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Why have a burger when you can have a burger that saves the world?🌿💧 animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change, deforestation, pollution of our oceans + species extinction. The amount of damage and destruction we are causing to our planet leaves me speechless. This is our home and there is no planet B.
The good news? We CAN make a difference. By living more consciously and making choices that are kinder to the planet, we can have a positive impact and play our part in protecting Mother Earth and all those who call this planet home💫
And that starts with what we put on our plates. Adopting a plant-based diet is the single most effective thing you can do to make a difference. Even just by making a few swaps to eat more plants. The best thing is you’ll be doing a your body a big favour too! Let’s make Earth Day every day💛✨🌏 #earthday

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Here's the start of my teenage "bucket list"

I want to start doing things I like. So here’s some things I wanna do before I turn twenty. This is going to be a long post! If you have any suggestions, message me :)

•go on a road trip with friends
•plant a lot of trees
•ride the Wild Thing at Valley Fair
•eat crocodile on a stick at the state fair
•get a Brazilian wax
•finish an adult coloring book
•go camping with friends
•perfect your winged eyeliner
•get an amazing bikini body
•have a movie marathon
•find the perfect lipstick color
•get a stick and poke
•get another piercing
•go to Sephora for a maker over
•go skinny dipping
•get a facial (professional)
•have one electronic free day
•hold up a “free hugs” sign at MOA
•learn how to braid your own hair
•go to Canada
•try the donut shop in Grand Marais
•decorate your room perfectly
•donate a crocheted blanket
•get FLAWLESS skin
•grow your hair long
•do an alternative book project
•have a 1+ year relationship
•meet someone famous
•be a counselor at Wolf Ridge
•learn how to do eyeshadow
•try every pie flavor at Betty’s Pies
•have a 20+ person sleepover
•be happy with how I look
•be able to do the splits
•put notes in library books
•get my drivers license
•donate blood
•take selfies with strangers
•buy a cook book and make every recipe
•have a New Years kiss
•go vegan for a week
•have a water balloon fight
•have a bonfire
•sleep on the beach
•write a song
•have an unsupervised game of “hot seat”
•learn how to walk in heels
•doodle on white shoes
•give 100 compliments to strangers in 1 day
•have a nerd gun fight
•get a “tan tattoo”
•send a message in a bottle
•kiss a girl
•make caramel candies and hand them out
•buy a sexy outfit and flaunt it
•flag someone in public
•cut someone’s hair
•go to a party
•blaze it
•make the coolest cut offs
•be satisfied with your art skills
•graduate high school
•have a pen pal
•share a milkshake
•make homemade pizza
•crochet a dress
•learn how to knit
•get 100 notes on a selfie
•play messy twister
•go camping… Alone!
•buy a bike and go biking
•visit Ely and buy mukluks
•go to Stanchfield, MN
•have perfect handwriting
•have a picnic on the roof
•finish a Chapstick
•make perfect slutty brownies
•sleep under the stars
•pull a fun all nighter
•be able to paint your nails perfectly
•have a bath with every LUSH bath bomb
•see the northern lights
•have a HUGE snowball fight

i honestly think i need a break from watching vegan youtube videos. and not because of the youtubers themselves necessarily, but because i think i’m becoming like obsessive with my “intake.”

don’t get me wrong, i love watching “what i eat in a day videos” as well as other vegan related videos, but truthfully, i think it’s fucking with my mind. especially since i’m not running right now and getting the exercise i’m used to. i’ve recently become so obsessed with what i’m eating. i feel like it’s all i think about over half the time? like what am i going to have for lunch, dinner, etc..which is fine, but what isn’t fine is worrying about what i’m going to eat in between lunch and dinner. or if it’s okay to have a soy chai latte, if i had soy in my coffee in the morning. or if it’s okay to eat peanut butter if i already had avocado. or if it’s okay to eat this processed vegan snack. i’m constantly worrying about if i’m eating whole plant foods, which is..i guess a good thing? because of course it’s great to want to eat whole foods, but like when did i start feeling guilty about eating a cliff bar? when did i worry about eating rice cakes? when did i start worrying about eating a bagel and then a bunch of fruit after? and i’m not blaming these thoughts on youtube, but like i think i’ve become too caught up in the idea of intakes and food and what’s “right.” no two people are the same, no two bodies function the same and therefor, no two people need to eat the exact same. i miss being able to just feel hungry and eat what i’m craving when i’m hungry. i’ve never had problems with binging or anything, but lately i’ve had a way more extreme sweet tooth at night where i eat sweets until i’m stuffed and i think it’s due to me focusing on being so healthy and eating a certain way all day. i need to start listening to my body again because right now, i can’t hear it. i’m hearing the people i’m watching on my screen eating 10 mangos grown from their tree in Hawaii or the organic grains they paid extra for at the health food store. but that’s not MY reality. and it’s amazing for them and it’s amazing to watch them thrive in doing what THEY do, but that’s not my situation. i live in a tiny college dorm room where i have a meal plan, occasionally go out to eat at places that i have to make due and try to find vegan options at, i have to supply snacks in my room that are on sale at target or trader joe’s because i’m on a college budget, and when i get a punnet of strawberries it’s a luxury! and that’s MY situation.

so i have to do what’s best for ME. i love having multiple cups of coffee with soy milk in the morning, i love the dark chocolate pretzels i have in my room for post dinner snacking, i love going out to dinner w/ my friends and boyfriend (who are not vegan and therefor do not typically want to go to an all vegan restaurant every time). and that’s my reality, that’s how i “do” vegan. and yes i love learning about food and how it relates to health (hello, i’m a nutrition major), but like it’s time to stop comparing. my body is different, my life is different and therefor my meals are different. life is about experiences and how am i supposed to experience anything if i’m just constantly worrying about the food i’m eating!! i love being vegan because i love feeling like i’m contributing to a better planet! but i no longer want to feel like i have to eat a certain way or like somebody else. my body, my food.

sorry for this long rant(?) but this has just been consuming my every thought lately and i needed to get it out! that being said, i don’t think i’ll be doing intakes least for the time being. i will still continue to share yummy food on here, but only because it is that…tasty and delicious and maybe even visually appealing! but not to prove that i eat a certain way or because someone else is eating that. i love you all and thank you for letting me share this with you guys❤


How has everyone been doing? How have your angels been doing? I just feel like I need to tell you why i couldn’t be active this past week. 

First of all, you already know the problem of my Depression and my Anxiety. Well, for different reasons (My mother having to leave this past month, My dad being an asshole like always, My ex sending me messages again) both of those increased a lot these past few weeks. Somedays it’s hard to even get out of bed and do mundane things like water my plants or eat something. It has always been strong but never this strong.

I’ve also been really stressed lately because i start school next week and i’m NOT READY. Honestly, i feel like i’m gonna hide behind my friend all the time. I’ll have to deal with a lot of different teachers, a bunch of new classmates, people that i do not have a good relationship with, it’s gonna be awful. 

I know this might not be excuse for not being active, but i just didn’t want to be here and answer your questions without really caring about what i answered. For now, i think i feel better. My mother came back, my dad got a new job that makes him work all the day and he only comes back at night, I could see my friends again after all this time, i just. Feel better. Thank God.

I will start answering the questions again, so feel free to send anything! I love you all and thank you for being so patient with me ❤️

smooth jazz dan who wears worn old jumpers that have frayed hems and holes in the sleeves. he pokes his thumb through them sometimes. sitting in cafes and sifting through antique collections piled high in dark rooms and the dusty boxes of secondhand bookstores, curling up everywhere and becoming a human blanket to anyone he’s close to at the time. floppy soft limbs and smelling perpetually like vanilla.

he writes poetry in long scrawling handwriting where the letters flow one from to the other and overlaps too much to really make sense, but that’s okay because he’s not going to read them back anyway. tucked in his back pocket is a worn leather notebook that’s wrinkled and stained from hot chocolate and smells of dust when he opens it. he doesn’t know why. the pages are filled with doodles of trees and birds and music notes and the doodles continue onto his arms and legs and chest, tattooed there by an artist who was too tired that day to really think about why he’s forever engraving a small inked cat onto a man’s wrist.

he tucks his sometimes wavy, sometimes not hair into beanies and berets and listens to saxophone covers of artists he doesn’t know the names of. sitting by the window of a near empty diner, tipping his head back against the cool glass. 2am and the lights are flickering, a waitress is wiping down the table, a couple a few seats over are whispering and giggling to each other. it’s raining outside and he feels he’s in his element.

he draws on his sneakers, they’re covered in dumb things and he doesn’t remember what any of them mean. he’s forgetful and stumbles over words sometimes but when he thinks carefully he can string together pretty pretty sentences that stay with you all day. he sings soft into the mic and you can feel it somewhere in your stomach. fingers barely touch the keys, light and carefree and loving. he plays a quiet song that settles peoples hearts into a rhythm, gentle gentle gentle.

he sits on tables and the floor and in corners, everywhere where you shouldn’t really sit. he laughs with his whole body, head tipped back, dimpled smile and crinkled eyes. it’s low and soft and deep in his chest, and he’s in the habit of quietly giggling about something for hours, remembering just when it’s about to slip his mind and he’s grinning all over again. he’s a human furnace — being wrapped in one of his hugs is to hug the very feeling of contentment. even though he’s always warm he likes to wear sweaters and cardigans, rips the knees out of black skinny jeans and tucks pens and pencils behind his ears. he collects patches and sows them into a worn denim jacket even though he can’t really sow. 

he wore bandages on his arms for the aesthetic of it once. he lasted three days before he had to stop — people kept asking him what was wrong. he’s like that, finds it hard to settle into something. everything is too sluggish, too mellow, like dragging footsteps, it’s difficult for him to get a grip on a passing fancy when it just slips on by and get lost in the cracks. like neck scarves and glittery eyeshadow and matte black nail polish, like writing to his parents and watering his plants on time, like eating his five veg a day. some things stay, but they’re so deeply ingrained that he can’t let go of them even if he tried. they’re not habits anymore, they’re parts of him, bits that prop up daniel james howell like clay, shape him carefullovingkind into… just dan. there’s too many to list.

his hands are smooth and his skin is soft but his eyes are softer. they’ve seen a lot of bad, but a lot of good too and he’s okay with trying to focus on that. once he took home a stray cat, he doesn’t really know why. it looked a little too sad and he felt a little too easy, and his sweaters were covered in fur for a week. it ran away during the night and he never saw it again, sometimes missed the little purrs that created a comforting backdrop on late nights spent writing. he’s okay with it being gone, it must be somewhere better than his apartment that’s overflowing with unwashed coffee cups and weird dangly plants that he’s never quite clear on the living status of and so so so many sheets of music.

he once spent a whole night looking at the sky, eyes tracing the stars and creating his own constellations, like the ones tattooed on his wrists. he sees dragons and mountains and flowers and knows the tales he’s spinning for himself aren’t real but its fine. 

he follows his own story.


Well, I figured this would happen eventually so here we go. These bitties range from 15″ to 1’3″. They’re a lot bigger than most average bitties.

HUGE shout out to @get-rammed for digitally lining and coloring in my bitties. She’s wonderful and I can’t thank her enough for her help.

Bittybones belongs to @fucken-crybaby

Horrorbeast – Loverboy – He’s pretty much the same as his regular giant self, just with a few changes. He loves to pay his owner tons of attention and travel with them, he’s very attentive to what his owner needs. Be if they have pills they need to take, food they need to eat, sleep they need to get, or any other tasks they need to do he will remind them. Loverboy will take care of any animals or bitties you have, but he doesn’t get along well with bitties who don’t accept him as the new alpha. He still gets the need to hunt to he will need toys to keep him satisfied, that is unless if you have some kind of rodent problem…he will happily take care of that for you. He doesn’t get along with most Sans bitties, they tend to stay away from him. He has a VERY violent heat, so you’ll need to keep him contained. Thankfully this is fairly easy since his magic is very weak, but he will use other physical weapons to try and break out. He can only eat raw meat, cooked foods or veggies upset his digestion. He tends to keep his claws out in order to climb, but if you have a baby or a fragile creature he will wear small padded gloves to make sure he doesn’t hurt them.

Lustbeast – Hotboi – He’s like regular Hotboi, but smaller. He is still asexual, so he will never partner with bitties that go into heat. He might help bitties that are in a sub heat, but he will only use his tongue or fingers. He needs no one’s help when he is experiencing his own heat, Hotboi will be distance himself until his heat is over. He loves to take care of animals and house plants, this includes other bitties. He doesn’t get along well with mean or aggressive bitties, he prefers nicer company. He’s very anxious about his sexuality and tries to keep it a secret from his owner as much as possible, he doesn’t want to be seen as weird and unnatural. Since he is still a beast, he likes to hunt toys or pests will do the trick. He loves all types of food except for veggies and fruit, he doesn’t want to eat plants. One of the best things you can give him are little cacti that he can take care of, he will be very happy and love you forever if you do that. He gets along really well with Grillby bitties, except for any mean or aggressive ones. While he doesn’t mind not being the alpha of the household he will try to protect the weaker bitties and his owner to the best of his ability. He’s very gentle and good with babies and most kids.

Dancebeast – Towelboy – Like the regular smug bastard, but smaller. He craves his owners attention constantly, so other bitties are a BIG no go. He will eat them or crush them, or he might let them live if they stay out of his way and accept him as alpha. Pets are okay as he’ll just use them to help him show off, he loves to show off constantly to try and impress his owner. He’s not very good at talking about how he’s feeling, so he expresses his emotions by dancing. This can be tricky if his owner is very dense when it comes to emotions and will make him frustrated and heartbroken. Usually his dance moves are easy to read, but if his owner doesn’t understand then he will beat himself up about it because he loves to boast how ‘he’s the best dancer in the world.’ He loves to be given praise and affection often to keep him in a nice mood. He still has the need to hunt, so either buy some toys or let him hunt down the mice or rats in your house. If you have a Ripperboy bitty or a narcissist bitty then you should NOT get a Towelboy, they will fight constantly and get violent on a couple of occasions. He has to be the best bitty of the house, after all.

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I was reading this thing on how man-eating plants could theoretically exist. They can't possess muscles, nervous system, and organs to achieve motion like we see in fiction. But it could be possible for a plant to use paralyzing toxin to kill it's prey so it rots and enrichens the soil. Maybe there are cryptid plants in that case? Idk. Sounds badass though.

I reblogged a thing for you last night because I couldn’t answer how I wanted. But yes! There is a thing called Cryptobotany. There is legend of a man eating plant called the Ya-Te-Veo or “I See You”. It lives off of large insects but has been known to try to eat humans too. It is said to be found in Central America and Africa.

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This is a question about the herbivorous dinosaurs in the game, due to modern animals like deer being observed eating baby rabbits and birds to get the calcium from their bones (I think that's what they're doing?) would that be implemented into the game like say a Triceratops eating a hatchling Dakotaraptor?

In Saurian, you will not be restricted in what you can eat, but animals will not benefit as much by eating material that is not as nutritious or their bodies cannot process as well. It is not well known why primarily herbivorous animals eat meat/bones and primarily carnivorous animals eat plants/fruit, but generally eating things your digestive system has not evolved to handle well is not a good practice. Animals don’t always do things that are good for them.

Medics log

AHHH ok so as with most things I write I kinda went over board? This was just gonna be a little thing, maybe a few paragraphs, but I got really into writing the character so it’s pretty long!! I hope it’s not too ooc, I’m pretty out of it right now so I’m not sure how well I really represented the character… but I hope you like it!!
Also I know some of the details about rank labels/titles are incorrect, but I don’t have the spoons to go on a bender looking for obscure Star Trek trivia right now… also it wouldn’t make sense for them to use last names so I just switched it to first. I’m using Alex as a placeholder name for anx, since we don’t know his real name yet.
Expect some poly sanders in the future, and it’s there if you squint, but Im keeping it ambiguous… for now 👀
Blood, wound mentions, death mention (very brief, and no character actually dies), insect mention, reptiles, medical operations, sarcasm.

Medics log. Stardate…. who cares. First medical officer Alex reporting.

I have another excitement filled report about how I am trapped on a ship full of idiots! I really… really wish it was less exiting. Do you know what alien garbage monster I got to pull out of a flesh wound today? A lizard. First Officer Logan will tell you it’s a flagogis- flagogas- whatever, but it looks like a lizard, eats bugs like a lizard, and tried to bite me, so it’s a lizard. Unsurprisingly, the idiot it was attached to was our chief engineer. Just like the man-eating plant last week. And the spider thing the week before that. And the- you know what. It’s in the record. I’m not going over it again.

Look. This is why I don’t go planet side anymore. And why I didn’t go into space before that! Yes, lets fling Alex into a depressing, deadly vacuum on a tin can maintained by and emotional baby, flown by an egomaniac, and run by a teacher pet! Great idea, star fleet! A++ thinking there, pal! What’s that, can’t come back for five years? Good! Just what the doctor ordered! Except it isn’t! Because I’m the doctor! And this was exactly the opposite of what I wanted!

Speaking of being a doctor. I should actually finish my report…
Initial surveys of the planet informed that while potentially dangerous, it had the appropriate level of oxygen for a planet side mission. Since it didn’t seem to have any established sentient life, Captain ‘Operatic’ sent an away team of First Officer Logan, Ensign Adams, (who would have been much more useful in the med bay as a nurse, instead of where they are now, in the med bay as a patient, but I’m just the guy keeping you from dying so who cares what I say,) and Chief Engineer… I Still don’t know his name. I looked at his file. It literally says Officer Dad. I have no idea how he did it.
Anyways. I did my best to tell Captain Romance that that was a horrible idea, this was a horrible planet, and that it would be much better to fly off into the distance to the nearest alliance base and have them run at least five more scans on the local wildlife. Yknow. Or however many scans it takes to convince me that nothing that lives on that planet will be living on, in, or around my crew when we leave.
That reminds me. The lizard is fine. The idiot I pulled it out of insisted I name it. I told him it’s name is lizard. He suggested Brian, and kept making puppy dog eyes at me… Brian is a stupid name. I’m calling him Harold. But only because he tried to bite the captain. Nothing else… and no one needs to know that. These logs are private until the end of the mission. And I will have run away and become an alien goat herd by then. Probably.

Right. Back to the disaster of the hour. First Officer Logan got the Captain on his side, through “sound reasoning”. Sure. If that’s what you call having someone wrapped so tightly around your finger that it cuts off blood flow. He gets so dorky about new ecosystems. I generally get stuck on the “could kill you” thing. Bit of a deal breaker for me. But not the Captain. His deal breaker was that there was no possibility of a heroic rescue of attractive alien species that no man has ever romanced before! God. He could break the prime directive 8 times just by looking at it. Speaking of breaks… (great morbid segway there, Alex, how very cheerful of me…)

To summarize the mission ended predictably; with about eleven stitches to the chief of engineering’s leg who I am not calling ‘dad’ unless by gun point. Then I’d consider it. Maybe. Luckily ensign Adams only has a mild concussion. I’ll keep an eye on him for a few days, the put him back to work. The engineering team better have a good back up, because I’m keeping Officer Idiot here to see if any of the lizard bites are poisonous. My initial scans didn’t find anything recognizable, but I’m nothing if not thorough…

I’m also putting in a request to pull him from planet side duty. The way today went… he could have died. He knew it, too. I’m pretty blunt about those things, and even he knew that a wound that big means trouble. But he just kept… talking… to the lizard. Trying to keep it from being scared. Of course it was scared… hell, I was scared. He should have been freaking out too. But he kept coaxing it, calling it nicknames, trying to tell it everything would be ok… *ahem*
The point is, he’s going to get himself killed. And we need the ship to keep running. So. I medically recommend that Officer…. “Dad”… not be reinstated for active duty planet side… no matter how many times he says please.
Head Medical Officer Alex, signing off.

I hate bottoming guides that boil down to drink water and eat fiber because ummmmmm

Undigested plant matter is a thing and I’m not trying to leave spinach leaves and broccoli florets and parsley flakes on some poor guys dick smh

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I'm a kitchen witch, any tips? ( also, what kind are you??)

There are so many tips and tricks for you that I’m not sure where to really begin.

The thing that I learned was Kitchen Witches magic starts at home. It isn’t just located in the “kitchen.” You guys make are great at casting cleansing, and making the kitchen a warm and welcomed place in the home. 

Tip 1: Grow your own food. If you can, have a small garden with herbs, tomatoes, peppers, things of that nature. 

Tip 2: Take the time to make it your own. This is a good tip for everyone. The more time and effort you put into something, food, crafts, spells, the more powerful it will become.

Tip 3: Never cook when upset. This can put negative energy in an otherwise beautiful meal. Which means that you put that negative energy back inside you.

Tip 4: Bless and/or acknowledge every meal. Thank the Gods, thank the people who made it if it wasn’t you, thank the animals that you might be eating, the plants that grew to make it. Things like that. 

Tip 5: Keep eggshells. These are fantastic for protection and warding.

Hope this Helps

P.S. I kind-of consider myself an Eclectic Witch, because I do a little of everything.


Some more random things I overheard at school

“Watching me dance would be like watching the Titanic sink.”

“So my friend and I got into a shouting match and I ended up calling him a walking cliche.”

“How’d you get so much money? Did you win an award for Tallest Nerd?”

“But if you eat plants, you’re still eating living things.” “Plants don’t scream.” “Actually, they do.” “Not audibly!” “OH AND I SUPPOSE THAT MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER?”

“My hair is expanding. One day it will consume all.”

“Hey, we’re both eighteen now, wanna get married?” “I’m not going to marry you!” “Well, not with that attitude.”

“If I find out you’ve been writing fanfiction about me again, I WILL kill you.”