plastic dresses

I got my drunk friend to describe Newsies characters and…

  • maybe smells good
  • like good books, who are nice
  • [what do you think his name is?] I know him I think!!
  • is he a jack or maybe tonie
  • [jack is right!] yay!!!
  • good man he tries with it all very hard
  • [he’s an artist] yes he has art hands
  • is sort like a bear
  • with soft trousers
  • a bit angery, i think maybe
  • maybe won his big hammer but its not what he wanted
  • so he has to look like maybe he is happy and hold it up, yay
  • but he is sad
  • [it’s not a hammer, it’s a crutch!] oh!!!!! :(
  • [what’s his name?] hammer time
  • [he’s called crutchie] thats so rude??
  • poor hammer crutch boy
  • oh dear [oh dear…?] oh dear
  • probably a joanna i think
  • from a farm
  • [she’s a reporter!] with that skirt dress????
  • but her skirt dress is plastic  :((
  • [her name’s katherine] yes joanne
  • she likes chickens not to eat but as friends
  • he’s trying really hard to be valjean
  • but no he is not
  • hes not a similie for jesus like valjean
  • [he’s katherine’s dad] oh oh oh i know him !!!!!
  • you told me!!! he has some paper
  • and is bad
  • or sad. maybe hes both.
  • !!!  is he tony? [no, there’s no tony]
  • and he’s your favourite boy? who you love? [yeah he’s my fav!]
  • ears !!!
  • ben ears!!!
  • fankfurter [close enough]
  • tony 
  • [he’s called davey] almost the same,,
  • he lives with the cows in a little cow house and milks them when they want to give away their milk in the morning
  • and he likes to go to new york city to see his friend hammer man
  • :))

anonymous asked:

Ik this is a really rare pair, but mcSombra?

Rare pairs are welcome!

Who said “I love you” first

McCree. Big softie. Sombra had several screens up when he said it and they all just got massive “ERROR”s splayed across them. 

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

McCree just opened up his phone one day and Sombra’s picture was there. He didn’t put it there, but he didn’t really question it.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror


Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Sombra: *holds up a plastic cactus dressed as a cowboy* It’s you. I found you in a gas station.
McCree: Mighty thoughtful of you.

Who initiated the first kiss

Sombra. And then she fucking translocated right out of his arms as soon as he registered what was going on and moved to return it. She likes messing with him like that.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Sombra: *smooch*
McCree: Up already?
Sombra: Hahaaa…
Sombra: …I don’t sleep.

Who starts tickle fights

McCree: starts them. Sombra: finishes them. Tickle fights: HACKED.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Sombra: Been here all along.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Sombra will sometimes hack a takeout drone to get McCree some grub. McCree will drag Sombra out of her dark and spooky cyberpunk basement to get some sunshine and hit up a food truck.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

McCree was a disaster but like… when is he not???

Who kills/takes out the spiders

They have one spider that they permit to stay on the windowsill because it takes care of flies and mosquitos around the home. The rest, McCree will usually catch and release.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Both of them?? Sombra climbs McCree like a fucking tree and just starts yammering in Spanish while pointing at him and McCree is fucking incomprehensible and kissing her on the cheek and neck and it’s embarrassing.

My favorite flowers

before you spread irises on the sheets
how soon I forgot the smell of madness
make love to me dressed in plastic neon
thorns gather in our bed enigmatic roses
impale the obscene taste of debauchery
in my heart squirm malevolent poppies
you remove the fishy smell of my orgasm
tongue in tongue sin into my mouth weeping

I saw an unfinished prop for a cosplay that my brother wanted me to make for him and I got so upset that I never finished it for him and we never went to a another con together before he left for the army that I broke down and cried…

Now I’m wildly cleaning and nursing a vanilla coke in hopes it makes me feel better… 

the spring awakening characters on halloween

wendla and ilse are the cute girlfriends who dress up as peter and wendy (ilse calls her “wendla darling” all day)

ernst & hanschen go as mickey and minnie (ernst is mickey and hanschen is minnie)

martha, thea, melitta, and anna dress up as the plastics and cady

melchior doesn’t dress up or really care about halloween At All
(moritz: “melchi what are you gonna dress up as?” melchior: “moritz. i’m an atheist”)

moritz doesn’t really want to dress up but ernst and ilse force him to (ernst sticks butterfly wings and a flower crown on moritz and even though he looks Uncomfortable And Emo™ the whole time he loves it)

otto tries to go as a sailor and georg is like “…you literally wear that every day.” they end up dressing like each other and just making fun of each other all day