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Sterek Season’s Under Appreciated Fic Recs
December 31 Rec List
Huge thank you to everyone who submitted fics! Keep them coming!

Dead Space from the Helm of the Pop Rock by callunavulgari
Words: 3,590
Comfort’s the hum and vibration of a plasma-pulse F20 core engine in mid-hyperspace drive. Ease is the steady, oxygenated chill from the central air circulation vents on a tight and narrow sweep of the outer rim of the Tramontane galaxy. Reality is the taste of sparkling water and roasted almonds at moon-rise. He catches Derek’s eyes from across the bar and chuckles when the man raises an eyebrow, tapping his watch and holding up nine fingers.

Well, Stiles thinks, raising his glass in a sloppy salute. If he’s going to be stranded on a white-zoned planet with a penchant for bad music and the walking dead, at least he’s got a pretty face to look at.

The Hidebehind (This Town is Gonna Eat You)by auroradream🎯
Words: 4,034
Stiles stops in front of the how-to books and mutters under his breath, “DIY Plumbing? Resume Writing? Come on, where’s the stuff this town actually needs: Druids and You; Protective Circles for Dummies; How to Face a Coven and Still Graduate on Time?”

Listening discreetly at the front of the shop, Derek nearly knocks over a display rack.

“Even a flamethrower assembly guide. That might work.”

[An AU where Derek owns a Beacon Hills book store, and Stiles has a monster to kill.]

Silver Road  by appolsaucy
Words: 11,326
They rolled through the darkness until Derek’s eyes gave up trying to pierce through it and he let himself float, nothing but summer breeze and Stiles and his heart in his throat. It was the freest he’d ever felt.

He turned to tell Stiles, who lurched over the console and kissed him.

That’s messed up. by countrygirlsfun 🎯
Words: 17,319
“So let me see if I got this right, my son was cursed by drunk witches who weren’t following the rules of cursing people.”
“Pretty much, yes.”

Or the one where Stiles is cursed and logic is abandoned.

Bravery is a Loaded Gun by LiviKate
Words: 17,389
“No, I’m not asexual, Stiles,” Derek said shortly.

The teen’s heart sank in his chest, his palms going clammy and his neck prickling with the familiar feeling of rejection.

“So then it’s,” Stiles swallowed, throat clogging, unable to give voice to the facts he would much rather ignore. The silence grew between them, growing tense the longer it was left. For the first time in years, Stiles couldn’t speak. The weight of inadequacy held down his typical stream of useless banter. What does one say in this sort of situation? ‘I’m sorry you don’t find me attractive?’

Against the Edge of the Sky by sahbeL
Words: 34,452
He and Stiles just didn’t drift in the same orbit these days. Derek could probably count with two hands the number of times he’s seen the younger man in the past four years. And half of those times Stiles hadn’t even seen him back.

And no, he hadn’t really noticed the absence.

Or, the future fic where Stiles has become a BAMF and no one in the pack noticed because he’s a sneaky little shit and didn’t tell anyone until it ends up blowing up in everyone’s faces.

Tell me what Pack Means  by afullrevolution 🎯
Words: 22,511
Works: 2
Fourteen days into a two year mission, Stiles finds out that his companion for the voyage is a werewolf. Stiles wants to know what it means.

How Obi-Wan changed thanks to Anakin Skywalker

Obi-Wan Kenobi before he knew Anakin Skywalker:

 Obi-Wan would see the boy and Jar Jar in the same light - useless burdens, pointless projects, unnecessary distractions. Obi-Wan was grounded in the need to focus on the larger picture, on the unifying Force. He lacked Qui-Gon’s intuitive nature. He lacked his teacher’s compassion for and interest in all living things. He did not see the same things Qui-Gon saw.

Obi-Wan Kenobi years later:

He sometimes dreams of when he was a Padawan in fact as well as feeling; he dreams that his own Master, Qui-Gon Jinn, did not die at the plasma-fueled generator core in Theed. He dreams that his Master’s wise guiding hand is still with him. But Qui-Gon’s death is an old pain, one with which he long ago came to terms.

A Jedi does not cling to the past.

And Obi-Wan Kenobi knows, too, that to have lived his life without being Master to Anakin Skywalker would have left him a different man. A lesser man.

Anakin has taught him so much.

Obi-Wan sees so much of Qui-Gon in Anakin that sometimes it hurts his heart; at the very least, Anakin mirrors Qui-Gon’s flair for the dramatic, and his casual disregard for rules. Training Anakin - and fighting beside him, all these years - has unlocked something inside Obi-Wan. It’s as though Anakin has rubbed off on him a bit, and has loosened that clenched-jaw insistence on absolute correctness that Qui-Gon always said was his greatest flaw.

Obi-Wan Kenobi has learned to relax.

He smiles now, and sometimes even jokes, and has become known for the wisdom gentle humor can provide. Though he does not know it, his relationship with Anakin has molded him into the great Jedi Qui-Gon always said he might someday be.

The History of Sylvia

So, out of the main four/five if you count Dom/six if you count Awesome, Sylvia’s the one we know the most about backstory-wise. In fact, we pretty much know her entire history at this point:

  • She was born in the galaxy right next to the one she’s currently traveling in. She’s the youngest of the four siblings, and at some point her father passed away. Also, in ‘The Stray’, she said that she had a good job scraping grazbits out of plasma cores when she was Lil’ Bits’ size. Since we don’t really know what Zbornaks look like as they grow up, lets just assume Syl had this as a part time job when she was anywhere from about 9 to 15 years old (about the age where kids on Earth can get newspaper routes). This was probably how she earned her money as a kid instead of just getting an allowance.
  • Sometime after she graduated high school (see the graduation cap she has in her bedroom in ‘The Family Reunion’) she ran away from home in search of adventure and/or because life on her home planet was too hard.
  • She eventually met Ryder and the two became partners in crime, robbing people and stealing stuff as well as having unsavory adventures and being ner-do-wells. Eventually though, an adventure went south and Ryder fell into a black hole (or it at least seemed like he fell into a black hole) and Sylvia went solo
  • Either before, during or after her time with Ryder, Sylvia competed in the Galactic Conjunction 6000, hoping to win it. Unfortunately, she lost multiple times because of her ‘time bomb’ mode and eventually gave up on ever winning it
  • She soon became a bounty hunter, still going on adventures but now focusing on just helping herself and doing whatever it took to survive. She also considered herself a ‘bad guy’. This is when she met Wander - only seeing him as a bounty and a reward at first, as well as accidentally giving him his name in this galaxy, ‘Wander’ 
  • Eventually, Wander helped her become a better, less selfish person. The two formed a strong connection, becoming partners, best friends and practically family. Sylvia also accomplished her dream of winning the Galactic Conjunction 6000, got some closure with Ryder (realizing she was much better off without him) and reconciled with her family

Looks like our favorite Zbornak has had one heck of a life! ^v^


The Sun: Crash Course Astronomy #10 By CrashCourse

Phil takes us for a closer (eye safe!) look at the two-octillion ton star that rules our solar system. We look at the sun’s core, plasma, magnetic fields, sunspots, solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and what all of that means for our planet.