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Hello, my dears! I’m very pleased to share with you the Jotun Thor and Jotun Loki collaboration piece between the lovely marty-mc and I! We’ve been working on this for, oh, a few weeks now by passing it back and forth between us and I think it’s turned out awesome!

We worked on a lot of different parts of the collaboration together, but I think I might be able to parse out what we each worked on. Let me see… marty-mc worked on the background, bench, ice in the foreground, all the BEAUTIFUL clothing/jewelry you see them wearing, Loki’s face, the hair, and the Jotun lines.

I did the anatomy lineart and coloring, the ground, touched the hair and clothes briefly, Thor’s face, as well as set a lot of the color tones for the image.

Hope you all like!



Jonathan Brand

Currently Untitled (Motorcycle)

Natural PLA 3D Printed Plastic, MDF Base

82" x 32" x 50"

2013 - 2014

“Currently in progress. Constructed out of 3D prints made using translucent biodegradable corn based plastic (PLA). Each part is printed in multiple sections and welded together. Modeled after a 1972 Honda CB500 that I had planned to purchase but decided to build my own after the birth of my son. Making it out of hundreds of small prints enables me to use hobby level 3D printers and print as thin as possible to enable the final sculpture to be translucent.”

thorduna  asked:

hellooo :) aah it's so exciting you are doing prompts :) can i ask for Thor and Loki cuddling half naked somewhere in the nature? Sorry idk how specific or detailed you want the prompts to be.. could be under the stars or by a lake or something

I like vague or specific, whatever is clever! I tend go off on my own tangents, anyway. Your prompt definitely inspired the image of Loki weaving flowers in Thor’s hair to try and annoy him, but then giving up when Thor thought it was fun and decided to wear the flowers all day long. Annoying your brother doesn’t work when he plays along.

Still accepting prompts for my 30 minute sketches!