Gems with Plastic and Iridescent Flakes (+LEDs)

Tutorial by: Eric Browning Cosplay
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Yes yes yes! What a wonderful idea! A 100% biodegradable six-pack ring, plastic-free and made of barley and wheat leftover from the brewing process. 

We need every beer company to support and switch to these edible six pack rings! In the meantime and if you must purchase a six-pack with plastic rings, don’t forget to cut it up before you throw it out, That way, if it accidentally ends up in the water, no animals will get entangled in the rings. 


‘The Eden Project’ (March 17th, 2001)

Multiple greenhouse complex in Cornwall, England designed by Grimshaw Architects. The domes are constructed out of tubular steel with mostly hexagonal external cladding panels made from the thermoplastic ETFE.

Funded by the Millennium Commission, which was set up to celebrate 2000 with futuristic projects like the Millennium Dome, National Science Centre, and the Spinnaker Tower.