plastic happiness

Day Six Hundred One.

i keep searching for inspiration 
in the same tired places and 
come up empty handed
instead, my fingers tap aimlessly 
on worn in plastic
trying to make sense of a world 
that can barely understand itself


Here’s some JoJo and other characters that I drew some time ago. Not sure when I’ll put any of them out in all honesty…I definetely will be trying to make more later on (the periods in G.D. Jail I filled out with gems btw). 

Jobin’s outfit…I designed it from the top of my head but I feel like it’s from somewhere…

the bronco (g.d.)

 ~HEY Y’ALL. I’ve had the worst writer’s block I’ve probably ever had, and that’s why I haven’t been posting much. I’m hoping this lil blurb will help unblock me. For now, I hope you guys enjoy. :)


**Warnings: nothing major, just some cursing and suggestive language. 

(Song mentioned:The Prayer” - Kid Cudi)

“My heart thump, not from being nervous. Sometimes, I’m thinking God made me special here on purpose. So all the while, ‘til I’m gone, make my words important so if I slip away, if I die today…”

Cruising down a seemingly endless country road, the familiar, soothing lyrics rolled effortlessly off the tongue of your boyfriend as he quietly sang along to his favorite artist. The setting sun emitted the most stunning golden glow, adding onto the warmth the faded pink color of his over-sized hoodie brought to his skin. Tousled hair paired with the hoodie and a pair of dark shorts came together to give off a comfy, laid back vibe.

Grayson was currently behind the wheel of the brand new, custom made Bronco his twin brother had surprised him with just hours before.

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the entire ‘blah blah’ lazy segments of rock it just make me think about how 2d REALLY doesn’t seem very inspired at all in phase 1. and partially phase 2, like. he just seems like he’s There. Doesn’t have too many feelings about the band or the music, is just doing his job cause he’s a singer now. it’s so interesting. 

Plastic Surgeon!Jun

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  • plastic surgeon Jun, just imagine that
  • became a plastic surgeon because he likes to help people boost their confidence even if it’s changing a part of their body
  • gets a lot of shit for his job because people believe he’s only doing beauty enhancements on every patient
  • but his job is soo much more. he helps patients with physical injuries such as burn victims who use plastic surgery to get a sense of normality
  • that’s why Jun loves his job, he gets to help people make themselves feel better
  • will always always do a full length consultation with a patient about the effects of plastic surgery
  • “self confidence is more important than body image. how you perceive yourself is worth much more than a new nose”
  • encourages patients to rethink their decision and about 40% of the time they do
  • surgeon hottie of the building
  • everyone has a crush on him, the patients, nurses, doctors, even the pediatric unit
  • flirty as hell but gets really shy if the person flirts back like he gets all red faced and just
  • “I GOTTA GO”
  • flirts with nurses mostly
  • will always be with his patients in their recovery period
  • when his patients are looking at themselves in the mirror, he’s right next to them, and his first words are always “you look beautiful”
  • everyone’s #1 self confidence booster
  • will joke with everyone tho like
  • “ugh I hate my eyelids”
  • cue Jun sliding in “I can help with that”
  • five seconds later “pls don’t consider that. you’re beautiful just the way you are” 
  • gets asked multiple times if he went under the knife
  • has pictures to prove that he in fact did NOT have surgery
  • will occasionally get lost in the building
  • during his first month he was so used to navigating himself in the west wing since that’s where his office was but he somehow ended up in the east wing
  • so everyone is just watching as this hot doctor is walking back and forth with a confused expression
  • its okay dont worry, nurse Jeonghan to the rescue to lead the boy back to the west wing
  • often gets paged to be a translator for Chinese patients
  • that’s how he met you
  • youre one of the hospitals translators, you were paged by interns when you were with a patient and waited until after your current consultation to go answer the page
  • when you got there, you just see this really handsome doctor speaking fluent Chinese
  • you were kind of starstruck because when did we get a chinese doctor
  • cue flirty Jun when he turns to see you “Hi I’m Jun but you can call me any time”
  • “Y/N and well I hope I can” you send him a wink when you shake his hand
  • and now Jun is all red faced and flustered and after a minute he’s still holding your hand
  • intern Chan is really uncomfortable “should I leave?”
  • after the encounter Jun becomes this flustered shy mess when he sees you in the hallway
  • starts to avoid you by walking the opposite direction or suddenly gets a page when you come towards him
  • he doesn’t officially face you again until he’s in need of an English interpeter
  • and you walk into his room with a confident stride, clipboard in hand, and a giant grin on your face
  • Jun gets all antsy because you’re sitting so close to him, your shoulders are touching and he can smell the faint perfume coming off of you
  • when the patient leaves, you’re just about to go yourself but flustered Jun doesn’t want you too so he screams “COFFEE”
  • and you let out a laugh and its literally music to his ears and you agree to having coffee with him and he feels as though his heart is bursting
  • decides he has heart problems and visits Cardiac doctor Seokmin
  • “are you sure you’re having irregularities? you seem perfectly fine”
  • “yeah my chest always hurts when I’m with Y/N”
  • Seokmin has this big teasing grin on his face “I know what you have. your have a condition know as LOOOOVE”
  • the next time Jun sees you, you’re sitting across from him at the hospital cafe talking about something and he’s a silent before he whispers “I like you”
  • now its dead silent and Jun’s looking around before “WHOOP WOW LOOK AT THAT LOOKS LIKE I GOT A PAGE”
  • you stop him before he can run out and you muster up a quiet ‘i like you too’
  • after that everything just falls into place
  • constant pick up lines
  • pick up lines in Korean, in chinese, or sometimes he just stares as you before his eyes trail down to your —–
  • gets really sad whenever you get insecure about your body
  • hugs you from behind with his chin resting on your shoulder, he whispers in your ear every little thing he loves about you and whether you change them or not, he’ll love you either way
  • gets mushy with you a lot in the hospital
  • you constantly have to tell him to stop because he just wants to hold you in his arms forever
  • says ‘'i love you’ in Chinese and always whispers it in your ear to be cute
  • bickers with you in Chinese because he thinks its the most adorable thing to see you all riled up and you don’t want to seem unprofessional so you spit out Chinese and Jun is smiling at your serious cute expression and he just pulls you into a hug
  • you initially wanted to wake up early and surprise him with breakfast but you just couldn’t wake up to your alarms but Jun understands so he leaves you with a kiss on the cheek
  • when you get to the hospital for work, you decide to bring Jun his favorite coffee and bring it to his office
  • and to thank you, he lightly pushes you against his desk, bringing his lips onto your with the softest touch and you just melt into it
  • “um” you and Jun look at the doorway where an awkward Chan stares at the ceiling, “is this a bad time”
  • during the day when Jun is giving a consultation, the overhead speaker comes on and intern Hansol starts to bust out some raps and its really cute because the raps are corny verses about how Jun is amazing and Hansol ends it off with a ‘message brought to you courtesy of Y/N”
  • Jun is smiling the whole day because of that and Hansol is smiling at the extra $20 he just made
  • Later gets a page for him to report to the doctor’s lounge, notices the hallways are a bit emptier than usual
  • When he steps into the lounge, the lights come on, and every is screaming “Happy Birthday”, you’re standing in front with a cake in your hands and big smile on your face
  • you set the cake down and open your arms for him to come into, and he bear hugs the heck out of you
  • “How did you get all these people here”
  • you smile while looking at him “who wouldn’t come for the number one confidence booster in the building”
  • and although he’s surrounded by a bunch of people he appreciates, he really just wants to be home with you eating the whole cake yourselves
  • Jun basically loves you a lot, like a lot a lot. Tells you every day how beautiful you are even when you’re fresh out of bed with the worst bed hair and a toothbrush hanging out of your mouth and that toothpaste foam dripping from your lips, he’d still wants to kiss you with that foam on your face.
  • pls never let this boy go.
The Mods Describe Common Rooms

Ravenclaw (By Abigail) 

  • always music playing, a different member of ravenclaw chooses the music every day, varies from classical, to indie pop, to rock, to well, whatever that person wants to listen to 
  • super duper cozy, literally a billion quilts, a bunch of pillows, and beds/study zones perfectly made for each person 
  • huge windows on different walls, Ravenclaws spend so much time studying, or well not studying that sometimes it’s hard to get out, this helps, Of course though, there is a huge telescope for night time, like a huge telescope
  • there’s an enchanted dumbwaiter that can bring thing’s up from the kitchens, mostly snack foods, and things you can eat while doing other things and not make a mess 
  • depending on when you get there, if you fall asleep in the common room, the head girl or boy, or well anyone who decides to wake you up will help you back to your room 
  • one wall is literally a huge book shelf, people leave a book for every year they go to school there and leave there favorite book of the year there, theres copies of some super old books that have been there for over eighty years, the first book there was Romeo and Juliet, the pages are a little tatered at the tops and bottoms, but other than that its good as new 
  • shoes are totally not required, but theres millions of pairs of slippers in a bucket if you want them 
  • The room is enchanted to sense what the claws are feeling and flows smells that will calm them down, or make them happy 
  • plastic stars and planets are stuck to the ceiling everywhere
  • there are two walls devoted completely to art, on the area beside the wall, theres a huge raised up thing filled with paint, paint brushes, pastels, crayons, sharpies and anything else they need. They started with only one art wall, but that quickly changed when the first wall was covered in the week, every month they repaint the wall so they can start over. 

Hufflepuff (By Jinxy and Star)

  • Fireplaces on every wall, all constantly stocked, stoked, and cosy, all with plenty of pot plants with flowers, succulents and a few herbs. The fireplaces have plants climbing up the sides and making a nice covering for the front.
  • Wide windows, with the sun permanently pouring in (even in winter), except at night, when the stars give off a yellow glow and it lights up the room.
  • Scented candles everywhere: caramel, chocolate, and popcorn scented to make the room smell sweet.
  • Trapdoor to the kitchens, so students don’t get caught out of bed after dark.
  • Couches have piles of fluffy blankets next to them, and tables all around the common room are covered in hot chocolate.
  • Hardwood floors, with sunflower pattern rugs dotted throughout the common room (which occasionally bloom real sunflowers!)
  • Birds always chirping in the background.
  • Lots of cats lying in the sunspots on the floor, or curled up on the couches under the blanket piles. Whenever students from other houses lose their cats, they’re always in the Hufflepuff common room.
  • Milk bowls and lots of food on the floor for the cats.
  • Students’ essays framed around the rooms if they got the highest score, so students can get inspo, and so that other students can admire the work (and feel proud of beating the Ravenclaws, because of the silly rivalry).
  • At Christmas time, one of the prefects always puts up an elf on the shelf, but it moves by itself, does all sorts of silly things, and winks at you. Students add gold tinsel to the fireplaces, and plenty of big colourful bows.
  • At Easter, bunnies roam the room, and love getting cuddles and letting students’ smush their faces. One prefect every year is assigned to do an Easter theme activity with the students, be it egg hunting, bunny face painting, painting new curtains, or truffle making, and the room adjusts and provides what the students need.
  • Big cheery curtains framing the windows (white lace, that’s been hand painted with yellow prints or flowers). They’re always drawn apart to let the light in, but can be closed as needed.
  • There’s a humongous bookshelf (because Ravenclaws aren’t the only ones who are allowed to read) where students share books. All of the covers are worn and bent, but it’s okay because everyone gets a chance to enjoy the books that others love. Some have highlighting in them, mustaches on the pictures on the front and love letters to other students in them. There’s textbooks for if you couldn’t afford one that year, muggle books about foreign countries, books in other languages, and muggle books about what they think wizards are, and students have graffiti all over them, as a protest. There’s a surprising lack of cookbooks. Because, despite common thought, Hufflepuffs aren’t always the best cooks, and the kitchens are close anyway.
  • There’s a giant hand painted portrait of Helga Hufflepuff on the far wall, which students have enchanted to host Helga, so she gives advice, welcomes new students with a song at the start of the year, and tells students to go to bed.
  • Bathrooms all have large luxurious baths, where the whole person can fit, and no need for bubble bath or scents, because it fills automatically with it when a student presses a button. Each student has customized shampoo, conditioner and products made by older potions students to keep their hair and skin healthy and glowy. Each student gets an ‘appointment’, and the older student makes up bottles that only that student can open, with constant refills.
  • Privacy curtains that students can choose to pull or not, and all have yellow flower patterns on them.
  • Warm fluffy towels, in the students’ favourite colour, with their name embroidered on it. Always warmed up, and fresh every time.
  • Students’ beds have multiple covers on it, and unlimited pillows, and teddies galore. There’s a basket at the end of the bed for dirty laundry, returned clean within 6 hours, and folded. Each student gets a nice window at the head of their bead with their favourite flowers growing there, and most students choose lavender to help them sleep at night. Curtains can only be drawn on weekends and until certain times on weekdays, so students can sleep in, but pull open at 7:30 to wake up students naturally and without alarm clocks.
  • Bedside tables for each student, and students can choose 15 knick-knacks from home to remind them of home, and each student automatically gets a moving image of their families back home.
  • No mirrors (except in bathrooms), because students will tell each other when they have their uniform askew or their hair is messy. Uniforms hung at the ends of beds so students can sleep in and not need to find their clothes.

Slytherin (By Tory)

  • Knick-knacks galore on the bookcases and mantels, each with a special story. Like that shattered crystal ball? That was smuggled out of Professor Trelawney’s class one day by a Slytherin student as a joke, but after the theft, he and others swore it could predict test answers. (It broke when some particularly stupid student tried to smuggle it under his desk for his OWLs, but thankfully a Slytherin prefect retrieved it and put it back.) That old music box? Brought in by a Muggle-born student in the 19th century and soon enchanted her classmates to the extent that they got used to hearing it play every night before they fell asleep. When she left the school, she decided to leave it behind for the younger classes as a memento, enchanting it with a Self-Repairing Charm so that it would never break no matter how many times it was played. That skull? Found buried under the tree by the lake by a Slytherin student…alas, no one knows who it belongs to, but the students have taken to calling her Salazara and treat her with utmost respect.
  • Slytherin students frequently wave to the merpeople swimming outside their windows. The merpeople don’t really understand what waving means, but sort of shake their hands back and forth in response in an attempt to be friendly.
  • Their bathrooms are classy, elegant, and off-the-hook. Each student would have access to their own special area made up of a shower/bath and a changing area with several mirrors behind a curtain. That way each student would have complete privacy getting ready before anyone else saw them – no sharing mirrors or sinks here. Each stall would also be equipped with old-fashioned fixtures that offer both fresh and salt water baths, as well as bubble baths!
  • There is a baby grand piano set up in the corner. If no one plays it, it plays itself.
  • There are all sorts of trapdoors and secret compartments hidden in each dorm, perfect for hiding personal items or even just escaping from your dormmates. Most Slytherins haven’t found them all, and if they are in use, the handle goes red hot, so as to deter any stranger who might want to disturb the person using it or their belongings.
  • WINDOW SEATS. SO MANY WINDOW SEATS. Also a few chaise longues.
  • Lots of portraits of old witches and wizards litter the walls, and they always love giving career advice.
  • The fireplace actually is part of a revolving wall. If you push a certain brick on the mantle, it spins around and reveals a secret passage that leads to the kitchens.
  • The huge grandfather clock in the main common room tolls the hour to the tune of “Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts.”
  • Because it’s very hard for owls to get down to the dungeons, they are trained to drop their mail down a chute in the Owlery that magically drops the mail down into a collection tray in the center of the Slytherin common room. A separate collection tray then spits any outgoing mail up to the next available owl, if the student doesn’t care which owl sends it.

Gryffindor (by Boudica) 

  • The Gryffindor common room…what can be said about this wonder of gold and scarlet?
  • That cork board in the corner is the bravery board. It plays host to a number of everyday moments of bravery
    • Volunteering in class because you’re afraid of public speaking.
    • Asking out that cute Slytherin in potions; it’s up there.
    • Every day victories that make life worth wild are praised on that board
  • The chairs in the common room are both capable of heating and icing. The house charmed them years ago. Every year the house team renews the spells. 
    • On more than one occasion, the Gryffindor Quidditch team has commandeered the chairs, their groans filling the air as the chairs soothed their aching muscles
  • There’s a set of enchanted free weights that allow you to work out without a partner. 
    • Doing a chest press only to drop it from fatigue will elevate it above your chest as long as you’re a certain body temperature.
  • That box next the fire holds an enchanted dueling mat. 
  • When removed from the box it begins expanding into a cushioned dueling deck. 
    • This allows most Gryffindor to practice dueling in a safe environment without to much harm……most of the time.
  • This is accentuated by the shoot down to the hospital wing. 
  • Madam Pomfry has enchanted the door to play achy breaky heart when it’s accessed. That way she can catch the poor darling.

RvB Headcanon:

Wash is so incredibly pale. He never takes his armour off unless he is at least 99% comfortable with his surroundings (he has never been 100% comfortable anywhere since Project Freelancer, and it’s usually in a locked and heavily guarded room or bathroom/shower space). He eats with his helmet on and sleeps (when he can) fully armoured up and ready for anything that comes his way. He’s so paranoid about someone showing up out of nowhere, guns blazing, and taking out his troops that he is never seen without it.

He hasn’t felt the sun on his face in years. He’s so pale, the Casper ghost jokes aren’t even funny anymore. The first time any of the others (excluding Carolina and Epsilon) see his face is when his helmet is smashed and fragments of his visor need to be extracted from his face by Dr. Grey. They are all silenced by his appearance and Caboose starts getting uncomfortable. 

When Grey starts talking to Wash about his vitamin deficiencies, she thinks they are alone. Caboose is waiting outside for Wash because he’s so scared that Wash is sick because he’s what other sick people look like. He’s had lots of sick people in his life that never got better. So when he hears through the paper-thin door about Wash needing to take special medicine (vitamins) to make him feel better, Caboose makes sure to tell his best friend Church and his other friend Tucker so they can help Wash get better too. They are a team, and they need to help their leader friend not be sick anymore.

Cue to Caboose following Wash around every day with a little plastic cup full of “happy Wash medicine” and a glass of water because Caboose cant lose anyone else.

Tucker just gives him a look and they have a silent conversation about it, ending with Wash sighing and taking the pills that Caboose provides.

And Epsilon/Church rigs up a full-body scanner just to check Wash’s blood contents from a distance to see if he took his meds today. When he doesn’t, he sicks Caboose on him and it all repeats until Epsilon is satisfied and Wash is okay for the day.


It’s gotten to the point where I want to listen to old Gorillaz but I can’t because it’s just too sad for me. Like, post Plastic Beach are just super sad memories. I physically can’t listen to old songs, like I can’t I will cry so hard. I’m crying right now. And don’t even get me started ON Plastic Beach. Broken? Tears. To Binge? Double tears oh my gosh. On Melancholy Hill? I’m on the floor sobbing. People that don’t know Gorillaz lore are probably like, “It’s just a song jeez” NO!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND??? It was so happy before Plastic Beach. Muds was a horrible person, but at least he sort of got along with people. Plastic Beach is when Murdoc went insane, kidnapped a bunch of artists, we thought Noodle was DEAD, and worst of all 2D was forced to do vocals. I know they’re a virtual band but I can’t help but hear sadness in Damon’s voice in Plastic Beach songs. Like I just always picture 2D being forced to sing, and then going back to his small room and crying himself to sleep. And like, of course it had to be Murdoc who did that to him, the dude he trusts enough to stay in his band after he…..well ruined his life pretty much. Drove away his girlfriends, fucked up his face pertinently, and hit him. He hit 2D how can anyone hit 2D. HOW. He yells at him constantly ad yeah 2D was afraid of him but he still trusted him and wanted to be best friends. Literally all he wants is to hang out with Muds and get attention from him. Now it’s phase 4 and what’s happened? Nothing really. Virtually no lore whatsoever, and NO EXPLANATION OF WHY MURDOC IS KINDA TREATING HIM NICELY NOW. I want to go back to phase 3 honestly. I want things to actually work out, for Murdoc to try to fix his relationship not just with Stu, but with the whole band, and I want an APOLOGY. I would give so much money just to get Murdoc realizing he’s been a piece of shit to everyone and that 2D’s been trying to help him but he’s just been pushing him away, TO BE AN ACTUAL CANON THING THAT HAPPENS IN THE STORY. Oh and lets not forget, to add to all the sadness: Murdoc was treated horribly as a kid? Beaten by his father? And fucking raped at a young age? It scarred him for life and really messed with his head. I’m not saying this excuses anything he’s done to 2D, but I get sick of people treating him like he is an absolute monster. He’s still a person, and he’s had very bad things done to him. CAN 2D JUST SLAP MURDOC IN THE FACE AND BE LIKE “CAN WE JUST BE HAPPY PLEASE??” Yes I’m happy that Murdoc is treating 2D like a friend again in this phase, but it’s kind of bittersweet. There’s no explanation. Nothing from Plastic Beach has really been resolved, and there’s nothing that suggests they might have gone to therapy to fix their relationship. So far I’m not really liking this phase, I’m sorry. Just my personal opinion.