plants brook


I did some fasted cardio (aka my death wish) this morning, running a distance of 3.34 miles. I worked out my arms today with the free weights, along with a nice stretching sesh.

I went out and bought some legitimate running shoes by Brooks so that I’m not killing my body anymore with Nike or Adidas.

I also made a really pretty, super healthy and extra delicious smoothie bowl today.


A lot of things have happened with this family since I last updated: Mark (red headed) is now living with his uncle, Luke (green pants), in San Myshuno and is now dating a really nice girl. Timothy (glasses) and Brooke came to live together to San Myshuno without Alan (he wanted to stay back at home so that he could keep growing plants), Brooke figured out she has always loved buns. Dorothea (Brooke’s twin, black hat) is now living in an apartment with a collegue from Fine Arts, instead of studying she is having fun mostly everyday with her cousin Amelie (long gray hair) which decided to get herself a job at the criminal career even though her father is a secret agent that works for the government. Last but not least, Grandpa Seth died but he still appears every now and then and has fun with Emi who mastered the culinary career and is now a worldwide known chef.

what if Jim Moriarty is just a false identity planted by Richard Brook who turned really psychotic and wanted fun? Because I can see that happening more than Jim managing to fake an entire life, that’s why his story is so believable, an genius actor having a secret psychopathic hobby is kinda easier than being a psychopath and faking an actor career