plastic bag bans

the president of nigeria is about to fuck boko haram up and cut his own salary in half and criminalized female genital mutilation

the president of guinea built/is building infrastructure and school and wells all over the country and is decreasing youth unemployment exponentially

the president of cote d’ivoire made school mandatory of children ages 6-16 and banned plastic bags while also building ultra modern trasportation infrastructure

the future is for real in africa 

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Got plastic bags banned in my state, for the most part people don't care but I've had a few get mad about it. One old lady bought a laser pointer, nothing else, then after I finished ringing her up asked for a bag. I told her we didn't have any, she got pissed and said she wouldn't be coming back. 1) It ain't my fault. 2) You could have put it in your purse or your pocket. Go buy a cloth bag you cunt.

so the environment is going to shit and the ice caps are melting but there are little things you can do to help

  • eat less meat, or meat that isn’t from cows (chicken, pork, and seafood are good alternatives)
  • why do you have to highlight text to bring up the option to make this a bullet pointed list jfc
  • recycle or repurpose trash wherever you can
  • donate your old clothes instead of throwing them away
  • use reusable bags when you’re grocery shopping they’re like 99c for one giant bag (plastic bags are now banned in california as of november 2016)
  • buy your fruits & veggies from local farmers if possible
  • plant a tree anywhere honestly
  • drink water from refillable bottles
  • you get a discount at almost every coffee shop for bringing in a travel mug

there’s a bunch of other stuff too that i can’t remember so feel free to add- we’re fucked but we aren’t beyond pulling ourselves out of this pit

WHO (World Health Organisation) have officially declared that processed meat such as bacon, burgers and sausages are a cancer risk. These products have been added to their ‘encyclopaedia of carcinogens’ and their list of products most likely to cause disease alongside cigarettes and asbestos. 

It’s been announced that as of 2017, Germany are going to ban “chick shredding” where male chicks from the egg industry are ground up alive hours after hatching because they can neither lay eggs nor grow fast enough to be profitable for meat. Suffocating these chicks in plastic bags will also be banned.

Due to draught and the declining demand for red meat, Minnesota has just closed its last beef processing plant, meaning that the entire state no longer commercially slaughters cows. 

Today is a good day for animals!