plastic mermaid

What probably happens when most people over-think mermaids:

  • But how do they bang?

When I other-think mermaids:

  • If their upper bodies are like human skin, what keeps it from deteriorating in the water like David Blaine’s body did when he was in that tank for a week?
  • If mermaids build houses, would they have staircases or ramps?  What would the point be?  They could just float up to a new room through a hole in the ceiling.
  • Do mermaids have a third, transparent eyelid that helps them see in the water?
  • Are mermaids mammals or fish?  If they’re mammals, wouldn’t their tails have to be made out of a more whale-like or dolphin-looking substance?  Do they have to surface to breathe, or do they have gills?  Can mammals have scales?
  • How do mermaids reproduce?  Do they lay eggs and then have their partner fertilize them?  Do they live-birth tail first, like a dolphin?  Are they like great white sharks, where the eggs hatch inside the mother and the babies eat the unfertilized eggs and each other until they’re ready to be birthed?
  • What are baby mermaids called?  Babies, pups, calves, fries?
  • Do mermaids raise their young, or are they hatched/birthed and then on their own?
  • If mermaids can become human, are they annoyed at how different gravity on land feels without the buoyancy of water acting on it?
  • Fish apparently can’t control when they excrete or urinate (and do the latter pretty much continuously), though aquatic mammals can control it.  Can mermaids?  Would a mermaid turned human be incontinent?
  • If the mermaid turned human turns back into a mermaid when they get wet (Splash style), would they turn back on an especially humid day?  Would sweat do it?
  • Can barnacles grow on mermaids?
  • How would the Starbucks mermaid’s tails move when she swims?
  • If mermaids existed, would they gather together and protest over-fishing by blocking boats, or would they stay hidden and just sabotage nets?
  • Would mermaids go to that giant garbage island in the ocean and make jewelry out of our soda can plastic rings? 
  • Can mermaids cry?  If they cry underwater, would anyone be able to tell?

I just have a lot of thoughts about mermaids.


Important message from Mermaid Kelly: Ariel is swimming by to encourage you to help protect her home. Even though she collects human “treasures”, other sea creatures and marine life become injured or even die because of human trash, including thousands of sea turtles, whales, and over one million seabirds each year. All of this trash can harm & entangle fish, sharks, and damages coral reefs. In the Pacific Ocean there is even a huge area called the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” This is a large area filled with debris, approximately the size of Texas. The debris extend down 20 feet & contains 3.5 million tons of garbage. It is estimated to double size in the next 5 years. A marine biologist & ocean activist, Sylvia A. Earle once stated “If the ocean dies, we die.” Without the ocean, we can’t survive. Around 50% of the oxygen we breath comes from phytoplankton in the ocean. Many Ocean Activists have already taken action to preserve these creatures and our home, now it’s your turn! You can start taking the steps to helping all of the life in the ocean by using fewer plastic products, recycling, doing local beach/ river clean ups, support local organizations working to protect the ocean, influence change in your local community, but most importantly, educate yourself on the ocean & how to protect it.
This video is also up on my Mermaid Kelly YouTube channel as well! Feel free to share the message and video~
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Love Songs for The Signs
  • Aries: Waste- Foster the People
  • Taurus: I'll Always Be There (Trust Yourself)- Will and the People
  • Gemini: Possibility- Autoheart
  • Cancer: She's The Prettiest Girl At The Party And She Can Prove It With A Solid Right Hook- Frank Iero and the Patience
  • Leo: O Vertigo!- Kate Miller-Heidke
  • Virgo: Give Me Some Love- Beachheads
  • Libra: Life Is Rosy- Jess Penner
  • Scorpio: I Love You, Honeybear- Father John Misty
  • Sagittarius: Rain Follow The Plow- Conor Oberst
  • Capricorn: Lie in the Sound- Trespassers William
  • Aquarius: Beyond The Cosmos After Death- Plastic Mermaids
  • Pisces: Theme to Pinata- Bright Eyes

New diorama scene is up! The dollies are in the mood to be under the sea. :D


Karlie the mermaid with her pet seahorse:

Awww, a little mermaid. Get it?! :D

No doll seashells? No problem!

I LOVE this outfit! It’s from a 1999 Barbie princess story clothing series. There was a regular princess, mermaid, Egyptian princess, and a genie.


She’s got a bag of treasures!

Love the poseable Barbies!

I’ve been saving this doll so I could show her off in this outfit. She’s the blue-shirt Made To Move Barbie. :D

Monster High Minis! Abbey is guarding the treasure chest!

Lots of life under the sea!

This lobster appears to have been woken up from its nap. It doesn’t look amused.

And one final shot showing off my diorama lights. I can change the colors and even make them animated. Currently, they’re a cyan/blue color to make the dolls appear to be underwater.

More photos are on the way! Thanks for looking!

Here you go @wildflowers-and-a-nap

Rules: we’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library to shuffle and report the first ten tracks that pop up! Then choose ten additional victims!

1.Miss America -James blunt
2.Romeo and Juliet -dire straits
3.Thriller (2003 edit) -Micheal Jackson
4.An illustration of loneliness -Courtney Barnett
5.Bros -Wolf Alice
6.In the air tonight -Phil Collins
7.Cheap thrills -sia
8.Playing in your mind -plastic mermaids
9.Hey now -London grammar
10. Handle with care -The Traveling Wilburys

Yes my music taste is very varied and obscure I’m not sorry
I’m surprised no musicals came up

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