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“There’s a Knife” *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

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Summary: From a prompt I found over Tumblr and instantly thought of Bucky
Warnings: Blood, knives and swear words
Admins Note: I saw this prompt and instantly had to write it, hopefully this goes up on Saturday, I may not be on throughout the weekend; as in writing, maybe, answering questions as Steve Rogers throughout the weekend but after seeing Civil War… I don’t think I’d be able to handle writing. - Ro

Prompt: “There’s a knife” // “yes” // “in your chest” // “yes” // “oh my god” // “Oh, please, I’m the one who is supposed to go into shock, not you” //

Living with Bucky was about spontaneous moments, now that could mean good and bad moments, random freak out moments but that also comes with random affectionate moments. 

You accepted to live with him because Steve asked, plus, you could hold your own being an Avenger and all. You had your own place, Bucky needed to be away from the base as much as possible, it helped him not to always be there and that’s where you came in.

It wasn’t unusual for you to come home to a dark, silent apartment, Bucky preferred to be in the silence most days or just listen and watch you, it can be a little creepy but he never really had anything to say or add into your one sided conversations. 

You didn’t expect anything different when walking back to the complex, you figured you may have to pull him out of his head or turn the lights on again. You pushed the front door open, throwing the keys into the bowl and pulling your denim jacket off, walking properly into the apartment you stopped dead in your tracks.

Coffee table smashed to pieces, sofa turned over and gun shots going through your plasma TV, you stand with your mouth agape and it takes you a few seconds to process the mess. You instantly search for the silent assassin treading carefully on broken glass you walk into the kitchen, treated the exact same as the living room. 

Knives looked as though they were thrown brutally at the wall, you almost slip and look down, crimson puddle and your heart beats faster; please do not Bucky. 

You gulp as you push forward and sigh, another man laid; dead on the floor in a puddle of his own blood and whoever it was… didn’t have a fun time.

“Hydra” A voice mutters into the air and you jump, shrieking and snapping around, clutching your heart as you bend forward and try to regain your breathing as Bucky walks closer to you “somehow found your address, sorry about your stuff, I tried… not to make too much of a mess” his voice was smooth, calm and steady, you frown and nod; racking your eyes across his form, just to make sure he was okay, no injuries or…

“There’s a knife…” you point to the handle sticking out, black gripped handle poking out of his body, pressed deeply and firmly into his body and he nodded.  

“Yes” his voice was hard, calm and steady; his face didn’t show any signs of pain or discomfort. 

“In your chest” you manage to finish and he nodded, it was sticking right out, you didn’t understand how he could be so cool and controlled over this. 

“Yes,” he said again, dipping his head as he watched your face, he didn’t really understand the emotions crossing your face; exactly the same as Steve’s, only, something more was present in each flick of your (E/C) eyes on his body. 

“Oh. My. God” you breath and he rolled his steel blue eyes at you.

“Oh, please, I’m the one who is supposed to go into shock, not you,” he says matter of factly, you meet his eyes with raised eyebrows, wide eyes and mouth open slightly at him.

“Fuck, Bucky, we gotta get you to Bruce” you tell him and he shrugs you off, metal hand going up and gripping the handle, you instantly grab a hold of the hand before it can clasp around the black handle and he looks at you; you knew never to touch the arm, only, he was about to make a fatal error 

“NO! Pull that knife out, blood will pour out, that’s the only thing that keeping it all in” you explain and he nods slowly “okay?” he frowned and nodded, allowing you to pull him down and out the complex to your car.

“Is he gonna be okay?” You asked Bruce who was helping Bucky, he smiled and nodded, you nodded again and looked down at Bucky who was staring at the ceiling as Bruce stitched him up; like Steve, Bucky could but the knife was preventing him from healing, he smugly looked at you but Bruce did say it was good that you brought him here.

Bucky cast his eyes to you, you were stood over him watching Bruce’s hands, and he understood why Steve would be distressed over this but you? He didn’t really understand, you were told to look and watch after him, why were you so concerned about him?

Steve came into the room and asked Bucky questions, how the guy got in? If Bucky knew him or not, you remained beside him as Bucky answered as best he could, he didn’t know a lot just that the Agent got in and Bucky knew it was either die or kill and he did just that. 

Bucky sat up and smiled, Steve began to suggest that you both stay at the base for a few days, they would have to relocate you both now, well that’s what you though till… Steve suggested Bucky moves into the base from now on, you knew this day would come, the day he was able to live basically on his own.

“I want to stay with… (Y/N)” Bucky admitted with a small frown, Steve raised his eyebrows along with you, you held down the smile that threatened to expose the happiness you felt “I think he was there for her, he seemed surprised to see me, I think it’s best if we just stayed living together; I trust her enough” he shrugged, you choked on the air you breathed in, he trusted you? 

Bucky didn’t trust a lot of people, Sam Wilson was a stretch, the fact he just outspokenly admitted to trusting you… you were overjoyed, Steve nodded at you both before hugging his friend and you before leaving.

“Are you okay?” you asked, the concern and worry coming back up, he nodded as he pushed himself off the hospital table and was now standing “I don’t understand how you could be so calm? I would have been freaking out; a frigging six-inch knife was in your chest, how do you stay calm about that? You could have died, thank god I showed up in –“you were cut off, silenced actually but Bucky himself, by his mouth to be specific. It was demanding at first, his human hand gripped your forearm, his mouth moulding onto yours in a demanding fast.

Once you relaxed and kissed back, Bucky lets go of your forearm and placed his hands on your hips, pulling you flush against him and you filed your fingers through his thick, dark locks and it wasn’t as demanding but slow moving. It was soft, sweet and everything everyone would expect Bucky isn’t, that’s what made it unique and special. It surprised you, even now, he was surprising you.

 He pulled back, resting his forehead onto your own, eyes still closed and breathing heavily and once he opened them and connected his steel blues eyes with your own (E/C) eyes, your breathing stopped momentarily. He smiled, it was faint but there, he looked beautiful and you grinned back.

“I’ve been meaning to do that for a while… I think” he tells you, you softly chuckle at him “I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t kiss me back” he nervously chuckled, pulling a few inches away from you, you grinned up at him.

“And all it took was a knife to be in your chest”

(Just something I wanted to write forever, managed to get it done in three hours, ready for ME to read when I get out of the cinema for Civil War. This is going up 1pm Saturday GMT around the time I am seeing it, PLEASE NO MESSAGES OR SPOILERS IN THE ASK! Thank you. You can request; headcanons, imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

A Different Beat | Part 2


I’ve been out on deep water. This is my first EVER smut writing and I don’t know how the hell it turned out. 

Read part 1 HERE

Tutoring? Who the hell does Mr. Grown think he is, yea maybe I have some smaller problems in class, but a fulltime tutor? I could instantly just smack my head into one of the lockers and even that would be less pathetic.

Your thoughts were running around like a puma as you were stumbling down the hall with books in your hand, having just finished third class by yourself – choosing another subject than your other friends could be a pain in the ass at times. Walking over to your locker you let out a small whine as you opened it and threw your books in it. At this point, lunch was the only thing now that was on your mind as your stomach was growling for some food attention.

The cafeteria was full of people as usual, every table filled by a specific kind of culture group. A typical yet overrated high school. Seeing the usual table you and your friends were always sitting at, the spot between Brittany and Noel made you smile seeing as they had saved a seat for you. “Oh no who do we have here.” Noel greeted as you approached them. “It’s the new nerd queen.” He continued with a ridiculous smirk plastered on his face making you shake your head at him with a laugh, grabbing a piece of bread from his tray before placing it in his mouth. “Shush you.” You commented and he only let out a laugh with the bread in his mouth before taking it out, placing it back on the tray. “No but seriously, how are you gonna survive?” He asked more seriously making you shrug your shoulders. “I guess I’ll just have to be a really good student. The faster I’ll get better grades; Mr. Grown will probably remove me from this tutoring thing.” “Please Y/N I haven’t seen you even open the chemistry book since freshman year.”

The others started to laugh by Noel’s comment, you only rolling your eyes at him again, digging in, in your pasta salad. I guess I’ll just have to surprise you all.” You mumbled with your mouth full, “I’ll be waiting for it.” Noel smirked, placing a piece of hair falling in your face behind your ear. The affection made a reddish blush appear on your cheeks, feeling Brittany’s eyes on you but you kept on staring down. “Noel have you asked anyone out to prom yet?” Adam – one of the other jocks asked, changing the subject. “I guess I’ll go with Y/N. Wouldn’t it be a shame to ruin our routine in being prom couple. You know we won last year as prom queen and king and we were Juniors at that point.” You only hummed by his words, trying to hide yourself in your pasta, Brittany’s stare getting almost too much for you

Finally looking up from your pasta you saw that Brittany’s eyes were fixed on Noel instead, small sad smile smashed on her otherwise pretty face. But then, your eyes caught something behind Brittany, a person that was actually staring at you.

Ashton’s eyes quickly felt back into his tray of food as you caught him staring at you, a reddish blush now appearing on his apple cheeks. He pushed his glasses up his nose, giving you a few quick glares – Maya sitting next to him – the only girl sitting around the table with Ashton’s friends, all of them being converted as the “Geek Table”

“Don’t mind him Y/N. He’s harmless and most important, way out of your league.” Noel whispered in your eye making you tear your eyes away from Ashton, looking curiously back at Noel. He only winked at you making you raise an eyebrow, look back at Ashton as him and his friends stood up from their table with trays in their hands, heading over to the trashcan, throwing things out and then place the trays on a card. They all afterwards went out from the cafeteria, most probably heading towards the biology class, a place the 7-8 of them usually hung out.


The sound of the bell was usually sweet music to your ears. But clearly not today. And instant groan left your lips as the bell ringed, indicating the last period was over for today, or for the other students. After the little disaster in Mr. Grown’s class he had stopped you on the hallway after lunch, wanting you to start your tutoring lessons as quick as possible – which were going to start exactly after the last period. Swinging your bag over your shoulder you headed towards the biology class in a search for Ashton. How bad could tutoring be anyways?

Opening the door to the very unfamiliar place you took a look around the room, a full skeleton standing in one of the glass framed closets, microscopes and what you couldn’t even find the name on placed around the tables. Looking furthest down in the room you noticed Ashton sitting at one of the back tables, his head down in his book as he was writing something down in a notepad. “Hey.” You said making him lift his head towards your voice, his frame going from a peaceful to a nervous state. “… Hi.” He stammered out, lifting himself up from the notepad. “I just uh… Needed to write the last notes down.” He pointed at the blackboard behind him making you nod your head. “I’ll wait until you’re finished then.” You mumbled walking around in the biology room as Ashton finished his last notes.

A neck to waist body shape thing caught your attention – more precisely a biology body systems worksheet. Walking further to it as curious as you were, you studied it for a second before reaching out, grabbing one of the objects/organs in it. But unfortunately to your un luck, all of the other organs in the body felt out from their place, hearts, ribs and small intestine landing on the table the body was placed at, your eyes widen in surprise as it happened. Ashton lifted his head by the sound of at least 12 objects falling; he couldn’t help but let out a chuckle by your actions, walking over to you.   

“I swear I didn’t do it on purpose.” You defended yourself, taking a step to the right to let Ashton fix your mess. “It’s okay. You’ve never been here before you wouldn’t know.” He said with a still nervous tone, but yet a little bit more relaxed now. He grabbed the different organs and stuff, placing them back on their original places in the body, you standing quietly with a puzzled look next to him, eyeing his work. “Done.” He mumbled before walking back to his stuff packing it together before swinging his bag over his shoulder.

The both of you walked next to each other in silence out of the biology room and down the hallway before coming out to the school’s parking lot, Ashton kept on giving you small nervous glares. “So.. My place or yours?” You asked breaking the silence and Ashton looked at you in thought for a minute. “Uhm.. My mom is currently on a trip with my siblings.. We could go to my place?” He suggested his voice so quiet you could barely hear it. “That’s a deal.” You smiled and he returned it before you followed him to his car. “Nice car.” You commented making him let out a small smile. “Thanks. God it for my birthday.” The both of you headed inside the car, again silence felt on the both of you as Ashton was driving you guys to his house.

“So where did you say your family was?” You asked after a couple of minutes of silence. Ashton took his eyes away from the road to look at you, seeing you already looking at him. He looked back at the road again, “They’re on a little holiday to Fiji. I couldn’t really attend since I’m in school.” He explained, letting go of the steering wheel with his right hand, to remove some small curls going on front of his class covered eyes. “When are they coming home?” You asked. “Less than two weeks now. They left at Monday.” He said as he turned to the left on a small street, yet the houses were bigger than the usual in the town, and much prettier to your expectations. He pulled up to a driveway, before driving the car into a garage, a rather big white house being attached next to it. This was clearly anything you had expected from someone like Ashton.

“You’re rich?” You blurted, mentally wanting to slap yourself by the rather rude question. He let out a small chuckle before taking his keys out of the car. “Wouldn’t call it rich. Just more lucky than others.” He mumbled before opening the door to get out, you doing the same. You followed him up against some stairs in the garage which lead to a white door, and then you walked into a fairly large kitchen. You didn’t say much as you followed him further, looking around at the different furniture and paintings surrounding the otherwise wide painted walls. “You’ve got a nice house.” You commented as you walked up the stairs to his bedroom. He let out a small thank you as you reached the top of the stairs, walking down a hallway where you passed by a room. “You’ve got a sister?” You asked stopping up to look at her room from outside. “Yea. She’s a couple of years younger than me.” He explained waiting for you. You nodded your head admiring her room before walking further until a new room passed by. “And a brother?” You added in a question and he nodded his head again. “His name is Harry. And my sister’s name is Lauren.” Looking around at his room you let out a small smile as he was still waiting. You walked behind as he walked furthest down the hallway where his room was. As he opened the door you both walked in, Ashton headed towards his bed to throw his bag onto it.

The room was actually a typical boy room to be honest. His king size bed were standing up against the wall to the left when you came in through the door, a massive white bookshelf with an built in shelf in the middle of it where a plasma TV was standing, books surrounding it. On the back wall there was a small door, probably going outside to a balcony, a desk standing next to it with a desktop Computer on it and books + notes as well. Besides the 3 other walls that were white, the one where the bed was standing up against where a light baby blue. A couple of band posters were also on the wall, giving the whole room a warmly welcome.

“Gosh you’ve got a hella lot of books.” You commented, sliding your fingers over the covers, reading the different book titles. “Have you read them all?” You asked turned your head around to look at him, seeing him scatter his books around the bed. “Most of them. But not all.” He informed, standing up from the bed so he could take of his Bordeaux sweater he was wearing. Lifting the sweater over his head, a dark grayish t shirt came to vision, showing of Ashton’s actually defined biceps. “Where did they come from?” You thought to yourself, watching him as he threw the sweater over on his chair in front of the desk. Collecting his books in a pile on the bed he made himself comfortable, making place for you too. Walking over to him you sat cross legged next to him, as he grabbed a Science book. “God no…” You almost moaned by the vision of it, letting your head fall back on his pillow. “Mr. Grown said you needed help with it.” Ashton trailed off, clearly feeling that this would be difficult. “I do. But I hate it and that makes me lose my interest totally. I can’t concentrate.” You explained sitting up again as Ashton placed it in your lap. “Why do you hate it?” He asked curiously with a pencil in his hand, pressing it against his jaw. “I just think it’s boring.. Pointless.. Life drainer.” You continued on rabbling as Ashton nodded his head, looking down at some notes he was holding. He was fairly cute to be honest. The way his curls were scattered around his face and in front of his classes, his pearly white teeth smile and a dimple showing and not to mention his upper arms. He was actually hot if you watched him closely.

“Why are you staring at me?” Ashton almost stammered with a reddish color appearing on his cheeks, waking you up from your zoning.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?” You blurted, ignoring his question.

“What?” He asked startled, the reddish blush turning into a full tomato.

“Have you?” You almost smiled, seeing the affection you had on him. He looked nervously back at his notes, pressing his fingers on his classes before pushing them up on his nose – a habit of his you’ve noticed whilst he gets nervous.

“I have.” He answered to your surprise, making your eyes go wide. “With who?” You asked now being the curious one, leaning forward in suspense. “Uhm.” He stuttered now placing the notepad on the duvet so he could fiddle with his fingers. “Maya.” He said looking up to expect your now judging state. The expression of your face was un describable, your eyebrows were knotting as in you were a thought. Many girly faces from school were running over your mind when all of the sudden a black-haired girl appeared. “Maya Owen?” You asked now again with wide eyes, and he nodded his head. “Was she good?” “I don’t- I don’t really know, it was fast we both hadn’t really tried it before.” He said still fiddling with his fingers. “Do you wanna try a good kiss?” You asked more quietly now, scooping a little bit closer to the boy. Ashton looked up again to meet your eyes, a small smirk playing on your lips as his mouth were open, but nothing coming out, his eyes fixed on your lips.

“Do you wanna kiss me Ashton?”

 The question made his eye flutter, the tomato color going back to his cheeks. He was hesitating as you moved closer to him yet again. “Yes.” He breathed, before closing his eyes trying to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat. The next thing he knew when he opened his eyes again, your lips were met with his in a smaller kiss. His lips were foreign for yours and it was clear that this was new to him since he was frozen in his spot, not moving his lips slightly. “Are you scared?” You asked as you pulled apart, now half sitting on his lap as one of your hands were at the back of his neck, playing with his small curls. He exhaled a breath before shrugging his shoulders. “I’m scared that I’ll do bad.” He admitted.

“You won’t.” You whispered before connecting your lips again, this time Ashton started to move in sync with yours. You pressed your lips further into his making him do the same to you, you starting to part your lips slightly, yet Ashton’s hands where still placed down his waist, his hands holding onto the duvet below him. “Ash.” You started. “You can touch me you know that right?” You asked already grabbing his hands before placing them on your waist, hoping that he would get your cue.  

He exhaled a breath before you connected your lips again and this time Ashton started to grab your waist tightly pulling you closer than what you already were before his hands wandered up towards your chest. He was hesitating at first but remembering your words he let his calloused hands grab your covered boobs, squeezing them making you break a smile into the kiss.

“Did I do something wrong?” He asked as he pulled back, nervously removing his hands instantly. “No you didn’t.” You smiled letting your fingers ghost over the hem of his t shirt. “But your shirt needs to be discarded.” You informed and he nodded his head at your words before taking his shirt off and threw it to the ground. “Manly.” You commented as your fingers where running through the small amount of chest hair that was growing between his chests, “I guess.” He mumbled, exhaling another breath as you placed your lips right upon his collar bone, giving it a long yet light kiss. “Holy shit.” He cursed as you went further down his chest, placing light yet now wet kisses onto his skin. “Ashton aren’t you going to help me get out of my clothes?” You mumbled between kisses making the poor boy widen his eyes. This was actually going to happen. “I uhh.” He stammered, seeing your Y/E/C orbs looking up at him hopefully. He swallowed quickly before his hands went over to your cardigan, fiddling with the buttons on it as his hands were shaking in nervousness.

As he came to the last button he removed your cardigan completely, throwing it onto the floor, forming a pile of clothes – leaving you in a black tank top now. His eyes wandered over your breast, the small visible cleavage leaving him hard to try not to stare. “It’s okay Ash you can look at my boobs you know.” You reassured waking him out of his zoning, and he looked wide eyed at you again as you took off your tank top. “Holy boobs..” He mumbled, making you crack up laughing by the comment. “You’re such a dork.”

Shaking your head at him as he shrugged his shoulders, you pulled him in by the neck, letting you fall back so your back hit his pillows, him almost landing on top of your chest but he placed his elbows between your head so he wouldn’t crush you.

 Your lips connected again, this time Ashton took you aback by sneaking his tongue in your mouth before you could do so, letting his tongue meet yours in a battle. The two of you were messing around for a bit with the kisses when all of the sudden Ashton started to ground his hips into yours. The action made you pull back slightly, small pants leaving your parted lips as you looked gobsmocked at him.

His jaw was hanging down his chin as he realized what he did. “I’m so sorry I didn’t know what came behind me.” He apologized in stammers. “Shh.” You mumbled grabbing his neck again. “It’s a part of this adventure.” You whispered against his lips as you brushed over them before capture his lips yet again. This time Ashton grounded his hips again without fear of doing anything wrong, letting himself get harder and harder as he rubbed his member on your fully clothes clutch.

“Your pants are getting a little bit tight aren’t they?” You said as you pulled apart, gesturing to his not so invisible bulge forming out from his black skinny jeans. Your fingertips brushed down his stomach as your fingers touched the beltline of his jeans, opening the button before pulling the zipper down, Ashton letting out a small groan but trying to cover it up with a cough. Starting to pull his jeans down he helped you with it before throwing it towards the pile of clothes on the floor, himself looking more comfortable now. “Someone’s excited I see.” You commented starting to palm him gently through his boxers, Ashton’s head almost falling into the crock of your neck by the sudden touch. He was trying as much in his powers to not let out small whimpers or groans that were stuck in the back of his throat as you kept on the palming, himself growing by your touch.

“You know Ash; you are allowed to moan right?” You whispered in his ear before nippling slightly on his earlobe, sending a non-controlled moan through Ashton’s lips. He was a straight red in the face now, holding his hand in front of his mouth embarrassed. “It’s okay Ashton. It just means that you’re enjoying what I’m doing to you.” You smiled before removing the shorts you were wearing, leaving you back in your knickers and bra. His eyes widen because your nudeness, it was unbelievable that his eyes hadn’t fallen out yet.

Moving him around, you placed yourself on top of his waist, your bum resting on his now throbbing covered bulge. Your lips dethatched, as he started to fumble with your bra clasp, but he had to pull back from the kiss because of lack of concentration, him having a struggle with it. “Goddammit.” He groaned making you let out a small giggle before letting your hands find his around your back, opening your bra before letting it fall down your arms.

Ashton didn’t say a word as he was frozen in his spot, looking at the new skin coming to his vision. Narrowing your eyes at the boy’s statement, you grabbed his hands before placing them on your chest, letting him feel your nipples harden by his touch. As he felt it, it was like reality hit him again so he started to massage them lightly, grasping onto them while letting his thumb roll over your now full harden nipples. “Girls like this right?” He asked curiously, before leaning forward, taking your nipple in his mouth before sucking slightly waiting for your reaction. You let out a smaller uncontrolled whine by his action letting him do his thing as he went over to the other nipple, doing the exact same action.

“I can conclude that as a yes.” He said as he pulled away from your nipple, seeing how your breathing had quickened. “Mhm.” You hummed looking down at him. “We forgot to take these off.” You mumbled grabbing his classes before placing him on the nightstand, and at that point you noticed his eyes. Under the thick glasses was a mixture of hazel green eyes hiding, but now with a little touch of lust. It made his eyes darkening more and he couldn’t help it.

Removing yourself from his lap, your fingers brushed lightly over the waistband of his boxers, Ashton letting out a smaller whine by the lack of affection. “Have someone ever touched you Ash?” You asked and the boy looked up at you lost, shaking his head. You gave him a small smile before removing his boxers from his covered member, letting him spring free before pulling his boxers down his legs and throwing it towards the floor. Ashton’s dick was a throbbing mess, red at the tip and a smaller amount of pre cum had leaked. Ashton propped himself on his elbows as he eyed you taking his member in your hand, stroking him firm but slowly. By the feeling of your smaller hand around him, his head felt back and hit the pillows. “Ever tried having an orgasm before?” You asked but Ashton only shook his head as his eyes were squeezing, not so silence groans leaving his parted lips as your hand had tightened around his cock, going faster.

When Ashton’s cock started to twitch in your hand you knew it was time to stop before you removed your hand, took off your knickers before throwing it towards the ground. It made Ashton look up from the lack of pleasure seeing you place a leg on either side of him, before taking his member, lining him up against your entrance.

“No wait!” He asked with eyes wide, holding onto your hips so you couldn’t go further down making you knot your eyebrows looking at him. “What about a condom?” He asked as the fear of reality had hit him. “Don’t worry about that. I’m on the pill.” You mumbled before sinking down onto his member with unease, Ashton letting out a groan falling back again as you let out a small hiss. “Am I doing it wrong?” He asked as he watched your face expression , lifting himself back up again. “No.. It’s just.. Long time ago since I’ve had sex. And you’re bigger than what I’m used to.” You said with your eyes squeezed in pain, sinking further down until all of him was in. You exhaled before opening your eyes to see Ashton already squeezing his now, the foreign feeling overblowing his mind. “How does it feel?” You asked suddenly confident back again, starting to rotate your hips and thrusts. “God.. Amazing.” He groaned, letting his head shake around with adrenaline.

“Yeah.” You breathed, a feeling you had missed going through your body, from above your abdomen and down to your toes. Ashton was holding tightly around the duvet under you guys making you let out a small giggle, grabbing his hands before placing them on your boobs. “Y/N I don’t know how long I can last.” He said through muffled moans, his hips starting to trust with yours, wanting to nothing else but release, getting the chance to feel what he had waited so many years to happen. “Just tell me when you’re ready.” You breathed before leaning down, plumbing your lips into his for a messy hot makeout.

A strike of sweat had formed on Ashton’s forehead – and other body parts as well – making his curls start to stick to his forehead, his whole body starting to shake without control. “Close.” He almost whimpered, making you almost throw yourself on his chest, yet still keeping your pace around his throbbing member.

“I don’t know how to let go.” He whimpered with a whine afterwards, his nostrils popping as his breathing was uneven. “Don’t focus on anything. Just think on the feeling. Look at me.” You said and he opened his eyes to see you already looking at him – your hair just as sweaty as his, bangs sticking to your forehead as you were going on a fast pace now. And that was it. Just by the way you looked at him was enough for him to cum, shooting his guts whilst shutting his eyes tightly, a long pleased moan leaving his lips for the last time as pleasure took over his body, his mind fuzzing as you rode out his orgasm. When he had calmed down, you removed yourself from his not so harden shaft anymore, collapsing on the madras next to him flat on your stomach.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t get you off.” He panted turning his head to look at you. “It doesn’t matter. You’ll just owe me.” You smirked as you popped yourself up on your elbow looking down at him to see him having an eyebrow raised.