, you can be like, oh but I did do something, brain, suck on that. it might not seem like much at the time but it helps a lot to have something tangible you can point to

do you have dirty dishes in your bedroom? get rid of ‘em. you don’t have to wash them, just put them in the sink with soapy water. done. easy.

do you have a pile of empty water bottles sitting there? good for you staying hydrated. but you don’t need a mountain of plastic reminders. throw a few in the trash or in recycling. don’t worry about chasing down every single one, just pick a number. get rid of 5 or 10. easy, manageable even if you feel terrible. done.

do you need to do something early tomorrow? get something ready now. just one thing. lay out an outfit. fill the coffee maker so you can just press a button tomorrow. pack your backpack or purse. bonus benefit, future you will have an extra few minutes to breathe in the morning.

do you have a pet? spend 5 minutes with your pet. cuddle them. play tug of war. make baby noises at them. your pet loves you. I bet they miss you when you’re sad. you’ll both feel better.

has it been 3 weeks since you did laundry? pick your clothes up off the floor and put them in a laundry basket. don’t actually wash them or even take the basket anywhere. just collect the clothes for later so they aren’t spread all over. it’ll make actually doing them that much easier when you have more energy

did you manage to wash your clothes but not put them away? fold something. fold another thing. and one more. put them away. three things. you got this one.

did you do your one thing? good. I’m proud of you. even if it didn’t make you feel better, guess what? you did a thing. you got something done, you can be done now. you can go back to bed if you want.

new au idea, needs a home:

2006: dean winchester serves his country in afghanistan. before he even really understands what being a soldier means, just a load of daddy issues and an attitude problem, he works on a fuel convoy in the triangle of death, and like so many veterans in the middle east he gets an up close and personal view of what it means to be dependent on foreign oil. when he gets home, he uses that smart engineering brain of his to get into tech development for clean energy. sam is all bleeding heart about it, but to dean it’s a continuation of the public service that encouraged him to put on the uniform in the first place. it’s making the world a better place - cleaner and safer for everyone else after him. he can’t even fucking recycle his plastic mountain dew bottles but he is completely dedicated to finding alternative energy solutions.

enter stage left………… hippie!conservationist!cas

100,000 pounds – that’s how much garbage has been removed from Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument over the past six years! 

Every year, NOAA staff, working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the State of Hawai'i and other partners, travel to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands to remove tons of marine debris that accumulates there. Though the islands are remote and uninhabited, ocean currents and weather bring debris like fishing gear and plastic trash to their shores. There, it poses a threat to animals like Hawaiian monk seals, green sea turtles, and seabirds, which can become entangled or consume pieces of plastic. 

The 100,000-pound mountain of debris that has been collected over the past six years was recently shipped from Midway Atoll to Honolulu, where it will be processed through the Nets to Energy Program to produce electricity! Many thanks to all of our partners who have contributed to making Papahānaumokuākea a safer, healthier place for its inhabitants. 

(Photo: NOAA)

Sometimes I remember the Tweet that said that the first thing in the morning after a bad snowstorm, Jack hiked through several feet of fresh snow to go ALL OVER CAMPUS and make sure everyone on his hockey team had all the supplies they needed to wait out the snow, and I die.  

Jack.  Jacky.  Jacques. What did you think you were doing.   Did you bring your hockey players candles and soup.  Did Camilla Collins give you extra blankets to distribute to people in the dorms because they might get cold.  Did you think about how you should have brought snowshoes, because yours are sitting pretty uselessly up in Mont Tremblant right now. Did you pull your socks over the ends of your pants and then put on your winter boots imagining yourself as a hardy Finnish soldier fighting the Nazis.  Did it take you back to the massive ice storm when you were eight and millions of people went without power and it was bad, but it was a little exciting too, because when you went with your mother to help serve soup to people who had been rehoused you felt like you were doing something important, something worthwhile, like you were part of a massive community effort where every little contribution mattered.   Did you come back and see Bittle’s light on and go to him, snowy and pink-cheeked, and tell him what you’d done and then tell him to go to sleep and want to tuck his blanket in around him and think the desire was entirely altruistic.

And where do you get off being so wonderful.

the signs as the front bottoms songs
  • aries: maps, be nice to me, the boredom is the reason i started swimming (...)
  • taurus: rhode island, the feud, everything i own
  • gemini: swear to god the devil made me do it, flying model rockets, water-gun-knife
  • cancer: jim bogart, lonely eyes, santa monica
  • leo: skeleton, so sick we're dead, motorcycle
  • virgo: bathtub, au revoir (adios), swimming pool
  • libra: lipstick covered magnet, mountain, plastic flowers
  • scorpio: the beers, cough it out, looking like you just woke up
  • sagittarius: twin size mattress, backflip, laugh till I cry
  • capricorn: the plan (fuck jobs), summer shandy, help
  • aquarius: historic cemetery, awkward conversations, 2yl
  • pisces: twelve feet deep, you wouldn't be laughing, west virginia
Plastic-munching caterpillars discovered that could eat billions of kilograms of waste

Federica Bertocchini, a scientist at the University of Cantabria in Spain and amateur beekeeper, made the discovery while tending her beehives. Wax caterpillars are bred for fishing bait but they are also a pest in beehives, where they chew through the wax honeycomb. Bertocchini put the caterpillars in a supermarket plastic bag made of polyethylene as she picked them out of the hives. Less than an hour later, the bag was riddled with holes.

Bertocchini brought the caterpillars into the lab to investigate what they were doing to the bags. Working with scientists at the University of Cambridge in the UK, she found that the caterpillars weren’t just chewing holes – they were eating the plastic and breaking it down into another compound.

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A hundred caterpillars munched through 92 mg of plastic in about 12 hours, leaving the lightweight bag in tatters. They broke the plastic down into ethylene glycol, which is used as an antifreeze. The research is published in a paper in the journal Current Biology.

“There is a chemical transformation of the polymer – this is telling us it’s something more than the mechanical action of the caterpillar munching,” Paolo Bombelli of the University of Cambridge and an author of the study told IBTimes UK.

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The wax caterpillar is the only known insect to be able to break down polyethylene in this way. Exactly how the caterpillar is doing so is less clear. It could be the caterpillar itself, or bacteria living in its gut. The scientists also mushed up the caterpillars and spread the goo onto plastic shopping bags, to see if it still broke it down to the antifreeze compound. The caterpillar mush still worked, but not as efficiently as the living caterpillars.

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“We were excited to see that the mush was in any way able to still degrade the plastic,” Bombelli said. “This is telling us that probably there is some enzyme activity breaking down the polyethylene.

"This is great because we really hope to identify the enzyme. If we did that, then we could express this enzyme in other organisms, such as yeast or the bacterium E. coli, and use them on an industrial scale.”

Yeast or bacteria might be more efficient at breaking down the plastic than caterpillars on a large scale, but it’s possible that caterpillars themselves could be used to break it down. However, ethylene glycol is toxic to species including humans, so letting wax worms loose in a landfill may not be a good solution. But the wax caterpillars appeared to be perfectly healthy after feeding on the plastic bags, and were able to turn into a moth.

There are several more stages of research needed before the caterpillar’s trick could be used to tackle the mountains of plastic that go to landfills every year.

“One of the main questions we’re trying to answer now is whether the plastic is degraded by the caterpillar itself, bacteria inside the caterpillar, or a combination of the two.”

A trillion plastic bags are used every year. Polyethylene makes up about 92% of all plastic produced. An organism that can break it down and apparently remain unharmed may have the potential to revolutionise how plastic is thrown away. At the moment, billions of kilograms of plastic ends up in the ocean, where it collects toxins and is eaten by wildlife.

Bombelli warns against being complacent about recycling and cutting back on use of plastic in the wake of the discovery.

“We definitely don’t want to give the impression that if this research is successful that people can justify creating more plastic waste. Our aim is to provide a tool that might be able to contribute to sorting out the problem of plastic waste.”

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Ill Intent: A Sockathan Fanfic

[[A fluffy little thing I wrote instead of doing my English HW. I got the idea of Sock’s ability to interact with this plane of existence from another W2H fanfic, though I’m afraid I can’t remember which. Also, mathlete Sock is the cutest Sock. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and DFTBA!]]

Sock was annoyed. There were many reasons this could have been, being dead, having a pun-savvy Jerseyite as his boss, not being allowed to kill things, but one in particular stuck out. Jonathan was ignoring him. It wasn’t the disillusionment with humanity kind of ignoring - they’d gotten past that point - nor the pissed off kind like after Sock had accidentally phased in the bathroom while he was showering. No, this was the ‘I have three quizzes and a test tomorrow and I need to well on all of them’ kind of ignoring, which was arguably the worst. With the others, he took the active effort to ignore him, but with this he wasn’t really aware he was doing it, so lost in his cramming. It didn’t help that Sock had discovered something really cool that he wanted to show his mission/friend.

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August Nights Pt.4

pt.1 pt.2 pt.3 

Yoongi’s Mixtape “Agust D” AU

Rated: M (deals with depression, *trigger warning*)

Originally posted by yoongismixtapesavedme

You smiled watching Yoongi invite all his friends over. He was chatting happily on the phone with someone named Hobi. You laughed at the faces he made on the other side of the phone. To be honest, you had no idea he even had friends. Yoongi had always been a bit of a loner, and it got worse after his trainee days. You rubbed your eyes, trying to get the sleep out of them. Waiting up for Yoongi to come back late at night, plus the last few sleepless nights cause of finals wasn’t doing you any good. Yoongi finished the final call and sat down next to you.

“Wow, I didn’t know you had so many friends,” you said a smile tugging at your lips.

“Like you have a bunch,” he scoffed, leaning his head against his hand.

“I am hurt Daegu boy,” you said placing a hand on your chest, your smile breaking through. He rolled his eyes, and went to his room, no doubt to get ready. You looked around the apartment to see if there was any cleaning to be done. It was spotless, thanks to Yoongi’s need to have everything clean. Grantented, your house didn’t have much to clean. It was large but with very little furniture, or decorations. Neither of you cared enough to decorate it. The light coming in through the windows was enough to paint the bare white walls. You listened to the quiet and heard Yoongi turn on his shower. You looked out the window, watching the sun turn the grey buildings orange and golden. The blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds, the sounds of cars not reaching your home.

You went to the fridge and frowned at the white empty trays glaring back at you. You opened the freezer, nothing, not even ice. You supposed it showed how little time either of you spent eating here. You sighed and flopped onto the couch, you had to order food for Yoongi’s friends, but you had no idea what they liked. You decided you would wait for Yoongi to finish his shower and ask him then. You turned on the TV and were greeted right away with the smiling face of Kim Soo Hyun in his role in “Moon Embracing the Sun.” You settled down to watch the rerun of the historical drama. The episode finished, glancing at your watch you realized Yoongi hadn’t come out of the shower yet. You frowned, turning off the TV, you could still hear water running. You walked over to the bathroom, and knocked gently on the door. Nothing.

“Yoongi?” you called.

“Yeah?” he called back.

“You okay? You’ve been in there for a while,” you said, trying (and failing) to hide the worry in your voice.

“Yeah sorry. I’m coming out now,” Yoongi said, you let a breath of relief escape your lips, and went back to sit down. Yoongi came out a few minutes later, his hair still wet, but a huge smile on his face.

“What’s up?” he said sitting next to you.

“What kind of food do your friends like?” you asked peering at him.

“Chicken, hamburgers, ramen, cola,” he rambled off a list of things. “Why?”

“Cause we have no food. I’ll order some before they get here,” you said getting up and getting the house phone. Next to it was a pile of menus you had collected over the years. You called up all your favorite places, ordering enough food to feed an army.

Yoongi nodded and went back to his notebook, you shut the door behind you and peeled off your clothes. You tossed them into a corner of the room. You turned on the shower, despite the heat outside, you made it as hot as possible. The hot water washed over you, it felt great to shower after a few days of not doing do. You watched as the soap suds turned grey, swept up in the shower water, and carried down the drain. You finished quickly, you had never seen the point of long showers. What you did spend time on, was picking something to wear. Normally you would just put on sweats, but Yoongi’s friends were coming over and you wanted to look somewhat presentable. You looked at your closet, it was mostly greys, and blacks. You spotted a tiny sliver of color, all the way in the back of your closet was a red dress. You pulled it out with much effort and tried it on. You looked at yourself in the full length mirror and did a double take. The dress skirt was loose, moving at the slightest movement you made. The bodice hugged your body in all the right places, the v-neck showing just enough cleavage. Your arms felt bare in the sleeveless dress. You smiled for the first time at your appearance, you pulled up your hair into a  bun and twirled in the dress. The skirt flew up around you, looking like a flower. You laughed, tucking the stray strands of hair behind your ears. You walked out.

“Yoongi! What do you think?” you asked, twirling around for him.

“Y/N? Holy shit…” he said staring at you in awe.

“Do I look good enough to meet your ever so mysterious gang of friends?” you asked smiling.

“Maybe a little too good,” Yoongi laughed, his eyes still glued to you. “I didn’t know you had a shape.” You scoffed and threw a pillow at him. He caught it and threw it back, just as the doorbell rang.

“Food?” you asked, he shook his head pointing at the mountain of plastic bags on the kitchen counter. Yoongi stood up and opened the door. At once he was bear hugged by a boy with brown hair and a square smile. He pushed the boy off.

“Tae get off of me,” he grunted. The boy laughed, and despite his boyish appearance, his voice was quite deep. The boy, Tae, saw you standing behind Yoongi and his face went blank as he stared at you. You gave him a small wave and a bow.

“Hi I’m Y/N,” you said. He broke into a smile.

“I’m Taehyung,” he said walking past Yoongi. You hadn’t noticed, but glancing back at Yoongi, he was talking to 5 other very tall, very good looking guys.

“Yoongi, are you going to let them in?” you asked, walking closer to the door.

“I’m telling them the rules,” he grunted.

“Rules?” you laughed, you pushed him aside and let his friends walk through the door.

“Since when do we have rules?” you muttered to him from the corner of your mouth.

“Since I thought it was a good idea to invite these idiots over,” he muttered back.

Yoongi made quick introductions of each person, and you just barely caught all their names. Hoseok, Namjoon, Jin, Jimin and Jungkook. They all smiled, and bowed, you did as well, introducing yourself.

“So Yoongi-hyung, this is where you hideout,” Jimin said, his eyes scanning the flat. His eyes feel on you, and he winked. You looked away, unsure of what to do. You heard a smack, and an ow. You looked up, Jimin was rubbing the back of his head, Yoongi standing next to him.

“Do you guys want anything to eat?” you asked, looking at the all the boys. They all murmured in agreement. The one called Jin stood up to help you, he smiled at you kindly, you felt yourself smile back. You both went to the kitchen and began to unpack the food.

“To tell you the truth,” you said suddenly. “I didn’t Yoongi had friends.”

“We all know about you. He is always talking about you, “Jin chuckled taking out a pack of fried chicken.

“Really? That’s good to know. Hopefully he only says good things,” you laughed. “I’m glad he has you guys. Really, thank you.”

Jin just smiled, and finished unpacking the food. You both went back, loaded with food. You placed it all down, and stepped back, let the boys pounce. You spent a very agreeable afternoon with the boys, laughing and talking. Over the course of the few hours, you got to know them quite well. Jin liked cooking, Namjoon broke everything, Jimin was a huge flirt, Taehyung was off in his own world, Hoseok was a literal ray of sunshine, and Jungkook was a child. You could see how much they cared for each other, and how much Yoongi cared for them. You felt warm and happy when they left. All was good, Yoongi had invited his friends over, and he seemed to be having less and less bad days. Things seemed to be turning around.

A/N: OKAY SO THIS PART WAS REALLY HAPPY, BUT IT WON’T LAST LONG!!! HAHAAHAHAAH!!! *coughs* sorry. Enjoy, send me feedback, and requests you guys know the drill! love ya!

Hey period-havers of tumblr - 

In terms of non-sexist, non-body-shaming marketing, what are your favourite tampon/pad brands? Bonus points for being available in the UK, somewhat eco-friendly and/or doing good work with girls in developing countries. I’m pretty over mainstream brands which create mountains of plastic, are full of “fresh scents” and act like having your period is gross and shameful. (Moon cups/diva cups don’t really appeal to me.)

Thanks! A

Easter eggs (a slightly soma fanfic)

Hey! So, happy Easter! Hope you all have a great day and inly the fic! Constructive criticism is really really appreciated.

“What do you mean you don’t search for Easter eggs?” Blair exclaimed as she stared in disbelief at the 13 year old weapon and Meister pair who were just going to go off to bed. This was the magical cat’s first Easter with the duo and she could not believe that they did not look for Easter eggs like other children.

“Blair, we haven’t had an adult living with us since we were nine and we can’t hide them for each other,” Maka explained.

“Besides looking for easter eggs is lame,” Soul added.

Maka didn’t agree with Soul but Blair distracted her with questions.

“Do you mean you guys don’t buy chocolate Easter bunnies and marshmallow peeps and mini eggs and-” Blair rambled.

“No, Blair, we buy the candy but we just don’t hide it,” Maka explained as she gestured towards the bags of holiday candy piled high on the counter.

“We open all the bags and pig out on the candy tomorrow,” Soul added.

“Oh,"Blair said already formulating a plan. "Well, have a nice sleep kittens, Blair will be out tomorrow, enjoy your candy!” If you can find it, Blair added in her head as the young teens said good night and headed off to their respective rooms. Once Blair was sure they were asleep she turned into her cat form and slipped out the window into the night.

When Blair got home, she opened her package of newly purchased plastic Easter eggs and trinkets before moving towards the mountain of candy on the counter.

As quietly as she could Blair opened the packages and placed the coveted candy inside the plastic eggs and hiding them in all rooms in the house before giggling quietly to herself and writing her roommates a note, explaining the situation to them. They would have fun with this (or at least, Blair would)!


The next morning Maka awoke to bright sunlight streaming through her window. The blonde, still feeling sleepy tried to roll over to fall back asleep only to lay down on something hard and roundish.


Maka reached for the object only to discover an Easter egg? How did that get there?

Anyway, she had to wake up Soul to get started on their pig out/ movie marathon session. Maka languidly got up and started to move towards the door only to step on yet another egg.

With a loud thud and a sort if squealing noise Maka fell to the ground. In seconds Soul was at her door, arm ready to transform. When he saw she was possibly hurt and not under attack he dropped his half transformed arm and moved towards her.

Only to step in the same egg and fall seconds later.

“What the fuck?” The albino teen asked before blinking down at the cause of his pain, “is that an Easter egg?”

Maka nodded, “I found another one I my bed?”

Soul raised an eyebrow, and gave her a disapproving look. “Are you serious? Did you seriously try to smuggle candy into your room then trip over it? Wow, Maka that’s super cool,” Soul drawled (if Maka looked very closely she could see the hurt radiating from his soul).

“No Soul! I didn’t try to smuggle candy, look,” Maka exclaimed, pointing down the hallway to Soul’s room. “There’s candy in your room to!”

Soul was now incredibly confused.

“What the…” He trailed of as he stood up then offered Maka a hand and walked out of her room, her hand still wrapped tightly in his.

When they reached the living room they stared. The entire room was littered with brightly coloured plastic eggs and their mountain if candy was gone, replaced with a note. Maka let go of Soul hand to go over look at it. When she read the note her face light up, her smile bright.

“What?” Asked Soul, who was still very much in the dark about what was going on with the eggs and the paper.

“Blair made us an Easter egg hunt!” The young Meister exclaimed, her eyes shining and a huge grin threatening to split her face in half. She was obviously excited. Soul? Not so much. The teenage boy was annoyed. He had to work for his candy? What the heck! Damn that cat! His annoyance was mostly a front. if it made Maka this happy (which made her look adorable), it obviously wouldn’t be that bad… And it almost seemed to be kinda fun, he did miss this childhood activity and her happiness seemed to be contagious, a small grin threatening to spread across his face.

“Cool,” Soul replied as her grabbed the green basket from the counter, “I bet I can find more eggs than you!” the boy said, a large grin finally splitting his face.

“ No way,” Maka shot back, “I’ll find way more eggs than you.” She grabbed the red basket and started grabbing as many eggs as she could find.


Less than twenty minutes later almost all of the eggs that were not really well hidden (those ones would probably stay hidden for the next few months)had been found and put in either the red or green basket.

Maka had positioned herself in the middle of the floor and dumped her basket on the eggs out in front of her ( a safe distance from where Soul was sitting, the bastard had tried to steal a bunch if her eggs already) and started counting her eggs. Soul did the same.

“Hah! Take that!” Soul yelled triumphantly. “I have 23!”

“Haha,” Maka laughed victoriously. “I have 27!”

“What? No fair?!” Soul said and pointed at his Meister. “I demand a recount!”

“No way, I won fair and square. Stop being such a poor loser.”

Soul grumbled and glared at Maka, who had gotten up and moved over to the kitchen to grab some bowls to sort their candy.

“We really need to thank Blair, I forgot how fun this was!” Maka exclaimed as she opened her first Easter egg and dumped the mini eggs in to the bowl. Soul followed suite, pouring his candy into their shared bowls. Almost all the eggs had candy, others however had small trinkets or some coins (Soul found a lazer pointer in one, He was not sharing that).

Once all the candy was emptied out the duo moved the candy filled bowls to the coffee table (don’t spill don’t spill, shut up!) and started their traditional movie marathon and pig out.


When Blair came home she noticed the partners snuggled sleeping together on the couch, almost completely empty bowls around them as well as plastic egg shells littered the floor. Blair smiled softly and quietly so she would not wake them, gathered the plastic eggs and put them in a bag for next year.


On Easter morning Maka, now age 16 woke up at eight in the morning (the absolute earliest Soul would ever get up on a holiday) and rolled over, sat up and jumped on top of her male partner.

“Wake up Soul, it’s time to find the eggs!”

The both grinned as they grabbed their red and green baskets and moved to the living room.

childhood questions bc now i need to know
  • bringin home a baby bumble beeeeeee
  • down BY the BAY (down by the bay) [children slapping hands furiously]
  • slaps?? literally just a reason??? to slap each others hands?????
  • those awesome game shows on nick. hidden temple. that. that bigass plastic mountain one.