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Prompt: Bittyparse at Target buying things for their new shared apartment? Xoxo

“We need this.”

Bitty looked at the Roomba that Kent was pointing to and sighed. “We already have a vacuum cleaner.”

“Yeah, but this one picks up stuff on its own! Think of how much time we’d save if we didn’t have to worry about vacuuming.”

“No,” Bitty said firmly. “We have a list and we have a budget, and we’re sticking to it.”

Kent pouted for five seconds before finally agreeing to leave the Roomba. He trailed after Bitty for a while, only pausing once to check out a set of novelty salt and pepper shakers in the shape of cats.

Bitty slipped his hand into Kent’s, lacing their fingers together. Kent seemed pleased by this, and was content to let Bitty lead him around the store for the rest of the time with their hands entwined.

It had been two hours, so far, of them wandering around Target and trying to agree on what they needed for their new apartment, but just like the trip to Ikea earlier this week, they were having a lot of trouble agreeing on things.

Kent gravitated towards the flashy and unnecessary things that caught his attention. Bitty had to put his foot down and had to say “no” to about 95% of everything Kent picked up (because, really, a hundred fifty dollars for a chrome garbage can was too much).

To be fair though, it was usually the other way around whenever Bitty was in Williams and Sonoma. Except, instead of stopping Bitty from buying expensive cookware, Kent was usually the one who encouraged him. (”You work so hard! You deserve to treat yo’ self.)

Bitty sighed slowly and reminded himself they were moving into their apartment. Kent was going to be living there too, which meant he should be able to choose some of things he wanted too and that Bitty should be a supportive boyfriend. Besides, the set of dinnerware Kent had picked out hadn’t been that expensive. Bitty just objected to them because they were ugly, but he supposed he could live with ugly dishes for the sake of making Kent happy.

Bitty’s train of thought was cut short, however, by Kent insistently tugging at him. “Babe, I want these,” Kent declared as he held up two, decorative couch cushions with cats on them.

“No,” Bitty said immediately.

Well, so much for being supportive of Kent’s decorating choices.

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What's your opinion on flamingos? Tbh I think I started loving them so much because of you

aWH IM GLAD!!! i love them a lot cause they’re actually PRETTY WEIRD when u look at them enough. they don’t really look anything like the plastic lawn flamingos.

i love lesser flamingos cause every time i post pics of them ppl say they look like demon flamingos and that’s the best. also they’re tiny, here’s some next to a greater flamingo

tiny demons

  • It's 5 am, And Mika Won't Shut Up

This request comes from @kazissimo.

kazissimo said:

if you’re doing script ideas, how about mika & yuu staying up real late talking & when yuu decides that he’s tired mika won’t stop saying useless info like “hey yuu-chan did you know that about 40,000 americans are injured by toilets each year” “ugH”


Woah…do you know almost 40,000 americans are injured by toilets each year?

That’s nice, Mika.

Or that…on average…it only takes 142 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

*Sigh* That’s nice, Mika.

Did you know that every single state is listed on the back of a five dollar bill?

*Heavier sigh* That’s nice, Mika.

Or that chewing gum, while peeling onions, can keep you from crying?


O-or that there are more plastic flamingos than real- *cut off by kissing sounds*

W-what was that for?

Well…it’s almost five in the morning…and I’d like to sleep…and I’m too polite to tell you to shut up so…kisses. *More kisses*

Hands  Off - Nate Maloley Imagine


Can you write an imagine about Skate sticking up for you when some guy try’s to force him self on you.




The constant booming of the base flowed through my veins as I swayed my hips in different directions. All eyes were on me and I was loving it. I hadn’t had a night out in quite sometime due to the fact that the last time I went out I partied to hard and ended up in my best friends front yard hugging a plastic pink flamingo. Thank god Nate heard me knocking over his trash cans and singing to the flamingo otherwise I don’t know what would have happened if he didn’t come out and grab me. 

I swiveled my hips in figure eight motions and ran my slim fingers through my silky hair. The dress I was wearing exaggerated my curves and hugged my ass making all the boys mouths drop including my best friend Nate Maloley also known as Skate. 

“Skathan get that tight ass out here and dance with me.” I yelled over the pounding music raising my drink in the air. 

Nate simply shook his head and took a sip of his drink never taking his eyes off of me. I shrugged my shoulders and continued o dance but I was shaken off my grind when i felt to sweaty palms touch my hips. I spun around on my heels to face the creeper. He was a tall obviously drunk shaggy pristine hair style frat boy, looking about mid 20′s. He was attractive but I wasn’t looking into hooking up with anybody tonight. 

“Can I help you?” I sassed pushing his hands off of me. 

“Dance with me gorgeous.” He slurred gripping my hips once again pulling me into to his gross boner. 

“No, get off of me.” I say pushing him off once more and walking away towards the bar to find Nate. 

“Where do you think your going.” He growled and grabbing my arm pulling me outside to a dark alley filled with smoke from various joints. 

Oh shit, I’m going to die. I guess this is the end. Where the hell is Nate? I think to my self frantically as his hands room my body squeezing areas as I place my hands on his chest shoving him back. 

“Get off of me!” I yell catching some attention but no one does a think about it. 

I feel tears forming in my eyes as he puts more pressure on my body using me into the wall. 

“Hey! Get off of her you prick!” I hear Nate yell and sigh in relief. 

“Get your own hoe, man” He says walking towards Nate. 

In a flash Nate’s fist collides with the frat boy’s jaw, I hear a crack causing me to gasp out and sink down to the ground thinking of the past events. As the boy lays groaning on the ground mumbling profanities. 

“It’s okay, it’s okay Y/N.” Nate whispers rubbing my shoulder and picking me up placing a small kiss to my cheek. 

“Thank you for sticking up for me Nate.” I say as we walk over to the curb calling an uber with his arm slung around my shoulder. 

“Always.” He says and places another to kiss to my forehead. 


WHAT!? I updated! weird? Hmmm more to come, sorry I have been inactive I have been busy as shit. 

Love you darlings, 


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a family doesn't have to be a man, a woman, and a child. a family can be two dads, a pink daughter, and two hundred plastic flamingos

omg people really liked the flamingos…. also u know they adopted all of the children trixie was working for glanni in the epilogue B) 

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White and purple!!

I’m so late I’m sorry but here!!

purple: ten facts about your room
-it used to be my older sister’s so it’s pink and zebra print like everywhere (I would get rid of it but I’m lazy)
-it’s constantly filled with animals
-there’s a cat tower in here too so more animals!!
-it’s don’t have a bedframe bc I know that if a sugar glider got out it would be a long process to get them out from underneath
-I have a mini walk in closet thing?? it’s cool
-it’s above the garage so it’s either freezing cold or deathly hot
-it’s messy a lot
-I have dark curtains that block out light well so I get to sleep in B)
-for some reason I have a big plastic flamingo @marrymezarya gave me for my birthday?? it’s iconic
-it always has stuff on the floor bc my sugar gliders like to play games to see how far they can throw

white: three facts about your personality
-it’s really hard for me to get confident but when I do I’m like a whole new person
-idk if this counts as a personality trait but I love my friends?? like a lot
-I always try to make sure that people don’t hate me even if I dislike them ?? idk why

thank u so much anon ily

((Today my students thought I wore my hot pink blouse as commentary on the vapid and artificial understanding Americans have of beauty - particularly showcased through the imagery of pink, plastic flamingos as symbols of affluence and luxury in the 1950s. 

… Yes. Exactly. I totally did this on purpose to augment the lesson I didn’t see until I walked into class at 8:30. I’m psychic like that.))