plastic mannequin

chloe smashed things in the junkyard that represented things that she hated about her life

the toolbox - david and how he was invading her family
the mannequin - plastic and fake, like chloe thought of rachel because of how she had spent the entire day with chloe, leading her to believe they could be friends, only to close herself off in the end
the camera - max’s passion and something that chloe believes that max will always put above her
the mirror - herself
william’s crashed car - her father’s death

but there was nothing that she smashed that represented joyce.


Requested by anonymous

“Wait, this is…” you said, recognizing the most recent destination that the Doctor brought you to. It was your home.

The Doctor gave a nod. “That last trip showed me something,” he stated. “You aren’t safe with me.”

You stared into the Doctor’s face. You grew to love the quirky time lord. Even though you were able to tell his wounds from the past were recent, he still made sure you had a fun time, even when you ended up on battlefields or in the middle of an invasion.

“But I want to stay with you,” you stated firmly.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. But it’s my turn to run. You’re still fantastic,” the Doctor stated as he backed into his TARDIS. The door closed and the box de-materialized, and you ran to where it once stood, tears forming in your eyes.

A month later and you’ve given yourself a good chance to move on. You went about your daily life as though you never left Earth, though the Doctor still occasionally crossed your mind.

You walked down the street, going home from your new job, when suddenly what looked like a plastic mannequin lunged at you. You gave a shout and jumped to the side, out of its way.

A hand grabbed your arm. “Careful there,” a voice you didn’t recognize warned. You looked up, seeing a young brown-haired man. He, however, had a look of recognition. “Y/N?”

“How do you know me?” you asked.

“Later. Now, run,” the man stated. He grabbed your hand and ran off, pulling you behind him. Something about this situation seemed familiar.

“Okay, Autons aren’t that fast, we have a moment to talk,” the man stated. “And I know why you don’t recognize me. I had a different face then. I’m sorry about leaving you behind like that.”

“Wait, Doctor?” you asked, looking the new man closely in the face. He had mentioned that his appearance would sometimes change, but you never saw it.

“Yep, that’s me,” the Doctor replied. “It’s been a while.”

“A month,” you told him.

“Couple hundred years for me, I think,” the Doctor stated. “But I still think of you from time to time. I regret leaving you behind, even though I don’t really regret my decision.”

You opened your mouth to reply, but noticed something behind the Doctor. “Watch out!”

“Woah!” the Doctor exclaimed, practically tripping over his own feet as he dodged out of the way. “Maybe I should keep you around.”

“Okay, that settles it,” the Doctor stated once he and you drove the Autons off of Earth. He turned to you. “Would you like to travel with me again?”

“Only a month ago to me, you suddenly left me back home,” you told the Doctor, your tone showing how much it had hurt.

“I know,” the Doctor said gently. “I was so afraid of losing you, and I thought that leaving you here was the best way to ensure I wouldn’t. And maybe I’m being selfish now, but…” He trailed off, giving you a kiss on the forehead. “I want to travel with you again. I miss having you with me.”

You couldn’t stay mad. You gave the Doctor a soft smile. “I miss traveling with you. Let’s go.”

This is re: the infamous origins of Hannibal’s plastic murder suit (this post). Or what happened after youthful Hannibal realized his passion for nice clothing conflicted in some areas with his passion for nice murders.

“He’s not a painter,” Maud said. She adjusted the plastic on the mannequin. She thought it was tight at the hips, but their client had asked for some very precise measurements.


Maud bent down and checked that both leg cuffs were even. “No paint on his fingers, not on his pants, not on his shoes.”

Maria sighed. “I meant painter as in art, not as in walls.”

“Same thing,” Maud said. She stepped back to look at their work. The small Baltimore uniform shop had been puzzled at first by the request of a made-to-measure protective plastic suit. More so when it had been required that the plastic be transparent. And now there it was, in all its gleaming and crinkling glory. “Artists will get their hands dirty,” said the seamstress to her colleague.

“I do get dirty, from time to time, but I prefer to spare my clothes most of the horror,” a voice behind them said.

Maria and Maud spun around. Their client, a tall, slim young man, with blond hair slicked neatly back and a European accent, was on the other side of the counter. He had crept into the shop as silent as a cat.

“Mr. Falvorno,” Maria said. “We… were wondering-…”

“About stuff that’s none of our business,” Maud finished.

Mr. Falvorno’s eyes shone in a strange light as he tipped his head, as if granting a point. He didn’t seem angry, but humored deeply and quietly.

With a gracious smile, he walked over to the dressing rooms for his scheduled fitting.

Maria’s face flushed and she scooted into the backstore, letting Maud to take care of Mr. Falvorno.

Maud slipped the suit off the mannequin and walked into the main fitting room. Mr. Falvorno was just done removing his jacket. He folded it and hung it on a chair where it wouldn’t obstruct the view in the three tall mirrors. He took nothing else off. As requested, the suit would be worn as an overgarment.

“If not a painter, then what?” he asked Maud, opening the suit, studying the seam where the zipper met the neck.

Maud tried a polite shrug. “It’s really none of our business.”

Mr. Falvorno looked up at her, and let the gaze linger until it hardened, intensifying as if it queried her soul. “Please,” he said. “Tell me, what do you think I intend to use it for?”

Maud swallowed and found it difficult to just lie. She couldn’t. Not with these eyes holding her down. “I think it’s a sex thing,” she blurted out, as truthfully innocent as a newborn.

Unbothered, Mr. Falvorno tugged the suit up to his waist. He arched an eyebrow in consideration. “In a way, it’s closer to the truth than painter.” He pulled the rest of the suit over his torso, and fit one arm, then the other one in the sleeves. “I occasionally have to take part in butchery,” the young man explained, squaring his shoulders to test for stretching space. “A colleague of mine hunts. Sometimes deer, sometimes things more exotic, abroad. Whenever we join him in this, he insists to have us participate in the quartering of the beast.” The suit looked good on him, Maud realized, if a bit awkward. But nothing could be more awkward than the situation she now found herself in, talking sex and butchery. “The last time, my jacket and pants were beyond saving. I found that unfortunate.”

She nodded, her throat still tight. “So not a… bondage accessory.”

Mr. Falvorno looked at her in the mirror. “Not exactly no.” He was smiling again. It was both particularly charming and terrifyingly detached. “But there are bodily fluids involved.”


jeff: **liccs mannequins plastic** mmm yeAh bb u like that
mannequin: **arm falls off**
jeff: o h
mannequin: **falls forward onto jeff**
jeff: oh so you like to top huh ;;))))
mannequin: (angsty teenage voice) i stg
jeff: did you just… talk…. SEX SLAVE COME TO DADDY
mannequin: **plastic body rips in half**
jeff: tf is my gay ass witnessing
mannequin: **inside mannequin is eric sitting on dylan’s shoulders both covered in jeffs cum**
eric: u picked the wrong mannequin hoe
dylan: **flicks wob of semen off his shoulder** dude did you really have to do tha t
jeff: wh at the f uck
eric: dylan stfu… **does an air karate chop** hOYAA MUTHAFUCKA FAGGY DIC
jeff: **rubs eyes** i should’ve bought a fucking aquarium

important looks

- natural big lips with gloss 

- all bright colours, no darks or neutrals, eye catching tragedy!!!

- outfits made of completely sequins, spandex, latex or pvc 

- thin high arch brows

- drenched/soaked looks!! wet and shiny!!

- masks made of lace/fishnet/leather

- dreamy big eyes and lots of blush

- stacks of LONG seperated lashes with minimal makeup

- plastic, mannequin, sexdoll-esque looks

- gloves that go ALL the way up the arms

- ethereal dewy glistening skin 

- horrifying, messed up, terrifying, skin crawling halloween glamour looks. blood, gore and glitter


Cosplay HowTo: 1st Armor with cheap materials

Hi there! I love to post some WIPs, but the thing I most like is to help the others with their cosplays.
So let me show you one of the last cosplays I’ve decided to continue working, wich is Orphaner Dualscar from Homestuck.
There are lot of materials for make pretty bad ass armors: Worbla, resin… and lot more.
But I’m one of that persons that have two weeks for a convention and less than 20€ on the wallet. So I also try to use cheap materials in all my cosplays.
For this one, I’m working with rubber sheets as base -looks like eva foam, but it’s thicker than the first one-
For the patterns I painted the armor in an old shirt -yeah, a shirt xD- and the passed it to the rubber.
High recomendation: Seek or make a male mannequin. I’ve found mine in a market rake from 15€-
Put the armor on the mannekin and adjust the pieces to the shape. For unite the pieces I’ve used lot of hotmelt adhesive, the armor is closed from the back like a corset -and since you wear a cape, this part will be invisible-
Then, after putting a plastic bag on your mannequin, we start to put white glue with newspaper strips. This will make the rubber more solid and stronger.
If you work with eva foam you’ll need more layers.
Remember: More layers = STRONGER armor
Finally, we’ll put some gesso on the whole armor -also inside- and then painting.

You can change all the glue + newpaper stuff with resin. After it dries, it’s time to sand and voilà.
Hope this helps you :P

IV Tips and Tricks

Dear followers-I’m sorry for the lack of posts recently! I just got back Saturday from a fun filled 2 week adventure in Jamaica doing public health nursing(standby for a post as soon as I get pictures working).

Today we hit the ground running with med surg and FINALLY ‘learned’ how to insert IVs. Oh boy. Let me preface by saying that my school is actually pretty progressive-many nursing schools don’t teach IVs at all and assume that once you start working that you’ll get ‘on the job training’. This being said, I’m sad to say, I realize now why we have IV teams. Nurses just aren’t getting the education on IVs that they need! Not only was today taught by someone who has been out of clinical practice for years, but it very well could have been titled ‘Ways to attempt and then lose a perfectly good vein with poor practice.’. 

In my EMS life I’ve been doing IVs for a solid…3.5-4 years now and consider myself a pretty decent stick so I figured I’d put together a list of tips to hopefully help other nursing/med students out there! :)

Finding a Vein

1. Don’t hit the arm! Seriously. Not only does your patient not want to get beat up, but if you’re going to be drawing labs off your line, you can skew some lab values by causing venous trauma. I like to be a lot more gentle with my search. 

2.  Feeling is more important than seeing. A good vein should feel ‘spongy’-if you compress it, it should rebound with ease. It shouldn’t feel hard or have bumps in it. It is super important to have a knowledge of your anatomical landmarks. Everyone’s bodies are little different but we all have the same basic veins in the same basic positions. I start feeling before i put my tourniquet or gloves on. Take your finger and rub it gently over their skin. Feel for areas that are more compressible than others, or that ‘dip down’ slightly. If you’re really having a tough time, heat packs, dropping the arm over the side of the bed(let gravity  be your friend), or even take an alcohol prep and rub the area well. Sometimes the gleam of the alcohol will help you see curves in the skin that you would have otherwise missed. Once you’ve found a vein you think you like-try to figure out what direction it goes in. Is it straight(good!) or is it crooked or lumpy(bad!)?

3. Consider what your patient is going to need-both now, and in the near future. Nothing pisses me off more than going to pick up a transfer from the doctor’s office and finding that the nurse has started a tiny 24 gauge IV in the arm of a 240lb man with hypotension. When you’re looking for a good vein-you want to consider what size IV that the patient needs. Bigger is not always better and you certainly should always try the smallest gauge you can-but if the patient is going to surgery(usually 18), needing blood(at least a 20), ect., you need to make sure that the vein you pick is going to accommodate the size needle you need to place. Scattering the patient’s arms with 24 gauges when they needed one good 18 isn’t going to help anyone. 

4. Start low, but the AC is not the end all, be all no no spot that people think it is. If your patient is incredibly sick, needs fluid/medications quickly,they have the worst possible veins elsewhere and generally isn’t going to be waving their arm around-its totally fine to start an AC line initially with the thought that once the situation calms down, another IV site can and will be attempted. I forgot who said it but…act with purpose. If you’re going to have to stick the patient 4 times to get a hand vein when there is a good forearm, you’ve exposed the patient to infection 4 times instead of one. Use good judgement. 

Sticking and Flushing-Troubleshooting

1. When I take my needle out of the package, I like to make sure that the angiocath will glide smoothly over the needle. You NEVER want to pull a catheter back over a needle however(sheared catheters are a deadly no no), so you can do this by gently twisting at the base of the catheter. This prevents the sticky situation of trying to advance the catheter over the needle and finding out that its particularly stuck on there. 

2. Bevel up!(usually. Some will advocate otherwise with specific types of veins but its exceptionally painful and a good rule of thumb to just always think up) Stick with purpose but don’t jam it in there. Real arms are much different than the plastic kool-aid mannequins. 

3. There is no ‘rule’ for the angle of insertion. It all depends on the vein. If you’ve got a very superficial vein, I might enter virtually parallel to the skin. If its deeper-you adjust. Gauging the depth is something that comes with time-but once you puncture through enough good veins, you’ll come to realize which veins can’t tolerate a 15-45 degree approach. 

4. Veins don’t run away from needles. Period. The #1 reason that IV sticks are lost is failure to properly anchor. Particularly in elderly patients with saggy skin, you need to pull the area around your prospective vein taut. 

5. Know that some veins won’t tolerate being stuck with a tourniquet on. I’ve found sometimes that very fragile elderly patients, as well as big muscle men guys with bulging veins, just can’t handle you trying to stick the vein with that additional pressure. If others have tried and failed-find your site with the tourniquet, then pop it and attempt. 

6.  Flash. YAY! Depending on the size of the catheter, you may not always get flash immediately back in the catheter. Look at the chamber as well-I tend to find that with 18 and larger, I don’t get flash first in the catheter but will have blood in the chamber. Once you get flash, don’t stop. Lower your angle and advance it gentle just a ‘tiny’ bit further. You may have just knicked the vein. Advancing further a fraction of a mm further ensures that you’re in the vein. 

7.  Pop the tourniquet ASAP. Its not comfortable and can cause damage, particularly if you’re trying to flush against it.  

7. Help! I’ve got flash but it won’t advance! Remember that veins have valves. If you’re up against a valve, you may be in the vein(you’ve got blood return!) but the catheter won’t budge. Before giving up and pulling the line-try attaching your flush. This takes a bit of practice and won’t work everytime, but try pulling back a little bit of blood and then pushing a little bit of fluid as you try to advance the catheter further in. Continue in brief little pull, push. stop. pull push stop. until your catheter has advanced or you give up(i.e. the vein infiltrates or you stop being able to push/get blood return)

8.  If it doesn’t flush easily but the catheter is fully advanced-first-is the clamp unlocked? Is my flush screwed on right? If it is-try pulling back on the catheter a bit. This may be what is is commonly called a ‘positional’ IV and the end of the catheter may very well just be up against the wall of the vein. If it is still hard to flush-don’t force it! Take the line out. 

Securing the Line

1. I don’t care what anyone says-there are a million and one ways to tape down an IV and it all depends on your hospital policy and how you were taught. Some people I know like to make ‘bridges’ with some tape and gauze to slide between where the catheter will meet the skin. This is a good tool with older patients and other people at higher risk for breakdown. I prefer tegaderm first, then a piece of clear tape over the insertion site on top of the tegaderm, then a loop around the hub, and finally an additional piece of tape to loop and secure the lock.  Regardless of your method-it must be fairly sturdy, secure and most importantly-you must still be able to visualize your site for regular assessment.

When Should I Pull the Line?  

Warning signs of a bad IV include infiltration(puffy, cool, possibly damp skin), extravasation(infiltration of a vesicant leading to tissue necrosis-bad bad bad!), thrombophelbitis(warm to touch, red, possible pus, red streaking up arm, palpable ‘cord’/hard vein), and intense pain when administering fluids(you may not be able to see a small infiltration initially but the patient should not be screaming as you’re pushing the flush). 

In all cases-pull the line, call somebody to start treatment(ranging from elevation and heat/cold to administration of specific medications).  and get a new IV restarted in the opposite limb asap. 

Hope this helped some! If anyone has anything to add-feel free!!! :) 


Divas Appreciation Week - July 9, 2015 - Favorite Diva Promo

AJ Lee Pipe Bomb:

“Do you want to know what I see when I look in that ring? Honestly? A bunch of cheap, interchangeable, expendable, useless women. Women who have turned to reality television, because they just weren’t gifted enough to be actresses. And they just weren’t talented enough to be champion. I have saved your divas division, I have shattered glass ceilings, I have broken down doors.Why? So a bunch of ungrateful, stiff plastic mannequins can waltz on through without even as much as a ‘Thank You’?! You guys can’t even go backstage, and shake my hand and look me in the eye because you know that I worked my entire life to get here. I gave my life to this, and you were just handed fifteen minutes of fame.I didn’t get here because I was cute, or because I came from some famous wrestling family, or because I ‘sucked’ up to the right people. I got here because I am good. I earned this championship. No matter how many red carpets you guys want to walk, in your four-thousand dollar ridiculous heels, you will never be able to lace up my Chuck Taylor’s. You are all worthless excuses for women, and you will never be able to touch me. And that is reality.”

“You’re very knowledgable about this kind of stuff…thank god, I’m sure I’d be lost without you.” He joked, reaching out to run his fingers over the silky straps and dainty lace of the lingerie, the gold of the material glimmering underneath the store’s brilliant lighting. She tried not to stare, only watching him curiously as he seemed to get lost looking at the lingerie, as if he was imagining how it would look on his husband.

“Uh…of course, thank you sir.” She shifted, trying to gauge the alpha’s reaction. “What do you think of this one?”

hi this is really really bad please head warnings for super duper implied noncon and kidnapping and just awful things

super badwrong rhack basically 

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Operation: Trust No One pt. 2

Summary: Sometimes it can be hard to keep professional life separate from personal life. Especially as a secret agent.
Members: Hoseok (J-Hope) x Reader (as well as BTS, Apink, and other groups)
Type: Angst/ Drama/ Secret Agents!AU
Length: 3,201 Words

I am really happy you guys like the first chapter. I really hope you like chapter two just as much! <3

-Admin Kat

[Pt. 1]   [Pt. 3]

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Jaehwan stared at you, is eyes unblinking. The two of you were frozen in your spot. You were straddled on his lap, the two of you fitting on an elegant wooden dining room chair. The other boys of the gang, VIXX, were already disposed of by your girls. You weren’t supposed to be the one in front of Jaehwan, with his gun pressed against your stomach and yours right under his chin. You were supposed to go in and get out, grabbing the money without anyone noticing. But you messed up. You were the reason that Naeun was injured and Eunji had to shoot Hongbin point blank instead of from afar; like she preferred. You mentally cussed yourself out. You just had to try for the extra money. But there was no point dwelling on it. That wouldn’t bring the dead back or heal the injured. And it wouldn’t save your life at that moment.

Your finger tightened on the trigger; pressing against the pressure building up. Jaehwan clicked off the safety on his gun. You pulled the trigger without hesitation. His head was thrown back and the blood splattered out against the brown wall. The sound of the gun was louder than it should have been. You had the silencer screwed on like routine. But the bang of the gun reverberated through the room. It was louder than you were used to. You felt as though the sound waves were vibrating through your entire body.

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Imagine pranking the Winchesters with Gabriel after he finds out you’re a trickster.

Author: justimaginewillgraham

Word Count: 955

“Cas! Cas!” Dean shouted.  He pulled at the trench coat only for the  white plastic of a store mannequin to fall out.  You decide there needs to be more razzle-dazzle.  You snap your fingers to make something new. Like some of those fifties monsters, something like the Outer Limits and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.  

You enjoyed throwing another clown in Sam’s path.  This horror show was really better than you expected.  “Dean!” Sam yelled out, and then he was a little  kid.  

“Dean!” Echoed Cas, down the road.  There were bats everywhere.  Cas didn’t like things with wings, not even angels really.  Why were there so many damn bats?  It was overwhelming.  

The whole town hadn’t been a facade, neither had the warehouse they stepped into. But the rest was you. Your own invention. It was harmless you relented, looking down on the world. Absolutely harmless. The kind of thing you preferred.

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Friend: I really want to start watching Doctor Who where should I start?

Me: Well you can start from the beginning where the Doctor kidnaps two teachers and takes them back to the Stone Age

Me: Or when he escapes a hospital and steals a car to stop plastic mannequins

Me: Or when the Doctor becomes an Edwardian amnesiac who goes around kissing people

Me: Or when he blows up a department store to stop plastic mannequins again

Me: Or when he crash-lands into a little girl’s yard and forces her to make him fish custard

Me: Or you could start at the most recent season where he abandons his best friend to be killed by clockwork robots

Friend: :0

Me: The Doctor is a great protagonist, by the way. You’ll love him for sure.