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see, the problem I have with people lumping everything into "modern art" is that you get actually interesting pieces, and then things like "3 Strings" which is literally 3 strings hung from a ceiling, or this other piece I can't remember the name of that's a stick family drawn on a plasma tv screen. Note that these were all in a gallery. Modern art varies, and for every shitty thing there's a good thing.

Yeah it really does vary a lot. It’s like with most things, there’s good and there’s bad. It’s just that bad modern art LOOKS bad but also some people think it’s good because it’s done by a specific artist, which oftentimes defeats the purpose. Meanwhile there’s lots of really good artists who fail to get recognized, despite creating very nice looking art.

A lot of modern art gets passed up because it lacks any real form of symbolism, which to me is really nice because it places all the focus on the aesthetic quality of the work or the innovation of the medium. I saw one person who abused the qualities of 3d printers to create interesting designs. It was interesting because of her use of the medium, not what it meant, and that was nice to me.

It’s dark and rather quaint. A soothing haze rolls into your mind as your hand wraps around your drink. It’s seven on a weekday, no sports games are on tonight so the bar is relatively quiet. You’re sitting across from the very handsome Bruce Wayne, his glass of scotch is still untouched as you’re on your second cocktail.

 For the past few minutes you’ve sat in mutual silence, broken only by casual mentions of the day’s events. His company is really more then enough for you. That is until footage of batman flashes across the large plasma screen television in the front of the bar. 

 "Looks like the batman is on the news again.“ Your voice pours out in varying notes of indifference.

 "It seems to be the usual now,” Bruce can’t help but smirk. “I guess he’s hot news.” You just shrug, lips arching into a wide smile. Your eyes flicker to him for a second, he’s watching you intently, taking in the curve of your lips and the look in your eyes.  Your eyes fall back to the glass filled with Amber-brown liquid, hesitating only for a moment. 

 Yeah why not, you think as you take another sip of your drink, it’ll be something to laugh about in the least. 

 "Did you know some people say he’s a vampire?“ Bruce’s eyebrows raise at that. A lopsided grin arching onto his lips. 

 "Really?” You nod enthusiastically, your eyes widening slightly as you take another sip. 

 "That’s why he only works at night y'know.“ The words come out oozing with sarcasm, and Bruce can’t help but chuckle.

 "Is that the only rumor?” You shake your head, his mouth is still arched up in a pleasant smile, and you can’t help but indulge him. 

 "God no, there’s actually a website full of theories oh him,“ He has to ask you for the web address later. "one of my favorites was that he’s actually half man and half bat.”

 "Oh really?“ You arch an eyebrow and shrug, Bruce is almost about to double over laughing. It’s a bit of a relief to know you don’t take any of these seriously.

 "Yeah, it was a freak lab accident or something. He had bat DNA spliced right into him.” You grin when Bruce finally laughs. 

 "That sounds like something from a bad comic book.“ You can’t help but laugh, nodding as you sip some more of your drink. You whisper numerous rumors about batman into his ear, the ice in his scotch melts completely by the time you get to your favorite rumor. Your leaning closer to him with your elbow, your lips only a few inches from his ear. 

The other patrons at the bar think it’s something scandalous, that you’re murmuring words of seduction. But then you burst out laughing and the illusion is ruined entirely.

 "I think my favorite one is that batman is an embodiment of every innocent spirit that’s ever been wronged in Gotham” You’re not laughing anymore and neither is he. There’s a soft smile on your face as your eyes are cast towards the television. “I think that’s the one that’s probably the closest to the truth.” You admit, the segment on batman has long been over. Catching Bruce’s gaze you talk quickly to explain yourself. “Not the spirit thing necessarily, but that’s what he does in essence. He protects the innocence, probably because he’s been wronged by an unjust system.”

 You’ve had quite a few drinks tonight, so you don’t feel Bruce’s hand sliding over your own at first, not until his fingers thread through your own. 

 "I believe that too.“ He says, you don’t know if it’s the haze from the alcohol, but it almost looks like there are tears in his eyes. His grip is snug as his warmth spreads all along your fingers.

 "Whatever he is, I’m glad he’s here.” It’s your attempt to lighten the mood, a brisk laugh escaping your mouth. He only lifts your hand, pressing a soft kiss against your palm. His effect is almost instantaneous, your face erupting into a flaming red. He can’t help but grin, it’s a sweet reaction, endearing even when it comes from you. His other hand digs into his pocket leaving a crisp hundred dollar bill on the table.

 "Come with me?“ The smile that curls onto your face makes him smile.


concept: The movie Iron Man 4 has premiered, it begins with a pan over tony stark’s house, cut to find him sitting on the couch with pepper in front of a large plasma screen tv. it’s movie night. they’ve popped some popcorn and look very cozy with pillows and blankets all around. tony is smiling softly. he has sought out counseling and is currently working to come to terms with his parents’ death and cope with his ptsd. the entire movie is just him on the couch with pepper, being happy.

my brother went scavenging and came home with a huge Samsung plasma screen television and out of pure competitive spite I scanned the neighbourhood and came home with one of my own only sony. I don’t even want the television but if I can get it to work I’m bringing it to my new apartment this fall