plastic addiction

So I finally got my hands on fallout 4 and it took me about 2 seconds before I was getting the urge to mod myself an outfit. So I made this…  which was an absolute nightmare (and overrides like 2 other things lol) but worth it in the end.

Her name is Penelope and she’s a nurse who was addicted to plastic surgery before she was frozen. She likes to give free nose jobs with her baseball bat and would never go anywhere without her faithful, trusty… knee high boots.

sikander-sg replied to your post “Do you ever feel like genderism relies on some sort of belief in the…”

‘Born in the wrong body’ is a figure of speech. Not all trans people use it. You don’t have to believe in anything supernatural (thought I’m fine with belief so-called 'supernatural’ things) to believe minds exist and that a person can want to change their body due to a feature of their mind. This is entirely compatible with materialism.

Anorexics and people who are addicted to plastic surgery also want to change their body due to a feature of their mind, but we don’t tend to encourage them.


I recently came into possession of some older pieces from my grandmother’s house when they were clearing out some things (she’s fine, my sister is going to live there while she’s at college).

I have a new favorite.  He checks all the right boxes:

Lots of great detail.

Eschewing a helmet in favor of perfectly coiffed hair.

Completely unarmed, even though he’s definitely shipping out to a war-zone.  Apparently he came with a removable rifle which was lost decades ago, but I like this better.  He’s dramatically posing in the center of the battlefield shouting “Bang! You’re dead!”

That said, I will probably make him an arsenal of laser guns.

Because I love him.  I love him.

all star superman blu ray

disappointed with MVC3 with its ridiculous buttons, i picked up all star superman to take a break.

picked up the triple pack best buy combo with a superman figure. on sale this week for $19.99.  (reg. $24.99)  i ended up getting the last copy so i got the damaged one. =(

but i don’t really care about packaging. lol. here’s a shot of the figure. not your standard size 3 ¾ inch figure. only head, waist and shoulder articulation. plus you can’t remove him from his stand. oh well, still kinda cool. similar to the last few figs that came with the other dc movies.

obviously im not gonna give anything away from all star superman! your just gonna have to watch it yourself. but i can tell you that the art is amazing. character design and dialogue are superb and what you’d expect from dc animation. im sad to say that their animated films have always been top notch compared to marvel. (c'mon marvel, you need to step up your game!) i have yet to see a dc animated film that ive disliked!!

(btw, in the first 10 mins of the film you see jimmy in drag!! hahahha)

i really like the paintjob on such a small figure. very well done. of course i do wish there was more articulation but still badass.

see how teeny-tiny supes is!? lol.

awesome finds.

tech deck street tours.

got both of these a few weeks ago on clearance. $13 each!!! pretty nice for backgrounds/dios/playsets for my figures!!!

they work very well with 3.75" :

and they work good with 6"-7" figs:

they do look a little bigger on the stairs playset. depending on where u place it, it doesn’t look so out of scale. but hey, i think it works pretty well.