plas art

Hello, my dears! I’m very pleased to share with you the Jotun Thor and Jotun Loki collaboration piece between the lovely marty-mc and I! We’ve been working on this for, oh, a few weeks now by passing it back and forth between us and I think it’s turned out awesome!

We worked on a lot of different parts of the collaboration together, but I think I might be able to parse out what we each worked on. Let me see… marty-mc worked on the background, bench, ice in the foreground, all the BEAUTIFUL clothing/jewelry you see them wearing, Loki’s face, the hair, and the Jotun lines.

I did the anatomy lineart and coloring, the ground, touched the hair and clothes briefly, Thor’s face, as well as set a lot of the color tones for the image.

Hope you all like!



Jonathan Brand

Currently Untitled (Motorcycle)

Natural PLA 3D Printed Plastic, MDF Base

82" x 32" x 50"

2013 - 2014

“Currently in progress. Constructed out of 3D prints made using translucent biodegradable corn based plastic (PLA). Each part is printed in multiple sections and welded together. Modeled after a 1972 Honda CB500 that I had planned to purchase but decided to build my own after the birth of my son. Making it out of hundreds of small prints enables me to use hobby level 3D printers and print as thin as possible to enable the final sculpture to be translucent.”


Hello, friends!

Now for a limited time only, I am offering commissions. I just finished my first year in grad school and I have a little over a month off before I go back, which leaves me with lots of free time, a need for money, and the will to keep my momentum going after having spent an entire semester working on color theory and technique.

Ideally I would like to fill 3-5 slots.

My rate is going to be $20 for the first 3 hours working on a piece. Then it will drop to $12 every hour thereafter.

The price of the commission can be based around a budget (i.e, ‘I have $50 to spend, please do not go over that amount of time to create my commission’), or it can be based on a final product where I will give you an estimate (i.e, 'I would like a full color illustration with two figures, and will be happy to pay within your estimate range’). I am limiting the commissions to a 2 hour minimum, simply because I really want to work on substantial pieces while I have such limited time–I don’t want to spend the next month working on 20 half-hour mini-commissions when I could be spending it working on three 5-10+ hour commissions.

I am happy to take commissions of anything from thorki to hannigram to stucky to blackpepper, from portraits to smut. So even if you don’t see your ship or favorite character pictured here, I can be persuaded. That being said, I retain the right to refuse a commission for any reason, but I don’t anticipate needing to, because you guys are great. So far, my relationship with the people who have commissioned me has been strong, and I’ve only ever heard good things from the people I’ve worked with.

Send me an ask or a message stating your interest and I will establish email contact with you for further conversation.

I look forward to creating some new pieces over the break!