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Want to get a picture made by my dumbass hands? Boy howdy you’re in luck!!!

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hi (again)

i read all of your anonymous messages and i’m very sorry if i never replied to you , either i got distracted or i felt like i had already answered this kind of question and stuff, but now i’m too uncomfortable replying to everyone’s ask like 2 months later and I just wanted to say that if you really  REALLY want an answer you can ask me directly !!! i’m pretty sure my mailbox is open, and i answer privately all the time

+ concerning similar asks i got:

- i study at gobelins, l’ecole de l’image (paris) and the students answer every question about it in THIS REALLY GREAT TUMBLR (such as : the exam & requirements)

- i you really want to, you can repost (only)fanart on a different app as long as there’s credit to it (thanks !!)

- being an animation student is weird because you thought you’d be like, getting away from your past weaboo’s years and starting a new life on your own watching indie animations, becoming an Intellectual and smoking/drinking a lot talking to fellow animators about how its hard to be an Artist but somehow you still end up watching anime and drawing your classmates as ninjas. i guess it depends??

- moi aussi anon de septembre dernier j’ai fait un bac L art pla déso de la réponse tardive mais tout le boulot que j’ai fait pour les concours je l’ai fait à coté et tu peux totalement commencer à bosser pour toi en plus des cours (ou alors pendant la philo . personne bosse vraiment en philo au pire tu gribouilles en ecoutant d’une oreille et t’y vas au talent au bac : testé & approuvé)

- i dO N O T HAVE TWITTER and it would be a Very Bad idea to get an account since it cant even focus on my work properly without opening facebook every 30 minutes

- do i know tips for animating ? id say “don’t think too much, feel more” but some people might fight me over this so : i dont have any


Bilingual song in Basque and Catalan by the Basque band Oskorri featuring the Catalan singer Albert Pla, about the importance of the language to our national identity.

Hizkuntza gabe esaidazue
nola irtengo naizen plazara,
geure arima hiltzen uzteko
bezain odolgalduak ez gara.

Digueu-me com jo sortir podria
al carrer sense la meva llengua
no som tant desgastats com per deixar
morir així la nostra ànima.

Original song all in Basque with subtitles in Spanish here.

Even the Gods Feared Her: Part one?

Inspired by the beautiful @illustraice and her Sun/Moon Spirit Au! I loved it so much that I had to write about it!! Now keep in mind that things will be different from her au sooo… don’t hate me.

They were old. Older than the gods that the humans had known… older than the earth itself. They had watched as the world was created and they watched as every single human soul was born and died. They loved humans, they truly did… Loved them enough to give them the bright sun during the day and the cool moon in the night, enough to protect them from the dangers of wondering spirits and monsters.

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anonymous asked:

I'm already in love with your art, pla keep up the good work... how about the band reacting to a very, very ugly dog? thanks!

ALL DOGS BORK EQUALLY,,,, also aaaa thanks!!! quq