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Even the Gods Feared Her: Part one?

Inspired by the beautiful @illustraice and her Sun/Moon Spirit Au! I loved it so much that I had to write about it!! Now keep in mind that things will be different from her au sooo… don’t hate me.

They were old. Older than the gods that the humans had known… older than the earth itself. They had watched as the world was created and they watched as every single human soul was born and died. They loved humans, they truly did… Loved them enough to give them the bright sun during the day and the cool moon in the night, enough to protect them from the dangers of wondering spirits and monsters.

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Okay so hear me out: I’ve really adhered to the idea that the Gems are actually a little unsettling to look at since, well, even though their projections read humanoid, they’re still aliens. And their anatomy and coloration is just enough to be a little off-putting to people who aren’t used to it. I’ve seen people play with this idea before and I wanted to try it with Pearl in my own style!

Sharp teeth, exaggerated anatomy and features (very lanky, but also VERY strong; have you seen her kick butt??!?!?), but still very beautiful, I think. :) Yay Pearl!

kay so i don’t know yet if the fanfic is going to be set in paris. i hate the fact that for a lot of foreigners, france = paris so, fuck paris, i’m thinking about strasbourg because i love strasbourg but it would mean that they would eat flammekuechen which is not FRENCH™ but who cares after all? anyway since they’re in high school, guess what? YESSS THEY HAVE TO CHOOSE THEIR FILIERE. AND THATS GOING TO BE FUN. I’m making them go to L/ES/S but might move them into professional classes later?

Noora = L spé maths
Jonas = ES spé sciences po
Magnus = ES spé sciences po
Isak = S spé svt
Even = L spé cinéma until he transfers???
Eva = ES spé éco
P Chris = ES spé maths
Chris B = ES spé sciences po
William = S spé maths
Eskild = L spé art pla
Linn = ES spé éco
Sana = S spé maths
Yousef = ES spé maths
Elias = ES spé maths
Mikael = L spé cinéma
Mutta = S spé chimie
Adam = S spé chimie
Mahdi = ES spé éco
Sara = L spé anglais
Ingrid = L spé anglais
Sonja = S spé chimie
Emma = ES spé éco
Elias2 = S spé chimie
Vilde = ES spé maths

If you have any suggestion and why you would move them from their filère, tell me, i’m not sure about some of them !!

anonymous asked:

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Hi there! I thought you might like to know that the plaxance art you reblogged is by a sh!3ther. It’s a real shame, too, considerinf how little plaxance content there is… Have a nice day 💜💜 

I’m so sorry to do this to you but the person who made the laxum art you just reblogged (dino/-arts) is a shaladin 

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The bearer of bad news: Dino/arts is a shaladin and in the artworks tags it says ‘block if ur an anti’ ):    

that laxu/m art u just reblogged is by a sheef who wuz complaining abt antis  

I LOVE U GUYS THANK U FOR TELLING ME IM CRYING for some reason ,, i just didnt comprehend the comment on it ,,, :’’’)))



Jonathan Brand

Currently Untitled (Motorcycle)

Natural PLA 3D Printed Plastic, MDF Base

82" x 32" x 50"

2013 - 2014

“Currently in progress. Constructed out of 3D prints made using translucent biodegradable corn based plastic (PLA). Each part is printed in multiple sections and welded together. Modeled after a 1972 Honda CB500 that I had planned to purchase but decided to build my own after the birth of my son. Making it out of hundreds of small prints enables me to use hobby level 3D printers and print as thin as possible to enable the final sculpture to be translucent.”