plasma king

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     Following the defeat of team plasma, the puppet king had set off on the back of Reshiram on a quest of self exploration. As long as he could remember he always believed what his foster father had been doing was right. But following his demise the sad truth was reveled, he was nothing more than a sacrificial pawn. All his life he had been groomed to be a glorified puppet for plasma to blindly follow. So who exactly was he in the end? What was his purpose and his own beliefs? He needed to find out and set on a quest far from his home where nobody knew of his mistakes, Alola. 

      Not wanting to frighten anyone with the large legendary he had made a landing far from town where he had assumed nobody would be at. Hopping down from the dragon’s back, his hand gently pet the nearest large wing. 

                                                         “Thank you my friend.”

        He spoke with gratitude before glancing around at the strange region. It would take him a while to get used to such a strange land. But something or someone did catch his attention, seems he wasn’t as alone as he had thought.