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Zim growled, squeezing his eyes shut as Shamrock quizzed him.

“D-DO NOT QUESTION ZIM!” He snapped, gritting his teeth and laying his head back, “J-JUST DO AS I SAY!”

The little alien turned his face away as he held his hands to his middle, trying desperately to stop the bleeding.

“P… Pen-shaped. Switch on the side. Metal… Hghh… Y-You’ve seen me use it! I-It emits a thin plasma beam..!”

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Can you do some Dad!Alex headcanons? I need that in my life

fuck i love alex summers

  • He’s gentle with all three of your kids and love them all dearly
    • You end up with 2 boys(twins) and 1 girl
  • He was nervous when the twins but by the time you had Audrey, he was a Pro
    • He couldn’t hold Will or Tommy for more than a minute without worrying that he’d drop them
    • He was delicate with Audrey though. She was significantly smaller then the boys and one of the most precious things in his life and the moment she looked up at him, he was wrapped around her little finger and everyone knew it
  • Taking the kids to the mansion to visit Uncle Hank
    • The first few times that you left the kids there, you were both so nervous
      • He burned tiny holes into your shirt from worrying too much while he had an arm wrapped around your waist
  • His plasma beams being a source of entertainment for the kids
    • You were wary of him doing it around the kids at first but seeing the control he had over his mutation when he shot tiny beams out of his fingers that dissipated by the time it got a few inches away from him
  • He is willing to help them with any school project and homework
    • He wasn’t the best student but he tries his hardest
    • When they get older and bring home more challenging stuff, he raises his eyebrows and huffs
      • “Go take this to your momma, she was always the smarter of us.”
      • Watching you help them with their homework with a smile
  • He is def the parent to go all out when ever there is a competition his kid is involved in
    • He will be there rooting for them every step of the way while you roll your eyes and smile because he just gets way into it. It’s cute though
  • Worrying that they’ll have a dangerous mutation and that they are going to have to go through what he did, his hatred and fear of it
    • He still tries his best to teach them control
    • All three of them have the X gene and the house is a complete disaster after their mutations manifest
  • Best father-daughter duo goes to Alex and Audrey
    • She is very much her daughter even though she takes on most of her looks from you
    • Literally the biggest mischief makers in the world
  • You have hundreds of photos of him doing cute things with his kids
    • Most notably, holding them close while they both are asleep
  • Telling them how you and him met, but altering the details to keep it rated G
  • Taking complete interest in whatever his kids find interesting
    • Space? You betcha. Pirates? He will dress up for one as Halloween for them. Animals? Checks out every book at the public library he can on animals for them.
  • The kids will get grossed out when you and Alex kiss or do anything remotely romantic
  • Laying down one night to go to bed, his arms wrapped around you and his nose buried in your hair and you turn over.
    “We did good.”
    “Yeah, we did.”
Lightsabers and Blasters and Plasma, oh my!

Let me begin this by saying, this is 90% conjecture. I do not have a large amount of new canon sources at my disposal at the moment, and if you have sources of new canon information that contradict this, please let me know.

I’m very much going to take liberty with certain things (such as some weapons being called turboLASERS) because they’re inconsistent in-universe. If something clears those inconsistencies up, then please let me know ASAP through an Ask or Submission or reblog.


Everywhere you see “laser” used in Star Wars, it appears to be a misnomer. Unless light particles/waves in the Star Wars Universe act very differently from our own (Possible, but unlikely) the “Laser” effects of Blasters, Lightsabers, Turbolasers and the like are not controlled beams of light energy, but instead contained beams of plasma energy. the difference is in how plasma can (under the right circumstances) behave, compared to how light can behave. Plasma, a high-energy state of matter characterized by free ions and general instability, makes good sense for it’s use in weapons in the Star Wars Universe, especially if we bend the laws of physics just a tad.

Its likely that the plasma in question is some sort of plasmified heavy metal, directed out of the barrel/nozzle of a weapon at speeds using some method (discussed below). On it’s own plasma is unstable, and would interact even with the atmosphere around it, making it more of a flamethrower than a proper projectile weapon. It needs some form of containment; and there are a few options; ranging from the realistic, to the fantastical.

The first of these, and the most realistic, is magnetic containment. Magnetic containment is already used when dealing with plasma in this universe; so it could stand to reason that it could also be used in the universe in question, but some problems arise. The first is the “inverse square” law; which means that the power of a magnetic field drops very sharply relative to the distance of it’s source. If the source is the blaster, this is a huge problem for range; but this can be excused by giving the plasma bolt itself some kind of spin-stabilization. It could maintain it’s own magnetic field, dissipating when the momentum/energy of the plasma inside dissipates as well. There are clear problems to this, of course, including that the amount of energy used to contain the plasma would outstrip the actual energy used to do damage by leaps and bounds. Another problem is, magnets. Think about it. Imagine lugging around a rapidly oscillating electromagnet in a ship made of “durasteel;” which is canonically magnetic, due to Vader’s own feet being electro-magnetized to cling to the hulls of ships in micro-gravity. Blaster bolts and lightsaber blades would bend in hilarious, but dangerous ways in such situations; meaning magnetism, for now, is out.

The second example is one with both real-world and in-universe use; though it remains much more powerful and versetile in science fiction; tractor beams. That is, some form of radiation which can exert physical force. This one is sketchy, but it’s unlikely that it’s used, because it doesn’t allow for the bolts to maintain their own containment without being controlled by the blaster.

This leaves us with the worst possible answer, but is the most likely one; “exotic forces.” Exotic forces means, there is some property of the plasma bolt, or how it is formed, which allows it to remain stable until it strikes a relatively hard surface. This force or field would also allow for the explanation of deflector shields (which would just be projections of the same field/energy force in opposition to incoming bolts), as well as how lightsabers deflect blaster bolts; since they ostensibly use the same containment method. I would suggest that this has something to do with the “spin” or “flow” of the plasma particles, interacting in a novel way with that universe’s laws of physics.


This is all well and good; blaster bolts are plasma, held by some exotic force or method into bolt form. What would they do if they hit someone? In a word; hurt.

One major effect that’s shown in all the movies is that blaster bolts are concussive. When they hit, they hit hard, likely due to the fact that the field that contains them likely destabilizes in contact with solid (or sufficiently viscous liquid) matter. No longer contained, the plasma’s energy is converted into both heat (igniting the material it comes in contact with) as well as kinetic energy (the rapid expansion/phase change of materials vaporized by a blaster hit would have a significant concussive effect). This kinetic energy, at least in-universe, is enough to knock a fit adult reeling backwards on it’s own.

The temperature of a metal plasma can reach something in the ranges of 10^3K, or about 1,340 degrees Farenheit (726 Celcius); though it’s possible higher temperatures could be achieved dependent on what the plasma field is made of and the energy level of the plasma. Even at this face value, being struck with a bolt (assumed to be about 1 inch by 18 inches, as seen in the Force Awakens when a blaster bolt is “frozen”) would dump a significant amount of heat energy into a target; and depending on the target’s physical properties, that could mean immediate ignition.

The energy would also, as a result of it’s momentum, and the sudden expansion of materials it strikes undergoing phase-change, literally explode a target; given enough energy. The rapidly expanding, now gasified solids of flesh, bone, and metal would literally tear a target apart from the inside out. this explains how the blaster used by Poe was able to cause a bloody wound, it was powerful enough to punch through the stormtrooper’s armor, cause explosive gasification, and thereby rip his insides apart. This effect seems to only occur when the plasma bolt loses containment.


So, now we move to lightsabers. It’s clear they follow the same basic rules of blasters, but they have one major caveat; their containment field is maintained, and thereby must more stable. It isn’t prone to (or designed to) fail in contact with solid materials, and that changes how the saber acts. One thing we can now also address is that of infrared energy. The heat energy given off by a weapon with as much power output as a lightsaber would be like hanging on to a literal sun; you’re going to die just being near it. That is, unless the same field that contains the plasma, also contains forms of electromagnetic radiation. If this were the case; then this would explain how lightsabers work, and why everyone wielding them isn’t extra crispy. But, how do they hurt people?

As is seen many times, lightsabers to have at least some concussive effect to them. Being hit with one, if the material is capable of resisting, looks similar to being smacked with a solid iron bar.

The most clear effect of a lightsaber is the burning wounds it inflicts. The likely reason why these burns are not more severe, and are often relegated to only the local wound area is because of the lidenfrost effect, or some similar effect, preventing the body in question from being just cooked like shrimp instantly. that, combined with the likely infrared containment of the containment field, means you have to be in direct contact with the “blade” of a lightsaber to really be injured.

Since the blade is made of what appears to be rapidly moving plasma particles (see “unstable lightabsers” later in this), anything being hit by it either quickly gasifies, burns, liquefies (as in the prequels in regards to doors and droids) or is shredded apart by the rapidly swirling heavy metal plasma.

It’s shown, both in (now non-canon) EU as well as the Force Awakens, that lightsabers are effected by their stability; the more power that is used to make them, the more power needs to be used to stabilize them, and the more accurate the stabilization must be. This can be shown in Kylo Ren’s saber, which appears to have been made out of found parts, and is clearly unstable. Though it’s not shown in any canon sources I’m aware of, it’s very possible that an unstable blade could “fail” it’s containment if hit by another, more stable saber, resulting in what would likely be a devastating explosion, or at the very least disabling the saber until it is reactivated. What leads me to believe this, is the fact that the sabers appear to tend to “waver” in containment when striking; sputtering and flashing, likely because the interaction between two strong containment fields is causing destabilization. This also means it’s possible a sufficiently strong blaster bolt would do the same (which is why you don’t see Jedi regularly blocking heavy blaster/turbolasers). This can also be shown because a sufficiently powerful blaster can “overload” a deflector shield, which likely uses the same containment technology as both blasters and lightsabers. Another thing of note is that lightsabers can be blocked, both by relatively mundane, as well as energized materials (such as mandelore iron, cotrosis weave and other materials for the former, and the energy tonfa/energy staff for the latter).

One thing which is a point of contention between some, is whether lightsaber blades have weight. It’s shown, clearly, that blasters have recoil, as well as having kinetic impact; meaning that the blaster bolt itself has some level of inertia or momentum; and thereby some amount of mass. This, coupled with the fact that any material (gas included) which comes into contact with a saber blade is likely to “burn” or be effected in some way, means that while a saber blade itself may not weigh much, moving the saber through space would be difficult. This would also be effected by the fact that (as seen in Kylo Ren’s unstable saber) the blade is actually a swirling vortex of plasma energy; it likely that this would have some gyroscopic effect on the saber, making it “feel” as if swinging a saber is similar to swinging a 1 inch wide rod through thick soup. This likely explains why the weapons are not much more ubiquitous, and why Jedi are so feared for their mastery of them; it’s like hanging on to a chainsaw made of pure rage, which is always on full throttle.