plastic crystal

Life of an urban witch #2

Recycling is fun! 

  • use tin cans or plastic bottles as plant pots
  • make tote bags out of old/ripped pillowcases (you could dye them and  draw/print/sew sigils or magical symbols on them)
  • use an egg carton to organize your gems/shells/crystalls

Btw I wasn’t kidding when I said Aquabats concerts got wild. The most intense mosh pit I’ve ever been in was at an Aquabats concert and I’ve been to real, actual punk shows. If you want some proof check out this little trinket I keep on my bedpost–

That there is a piece of chandelier from the Irving Plaza concert hall in NYC, which fell when the MC Bat Commander kicked a beach ball into it, showering the audience with bits of fake plastic crystal LMAO

Sometimes your costumes need to sparkle like a disco ball and the cheap plastic crystals just will not cut it. I’ve found some amazing glass crystals that are extremely well priced. LINK. They come in almost 30 colors and 10 different sizes. Shipping time was about 2 weeks for me. I compared the black 3mm crystals I received to the name brand swarvorski crystals and I can’t tell the difference. They are heat set crystals and I also found that the glue they put on  back of the cheap ones holds better then the swarvorskis.


The Flandre plushie is finished!  I will be posting it to my etsy shop in just a moment. She is available on my shop here:  If anyone is wondering, the Cirno plushie from a few months ago was sold at ACen.

As usual, the plushie features a separate dress and top made of vintage quilting fabric, cotton bloomers, tulle petticoat, and removable cap.  The red bow on the cap is a pin that can be removed.  The wings have a wire base and the crystals are plastic.