plastic castle


Love beats all ^-^

Between The Waves

Can’t this fictional mise-en-vie
lift from the branch, extorting
any literally any voice to speak.
I put costume jewelry on Vishu.
It could be Shiva, does it matter?
The dishes collect, the calls from
who knows who knows, the dim
exasperated looks at the known
nothing. Pleasure trips to bathtubs.
Creaking into sideways basket
weaving with my hands tied to
your spit. Around my thighs, my
brink builds a plastic grocery bag
castle. I thought I tore the ligament
the pushes the sea into my chest.
My same in happy sold breathing
lain to forgetful hands who wisp.

All past could be a transit state. Like
harpsichord movement and refills the
pump. Scratch the pine lake driven
light makes light within more sad
that I gave nearly every wick away.
Goodbye rearsome smile, design
from the sand to sweep into fain
arms upward it goes to salve this
expression. Disheveled grief that
the future projected from budgets.
Necklaces made from anthropo
frogs. The dreads are become
a memory of when I had faces
reflecting the mirror. Lying in bed,
the crosswalk seems forever gone
to mend, to press, the look, each
second grows on the moment ache.

Pigeon toes led the way to the first
street I lived on. When the world
wasn’t so weary with my regret,
when I didn’t wake up before dawn
and beg the animals to come out,
when love had a name I could
enunciate into the rusty bicycle
chain. I spray the silicon solution
but it doesn’t seem to take. How
monsoons make the coins. The
boy with the urn dangled his eyes
from the creek bridge, saw a rock
that resembled a pig, threw his
chalk into the road. You can buy
me some rainbow scarf to swallow,
I will wait inside the taste of now.


My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Canterlot Castle Playset: A Review

The newest castle just arrived yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to open it up and see everything! In case you’re curious, the newest castle was just listed on Amazon last week, and at almost three feet tall and priced at $100 (currently on Amazon for $90), it’s the biggest, most ambitious G4 building yet! 

First off, lemme assuage some concerns: the castle is not a plastic frame with a cardboard backing. Although there are some cardboard inserts, the majority of the castle is plastic, and feels very sturdy. However, many of the accessories are recycled from G3. Upside - it comes with a crown for you to wear!

To start off, it arrives in a huge box! Our size-model today is a G3 Blankie, rehaired in GITD white!

I really like the shading they used on the vectors for the back!

On the side of the box, we get to see some of the accessories!

“Here’s some ponies we didn’t include, so go spend some more after dropping $100 on this castle!” 

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