plasma plume


Bit of a teaser for some new assets for Halcyon Plume. Working on a new section for our our game in the underworld Nox. These are just a few parts making up a much larger section.

The Top weapon is the SPGR -11 (Solid Plasma Gauss Rifle). With the sound of thunder and the fury of lightning it can damage even the most armored of Enemies. However it can’t keep a charge for long, so a nearby power source is a must.

Below a crane arm that provides a handy point for grappling. Absolutely necessary for the heavy mech in need of aerial mobility via high powered winch.


Crazy Fast Camera Captures a Trillion Frames a Second

Behold the trillion-frame-per-second video camera. While the gifs above might seem to show a Rube Goldberg machine, they are actually a complicated apparatus that splits a pulse of light into different wavelengths and staggers each to hit the subject in the image in rapid succession. The difference in time between one wavelength and the next making contact with the subject lets the camera record a moving image at unbelievably small fractions of a second frame rates. 

But what could anyone possibly need such a fast video camera for? To capture the progression of amazingly fast processes at the molecular level, of course. The camera’s creator says his team already used it view the vibration of molecules in a lithium niobate crystal and to watch a plasma plume form at the moment a laser was focused onto a glass plate. See an example and learn more below.

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