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A little BW Appreciation post:

It’s Pokemon Black & White’s 6th birthday, if I haven’t established that enough already, and I wanted to this chance to talk about why I appreciate these games so gosh darn much.

Firstly, it’s chock full of symbolism. Black is ideals. White is truth. Bianca’s name means white, and she has to face the truth. Cheren means black and he’s an idealist. It’s pretty cool and it goes on and on.

But it’s also about how “not everything is black and white”. It’s about mindset. We as the player are fighting a group of antagonists with a perspective new to the series. Team Plasma says we’re wrong, and we think they’re wrong in return.  But there are moments when Team plasma really makes you question yourself. And you make N question himself. Eventually, you and N have a mutual understanding. It’s all about opening up to new ideas and respecting them.

You don’t have to believe them, but you have to be open. In BW2, Hugh hates Team Plasma with such passion. But in the end, he slowly accepts the ex-Team plasma members and is seen hanging out with them every day. You don’t have to be in a religion to respect the people in it. You don’t have to be lgbta, or neurodivergent, or black or any sort of minority to try and be accepting towards those people.

It’s about how there’s good and evil in every kind of person. Not everyone in team plasma is a liar. Not every trainer is evil.  This is so significant in a world today where a large amount of people think certain religions or races or neurotypes are mainly evil. 

This is so important in today’s society. 

We also get a cast that supports these ideas. A strong blonde supermodel who thinks everyone should be who they want to be. A female professor who very calmly responds to N questioning her beliefs. A champion who forgives N for threatening and hurting him and supporting Cheren, who initially made fun of him.

I really appreciate what BW tried to do.


Dr. Perricone breaks down Hyalo Plasma, the latest skincare treatment in his Plasma series.

Passionate about creating technologies to address signs of aging in noninvasive ways, Dr. Perricone has introduced a new product to his Plasma series: Hyalo Plasma. Made with hyaluronic acid, “it’s designed to restore skin hydration and firm and plump wrinkles,” he tells The Sephora Glossy. “It’s suitable for anyone at any age; it will benefit anyone in need of hydration regardless of their daily regimen.” We got the details on what makes this new skincare innovation so great. BECKY PEDERSON

“Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in almost every cell of the body, its greatest concentration being in the skin’s tissue. Found in both the dermis and the epidermis, it holds 1,000 times its water in weight and is responsible for keeping skin smooth, supple, and continuously hydrated. When hyaluronic acid is used topically, it helps support and reinforce skin’s moisture levels.”

“Traditional hyaluronic acid treatments thus far have only been able to affect the outermost layers of skin due to the ingredient’s high molecular weight, and such treatments contain only one form of the ingredient. But Hyalo Plasma contains three advanced types of hyaluronic acid to effectively treat skin hydration at a deeper level:

1. Barrier Hyaluronic Acid imparts a visibly smooth, translucent, glass-like surface.
2. Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid creates a hydrating reservoir to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
3. Micro Hyaluronic Acid infuses skin with the appearance of youthful convexity, plumpness and suppleness.

By including three advanced forms of hyaluronic acid in Hyalo Plasma, the product is able to deliver the ultimate in skin hydration, which separates it from the rest.”

“The word “hyalo” is derived from a medical term that means ‘to resemble glass.’ This word, and therefore the image of the broken beaker [on the packaging], represents the smooth, glass-like appearance that Hyalo Plasma provides the skin’s surface.”

“Hyalo Plasma is a unique cream-serum hybrid that is light weight and fast-absorbing. When used 1–2 times daily under a moisturizer, the product relieves dryness and dehydration, leaving a supple, firm, healthy glow.”

“Hyalo Plasma is designed to restore skin hydration, supple volume and firm and plump wrinkles.”

“Apply Hyalo Plasma over your whole face and neck before moisturizing, including the lips, for optimal hydration. Rub any excess product onto dry hands or cuticles.”


E3: Halo 5 Gameplay Demo and Story Trailer

The demo opens with gameplay from Agent Locke’s perspective. With Osiris team, he’s on the hunt for Master Chief. In the distance, the mammoth “Guardian” looms, and they wonder whether the Chief has already made it on board.

After the path they’re on begins to crumble, Locke and his team come face to face with teleporting Prometheans – the enemies of Halo 4. Locke takes them out and picks up a new weapon for the Halo series, the Plasma Caster, which looks similar to an energy crossbow.

A boss-like Promethean enemy get in their way, apparently halting their pursuit of the Master Chief.

Source: IGN