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HCs about Victuuri's kids

1. Viktor and Yuri teaching them English as a universal language
2. Viktor teaching them Russian on top of the English and the kids babbling words in both Russian and English
3. Yuri finding out and deciding to teach them Japanese as well
4. When their kids are teenagers, they speak all three, sometimes mixing them into sentences
5. The kids speaking to Yuri in Japanese occasionally but switching to Russian when addressing Viktor
6. “Papa” Viktor
7. “Daddy/Dad” Yuri
8. Uncles Otabek, Yurio, Phichit, and Chris (Minami says hi if they bump into him)
9. Really good skaters (obviously)
10. Yuri shouting “Gamba!” and Viktor shouting “Davai!” like they used to
11. Getting weird stares when people hear their last name is Katsuki-Nikiforov
12. Being used to having a trophy room in their house (medals hanging on the wall with tiny plaques under the gold ones with dates)

The coffin problem: Revisited

In the coffin problem in the Eurus Gameshow on TFP, we have, as evidence:

John, Sherlock and Mycroft staring at a window as they make their deductions. Real windows have reflections, as Eurus has already pointed out to us. Ergo J, S and M are staring into a mirror.

The coffin is suitable for a short, lonely, practical person (Molly or John). John and many viewers first assume that this means it’s John’s turn. But… the coffin has “I love you” on its plaque. Mycroft says that means whoever is in the coffin loves Sherlock, throwing (heteronormative) attention onto Irene and Molly. I posit that Sherlock loves whoever is in the coffin, or they love each other. (Dead people don’t usually write their own plaques, their loved ones do.)

We go to Molly, who is having a bad day for an unknown reason (John if bleeding out on his therapist’s floor, is also having a less than stellar day). Molly is wearing the same rainbow jumper as she was wearing when literally standing in for John during TEH. Well spotted. Ergo Molly is a mirror for John.

Eurus says “Someone’s about to die…” (John, from a gunshot wound.) “Tragedy.. So many words unsaid et cetera et cetera.” Holy cow. 

That’s what John said to his other therapist, when Sherlock ‘died’, it’s what Sherlock was saying before going to his supposed death in the plane. The words unsaid are not about Molly, they are about John and Sherlock.

And the word’s unsaid, as we have all speculated, were… “I love you.”

That is an absolutely beautiful chain of reasoning.

Full meta

The St. Stephans Cathedral in Vienna has a long history and a part of it has to do with these gravestones stuck to the cathedrals walls on the outside. I like going around the outer perimeter and reading what these plaques say!

This one is one of my favourites, it’s written in early new high German, which surprisingly enough isn’t even that hard to read as a native speaker, and tells the story of a young man called Fridrich Schmid, who died at 22 in the year 1567 by falling into the Danube river with his horse and was found three days later. This story is quite sad, but I can’t describe the feeling I get when reading about a person,only 4 years older than I am now, dying over 400 years ago!
Valknut Plaque, Hail the ancient ones. Yggdrasil, Altar Tile, Viking Decor, Norse Decor, LARP, Protection. Norse, Viking, Asatru, Heathen.
This plaque is made of Ash our own trees. It has been hand drawn and pyrographed with a Valknut and the message Hail the ancient ones in runes. The Valknut consists of 3 interlocking triangles and is the symbol of Odin. The Ash tree is significant as it is the huge mythical tree Yggdrasil, that connects the 9 worlds according to Norse Cosmology. Measures approx 7.5 - 8cms across (approx 3 inches) and is oiled for protection. It hangs on a black cotton cord with a rustic bead. It is possible to add a names or etc on the back free of charge, if you would like it personalised

Tulkas the Valiant, Lord of Contests

Nessa the Swift, Lady of Dance

Orome the Hunter, Lord of Forests

Vana Ever-Young, Lady of Spring


(Hmmm, what’s that?)

(No. He’s not here.)

(No, sorry. He doesn’t count.)

(Okay, fine.)


Melkor the Enemy, Lord of RUINING EVERYTHING!


Ancient Egyptian steatite plaque, the one side engraved with an owl, an ostrich feather, and a sign for gold, symbolizing Amun, and the other side engraved with a sun dish, an ankh, and neb, meaning “Re is lord of Life.” Dated to the New Kingdom.

Images and information from

Woofie, German Shepherd (9 y/o), Stuyvesant Square, New York, NY • “Her male primary owner passed away, and her other owner was grieving, so she was grieving, too. The wife also got a commemorative plaque on one of these benches, and she would go there with Woofie and grieve. Woofie would then pick up on this and get protective of anyone that came close to them on the bench. She needed a neutral person to come in to take care of her, so I’m walking her.”

Sips playing “Papers, please” is gold.

Sips : “Efi, get the efi out of here.”

Game : “That must be a typographical error.” Sips : “Typographical error? You’re a typographical… GET OUT OF THE BOOTH!”

Sips : “What the hell, Mary?”

Sips : “Be good, be safe. Try hugs, not drugs. Please.”

Sips : “What a great excuse. DENIED MOTHERFUCKER!”

Sips : “We’re gonna detain this woman’s ass. Sirs, take her to the dungeon and find out what she knows. She stole the secret recipe for the goulash.”

Sips : “Joseph Murrman. Are you indeed a merman? No? Okay.”

Game: You doomed me!” Sips : “Sorry, but I want my gold plaque. […] Which one is more important?”

Sips : “Oh my god, are you Dracula?”