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Deadpool x Reader

Warnings: It’s fucking Deadpool. 

Summary: Your girl Nega hooks you up with Wade Wilson. 

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The bar was dingy as fuck.

Fuck it was downright biowaste, but it was the place your date picked. And now you were questioning the whole damn thing.

Cursing Nega under your breath for setting you up with her ‘friend’, you hustled into the bar and looked down at your phone. Quickly you texted the number of Wade Wilson, the man you had been talking to on and off for the last week and a half.

“I’m here.”

A second later, your cell buzzed. “Holy shit you’re way hotter in person. Fuck me.”

Another buzz. “Full disclosure, I have a boner.”

Another buzz. “Also my penis is big.”

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taakitz superhero au where taako is the proprietor of a gourmet bakery that has thieves and villains descend upon it each night because the pastries are SO DELICIOUS and they NEED the SECRET RECIPES so they can HYPNOTIZE THE POPULACE or some other harebrained schemes. his baking is that good.

kravitz, local superhero, must swoop in every time and save taako! …but listen. he is not the superman of the city. he’s not even the aquaman. he is honestly sort of inept, but he has a great costume and an accent and he does his best! he has his heart in the right place.

taako is enamored both with his becaped rescuer and with the cute local reporter that buys a muffin for breakfast from his place every other weekday and has a real sweet smile. hey there, handsome, you want a mocha to go with your blueberry swirl? on the house ;))))

kravitz savors each morning interaction and while he wishes that taako’s bakery wasn’t burgled so often.. it is pretty nice to help him out…. and see him more…. one of these days he’ll ask him out! but will taako accept both sides of him???? kravitz wonders, staring moodily across the city skyline… emo sigh.

(taako knows they’re one and the same, but he lives for melodramatics, so he is all about this whole situation tbh. and kravitz’s mask falls off pretty often, anyway.)

(and listen. those shoulders? he could recognize them anywhere. mmmm. delish.)

(read more for courtesy since this got a tad long)

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anonymous asked:

Jonsa in the library. I get Time Traveler's Wife feels from them. He's a librarian. But ya know, you don't have to get into the time travel bit. Just library jonsa is hot. So..

Hey there! I’ve never seen the Time Traveler’s Wife, so I just kinda rolled with the librarian thing. It’s almost 2, so please excuse the questionable quality, sorry! Please enjoy, everyone!

Send more prompts here.

Emily and Will (a jonsa oneshot)

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Bruce Wayne Imagine

Requested: “A bruce imagine at another party? reader is drunk again, (i loved the drunk one you did) you can make up the rest if you like :3″

Although you’re drunk and you get hurt, you still manage to help defend Bruce from Joker’s men.

“Did you drink the rest of the champagne?”

“Yes” You muttered quietly.





Bruce raised a brow, nodding his head slowly watching you contort your face trying to stay natural. With a smile, he walked up to you, and linked your arm in his.

“I thought you had your own glass.” He said, walking around the sparkling ballroom, smiling at people passing by.

“I finished it.” You said, clinging onto Bruce’s arm.

The chandelier hung quietly, surrounded by the calm floating sounds of a soft piano, and the chattering and humble laughing of men and women.

“But i wasn’t done with mine.” Bruce said.

“But you weren’t drinking it-”

“I was in the toilet.”

You watched ahead with an open mouth and bruce watched you with a smirk,

“That-That somehow slipped my mind.” You said, “,and anyway, i thought you were cutting down on your-“ You and Bruce suddenly stopped. You looked up at Bruce, his eyes concentrating to a place in front of you. With a cautious eye you followed his gaze,

“Is everything alright?” You asked; almost whispered.

“Does he look familiar to you?”

You observed a man lingering at the bar, his head shaven and his stubble rough. You recognised him, but you couldn’t put a drunken finger on it…but wait, yes you could-

“I think I’ve seen him on your computer in the cave before.” You said.

Bruce suddenly stood stiff, and as if he had stumbled upon a horrible realisation,  he said, “He’s a part of Joker’s men.”

Bruce tightened his hold on you, walking swiftly and fast through the crowd, trying not to cause any suspicion.

“Where are we going?” You asked.
Ignoring you, Bruce said into his ear piece, “Alfred, can you please log into the security cameras on this floor please.”

You two were beginning to bump into people, and you, with your tipsy mind, quickly said sorry.

“On it.” Alfred confirmed.

Bruce pulled you into the back room of the ball. It was empty and quiet. The room was furnished with only a single table and chair. The air was stale and you followed as Bruce made his way to the table.


Suddenly, Bruce was tackled into the concrete wall by a man of great stature. Easily taller than Bruce, he held him by his jacket, and threw him across the room with a grunt. You stood shocked, a note of confidence from the alcohol kicking in.

“Hey!” You yelled, earning a glare from Bruce, “That is my husband! and only I’m allowed to throw my husband!”

Suddenly, you were pushed over, as two heavily built men followed the man with the shaven head. 

Rising from the floor, you watched as the four men almost over seven foot, pinned Bruce down. With an angry frown, you scrunched up your dress, leant forward, and pounced;

“HEY!” You ran yelling. 

With your arm locked and swinging, you punched one of the men on top of Bruce. He stumbled back slightly, beginning to rise slowly. You quickly ran backwards, and took off your heel. With a heavy breath and a rising confidence boost, you ran towards another man pinning Bruce down, you hit him with your heel, drawing a splater blood from his back. For a slight second you forgot about the first man you punched, and gave a small smile of satisfaction, but that short second was enough for him to punch you back. Hard. 

You stumbled back into the wall.

“Hands off her!” Bruce yelled, his face red from the pressure and eyes angry.
Bruce, with the extra weight off him and a spike of rage, kicked each man off. He punched and countered, eventually knocking out all four in swift movements.

With a heavy breath, he pushed his sleeves up and quickly began dragging the men to the corner of the room, ready to tie them up. You quickly began to help him, feeling a soft shot of pain on your ankle as you walked towards him. It was bearable however,  and you took one of the man’s arm from Bruce, helping him drag him to the corner.

With a grunt, you two dragged the last of them in silence.

 As Bruce tied them up, you quickly roamed through their pockets, with no hesitation.

“Bruce.” You said. Bruce turned to your hands, finishing off the knot, tying the mans hands. Slowly you pulled out a Joker card from the mans pocket.

Bruce took it carefully, grabbing a plastic slip from his jacket pocket and placing the card in it.

“Do you always carry that with you?” You asked. Bruce smirked
“I do-“ Bruce looked up to you, but stopped mid sentence, his smirk fading away. He placed a gentle hand on your cheek, his eyes scanning your face.

“What is it?”  You asked.
“Don’t you feel it?”
“Feel what?” Bruce chuckled,
“Your face. You took a big hit.”
You smiled softly, “I didn’t even feel it. Must be the alcohol.”
Bruce nodded, continuing to watch the forming purple and black bruise.  

“Are you okay?” He asked, voice soft. 
You nodded, “I’m fine. Are you?“

To running footsteps, you two stood up quickly, Bruce pushing you behind him ever so slightly. But to your happiness, it was the security, and Todd, the party host.

“Oh dear are you two alright? Come here come here, we’ll get you cleaned up.” Todd said.

The ballroom was cleared, and all that remained was a paramedic, police men, and you two. Bruce had been cleaned up first, and was watching the paramedic clean your bloodied knuckles, and bloodied and bruised cheek. Bruce decided to walk over, taking off his jacket as he did.

“She all good?” Bruce asked the paramedic. He smiled graciously.
“Everything will clear up in no time, however, her ankle seems swollen and bruised. I’m guessing she must of rolled it in her heels.”

Bruce nodded, looking at your ankle.
“Time will cure it.” The paramedic said. He then walked away, leaving you and Bruce alone. You sat on the bar stool, Bruce towering you.
You rubbed your temple, eyes closed as you heard Bruce chuckle softly.

“I think the alcohol is wearing off.” You muttered.

Swiftly, Bruce placed his jacket on your shoulders, and you slid your arms into it’s warm empty sleeves. Gently, Bruce picked you up as if a bride on your wedding day; and with just as much love, if not: more.

“You know you saved us today.” He said, his voice rumbling in his chest.

“Did Bruce Wayne, just admit that I, (y/n) Wayne, saved him?” 

“That’s the closest you’re ever going to get to me admitting you saved me.”

“Ah so i did save you!” You laughed looking up at him as he exited the building.
He bit his lip, holding back a smile.

Alfred pulled up on the side of the road, a cracking smile on his face.

“Alfred! i saved him, did you hear that i save-!” Bruce covered your mouth with his hand,  careful not to hurt your cheek. You laughed into his hand, trying to remove it and Bruce shook his head with a chuckle.

“She’s drunk Alfred.”

“Oh Bruce, you’re lucky she saved you.”Alfred chuckled, opening up the car door to let you in, “Because i wouldn’t of”

-Do you like it? It’s short and sweet but i hope it’s okay, i’m a little rusty from taking so much time off, i’m sorry!

-I’m getting back into the groove now.  yay!

-Hope you’re all well, let me know how it is in the ask box. I love you all, thank you for reading x Have a lovely day :)