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I was constantly pretending as a child, and I was constantly pretending that I was a princess. I was constantly in a plastic crown and plastic high heels and a dress and demanding people call me a different name. I could spend hours and hours, by myself, pretending. I think I always kind of wanted to be something different, grander. I also grew up watching a lot of Disney princess movies, which in hindsight I’m like, ‘There aren’t always good messages for little girls in that.’ But that was very much how I grew up, watching those princess movies. There’s something very exciting and glamorous about this different life.

A small collection of high school aus! There’s so many wonderful ones out there that has yet to be read!

And Then There Is No Mystery Left (Baby, I’m Sweet On You) -  Swing Set in December - 1k - Teen

Stiles has no idea why Derek is sitting at his lunch table.

As Good As The Real Thing - literaryoblivion - 5k - Mature

He’s maybe had a crush on Stiles for going on two years now, but there’s no way he’s ever going to act on it or say anything. But, he’s memorized all of Stiles’s quirks and habits because he and Stiles have been in the same history class for two years now, and he always ends up sitting by him. However, he and Stiles have had limited interaction with one another, which is fine. Derek can subside on his daydreams of Stiles. He can live the rest of his high school career on his fantasies alone.

That is until their teacher assigns them to be partners for a project.

Awful, Wonderful You -  stilinskisparkles - 16k - Mature

Truth be told, Derek was suffering from the mild delusion he lived in all summer wherein he actually thought this year might be different, and he might, perhaps, be able to bury the hatchet with Stiles and start over.

The superglue that’s destroyed a ninety dollar pair of pants, however, says otherwise. Derek knows how this play goes down; eventually, he’s going to have to climb out of the pants and trudge back to his dorm half naked. Stiles will gloat for a damn week; Derek will have to put up with constant remarks about Stiles getting him out of his pants… Dammit, he’s actually going to get Derek out of his pants, and it’s not even close to the way he pictured it happening.

Betting On Forever -  mrstotten, veritas_st - 17k - Mature

It’s not like Stiles spends a huge amount of time thinking about it. But when he does it seems strange, good strange, but strange nevertheless, he cant really put a finger on when they decided to become civil to each other let alone friends, best friends even.

Him…and Derek Hale. Can you imagine it?

Binomial Coefficients - DevilDoll - 20k - Teen

In which brainy freshman Stiles Stilinski wants star quarterback Derek Hale to join the math team, AKA math nerds in love.

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any new sterek highschool au?

Well, our absolute favs are under our High School AU tag but, because we don’t want you to lack anything, here is a rec of doom (there’s more than 30 fics here) with all the other fics I’ve read in the last few months/years! - C


Just Pretend by dragon_temeraire

Stiles tells his dad he has a boyfriend. The problem is, he doesn’t actually have one.

Something New Is Going to Happen by dragon_temeraire

Stiles accidentally discovers that their school mascot is super cute.

All the broken hearts in the world still beat by dragon_temeraire

Stiles totally needs to make Lydia Martin jealous. Yeah. And his best chance is to convince star lacrosse player Derek Hale to (fake) date him.

Smile On The Sidelines by clotpolesonly

Derek was not pining.

Not to say that he didn’t miss Stiles, didn’t want to be with him at that moment (or literally any moment, to be quite honest), but he wasn’t one of those obnoxious clingy people who lost track of the world as soon his boyfriend was out of his sight.

It was just a basketball game anyway.

“Five Days in Detention” (A Future Song by Stiles Stilinski) by alisvolatpropiis

It’s still preseason, sure, but he needs to be practicing. He led the team to the State semifinals last year, and he’s determined to not only make it to the finals this year, but to win the title. He should be on the field right now, practicing his play calls and prepping for next week’s season opener against Saint Pius.

And he can’t do that if he’s wasting his time in detention with these losers. There are a couple of burnouts lazing over some seats by the window, one kid with his face on a desk, hood over his head, and a few Goth kids are sitting in the back corner, looking surly and morose. Maybe you wouldn’t be so miserable if you didn’t listen to such shitty music, he thinks, turning towards his usual seat in the back of the room.

He pauses for the briefest of moments when he sees who’s already sitting there, in the second-to-last row, black-clad limbs spread out, acoustic guitar in his lap, long fingers casually plucking at the strings.

Stiles Stilinski.

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We were young once. We were little, always wearing satin dresses and plastic crowns. Always giggling and running around the truth. Not much has changed. We’re a little older, a little bolder, wearing velvet and chokers. Except now, we don’t even know what we’re avoiding. We get glimpses in between sips of vodka, and only then do we speak our mind. Ask if someone’s okay when they’re sober, they’ll assure you they are without missing a beat. But when they’re been drinking, reality tends to slip out their lips. In some cases, the dose of truth is too strong and bitter - it’ll burn more than the vodka, that’s for sure. You’ll float between consciousness like a flickering light, never lasting long before plunging into the dark once again. Sometimes when you wake up you’ll be laughing, because everything is ironic and you can’t figure out how you got to this point. Other times, you’ll be sitting on the cold bathroom floor with tears rolling down your cheeks, because you understand the dark thing within you. A thing that you wouldn’t even touch as child, when you believed everything was good and brought light and glitter wherever you went. You’ll understand how it infected you, leaving black residue over your heart and lungs and anything else its hands could touch. You’ll understand how it changed you, because now you’re the dark thing ruining everything you touch.


Fate, Destiny, Whatever. (Lin x Reader)

Word Count: 24,698

Warnings: Smut ‘n swears

Authors Note: Yo, I’m really proud of this fic y’all. I know it’s long but it would mean the world to me if you could just take some time out of your day to read it it. I would honestly mean so much. Feedback would also be greatly appreciated, let me know what you thought!! also shout out to @adolescenthowell FOR LITERALLY HAVING TO DEAL WITH ME COMPLAIN ABOUT CLOSURE FOR THE PAST LIKE 3 WEEKS TO NO AVAIL. WE QUOTED ALOT OF THOSE LATE NIGHT CONVOS. LOVE U.

Summary: Lin’s convinced you and him are soulmates, but you believe you’ve only found your way to him by a coincidence. Would you have found your way to him if you had met him in a different time all together? Was it fate? Was it destiny? Or was it whatever?

Requests: nothin but my own noggin

Tags: @hamilton-noodles


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“Honey!” Lin called from down the hall.

“What?” you yelled back, eyes not moving from your laptop.

“Come and look at these.” You heard your husband’s voice strain, and you cracked a smile before closing your laptop.

You walked down the hall to his office. You were fully expecting him to show you a new melody, or a rap; instead you were greeted with him sitting on his floor, an array of photo albums spread around him and loose polaroids and pictures scattered all around the floor.

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He’s My Prince

Pairing: Disneyland Prince!Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1515

Summary: An AU where Jensen is a Disneyland Prince and the reader’s niece is totally in love with his character and it might just lead to something more between you and him.

A/N – This is my submission for @teamfreewill-imagine Jamie’s 21st Jobs Celebration, with the job: Disneyland Prince, sorry I couldn’t get it out on your birthday.

‘Are we there yet, Auntie Y/N?’ Your seven year old niece had asked from beside you, in the car.

‘Not yet, my little Aurora,’ you replied, both hands on the wheel, checking the directions on your phone, telling you that you had a little over an hour to get there, to Disneyland! ‘I bet you if you took a nap, we’d be there a lot quicker besides it dark now and the park will be closed. Your mama will kill me if she finds out you’re up past your bedtime anyway.’

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Reyna Writes: Hello Again - A Louper Reunion Fic



(Two things: let it be known that I know nothing about hacking, and that this is canon divergent…but I’m a fanfic writer, so that should surprise no one. :P)

Okay, fiddle with a code here, enter a new algorithm there–whoa, seriously? Someone was trying to trace him? Really?

Louis snorted and ducked through another digital backdoor, leading the tracer astray with a false IP address. Once that was done, he continued on with his work, smirking all the while. This was way too easy at this point–either Louis had gotten way too good at what he does, or his targets just kept getting dumber and dumber. Either way, this was basically child’s play now.

There was a small tap to his arm, and Louis paused.

Speaking of children…

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Let Me Teach You A Lesson :: Eggsy Unwin Imagine

This took so long, I am so so so sorry! I hope you like it though! Requests and prompts are open!

Request: Love ur blog so much do u think u could maybe do an eggsy imagine where y/n is dancing with someone else and eggsy gets really jealous and Smut smut smut stuff and have a cute ending -Anon

Eggsy’s Point of View

I make my way over to the usual table on the patio at the coffee shop and plop down in the seat in front of the pretty (c/h) female. “Hey there (y/n),” I winked causing her to smile with a shake of her head, “Hi Eggsy.” I smile at her and nervously bit my lip, “What’s wrong?” she asks as I fiddle with the collar of my polo. “Well, remember I work at Kingsman?” I start and she nods, “Well the company is holding their annual ball this Friday…and I uh, was wondering if you could be my date. Only if you want to!” I quickly add in a slightly louder tone causing her to laugh. She nods quickly with a huge grin, “Yeah I’ll love to go with you!” “Really?” I blink in awe at her smiling and sipping away at her iced coffee, “Really!”

Normal Point of View

I twirl in front of the mirror as if I was a teenage girl all over again getting ready for prom. Which is kind of funny and nostalgic since Eggsy was also my prom date back when we were in high school. Although, we actually didn’t go to prom due to his financial issues, instead we dressed ‘pretty’ and went out to a diner and had a movie marathon back at my place. But honestly I couldn’t ask for anything more, it was perfect, and prom is totally overrated anyways. I scoff and look over to the cheap plastic crown sitting on top of my shelf, besides we won prom king and queen, I thought as a placed the dusty cheap plastic crown that Eggsy got from the dollar store on to my head. In all honesty it looked a little stupid, with the beautiful flowing (colour) dress and the perfect curls pulled over my left shoulder. Suddenly the doorbell rang, erupting me from my mirror daze. I carefully take off the plastic crown, setting it back to its original place before bounding down the stairs. I all too excitedly swing open the door to come face to face with the handsome Eggsy decked out with his fitted Kingsman suit, classically slicked back hair, topped off with those thick dark rimmed glasses he sometimes wear. “Well aren’t you handsome,” I shyly smile while pulling on my heels. The blonde flashes me his famous grin and winks, “I can say the same to you, gorgeous.” With that he swept me off my feet and escorted me to the Kingsman ball.


It was simply awful. I wish I never came.

Was I being a little dramatic? Why yes, maybe just a smidge I huff, taking yet another swig of alcohol. I down my third cup of the night and rest my chin in my hands, eyes never once leaving Eggsy’s tall stature on the dance floor. After entering the stupid ball never once had Eggsy looked my way, or yet even talked to me, hell he hasn’t even been in a 3 meters radius of me since we got here hours ago. A heavy sigh escaped my lips and I drop my face into my hands, I should’ve seen this coming. But there I was hours ago thinking that maybe I would have a chance of Eggsy even thinking about maybe being more than friends, never have I felt this self conscious as I was now. I bitterly laugh at the pathetic being I was as I remember how incompetent I was compared to any other living female that walked this damned planet. Shaking my head to clear the on coming hot tears, I flag down the bartender for another drink. “I will die happy if I could unseen all the shit I’ve seen all night” I mumble to myself, chugging down my fourth drink angrily all the while watching Eggsy holding beautiful hot women close to him while dancing and smiling into their perfect soft locks of hair. It makes me sick, I jealously huff getting up to leave. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter if I was here or not I laugh, it’s not like he would realize that I left.

I spare one last glance at him in hopes to maybe catch him staring back, but it never came. Getting up from my stool at the open bar I make my way to the exit, but obviously being me, I never got far. “Hi there,” smiled a tall brunette, “Leaving so soon?” I blink up at him in slight confusion, was he talking to me? “Uh…yeah.” He frowned slightly before a smug smile stretched across his face, “Well that’s a shame, I was wondering if you would join me in one dance.” I laugh with a shake of my head causing a numb throb to resonate in my head, probably shouldn’t have drank that much and so fast in one sitting, “I guess one dance won’t hurt.” He grins and loops his arm around my shoulders leading me to the dancing crowd. I guess if he worked for Kingsman he wouldn’t be so bad, since Eggsy said that you needed to be a proper gentleman to actually work there. But then again, men still have needs, I conclude as I feel his hand travelling a little too south on my waist. I should’ve said something but I didn’t, maybe the alcohol didn’t help with my need for someone’s attention, or maybe it just slowed the hell out of my brain. I couldn’t even comprehend what happened as I felt a familiar hand rest on my shoulder, gently pulling me into a firm chest. “That’s enough Lucan, I think it’s my turn to dance with her.” I look over my shoulder and of course there stood Eggsy with his little smirk, even though I was slightly tipsy I couldn’t help but notice the dangerous glint in his olive green eyes. “As you wish, Galahad,” the brunette male bows, almost teasingly, placing a chaste kiss on the back of my hand before stepping away into the crowd. “What the hell was that?” Eggsy snapped quietly into my ear, quietly but surely angrily. “I was dancing?” I laugh scratching my cheek. The blonde pulls my hand away and rubbed away at the spot where the guy, apparently Lucan, kissed and added, “Anyone but him, okay.” I frown and pull away from him, “Why does it matter? I can dance with whoever I want Eggsy. Besides…it shouldn’t bother you, last time I checked you were the one that didn’t want to dance with me or heck, even being seen with me, okay? Can I please, please, just go home?” The male furrows his eyebrows together and shake his head, “That’s not true, far from the truth actually.” I look up into his deep green orbs and bit my lip as he continues, “Before you go, can you please just have one dance with me?” “Okay…” I shyly mumble looking at the glossy floor.

Eggsy’s strong arms encircles my waist and pulls me flush against his chest as my arms hesitantly wrap around his neck, holding him close as I bury my face into the crook of his neck. “Eggsy,” I mumble into his shoulder, “Why have you been avoiding me all night?” He chuckles, dipping his head near the shell of my ear and whispers huskily, “Cause, you drive me crazy. I can’t control myself when you look like that.” My cheeks warm and I timidly smile against his collar, “Really?” He nods and noses the shell of my ear, “Mhmm, when I look at you thoughts fill my head.” “What kind of thoughts?” “Dirty thoughts, really dirty thoughts,” he whispers lowly before licking the shell of my ear and nipping at the cartilage softly. A quiet moan escaped my parted lips, I dig my fingernails into his shoulder attempting to keep quiet as his lips travelled along my neck. “Eggsy, not here,” I heavily breathe, “Someone might see.” “What’s so wrong with that, you are my girlfriend,” he cheekily adds before sucking onto the supple skin on my neck, erupting a whimper from my throat. “G-Girlfriend?” I stutter out and he nods, “And I thought I was the tipsy one (y/n), tut tut, besides no one is going to notice.” He hums kissing my exposed chest, but of course leaving a few dark purple bruises on the swells of my breasts. “E-Eggsy, I swear to god!” I cry squeezing my eyes shut as his wet appendage plunged into the crack of my cleavage, “I…I can’t! Not here,” I sigh as I feel his fingers slide up and down the crack of my ass before his fingers push at the (f/c) fabric of my dress, allowing him a more direct access to finger me over the textile. His long index and middle finger presses small tight circles into my opening, it felt amazing yet foreign, no one has ever touched me down there before, let alone myself. I moan loudly into his blonde gelled tresses making odd strangled noises. “I can’t, Eggsy please!” I beg, clawing at his back relentlessly as his fingers attempt to plunge into my folds regardless of the fabric of my dress and underwear blocking his entrance. “Ahh, whatever you want princess,” he hums lifting his face away from my chest to sweetly kiss my lips. His fingers tug at the clingingly damp fabric away from my core to stroke my back lovingly, “Shall we continue back at the hotel?”


Thank gods for Kingsman to take precautions that there would be lots of celebration drinking and such, providing all the guests a room to stay at a high-end hotel nonetheless. I sigh contently as Eggsy lifts me onto the bed and hovering over me with his signature smirk, “Love that dress on ya princess, but it’s time for it to come off.” The blonde hums as he unzips the dress and pulls the long textile off my body, leaving me in just my lacy and embarrassingly damp (f/c) underwear. “Ah, aren’t you naughty, and soaking wet,” he chuckles deeply dipping down to kiss my lips again. But this time we would go on without trying to be discreet. I groan loudly as his pearly white teeth tugs at my bottom lip, forcing me to part my lips for him. He excitedly runs his tongue over the roof of my mouth before rolling his appendage against mine. I could tell that he was letting me be dominant over him as I easy pushed him onto his back, straddling him as I pushed my tongue into his warm cavern. He groans into my mouth as I tug at his blonde locks, easily dishevelling his previously perfect gelled back hair. I pull away to look down at a heaving Eggsy, who was surprisingly really submissive for the most part, until I moved my fingers away from his hair to slide off his glasses. Almost instantly a glint sparked in his eyes, he flips me over onto my back, “Do you understand that you can not dance with anyone but me now?” He teasing smirks, practically begging me to say no, so I did, “No Eggsy I do, not, understand” I smile as his widens, “Well then, let me teach you a lesson.”

He tugs down my panties and continued on what he started at the ball without any barriers and restrictions. Eggsy once again slips his index and middle finger into my folds, massaging gently into the warm wet skin. When wet enough, his fingers slip into the folds and pump in and out at a steady and quick rhythm. A moan escapes my constricting throat while I claw at his still clothed back. “Wait…Eggsy your clothes,” I breathlessly say tugging at his tie and he smirks knowing my intention. He quickly sits up and threw off his suit into the unknown corner of the huge hotel room, then went his dress shirt, and his fitted trousers, everything but his crisp black tie. I giggle at his cute little kink and encouraged it by tugging at his loosened tie to bring his lips back onto mine. Eggsy falls back onto his knees and pulls me onto his lap, I gasp as I feel his clothed bulge press into my sensitive nub of nerves. A high pitched whine rips from my throat, racking my entire body as Eggsy thrusts and grinds his hardening bulge into my warmth. My grip on his tie tightens impeccably as I burry my face into his shoulder seeking for comfort, especially when one of his hands that were holding onto my hips slid up to cup my breast and kneading the soft globe. I hiccup into his collarbone and pant out, “P-Please Eggsy…stop teasing.” He hums and purses his lips in attempt to put on his thinking face, “Eggsy!” I pout and he laughs, “You got it darling.”

Eggsy’s strong arm curls around my torso to lift up my body from his lap, as his other hand tugged off his black boxer briefs. He gently settles me back onto his lap and I shyly glance down to take the sight of him in. Eggsy was huge, his long thick length stood tall with pre-cum at it’s tip, I gap at his lower region and he chuckles stroking my back comfortingly. “Are you ready?” he huskily breathes into my ear as he spreads my thighs open while lowering me slowly down onto his length. I nod while biting my lip as I feel his tip prodding into my folds, olive eyes make eye contact with mine in a silent gesture to make sure that I was okay. Nodding again for him to continue he embraces me tightly and lowers me slowly but surely onto his full length. A groan escapes both our lips simultaneously as he throbs inside me and I tightly pulse around him. “So tight,” he whimpers and I laugh, causing both of us a slight discomfort and a spark of arousal. We sat there holding each other in silence, embracing one another tightly and lovingly before we mutually decided to move. His large calloused hands rest on my hips guiding me to ride him, when steady pants left my body he decided that I was ready for him to start moving as well. Eggsy thrusts upwards causing an unreal friction to build between our bodies causing my head to toss back. I wrap my hands tightly around his neck, attempting to ground myself as I feel my body slip into euphoria. He slams his hard length into my core relentlessly as I fail to keep up with his strong complete thrusts. I call out his name as the knot in my stomach tightens considerably, tightening around his hot cock, and I cry out as I became undone all over his length. Eggsy cusses under his breath before he also becomes undone, filling up my entire core with his hot seed, “Fuck!” he groans riding out our organisms causing our juices to mix and leak all over his lap, seeping into the sheets. “And that’s lesson one,” the blonde pants with a huge grin as he pulls us both down to lay on our sides on the fluffy mattress. I laugh and hug him tightly as he reciprocates, “Don’t dance with any one but Eggsy. But honestly, if you are going to do this every time I do, I just might.” He scoffs and kisses my temple, “If you don’t I will reward you, princess.” “That sounds good too,” I smile, “I love you, by the way” I add with a soft laugh and his arms tighten around my body. “And I love you most, okay.” “I’m glad we finally got that out there, after how many years,” I yawn. He smiles and nods, “Me too,” he confesses before gently pulling out and pulling the covers over the both of us.

hear you me (a cinderella story au): chapter one

fandom: riverdale

pairing: jughead jones and archie andrews, betty cooper and veronica lodge

word count: 7k

on ao3


Jughead Jones is antisocial and brooding, invisible to everyone except for his bestfriend Betty Cooper who works on the school newspaper with him. Due to his fathers death, he’s forced to be under the care of his step-mother, Penelope Blossom; doing chores for her and her twins, Cheryl and Jason.
Archie Andrews is Riverdale High’s star quarterback, who is adored by all. But despite his father’s wishes to work for the family business, Archie secretly aspires to be a musician.
Under the name ‘burgerboy’, Jughead confides to 'musicman’, someone he met on an online form for LGBTQ+ teens; which eventually turns into an online relationship. He has no idea that 'musicman’ is Archie Andrews, his ex-bestfriend who doesn’t even remember he exists.

a/n: hey guys! this fic was inspired by this gifset that compared jarchie’s make up scene in 1x02 to a cinderella story, and since i have no self control, i created this. please let me know what you think!

Jughead Jones was seven when his dad died. Back then he wasn’t known as Jughead, but by his birthname, ‘Forsythe Pendleton Jones III’, although Jughead didn’t really think that name was much better. ‘Jughead’ was a teasing name his step-siblings, Cheryl and Jason Blossom called him once their parents had married the year prior to his dad’s death. After his dad died, he let his real name die too- ‘Forsythe’ constantly reminded that his father was gone, as he was named after him. He would never forget what happened that June day, partly due to the nightmares he still had; but also because he was the last one to talk to his dad before he passed.

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Hey, Madi! I love your blog! I was wondering if you could recommend me some post!divorce/post!break-up Sterek fanfics. I'm in the mood for some snark, jealousy, angst and happy endings, of course. Thank you in advance! Howl for Sterek!

Hi hi! 

Here’s some I’ve loved(*) and some I’ve been meaning to read:


*Lord knows it would be the first time by uraneia // 12k. E.

Stiles is home from Berkeley for the summer, but only because he promised the pack. He’d rather not see Derek, because whatever the thing was that they were doing, they’re not doing it anymore, and it sucks.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a choice. The betas tried a magical remedy for Derek’s melancholy, and now Stiles has a three-year-old who looks like Derek. Stiles doesn’t know how to deal with that, and he definitely doesn’t know how to tell the betas he and Derek were secret fuck buddies for a year and a half.

*waiting for you to say it first by paradis // 8k. T.

Four months.

Four months they’ve managed to avoid one another. Stiles quit going to pack meetings. He quit doing research unless Scott really, really begged him to. He avoided driving the road that led out to the turnoff to the Hale house, he avoided going to all the spots where Derek might possibly be. Four months, and now, here they are, standing in the Minit Mart, Stiles thinks, staring down at the grimy tiles. He can hear the catch of Derek’s breath, and he closes his eyes and breathes deep.

i have always been the storm by stilinskisparkles // 25k. E.

“You’re all headed out to Oklahoma in a week.”

Derek snaps his head up, stares at him in horror, “No, boss.”

Yes,” Finstock insists in a steely voice. “The NSSL have been on at us for a year about some decent exposure, and I think you’re just the team to do it.”

“I haven’t done weather since college,” Derek protests.

Boyd snorts again, presumably because he’s thinking back to the time when Derek and the weather last collided and he…. well, did the guy into the weather for a brief, wonderful, terribly foolish time. But, Boyd needs to shut up before Derek punches him on the nose.

In a Straight Line Down by standinginanicedress // 40k. T.

“So you want to go to Prom with me just so you can get a plastic crown and a fifty dollar gift card to Outback Steakhouse.”

Stiles sets his jaw. He wants to go to prom with Derek because he wants to go to prom with Derek. But, of course, he’s stubborn and prideful and can’t admit to Derek how it’s barely been twelve hours since they officially broke up and he’s already barely handling it as it is, so he just raises his chin in the air and says, “yes.”

Coming Home by Dexterous_Sinistrous // 4k. G.

They loved passionately. They fought passionately.

They married young. They divorced young.

Sometimes, things aren’t over when you think they are. Sometimes, you just need to come home.

she’s a queen. even though she can’t find her king, she wears her crown fooling everyone around into thinking she’s royalty. she says she’s happy but she never says it joyfully. she’s looking for loyalty. looking for some to cuddle in bed. looking for someone to stop the tears that she sheds. looking for someone to keep that crown on her head before she rips it off & slams it one the ground into little pieces. looking for someone to order pizza with and to share her pieces with. looking for someone to turn that plastic crown into a real one.

PHILIPPINES, Manila : A man wears a plastic crown in an alley covered in mud at Banaba village, Marikina City, suburban Manila on September 20, 2014. Heavy rains brought by the outer bands of Tropical Storm Fung-Wong shut down the Philippine capital on September 19, stranding motorists and forcing tens of thousands to flee their flooded homes, officials said. AFP PHOTO/NOEL CELIS

the LANCE BIRTHDAY HEADCANONS that will treat you right
  • don’t try to tell me Lance doesn’t LOVE being the birthday boy. he laps that appreciation the hell up. he probably wears a plastic glitter crown the entire time
  • he demands that everyone temporarily set their phone wallpapers to a pic of him for the day (except Hunk because that’s already his wallpaper)
  • when Pidge smashes his face into the cake he pretends to be annoyed but really he’s been hyping himself up for this moment since five months ago. he planned his reaction and everything
  • when it’s his birthday everyone has to have fun too! Obviously his idea of a party is blasting 80s disco beats over the castle speakers and making the training arena an impromptu dance floor (he outdances everyone but Allura)
  • attempts to do body shots (with the green goo) off Shiro’s stomach. Coran cries
  • also attempts to film a vlog at some point. 80% of the footage is Keith holding the camera aimed up at his double chin
  • he goes for a solo ride with Blue and shouts pick up lines @ every planet he passes 
  • (thinks of his family and hopes they’re celebrating too even if he can’t be there with them)
  • CRIES LIKE A BABY when he opens every present even if allura & coran gave him an egg-shaped rock

Title: Newest Attention To The Family

Summary: the family throws a birthday party for baby reader

Chapter 4

A/n: the text version of this would load

Warning: mentions of Volturi
Today was the day that the Cullen/Hale family would celebrate the birthday of (Y/n) Grace Cullen/Hale, since Carlisle confirmed that she was but a few weeks old they decided on having that they would celebrate her being well just a few weeks old. Even though it was odd to most for celebrating a baby being only a few weeks old the Cullen/Hale family didn’t seem to mind at all.

Sending two teams out to get the stuff ready for the party they sent Jasper with Alice and the new parents out, Rosalie and Emmett, but Rosalie already being attached didn’t wanna leave (y/n) home if she wasn’t there but after some convincing from Esme and Bella she knew her daughter was in safe hands.

Still having a nagging feeling in her gut Bella assured Rosalie it was just her being worried for her child as any new mother would be for their kid, nodding the four Cullen/Hale’s drove off in their cars/jeeps and hit town to go get some things.

It was a rainy day today so it was easier for the Cullen/Hale’s to be out today, dividing up Alice and Jasper hit the party store to get some decorations while Rosalie went off to the baker to put in a order for a cake and Emmett went off to get presents.

Renesmee had been skyping with Jacob when she decided to show off her cousin, holding the camera straight Jacob watched as Renesmee walked over to Esme, who was currently holding the baby, and faced the camera towards her.

“Look (n/n), look at your big cousin. I want you to meet someone.” Renesmee said gaining the child’s attention, Jacob watched as the baby faced him her red eyes starting into his brown ones and she bobbed her head up and down as Esme bounced her on her lap. 

(Y/n) have Jacob a gummy smile before she exploded into a giggling fit as he smiled back at her. “Well aren’t you just adorable.” Jacob smiled towards the child before Renesmee the turnt the camera back over to face her, “Today’s her birthday!”, Jacob could tell Renessmee was excited. 

“Oh really how old is she turning?” He asked curious on how old the child was going to be, “She just a few weeks old.” Renesmee stated remembering what Carlisle said not to long ago, “Will you come attend her party, please Jacob?!” Jacob smiled in adoration, while Renesmee continued to beg he finally gave in to his mates whining and told her he would bring the pack to see if it was okay with them, she could hear arguing in background before she heard Sam say, “Fine but  Paul and Jared coming too.”, Renesmee squealed in delight before she said her goodbyes followed by her family saying bye afterwards, soon Jacob hung up up and went to go get Paul and Jared.

Alice and Jasper had returned a bit earlier then Roslie and Emmett so they decided to get everything ready, with it raining outside they had to have the party inside, not that anyone minded. Jasper and Edward would hang up the banner while Bella and Carlise would blow up the balloons or hang up the already floated ones. Renesmee kept (y/n) occupied by putting on a hand puppet show which amused the baby to no ending and Esme got started on making a couple of dishes. Sure they didn’t have to eat, but with Paul, Jared and Jacob coming over which Rosalie was not happy about until Edward assured her that was only coming over to say happy birthday and then give (y/n) presents before leaving Rosalie gave in.

Emmett placed the presents he bought for his daughter onto a table that was off to the side of the room, one by one each family member would leave and return a few hours later with presents. Rosalie picked her child up from the floor and decided to give her a bath and get her dressed in a outfit before the party started.

A truck pulled up in front of the house and out exited Jacob followed by Paul and Jared who each held a present for the newest Cullen/Hale child, Esme opened up the door greeting the three boys and lead them upstairs to the almost ready party. Renesmee ran over and hugged Jacob greeting him and his friends before she ran off to join her mom and dad who were in the kitchen helping Esme place the dishes down on the table.

“Hello Jacob, Jared. Paul.” Carlisle greeted showing them over to the gift table where they placed their presents for (y/n) down, going to sit on the couch Jared decided to break the awkward silence, “So where’s this mysterious birthday girl?” Bella smiled and replied “She’s getting ready.”

Emmett got the cam recorder ready as his wife stepping out with his daughter, a smiled tugged on his lips. (Y/n) wore a blue and white dress that had lace at the bottom of it, she wore black mary-jane’s on her feet white white socks that came up to her calf. A plastic crown was on her head which was clearly to big for her but she didn’t seem to mind as she just smiled and giggled at everyone.

“Come on time for pictures!” Esme smiled, Emmett placed the camera down and Alice took the camera that they had on the couch and waited for Rosalie and Emmett to stand in front of the white background paper they hung up, after snapping pictures of both parents with (y/n) or just (y/n) by herself they decided to cut the cake.

While Alice was bringing the cake she suddenly stopped and dropped the cake onto the floor, her eyes wide and mouth opened in shock, Jasper rushed over to her, “What’s wrong? What did you see?”, he asked.

“The Volturi, they know about (y/n). And their coming.”

anonymous asked:

Do you have any father Ushijima headcanons? like the type of father he would be 💛 thank youuu

As a matter of fact, I do, anon. It’s a problem because I am so fucking weak for soft!Ushi that it’s sort of an issue (ask admin Alyx lolol) so please enjoy
~Admin Emma

  • His parents were sort of low-key absent when he was growing up. He was sort of close to his dad, but he’s not really around anymore, and his mother basically stopped hugging him once he turned five or six. It really affected him, and he vowed he would never be like that with his own kids.
  • He missed the birth of his first child. He kept his phone on him, but after two false alarms during an important match, he put his phone on silent and left it in his bag. By the time the match was over, his son was already born. You tried to reassure him about it after the fact, but he’s always felt awful about it.
  • He spoils his children with affection. All through their newborn phase, if they were crying, he picked them up. He just wants to hold them and protect them always. It low key breaks his heart when his kids get too big to pick up anymore.
  • He’s a sucker for the newborn smell. There’s something special about the way babies’ heads smell, and you catch him with his nose buried in his baby's’ hair all the time. It soothes him in a lot of ways.
  • He has 100% fallen asleep on the couch with the baby on the chest. It may or may not have been your phone background for a long time. You sent Tendou a picture and the only response you got was a series of screams.
  • He becomes super-dad pretty quickly. He has a sixth sense for when his kids are getting into mischief; he can catch a thrown or spit-out pacifier in mid-air without looking up from his tablet; he can silence bickering with a look. Sadly, he has no advice for his friends with kids. It’s all very instinctual.
  • Sometimes, he’ll watch his kids sleep because they are just the most amazing things in the world? They’re like a piece of you and him and he helped make them and they came out of the person he loves most in the world and he loves them so much. He sometimes gets a little overwhelmed and cries a bit.
  • He is super supportive of his kids in anything and everything they want to do. If they like volleyball, even better, but if not, then that’s cool too. He is at every recital, every art show, every game… he does his best to show his kids that he cares.
  • When he does bedtime stories, he high key does the voices. It’s a little silly but very sweet and his kids always laugh.
  • He allows himself to become a human jungle gym. He’s strong enough he can support the weight, and the children are having a ball, so he doesn’t really mind. He’s also very big, so he can imagine it’s fun for them.
  • Even if he’s just come home from training or a game and he’s exhausted, he’s always 100% down for playtime with the kiddos, and he follows all their rules. If they’re playing pretend, he plays along. If they say he’s the bad guy, he puts on his best villain smile for them. If he’s the princess, then damn it he will wear the damn plastic crown and he’ll be the princess (even if his princess voice is lacking.)