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can you do hcs or an imagine with dally being sick with an upset stomach and mrs curtis takes care of him :,)

I was going to make a fic out of this but I just don’t have the energy so here’s some headcanon stuff!!!!!!

-Mrs. Curtis is usually a pretty hands off “take a nap take some aspirin” kinda mom but whenever she’s dealing with someone else’s kind she feels like she’s kinda gotta step it up a little.

-She can always tell when Dally is sick. He’s usually a gigantic smartass but when he doesn’t feel well he doesn’t talk at all. Like at-all at-all.

-If he or Steve or Johnny has anything worse than the sniffles/a hangover she’ll take the day off to watch them.

-Mostly the day consists of Dally and Mrs. Curtis making fun of daytime television.

-Classic plastic puke bowl every family has.

-Unlimited ginger ale and cool cloths. Like a spa except it’s the ghetto and it’s your friend’s mom sponging puke off your face.

-Makes him some Campbell’s soup because that’s just what you do.

-She’s definitely the kinda person who kisses your forehead to see if you have a fever.

-He pretends to hate being doted over but honestly it’s a refreshing experience.

-Somebody usually has to fork over their bedroom for the sickie.

-She disinfects everything and he pretends to sneeze on things just to fuck with her.

-He’s always trying to antagonize her. She can usually tell when he’s feeling better because he’ll slowly stop being polite and meek and go directly back to his jackass self.

“I expect this sort of tomfoolery from the Americans, but not the Germans!”


Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry #80

“You know John, boys will be boys!”

That’s what Bobby told my Dad one day when Dean and I were fooling around in the middle of the piles of scrap metal and tires of Singer Salvage, playing cops and robbers, scampering over the carcasses of old Cadillacs and Chevys. Our father thought we were a bit too noisy for his taste and were preventing him from focusing on an important case but our favorite uncle (and the only one we ever knew) came to the rescue to remind John Winchester that his sons were kids and also, that’s what brothers do when they’re together: scream, laugh, play, imagine they are Indiana Jones, Han Solo or Captain America fighting evil, chasing each other with an axe and a knife in order to slit each other’s throats.

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Classic - Steve Rogers x Reader

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Words: 1331
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Featuring: Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark
Warnings: really cliche ending but y'know we need one of those every once-in-a-while. Other than that I don’t think anything.
Requested by @therejectedalien
Hey! Sorry to be a bother but I’ve had a random idea running thorough my head for the past few days. A Steve or Bucky piece based on the song "Classic” by MKTO. Just sounds cute to me. :) Keep writing you are amazing.
Author’s Note: This is a song fic based off of the song above ^^ and you can check it out here! I also chose Steve because I get so many requests for Bucky I decided it was high time for a steve fic :) AND thanks squirrel squad for your opinions on the plan for this XD And thank you, requester, I’m glad you like my stuff!

Masterlist. Request List.

I wanna thrill you like Michael, I wanna kiss you like Prince, let’s get it on like Marvin Gaye…

You’re one of a kind living in a world gone plastic. Baby, you’re so classic.

"What are you doing tonight?” Sam asked Steve as he was writing what seemed to be some reports.

Steve shrugged. “Probably not much.”

“Great, then let-”

“He has a date.” Natasha cut in.

“What?” Steve asked, confused. “Natasha, no.”

“Come on, you’ll like this one, trust me.” She pleaded. “They’re a friend.”

“This is your last chance, Romanoff.” He rolled his eyes. He was beyond done with Natasha trying to set him up, he just wanted to do it on his own if he ever even thought of having a girlfriend or boyfriend.

“I promise, this is the one.” She smiled, and walked out of the room to text you.

She sent you the details that she later told Steve. You had no idea who you were going on a date with, but Natasha was determined to set you up. She had been trying for years, and no matter how much you tried to get out of it, you couldn’t. So you went through all those dates for all those years, and she finally swore that this was the one. You only agreed to get her to shut up.

You didn’t overdress, but you didn’t want to make a bad impression. You went with what was comfortable, you were only doing this to make Natasha happy.

You told the hostess that the reservation was under “Romanoff” and that you were meeting someone at the restaurant. When you arrived at your table, you realized you were there before your date, so that gave you a minute to pull out your phone.

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