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Traveling supplies– I’m using an assortment of pencils, ballpoint pen, and I have a kit I put together for using watercolors on a plane.

Brushes are waterbrushes that I filled before travel (they got through security fine). I got a small plastic dish with 2 compartments– one is for a damp sponge to wipe my brush on, and the other has paper towels. Container was $4.99 but worth it to have it be leakproof.

The watercolors are Daler Rowney Aquafine travel set. It was originally $29 at Michaels but wait till you get a sweet coupon in the app. I added a flesh base watercolor paint to a cup inside. I believe it’s Antimony yellow(???) and I can darken it as needed. It had to dry before I travel since it’s a tube paint.

I have smaller sketchbooks for on the plane, and I pack a larger mix Media book in my luggage. Pack paints in ziploc bag to be safe and carry extra paper towels to dab up water/paint if you have to pick up in a hurry :)

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You bake when you’re stressed and sometimes you give me cookies, but recently you’re giving me whole baskets each day, now I’m not complaining but are you okay? Tbh I can see both Stiles and Derek being stress bakers haha

So, usually, I’d have Stiles be the stress baker, but I decided to mix it up this time. And who doesn’t love shy baker Derek? Also on ao3!

When Stiles moved into his little Brooklyn apartment after getting accepted into Columbia University, his new neighbor was nice enough to bring over a batch of cupcakes to welcome him to the building.

Moving across the country from a sleepy little town in northern California to the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps had been unexpectedly stressful. Stiles had never been away from his dad for so long and the vast distance was certainly putting a strain on him.

The jet lag had him feeling constantly exhausted and nauseous, even unable to sleep, lasting longer than he had anticipated. And the last thing he needed was yet another thing contributing to his insomnia, already needing two sleeping pills and his favorite pillow to be able to fall asleep.

All of that was in addition to the stress of having to dive headfirst into attending an Ivy League school where he would have to maintain a spotless GPA in order to keep his scholarship. It wasn’t achieving the good grades that bothered him, it was the suffocating pressure that accompanied achieving those grades, the mere thought of possibly disappointing his dad enough to make him think about just run away.

He was in the throes of yet another round of self-doubt when a gentle knock sounded on his door, interrupting what was sure to become a panic attack. Scrubbing a hand over his face as he shook himself out of his haze, Stiles had stood from his seat on the couch and jogged to the door, calling out, “Give me a sec!”

Praying it wasn’t the crazy old landlord demanding more money or his elderly neighbor who screamed bloody murder if he so much as sneezed a little too loud. It wasn’t. Instead of a grumpy man with his hand out or an angry little old lady, the most gorgeous person Stiles had ever seen had been standing in his doorway.

He was holding a tray of cupcakes in his hands and while any other time Stiles would have been captivated by the sight of detectable desserts, he was much more mesmerized by the sight of a beautiful man standing in his doorway. Because people who looked like the man in front of him didn’t just knock on his door out of the blue. It immediately had him thinking that New York City might not be so bad after all.

Whoever the hell he was, he had the smile of an angel, with bright white bunny teeth and the most kissable lips Stiles had ever seen, and all the dark features of a handsome devil. His hair was pitch black along with his thick stubble, a beautiful contrast to the swarthy tone of his skin and the light green in his hazel eyes.

And as much as Stiles wanted to take a bite of him instead of his cupcakes, he hadn’t eaten all and his stomach chose that moment to rumble loudly. He could feel his face warm at the embarrassing sound, Handsome Stranger chuckling deeply and joking, “Guess I picked the perfect time to bring these over.”

Laughing nervously, Stiles had agreed and introduced himself to the man who turned out to be his next door neighbor, inviting him in to sit for a little. Over cups of coffee and the most delicious French vanilla cupcakes Stiles had ever tasted, his neighbor introduced himself as Derek Hale, explaining that he baked whenever he was stressed and figured that since he had already made some cupcakes he should bring them over to welcome Stiles to the apartment building.

It was one of the sweetest things anyone had ever done for Stiles and after the first time, it sort of became a thing. Whenever Derek ended up baking too much when he was stressed, he would bring some over for Stiles, either knocking on his door or leaving him a plate in the hallway.

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Thirty Minutes and a Lemon Curd

This is a one shot that happened when two requests for blurbs turned into not so blurry things by nature and they just fit so well together (x, x). So, they took awhile, but I hope the fact that they blew up into a bigger thing makes up for that! I hope the bigger thing is worth it, too…. x. 

As with the It’s About Balance sequence, all characters are of legal, consenting age and are aware of their decisions and the consequences that stem. I’m always so touchy when age gaps are involved since i know they’re rightly a sensitive thing, and I don’t want anyone misunderstanding what I’m trying to portray.

Harry’s horrified the first time he realizes his mouth is open when he watches you wiping down the counter at the bakery. He’s horrified when he realizes he’s watching the way your arse rounds just a bit more and your legs look longer when you lean over.

He’s horrified more still when he wonders how well they would wrap around him.

At first you were just the girl who came into the bakery while he worked there. Your visit was like clockwork every Saturday, and he saved you the best sweet roll to bag it with whichever pastry you picked out that morning – the sweet roll was constant, the dessert treat a surprise, except if they had made a tray full of lemon curds. On those mornings, he packed you a lemon curd with the sweet roll.

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in honor of this sacred day I’m gonna list some hc’s that are a thing in my domestic!future sheith au

keith is trans. he had top surgery but decided to hold out on bottom surgery. later on he is very happy he decided to keep that part of himself when he and Shiro decide to have a baby.

after the war, shiro was pretty quick to get rid of the arm. he wanted to do as much as possible to move forward, and his scars were enough of a reminder of what he went through already. no more weapons. just peace. keith’s always been his real right hand anyway. ;)

keith is autistic. he didn’t even know till he was a grown adult because nobody cared enough to consider why he acted the way he did back when he was in the foster system. shiro noticed his symptoms and assumed keith knew and would tell him if he felt like it was important information to share later on. he learned how to respond to keith’s behavior to keep him comfortable, because shiro’s considerate like that. they work together perfectly so there’s never really a need to make a big deal out of it.

they both have pretty severe ptsd. they both understand that it’s not something they can just cure with love, they know it will never really go away, but it makes it easier to help each other because they both go through it. Keith frequently wakes up screaming for Shiro to come back and it always takes a while after for Shiro to remind Keith where and when they are, and what’s real. We already know how Shiro’s works. One minute he’s doing something mundane, working out, washing dishes, the next minute he’s back in the arena, he’s fighting for his life, he’s killing beasts but they just won’t stay dead. They have plastic dishes instead of glass or ceramic ones because of this. Keith always knows where to find the first-aide kit.

when they get married there’s an unspoken agreement that they would wear their rings on necklaces instead of on their hands.

shiro has a bunch of kirby merch. he loves kirby a lot and keith can’t help himself when he sees a kirby plush or a poster or game so he just keeps buying shiro more kirby stuff. they spend a lot of calm nights on the couch playing co-op kirby’s epic yarn and snuggling.

they have three dogs and a cat that they frequently call a dog. their first dog is a border collie named Suki and she’s Shiro’s service dog. the next is a corgi named Gomez that they adopted a little while before they decided to have a baby. then a few months after having their baby they adopted an abandoned pitbull and named her Sparkle. the cat doesn’t have an official name but with how much Keith calls him “little asshole” it might as well be his name. (keith loves that cat so much)

they have a daughter and keith named her Ricci (after the actress of Wednesday from the Addams Family movies). That baby is the greatest love of Keith’s entire life. He made fun of Shiro for happy-crying about her when he was still pregnant, but as soon as he steps through the front door of their home with Ricci he breaks down sobbing because suddenly it’s all real to him. Shiro being here is real, their love for each other is real, their survival of the war is real, the fact that Keith has a forever family is real and he couldn’t comprehend it until that moment. Ricci isn’t just their daughter, she’s what gives keith his entire life back. she’s everything. she’s his world. keith doesn’t randomly burst into tears out of fear anymore, every crying fit is because of everything really, truly good. Shiro couldn’t be happier. 

anyways, this has gotten long as hell, enjoy the rest of #ShiroLovesYouBaby day!!!!! 

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Hi! I've been looking for a pastelxpunk au (oneshot) where dan gets a tattoo and meets phil and they fall in love and they live together and phils keeps dropping bowls and cups and eventually they find out he has parkinson but he learns to live with it and they replace most of their dishes with plastic dishes. In the end dan wants phil to tattoo him again but phil is like "no i will fuck it up" and dan says "no i believe you can do it"

Any Change In Time (ao3) - Dan just wanted a tattoo, but somehow he ended up with a boyfriend.

- Emily

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like a cat’s eye

w.c. 1k exact | fluff, banter ? | tagging @choco-seventeen because | ml

It’s mischievous, the glint in his eyes.  Even from here, across the cul-de-sac, you can feel the trouble brewing within the sizzling summer heat.  A simple suggestion bubbling into a worsening situation.

“You won’t win,” you vow, pumping the water gun in your hand, turning fear of annihilation into adrenaline to win.

He smirks tilting his head in an I’m not so sure.  There’s a light laughter to his voice when he speaks, as if the very idea amuses him.  “I wouldn’t bet on that, if I were you.”

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Empty Corridors - Ch 14

Last chapter Gold and Lacey actually spent the night together (in their own uncommunicative way).  So it seems as though things are looking up for them!  *screams into pillow with frustration*

AO3 link

It took a moment or two to realise where she was.  

The room was darker than she was used to, and she was very warm.  Lacey shifted, feeling hot, damp skin pressed against her cheek, and the body beside her moved.  She realised that she was half-draped across Gold, one leg between his and her face pushed into his neck.  His scent was all over her, warm and familiar, and an arm held her in place as his chest rose and fell with his breath.  She raised her head to glance up at him, her eyes adjusting to the darkness until she could make out his features, picked out in shades of deep blue.  His breathing was quiet and even, and she let her head fall back onto the firm heat of his chest, feeling his am tighten around her instinctively as she moved.  It felt nice, to lie curled up with someone.  It felt almost safe, as though nothing could touch her while she was in his arms.  Wanting to roll her eyes at her own imaginings, she settled down with a sigh.  She could stay until morning.

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Close Every Door

 Characters – Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas

Summary – TFW tries to find answers after the reader is kidnapped; what they uncover will surprise them.

Word Count – 3,196

Warnings – Angst, Kidnapping, Torture

A/N – This was written for @faegal04‘s 500 Celebration Party.  Congrats sweetie! My prompt was “Oh, I’m not going to kill you…I’m just going to hurt you really, really badly.”

I am a massive fan of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, and “Close Every Door” was always one of my favorite songs from the show. I was listening to the soundtrack a few weeks ago and this idea popped into my head.  I hope you like it!  Feedback is very welcome!  

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Your name: submit What is this?

The boys were worried. You’d left at nine that morning to run to the grocery store for some supplies, saying you’d be back in an hour. It was now noon, and neither of them had heard from you.  Dean had called your cell a dozen times without getting any response.  He’d sent even more texts, with the same answer.  Finally, when Sam had not had any luck tracing your cell phone on his laptop, Dean grabbed his keys.

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TBT: My Scene

It’s time for another #ThrowbackThursday! Hands up if you remember this awesome Barbie doll line!

When this line of dolls was first announced, I saw the pictures and was like, “OMG what has Mattel done to the best doll on the planet?” But then I found the website and the webisodes, started watching them, and the series grew on me. In fact, it became one of my all-time favorite doll lines.

The series launched in 2002 with three BFF’s living in New York City - Barbie, Chelsea, and Madison. As always, each one had a distinct personality. Barbie was very tech savvy, Chelsea was an expert and making her own fashions, and Madison was the super gutsy one never afraid to speak her mind.

Left to right: Chelsea, Madison, Barbie. As you can see, the dolls have enlarged heads, and they also had enlarged feet/shoes, probably to keep them in proportion. However, removing the shoes would reveal a normal Barbie foot underneath. Not long after the initial release, we also got some fashion packs to dress the dolls in.

The second series introduced a new friend, the Asian Nolee who was big on yoga and skateboarding. The second launch also gave us the first My Scene boys, Bryant (who became Nolee’s significant other) and Hudson. Unlike the girls, they had plastic bendable arms and legs, whereas the girls had stationary arms and rubber legs that bent at the knees.

During this time, a PC game was also introduced. You got to play as each of the three main girls, preparing for a big weekend event. You had to earn money by mixing music tracks, designing clothes, and decorating store windows. You also got to buy the perfect outfit and accessories for the big event.

A little later, we met River (who became Barbie’s boyfriend), Sutton (the British guy with an irresistible accent), and Ellis (a skater dude who basically replaced Bryant in later series and developed a crush on Chelsea’s cousin, Delancey, who joined the group after moving to NYC from California).

I literally can’t begin to name every single line of dolls this series brought us. The series lasted from 2002 until 2010, and according to a site I found listing all of them, there are more than 87 total lines! We had Hanging Out (that’s where the story really started picking up - the guys started a band and so much of the series was focused around that), Night on the Town, Chillin’ Out, Shopping Spree, Mall Maniacs, etc. There are literally too many to list. Click here to see the complete list.

As is customary with major Barbie lines, playsets were also introduced. It started with a little cafe and salon, and then we got the official Daily Dish hangout, the Jammin’ in Jamaica tiki bar, etc.

We also got three movies, though two of them last less than an hour. In My Scene Goes Hollywood, we get the very first (and to my knowledge, only) doll ever made of Lindsay Lohan:

Yep, a movie was made, and Lindsay Lohan was literally in it. Why Mattel chose to use her of all people, I can’t imagine. Even at that time, she wasn’t a good role model for girls. She was already on her downward spiral.

Around 2004 was when I began to outgrow and lose interest in the series. I got the Getting Ready set (which introduced new character Kenzie), and at that point, the face molds went Bratz-like to more Barbie-like with open mouth smiles.

Speaking of Bratz, remember the comment I made about how, when I first saw this series, I was like, “What is Mattel thinking?” Apparently I wasn’t alone in that, because Matel was sued  by MGA Entertainment, the company that makes Bratz, because apparently the guy who designed the Bratz dolls was working for Mattel at that time, and when the Bratz were released, the guy’s involvement was obscured. Well, I do see some similarities:

Yep, the doll were only one year apart, because the same guy was involved with both. Personally, I prefer the My Scene line. First off, Mattel’s dolls are better quality. I have a Bratz doll, and she’s so cheaply made. You can’t even more her arms, really. And their feet. OMG their feet. With My Scene dolls, if you take off their shoes, you still have a regular Barbie foot underneath (yes, those big feet in those sandals up there are sculpted; it’s like one big shoe). With Bratz, if you take the shoe off, you lose the entire foot. I never could get into Bratz.

Anyway, as I was saying, 2004 was around the time I began to lose interest. So several new series were launched after I was past the point of buying them. At one point, for some reason I don’t know, Barbie was replaced with an exact lookalike named Kennedy.

Why? I have no idea. They literally looked the same, and that was even in the story. That was the whole point of introducing Kennedy - they were all at a club one night and the girls mixed up Barbie and Kennedy because they looked so much alike.

Kennedy was first introduced in perhaps one of the weirdest Barbie lines to date. A lot of people found it downright creepy. It was called Fab Faces, and each doll had five buttons on her back. Pushing one of these buttons would cause her face to form in a certain way depending on which button was pushed.

Here’s a better picture:

I don’t know what expression that is, but it looks like she ate something that didn’t agree with her.

So anyway, toward the end of the series, the boys disappeared, as did Nolee. Delancey suddenly got black/dark brown hair, and we were introduced to Nia, the Latina from Miami. At this point, the webisodes took on a style that was so Bratz-like it’s a wonder another lawsuit didn’t surface.

Eventually the series ended, as all series are wont to do. The My Scene line was extremely popular, and I think it’s one of the longest-running Barbie lines to date (lasted nine years). We have the Fashionistas and Monster High lines now, but they aren’t that old (yet). ;)

Here are a few more shots in honor of strolling down memory lane:

(Same picture as above, left to right: Barbie, Hudson, Chelsea, River, Ellis, Delancey, Nolee, Madison, Sutton, and Kenzie)

(Front to back, left to right: Hudson, River, Sutton, Chelsea, Barbie, and Madison)

Those pictures show the graphic style of the webisodes and boxes. Here’s what they looked like in the Hollywood movie with Lindsay Lohan:

Hmm…not sure which one is better.

And last but not least is the changed style of the girls when the series ended. The five girls are (top right, left to right): Nia, Delancey, Chelsea, Kennedy, and Madison.

So there you have it! One of the most popular Barbie lines, one of the longest-lasting lines, and one of my all-time favorites. And yes, I do still have my complete collection of them (dolls, clothes, playsets, etc.). I don’t own every single doll, but the ones I did have, I still do have, in mint condition, dressed, the works. :D

Hope you enjoyed this blast from the past. Thanks for sharing it with me. Stay tuned for another Throwback Thursday!

Darcy looked at herself in the mirror. The vent fan had kept it from fogging up too badly so she wasn’t obscured despite the damp heat from the shower. Her hair was swept up in a towel and twisted atop her head. A second, larger towel was wrapped over her torso and breasts, tucked into itself right on top of her sternum. She ran a razor under water from the sink faucet, slicking down the 3 blades, then brought it to just under chin where soap suds and hair were waiting to be scraped away. It was easy. She’d been shaving her small beard and side burns since puberty, all the women in her family did.

She’d never been properly diagnosed with PCOS, but between the hereditary hair grow and being on the heavier side of things it was likely. The potential infertility didn’t matter much to her though, she never wanted to try for pregnancy- too many kids needed adoption. All the other symptoms though, that was the kicker. She was already becoming insulin resistant and every annual physical she’d had in the last 4 years showed her with low grade inflammation. Change was hard and it was diet and exercise that was supposed to help mitigate those symptoms.

“Today,” she said to herself as she washed the razor, “today is the first day of my change.” She turned off the faucet and placed the razor back in the pink, plastic soap dish. Untucking the towel from around her, she hung it from the shower curtain rod to dry and stood naked in front of the mirror. Looking into her eyes, she started her mantra, “I like me, all of me.”

“I like my skin,” she said running her fingers along her arms.

“I like how soft my arms are,” she said holding them straight out from her sides and shaking them slightly to see the ‘wings’ hanging from her upper arms wave. “I like how strong they are.” Darcy admired her biceps as she curled her arms up in a classic muscle man pose.

“I like my strong legs,” she said, dropping her arms to caress her thighs. “And my fabulous butt,” she said with a slap. Darcy straighten up and cradled her breasts, pillowing them up like only hands or a push-up bra could do. “I love my breasts, even, no, especially the stretchmarks. I earned those marks by growing fast. They are a part of me and I like them.”

Letting her breasts fall to their natural height, Darcy ran her hands over her belly. She took a shaky breath. This was the hard one. “I, I like my belly. I like its softness. I like its stretchmarks. I like its rolls and the overhang here,” she said grabbing the excess flesh that overshadowed her pubic mound. She looked back into her face. “I like me, all of me, and no one can take that away from me.”

“I want to change my interior, not my exterior. I want to change my health and not the numbers on a scale. I am good enough just the way I am and those numbers can’t tell me anything I don’t already know.”

Darcy leaned back against the wall opposite the mirror, her self-affirmation done. “Okay Darcy-girl, time to get a move on.”

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❲   The morning after Rick’s unfortunate accident would find Aku and Morty sitting on either side of Rick’s hospital bed in tense silence, both too busy worrying about Rick’s recovery to waste time speaking to one another.

   Golden-white early morning sunshine filtered through the cracks in the hospital blinds and cut bright wedges in the crisp, artificial dimness of the room as dust motes coasted lazily through the air, riding an invisible wave of air conditioning. Outside the room, the hustle and bustle of nurses bringing patients their breakfasts and morning prescriptions could be heard alongside the gentle clamor of silverware against cheap plastic dishes.

   But despite the relative peacefulness in the ward, the two of them were comparably somber– sitting alongside this man that had so influenced both of their lives, if in different ways. And Aku couldn’t help but think to himself as he sat there hunched over in that uncomfortable hospital chair, cradling Rick’s hand in his own, that he’d rather anyone else be in that bed– standing at death’s doorstep. Anyone else besides the one person outside of his family that he’d ever cared about.

   Watching this slow decline was his idea of Hell.

   ❝ You should eat, ❞ he said suddenly into the silence, not taking his eyes off Rick.

   ❝ We’ve been here all night, and you’ve hardly moved. I can watch him while you go get breakfast. I know he’d want you to take care of yourself… ❞