plants in aurora


Enjoy the beauty of iceland. Relax and let yourself go. I recommend to turn on the speakers and view it in fullscreen.

This movie made of clips i filmed during my last visit in this beautiful country. 10 days in October 2016 on Snæfellsnes and the south coast of Iceland. All shots made with Nikon D750, aerial shots made with a DJI Phantom 3 Standard and the slowmotion is filmed with my iPhone 6S.


One-shot sequel to We Intertwined

A Lucas and Aurora Scientia Story
Word Count: 3,105

A/N: I know that maybe some people may not be super interested in this one-shot, but I had to post it. I just love Iggy and Raine’s kids so much and I felt like they deserved a moment in the spotlight.

Tagging the always lovely @cupnoodle-queen, because there is a mention of her lovely OC Cam from her incredible Gladio soulmate AU Chasing Suns, which we have decided exists in the same universe as We Intertwined.

Please don’t be shy and let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. <3

Lucas tapped the end of his pen to his chin. He was staring down at his school agenda, staring at the words he’d circled and highlighted on his calendar. It was still a week away, but his clever brain churned with ideas.

Mom and Dad’s 10th Anniversary.

He’d finally been able to take the time to figure out what he wanted to get his parents for their big day. He’d saved up months of allowance money, the gil bursting in his velcro wallet, to get them something nice. But what he’d intended on buying, he wasn’t sure.

Lucas grabbed his backpack with all his money in the world, his emergency phone, his agenda and some pens and hiked it over his shoulder. He’d abandoned his school books and hidden them under his bed—his parents didn’t need to know that he would be skipping classes to go hunt for a present.

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thought I would upload a different picture of my aurora borealis painting, the other one I posted didn’t capture the colours properly, for this image I tweaked the colours digitally to more accurately match the original. I think it’s much more faithful to the hard copy.

My potted plants:

Alexandra- Dasiy

Aurora- Forget-me-not

Alana- Forget-me-not (JUST SPROUTED HER FIRST FLOWERS!! I’m so proud)

Angelina- Marigold

Anna-lee- Mini cacti

Athena- Purple orchid 

Once they get big enough I move them into the garden. These are all my babies,, I’m a proud father

I’ve been getting so lazy and haven’t had enough energy to do anything but school and nap lately so I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit. I feel really bad about it, so here’s a small giveaway to make it up to you guys!

There will be three winners, all receiving the same prizes. I’ll choose the winners on July 1st (unless something gets in the way, then I’ll do it within a few days after.) To enter, just reblog and like this post (preferably both, but just reblogging works too.) You must be following me; if I choose a winner and they are not following me, I will automatically re-roll without any prior notification.

Okay now for the stuff you actually want to read. ~

Prizes ~

5 million bells

Golden axe

Golden watering can

Throwing beans

Afternoon tea-set

A full basket of perfect cherries

Rainbow screen

Palm tree lamp

Fireworks table

Shaved-Ice lamp

Full-moon vanity

Rice-Plant bed

Sunrise lamp

Aurora screen

Sprout table

Cherry-blossom clock

Leaf bed

Raccoon Wall Clock

Pumpkin pie

10 pink roses

10 purple roses

10 blue roses

10 black roses

10 orange roses


Royal Crown

((From left to right))

Aurora: Come on pull!! ((

Potions Pony: Still can’t believe you ate all the cookies… ((

Flower: *currently stuck in giant cookie jar* Just pull!! ((

Banana pie: I’m telling you, just get a banana! ((

(Human) Pinkamena: I would help but this is too funny ((

Airswirl: *reaches for cookie in Pinkie’s hand* Must….grab…cookie! (( ((NSFW))

((300+ FOLLOWERS?!!?! OH MY GOD!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! This drawing took way longer than it should have. For those who don’t know if I start a drawing I must finish it in that sitting so I drew all these ponies/person in one sitting. Sorry if the quality isn’t so well, blame the camera. Thank you all so much again! I am so happy :33 ))