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These guys are from Cele Trei Creaturi, which I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned has energy creatures? They are made out of magic, which is very unstable under most circumstances and requires a “magic sink” to stay together. A magic sink conducts ambient magic energy and spits it out for the energy creature to use and maintain its form with. They’re like animals made of running water: if the flow stops they die. The best and most available conductor of magic is other living things, so plants and small animals are usually held symbiotically (or victimized) by the energy creatures. For more info on magic physics in CTC, look here: (1) (2)

What’s unusual about them is that Candentia the creator didn’t make them, they arose naturally from the environment and physical laws she created for the universe. She is super fascinated by this and studies them in her weird god house. They are believed to be descended from spells used by plants and animals, having gotten more complex and extended their lifespans with magic sinks. They are colloquially called ‘spell worms’ because of this.



Sometimes referred to as Prickly Daisies in Basic, these native Korribani plants have managed to survive The Great Blight brought upon by the Exiles. Needing very little water compared to other plants, over the millennia these flowers have continued to thrive on their native planet

Dzaitsis all have exactly 18 petals arranged in a near perfect circular configuration. Its colors had initially co-evolved with native pollinators, to help attract and guide the small creatures. These plants don’t follow any particular seasonal pattern and bloom year-round, so long as there’s still some water and sunlight. The stems are rough and covered in tiny, barbed thorns to thwart off anything that might eat it as well as conserving the water within the plant. Hatyas had tough bills and mouths adapted for the thorns, and would graze on dzaitsis as one of their primary food source.

Sith had special leather gloves made from hatya hides that would allow them to cultivate dzaitsis as well as things like the thornrose. Being smooth and soft, the leaves are often be used for salads or ground into pastes for various dishes. The flowers have a mildly sweet fragrance and are dried to be used for teas although it can also be freshly consumed (by Sith). If one has enough patience and a lot of dzaitsis, a rich, deep violet “honey” can be made from the nectar and pollen of the flowers.

Seeing how these flowers managed to survive through the most strenuous conditions over the eons, dzaitsis are often seen as symbols of stability and endurance.

one day i was running around korriban and saw these curious little flowers. so i was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

‘the great blight’ is sorta, kinda mentioned in my tree post.
but basically i figure…

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Worldbuilding June Day 1: Start Small!

Hello, builders! Hope you’re ready to get started!

The folks over on the official site have a neat prompt for you today to get you started and I definitely recommend following them.

Remember that worldbuilding doesn’t have to literally encompass a planet, plane, or universe! It can be hard to start abstractly jumping into a whole world. Today’s message is: start small!

Pick an individual, location, creature, or plant that is unique to your world and describe them and their significance (or lack thereof) to the world. If possible, start to get a sense of the world they reside in through their description! This description could be as simple as a few sentences, or it can be a short story. Try expressing the description through multiple media forms: pictures, music, smells, sensations. Moodboards help me a lot, especially with people.

If you already have a detail like this fleshed out in your world, feel free to share it! I’ll be tagging everything for this month with #worldbuildingjune17. Use #ladytabletopchallenge if you want me to see your answers to this prompt! And of course for any content you produce, use the official tag #wbj17 (I’ll be doing that, too!).

Happy building!

D6 non-encounters! (with possible plot hooks)

By Applejaxc: 

Here are 5 monsters and a bonus 6th item [because there’s no d5, and d4 seemed too low effort] for your party to encounter. If you have a party of murder-hobos like I do, hopefully this will give them the opportunity to see the good in Evil. Otherwise you can verbally chastise them when you show the underlined part of your notes that says “not a combat encounter.”

1 That’s no innkeeper!

This one is relatively simple: The next innkeeper, store proprietor, librarian, or exposition-giving NPC is a succubi/incubi. And not the sinister, disguised-as-an-attractive-cuckholder type that plots the destruction and ruination of mortals. In fact, the NPC isn’t disguised at all; s/he has his/her tail and horns visible at all times, as well as a magic, glowing symbol of the local Good god branded on his/her face.

Nearby is a paladin of a respectable holy order, the same symbol proudly emblazoned on the chest, who claims to be “guiding the demon to salvation.” By forcing the creature to display its demonic lineage clearly, it forgets its desire to conceal and deceive; by branding it with a magic symbol, it has a 24/7 reminder of what glory and righteousness looks like, and the consequences of denying it. Once the succubi/incubi completes its journey to consecration, the brand disappears, and it is transformed into a beautiful angel (or deva, or whatever tf Gygax makes next).

The challenge here is for the party not to assume it’s all a ruse, that the succubi/incubi is either faking cooperation or that the paladin itself is an even more sinister villain pretending to have the demon under control. Either way, the demon flips between flirting and insulting, as it is difficult to resist its natural instincts and the constant chastising of the paladin tends to put the demon in a foul mood. If a party member attempts to attack the demon, it will fight back-and so will the paladin.

2 Didn’t Aesop write this?

I saw it on Tom and Jerry first, so who cares

The party finds a bear trap, covered in blood and floating a few inches off the ground. It appears to have caught an invisible creature! - no, wait, there’s a Displacer Beast a foot away, laying on its side, with one leg in the air.

The party can choose to remove the bear trap from the displacer beast, which requires a simple DC 13 strength check, but the DB assumes the party is responsible for the trap and attacks (with magical displacer beast advantage that ignores the fact that the bear trap would totally defeat the displacement ability). If the party has the foresight to first engage the Displacer Beast in conversation (using any combination of Deception, Persuasion, and/or Intimidation) they can attempt to convince the creature not to attack.

A Good party gets the satisfaction of knowing they helped a creature in need, and may have helped convert an Evil monster. A Neutral party is a bunch of annoying anarchists so who cares. An Evil party may have gained a new animal companion. Either way, consider having the Displacer Beast appear at a crucial time in a fight later in the adventure to repay the party’s kindness (or several displacer beasts, if 1 isn’t enough to appreciably tip the scales). A Good party can’t expect to receive that benefit again, though.

3 Aaah! Kill it just to be safe!

Unfortunately I get that response to this random encounter constantly

The party encounters a chest with centipede legs desperately trying to get through a closed door. It continuously bumps into the door, scuttles back, and bumps into it again. This is so loud, in fact, that the party can hear a rhythmic thump…thump… from a room away. This chest is, of course, a mimic-but not the evil kind that eats the hands of anyone that reaches inside.

The mimic does not respond to being spoken to, prodded, or even attacked. It just wants to get through the door. The party can even attempt to open to chest-though doing so only reveals an impossibly deep void, in which any placed inanimate objects disappear.

If the party opens the door, the chest scuttles inside and begins cleaning. The next room (in addition to its regular contents, which you as the DM should be designing, not relying on a random table, shame on you, jk I do the same thing) is dirty. In a dungeon, this might mean bones, rotting flesh, cobwebs, and scraps of clothing; in a noble’s estate, this might mean soiled towels and platters of unfinished meals. Either way, a large, prehensile, tongue-like, slimy muscle extends out of the chest, sticks to various objects, and pulls them in like a frog’s tongue.

The chest continues to do this so long as it does not reach another obstacle. If the party does anything to produce a mess (such as discarding an empty vial of Cure Wounds or breaking a trap), the mimic is not far behind-and quickly sets to cleaning! Not only does this mean that the party has all of its footprints mopped up (making them harder to track indoors), but if the mimic survives the rest of the adventure, it follows the party wherever they go.

This leads to two possibilities:

  1. The party discovers a means of retrieving items stored in the mimic. If that is the case, they have received a much more interesting version of the Bag of Holding, which takes 10% of all stored coins/gems in exchange for being able to protect itself, protect the party when it sleeps, and entertainment.
  2. The mimic’s endless void contains a phylactery of your campaign’s eventual BBEG. The only way to destroy the BBEG and save the world is to sacrifice the mimic. If you RP the mimic right, this should be a crushing, tear-jerking decision.

4 Do you want to play a game?

The party encounters a sentient plant, mushroom, speaking animal, or similar, nonthreatening, small creature that asks if any party member would like to play “Poker.” The game consists of two contestants throwing a stone and declaring a number, in turn. Whoever declares the highest number wins. You could have the encountered creature know the answer to a riddle or a vital piece of information which the party must win through a best 2 out of 3, or this can be a brief and nonsensical aside in the middle of a dungeon desperate for comedic relief.

The creature is only capable of declaring numbers in Common, and will accuse anyone who uses numbers in any other language of cheating. That being said, a party member can say anything and convince the creature on a DC 10 Deception check that it’s a higher number-even if the party member said a lower number.

5 The Half-Dead Drow

This adventure suddenly got a lot worse.

The party encounters a severely injured Drow Elite Warrior who claims to be on a quest to hunt down an exiled Drider, which he claims has gone into hiding nearby. He encountered the Drider, another monster, or a trap which has left him too damaged to continue. If the party kills him (it’s not that far fetched of a possibility) he has on his person a vial of Spider Repellent, which functions like the Fear spell, except with no saving throw and can only be used to target arachnid-like creatures. If the party offers to heal his wounds and/or take up the quest, he gives them the vial and becomes a short term ally.

You can either choose to add a drider to your random encounters list for the same adventure (if your party is strong enough and has enough time to fight one), or you can add it to your wider random encounters list, or you can let the party hunt down the drider after the current adventure is finished.

6 But, I’m not dead!

The party encounters a ghost.

The ghost incorporeal, with most of its features fading off into whispy nothingness. They can make out enough features to tell that in life the ghost was a modestly attractive half-elf woman, who calls herself “Isael.” She has a rattling, persistent cough and a very pleasant disposition. She’s excited to meet new people, especially wizards and sorcerers. She can identify any kind of spell caster that she can see, and doesn’t react well to divine spell casters or warlocks.

Isael is waiting for her father. The party can infer that she has been waiting for her father for a very long time. She refers to the land around her with natural features that no longer exist (complimenting trees that have been cut down, or a lawn that hasn’t been trimmed), and refers to various people who are no longer around (a baker whose shop is abandoned, a nearby monster that has been slain).

Isael says that when she got sick, her father left to go find medicine. She promised him that she would wait for him to return, and she wouldn’t leave until he did.

Any attempts to convince Isael that she is dead (even irrefutable evidence, such as sticking an arm through her) confuses or infuriates her. Her response can be as mild as childish insults (her vocabulary doesn’t include anything vulgar) to a random 1st-3rd level nonlethal spell.

If the party is nice to Isael, she is capable of casting Mass Cure Wounds once, and Goodberry enough times to feed the party once. If they offer to cure her cough, she’ll “leave to go tell father I’m okay”; if they offer to find her father, she isn’t able to offer any helpful clues, as it has been an untold number of years since his disappearance.


Ink pen and watercolor pencil study of dragonized plants. Thanks for the suggestions @mynkothra, it pushed me out of my comfort zone some and I enjoyed it.

Top: Venus fly trap. The idea is that if it lands, because it’s tail and wing look like the leaves of the venus fly trap it could hide from predator within the actual plant themselves. It takes flight with a weird undulating motion until it stand on the tip of its tail. Amphythere like.

Bottom: Snapdragon plant. The flower stalk has multiple flower and though the have pretty much the same timing this one has some seed pods and flower (as well as a missing head) . Not quite sure about the biology there but its not an hydra type, more along the line of as it age the neck/flower stalk grow and new heads come along. Older heads once fallen are equivalent to egg but only resulting in a new individual if “pollination” with another individual occurred, I think? Dragon like, though flightless as the wing are too small.

Missing in Action

Status: Continuation of “Bad Idea”

A/n: This ended up being SO fecking long and I got really carried away :)))

When you first went away, Newt knew it was going to be difficult with you not being around in the beginning. The letters seemed to take ages to arrive, and it was far too quiet inside your cozy apartment.

The creatures even seemed to be tense because of the vibe Newt was constantly giving off. He worked late into the night, trying to keep himself occupied. The only time he ever seemed to relax was whenever a letter finally came.

After a month had passed, Newt had adjusted much better. He was able to focus, taking your previous advice and pretending as if you weren’t on a potentially dangerous case.

It ended up helping him greatly, his whole mood had lifted and the time it took for a letter from you felt like nothing now.

One morning, Newt had made himself a cup of tea as he did every morning when he heard something hit against the window.

His head turned to the side and he saw an owl flapping outside, instantly setting his cup down on the counter befoee opening the window, slightly flinching back whenever he saw the downpour of rain.

“Hello there.” Newt said, reaching out and taking the letter the owl was holding. Although his attention was immediately caught by the seal of the Ministry of Magic.

Newt dug into his pocket and gave the owl a small treat before closing the window up again and staring down at the closed letter.

It was a little soggy from the rain but he could still manage to break the seal without tearing any of the paper.

He paused for a second before unfolding the parchment that was inside. All of your previous letters were sent by a personal messenger, and the only reason the Ministry would have to reach him would be about you.

It took him a second to gather himself enough to unfold the paper. Reading whatever information was written on it would make things real, and his imaginary set up that everything was okay would be ruined.

But with a heavy sigh he quickly unfolded the letter and started to read.

At first he was skimming through, trying to finish it as quickly as possible, but then he saw a particular setenc before everything stopped.

“It is with our greatest displeasure to inform you that Auror (Y/n) (L/n) has been officially declared missing in action”

He reread the letter dozens of times before it actually started to reigster in his head what was happening.

Apparently, you and small group of aurors had attempted to locate any evidence from one of the several places Grindelwald had attacked somewhere in Eastern Germany. But while following a lead the whole lot of you vanished into thin air, leaving no traces behind.

It said the Ministry had sent out another group to investigate, but as of now they couldn’t release any other information but they would keep him updated on any further progress.

And at that point Newt couldn’t tell if he was on the verge of a panic attack or a fit of rage because he steadily placed the letter on the table and took severa steps away from it.

Couldn’t release any further information? What kind of thing is that to put in a letter telling someone their loved one was missing?

Newt’s eyes fell on the letter again, placing his hand over his mouth as his mind went a mile a minute.

He took very little solace in telling himself there was a good chance you were still alive, he was positive had the Ministry already had that infomation they would have told him.

So he did what he always did whenever he needed to calm down. He pulled his case from where it sat on the coffee table and stumbled down into his shack.

Once there he immediately let out a small sob, covering his mouth with his sleeve so as to stop more.

But it was loud enough to capture the attention of several of his creatures, one in particular being Pickett, who still resided in his coat pocket which was placed on the rack.

Pickett peaked his head outside, noticing the way Newt’s shoulders shook as he silently started to cry, and instantly he crawled over to the work desk and climbed to the top.

Newt eyes shifted to the small plant creature sitting at the edge of the table, looking up at him.

Pickett had always been one of your favorites since he was more small and gentle, and if anything one of less impressive of Newt’s collection.

Newt reached up and wiped at his eyes, breathing in deeply as he held hand out for Pickett to climb upon.

“No need to worry, everything will be fine.” He said, both for himself and the Pickett.

And Newt really tried to keep that mindset for the first couple of weeks. Telling himself that you had never broken a promise before, and you said you would come back to him.

But after three months passed and several Ministry letters telling him they were still following several leads, but all of them eventually ending up nowhere started to break his hope.

Newt rarely left his case, only ever returning to see if there was any news. It had originally been your apartment before you offered him to stay with you. And it hadn’t changed since then, everything was left the way you had decorated it and it was starting to become a little to much to look at.

He read the small stack of letters you had sent him every now and then when times were hitting a particularly rough spot and he now kept them on or close by at all times.

You weren’t a fan of having your own picture taken, so this was the closest thing he had to a photograph of you.

He had decided to step out of his case and tidy up the apartment, knowing that you would have killed him if you saw the state he had left it in.

And he must have fallen asleep on the armchair because the next thing he remembered was being pulled from his sleep at a few knocks on the door.

He blinked, looking around and seeing that he was sitting in the living room, and it was still dark outside.

Newt stood up from seat walking towards the door and pulling the door open, about to tell off whoever was disrupting him so late in the night.

But his entire mind froze whenever he saw you leaning against the doorframe, scratches along your forehead and a very tired expression on your face.

“Well hello to you to.” You said tiredly with small grin as he stared at you. “Didn’t you get the-”

Your words instantly died in your throat as Newt pulled you into a hug, his grip desperate and vice like as he held you impossibly close, burrying his head into your neck as he let out several sobs.

You regained your balance, ignore the slight pain at your side as you closed the front door, reaching up and softly running your hands through the hair at the back of his neck. “I know.” Was all you said to him.

And for a few minutes you let him hold onto you as he cried, knowing he must have pented up all the emotion these past months.

“Didn’t you recieve the letter saying I was being sent home?” You asked him quietly.

He shook his head, lifting it so he could look down at you. “I’m afraid I stopped looking at the mail recently, all it ever seemed to be was bad news.”

You brushed away the tears in his eyes. “I must say I wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction from you.”

Newt placed his hand on your wrist, leaning his check into it. “I thought you were dead, what kind of reaction were you expecting.”

“Well a lot of yelling and maybe a few I told you so’s throwing into it.” You told him with a small smile.

Newt laughed, shaking his head. “It crossed my mind a few times, yes.”

You sighed tiredly, letting your eyes close. “I do feel rather tired.”

Newt lifted his head. “Oh yes, are you okay?” He asked, looking at the scratch on your head.

“I’m fine, St. Mungo’s wouldn’t have let me go unless everything was stable, but I am rather tired.”

“Of course, then we’ll get you to bed.” He said, adjusting himself so he could help you walk to your room.

“Well no, I’ve only just got here and I’m sure you have several questions for me.”

Newt gently laid you on the bed, helping you get situated before he sat on the edge of it. “I would like to know where you ended up.“ He asked, turning on the beside lamp.

“Well, there ended up being a portkey there that took us off radar, we didn’t even know where we were for a long time. Apparently it was some desolate island in the middle of nowhere. There was an anti-apparating charm placed on the whole perimeter to that closed off that option. So we kept setting off signals and eventually someone saw it, then the rest is history.”

Newt nodded, reaching up and brushing the hair out of your eyes. “Well I am terribly glad you’re home.”

You nodded, turning your head to rest against the pillow as your eyes started to flutter open and shut. “I hope you didn’t fret too much.”

“Don’t worry about me, let’s focus on you getting better. I must say though my creatures have also missed you terribly.” A small smile fell on your face as your eyes closed, still listening to what he was saying.

“I must apologize to them soon. But tell me what you’ve done.“

Newt began filling you in on what you missed, and at first you responded with small hums to let him know you were listening. But he quickly noticed you had fallen asleep soon after that.

He smiled, feeling an endless amount of joy as he looked at you, alive and breathing safely back home.

Kicking off his shoes, Newt shifted himself so he now laid beside you, gently pulling you into his arms and closing his eyes as he felt the rise and fall of your chest.

You were home.

And everything was okay.

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The Signs as Mermaids
  • ( I am sure this has been done before so creds to them if it has! I will be doing a "merman" post as well )
  • Aries: Black tail, with a ombre like affect into red. They are comfortable enough with their bodies that they don't wear anything to cover their chest. These mermaids tend to have fiery red and orange hair. They have the ability to swim faster than any other sea creature, making it easy for them to get away with things and snoop without being heard or seen. And they are immune to the ability of manipulation ( virgo ) and innocence ( cancer ).
  • Taurus: Silvery tail with green and blue hues. They wear seaweed bandeaus as tops and usually have long brown hair. They have the ability of rebirth. They can bring any thing back from the dead within 24 hours, it is much easier to do this to plants and small animals than to other mermaids and larger sea creatures.
  • Gemini: Deep blue tail, shimmering when they hit the sunlight. They more than often have intense black hair, long enough to reach their belly button, covering their chest. They have the ability of shape shifting into almost anything they desire. Some of them can shape shift into humans, but they must have contact with water at least once everyday they are human or else they can die.
  • Cancer: Their tail's are light pink and white that flare out at the end, almost looking like soft fabric. They usually have white hair with pastel hues weaving in and out of their colorful locks. Their eyes tend to be a shade of pink. They have the ability of innocence. However, don't let their ability fool you, they are one of the most sexual creatures and are constantly starting drama and scandals in the deep sea.
  • Leo: Most mermaids are jealous this mermaid's tail as they are a pure golden color. These mermaids tend to be extremely confident. They usually have golden blonde hair to match their tail. Despite all this, they are loyal creatures. They have the ability to take away other creatures physical pain.
  • Virgo: Their tails are a translucent purple color with green hues ( it doesn't sound pretty but it is! ) and is usually looked up to by the younger mermaids for their organization skills and "motherly" personality. They are wise and have the ability of manipulation. Because of this ability, they are usually in some sort of leadership position.
  • Libra: Their tales are a pale pink with shimmering gold throughout. They have long hair that covers their handmade pink seashell bras. They have the ability of true love, if they kiss you, you fall in love with whom evers name they whisper immediately after. Although they are usually kind creatures, their ability makes it easy for them to use both sea creatures and humans.
  • Scorpio: They tend to have midnight black tails and some
  • have a hint of dark purple. They tend to have grey eyes and sly smiles. They use dark colored starfish to cover their chest and tend to have very choppy hair. They have the ability of death meaning they can kill anyone by biting another creature. However, if one ever decides to kill, they can loose something, someone or a part of themselves that is extremely special to them.
  • Sagittarius: They tend to have rainbow colored tails that are transparent but sparkle in the sunlight. They normally don't wear any type of bra and they are always on adventures. These types of mermaids always come back with exciting stories and gifts from their adventures. They have the ability to walk on land with no consequences. With that being said they normally like being in the water as that is where they truly feel at home.
  • Capricorn: Electric yellow tail causing them to stand out in the crowd. They have beautiful black hair and deep eyes. They always find the cool and unique sea things to make their tops out of. Be careful though, they have the ability to read your minds. They are usually trustworthy creatures, but be careful, you never want one on your bad side because they can let all your secrets and personal thoughts slip!
  • Aquarius: They have white with an ombré effect into deep blue tails. They have the newest hair cuts and bras. They seem rude at first but they are actually great company! They love adventures and have the ability to take away others pain, physically and emotionally. However, they can keep this pain with them for many years, so you never truly know how an aquarius is feeling until they tell you, which rarely happens.
  • Pisces: Their tails consist of pinks, purples, greens and blues. They are great artists and are deep thinkers. They have long flowing hair and big blue eyes. They have the the ability of Power Erasion. They can take away any mermaids power if they think it is being used for bad.

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If you're still doing the ship & AU thing... Ladynoir in which Chat is the god of death and Ladybug is the goddess of life?

WARNING: the implied death of a child through mysterious circumstances

“Listen,” Noir was saying to the boy on his hip as he waded through the murk of the veil. “I mean, I’m totally scary awesome, I getcha, but Lady Chance? She’s way scarier.”

Ladybug heard the boy laugh wetly, sniffle a little, and then Noir was stroking his back, kicking out at the shadows that came for them with an idle, godly foot.

“He’s right, you know,” she said when she knew they were close enough to hear her. “Le Chat Noir is a softie.”

Her partner, her other half, her yin huffed at her. “That is not what I said.”

“‘S true,” asserted the child, looking up at her through big, dark, bruised eyes. “He said he was scary awesome.“

“Pshaw,” said Ladybug, smiling down at the child. “You can be scary awesome on the outside and a softie on the inside. I should know.”

She didn’t know where this child came from, or who he’d been or what he’d done, but she trusted Noir’s judgement, and so held out her arms.

The boy studied her, and then turned to Noir, looking accusatory. “You said she was scary!”

“Ah,” said Noir, smiling now himself. “But there’s the wrench: She looks like a softie on the outside, but…”

“Scary on the inside?” the boy finished tentatively, sticking his thumb in his mouth and still looking up at Noir with those wide, bruised eyes.

“Exactly,” Noir praised, tapping the child’s nose. “But don’t worry. She’s only scary to bad guys.”

The boy looked reluctantly accepting, and Chat huffed a sigh as he put the child down.

“Now,” he said, dropping to one knee as Ladybug dropped her arms with a groan. “For something very important.”

“Noir,” said Ladybug, exasperated and knowing she was about to be thoroughly ignored. “It’s been twelve thousand years. You don’t have to do this every time.”

As she expected, Noir just flicked her a grin, and then turned to the boy. “You gotta get down on one knee like this.”

Very seriously, the little boy mimicked Noir’s pose, and Ladybug struggled to hold onto her annoyance in the face of the cuteness.

(Come to think of it, that was probably why he still did it.)

“Now you gotta bow  your head like this… Good. And then…”

Ladybug folded her arms, affecting sternness as boy and god grovelled before her.

Chat looked up at her first, green eyes nothing like the parade of stones she’d modeled after them, despite all of her best efforts — critine and emerald and jade and cat’s eye and malachite and titanite couldn’t hold a candle to him.

(Peridot was the closest she’d come, and yet still it was inadequate.

Ladybug wasn’t used to anything of hers being ‘inadequate.’)

“Please, my lady,” Noir whispered, beseeching. “Goddess of Life, of Creation, of Fortune, please, you humble servant begs of you—”

“You’re not my servant, for endurance’s sake, Noir—”

“—please take this soul into your domain. It is a good soul, a pure one, and it left the sphere of your blessing much too soon.”

Ladybug heaved a sigh, took two steps forward, and plucked the child out of the very edge of the veil.

“One of these days,” she half-threatened Noir as she sat the child on her own hip, “I’m going to throw one of these souls back in your face, just because you’ve reached the end of my patience.”

(She didn’t need to say that the last time she’d reached the end of her patience she’s sent countless species to his realm in a fit of rage. It didn’t happen often, but happen it did.)

He beamed up at her, essence of green (of life) flickering up at her through his fringe, and Ladybug frowned down at him in turn, swathed in the colors of blood on the battlefields.

What she was really going to do when she finally lost patience, she thought as her touch renewed the child, edging his age backwards first in days and then weeks and them months, was kiss him.

Because that was what she’d been wanting, ever since the first time she realized she wasn’t alone on this barren little planet at the beginning of her time.

(She’d started small — just little things that could move on their own so she could watch them when she got tired of walking — but gradually it turned into an art as her creations grew more and more complex, as she realized she could create food chains, as she realized that some things would grow and change without her supervision and realized that this was her calling, this was what she was here on this little rock for.

He called himself her servant, and he might have been — it was his job to put an end to that which she started — but as soon as she’d realized that she wasn’t alone she’d wanted to know more about him.

All through the millennia he’d been distant, though, no matter what she created — large creatures and small creatures and plants and animals and those between, fish and mammals and dinosaurs and everything she could think of that could exist under their sun — and she’d nearly wiped their planet clean in frustration more than once.

And then she hit upon humans.

She’d thought that maybe, even if he didn’t do more than smile idly whenever their paths crossed, he’d like something made in their images. Something relatable and intelligent and emotive, something whose stories he could enjoy seeing as he took them away.

And it had worked.

It had worked even better than she’d hoped, actually, and in ways she never would have expected.

He loved them, and loved them enough that one day, he’d taken one away only to bring it back to her, to say, please, Lady Goddess, this one had so much more, could have lived and lived and lived, I can see it.

Please, I will do a n y t h i n g if you just give it a second chance.

She’d been so surprised she hadn’t named a price, thrilled at the thought the he was speaking to her and not expecting it to happen again for a long time.

But he did it again.

And again.

And again and again until she was seeing his face at least every few years, if not more.

And so, after countless, countless rotations around their sun, she’d finally found a way to connect with her wayward yin, at least this much, at least for these spare few moments when he needed to see her, she saw him.

And the more she saw, the more her heart craved.)

When she blinked, she found that she had an infant in her arms, and that Noir was gazing up at her with the essence of green, soft and alive and adoring.

Stay, she wanted to say. Come with me as I show this child back to its place in my creation.

In this creation that I brought about for you.

She didn’t.

“One day I’m going to collect, you know,” was what she said instead, inertia taking hold and dragging her down, as it always had. “I’m going to ask for you to return the favor one day.”

Something flickered over his face as he knelt at the edge of his plane, something distant and worried and sad.

“I know,” he said, standing and brushing the expression away as he retreated. “And I hope… I hope that when you decide, I’ll be able to pay it.”

There was a hint there, she thought, about why he’d avoided her for so long while she waited and sought him and courted him in the only way she knew how, but it escaped her as she ruminated, and she let it go to go about setting the child back into circumstances where he might live out his life, healthy and happy and free.

She and Noir had time, after all, even if that might be all they had.

do they ever get together??? who knows. chat avoids her because 1) he’s got insecurities up to here about being the ‘end’ of her and 2) their communication is godawful and he doesn’t realize that all life on earth are literally her love notes to him |D

send me a ship and an au for a… thing (i don’t even know anymore)

So it’s 4 am and I’m casually scribbling Walter. 😂

Drawing men is so hard for me. It’s hard to get Walter’s face structure & hair right. I don’t want him to look “boyish” if you get what I mean. Have to keep practising since I’m still not satisfied. 🤔

That butterfly was an addition since I had to give him something small to stare at. 😂

I changed his neutral expression to a little smile too, he loved plants in the book, so I figured he loves small creatures too. He just loves “life” and “light”. 🌳🌱❤

P.S. Working on something Walter x Daniels atm 😉😏

Sundews are a genus of carnivorous plants which usually live in wet habitats where the acidic conditions limit the amount of nutrients they can extract from the soil. These plants therefore supplement their diet by catching and digesting small creatures such as insects. Without animal tissue this plant would not survive.

queen-of-the-slayers  asked:

Is Sam making an appearance in the run verse soon?

“Is that a dinosaur? Are there freaking dinosaurs?” Clint hissed and stared.

Sam, wide-eyed, tried to creep forward. Until Bucky caught him by the belt and refused to let him move.

“Oh, whoa, that’s a ceratopsid,” Sam said in an awed, hushed voice.  

“It’s only got one horn. Shouldn’t it have two more?” Clint asked. Then he rolled his eyes skyward, as though pleading to a deity, “Not that I want the really big dinosaur to have more horns.”

“There were more kinds than just a triceratops,” Sam told him and tried, once more, to inch forward. Bucky’s grip didn’t loosen. “It looks like maybe Styracosaurus. See the spiky frill?”

“I see the spikes,” Bucky grumbled and gave Sam a sharp tug back away from the enormous, foraging animal.

Clint slid back, too, as the creature came forward to nip at the bushes. “So … I can honestly say I wasn’t prepared for this. How?”

“Who cares? We need to get out of here,” Bucky said.

“Late Cretaceous. Weird,” Sam murmured and tried to shake Bucky free. It didn’t work. He turned his head and narrowed his eyes at Bucky who glared back.

“Which part is the weird part, Sam?” Clint asked with a hiss. “Because, I’m looking at a dinosaur. And I think that buries the needle on weird all by itself. This is some Jurassic Park bullshit.”

“You know, that name is so inaccurate. Because most of the animals in that movie were—”

“Everybody knows that, Sam,” Clint cut him off with an impatient huff.

The beast snuffled closer and Bucky’d reached the end of his own tolerance for the weirdness. “I don’t care. Nobody cares. We’re leaving.” He hoisted Sam up and started backing them away.

“Hey,” Sam yelped.

The dinosaur froze, then shuffle-stomped back a step and let out a loud, bellowing snort.

“Shit,” Clint whispered.

“It’s an herbivore. Just think of it like an elephant,” Sam said quickly, though he looked a little nervous, too.

“Elephants can be dangerous,” Clint shot back.

“Don’t threaten it and we’ll be fine.”

“We’ll be fine when we’re far away,” Bucky said and picked up Sam again.

“Stop,” Sam begged. “I’m not luggage. Also, we think they were herd animals, so there’s probably others around.”

“Goddamn it, Lewis,” Buck sighed and dropped the younger man.

Sam caught himself on a tree and glared at the other two. “You know what? Okay, you know what? Who here studies this for a living? Forgive me if all my dreams just came true, okay?” His eyes caught on something near the marshy lake shore, and his mouth dropped open. “I think that’s a Navajodactylus.”

“Are you just making these names up?” Clint accused.

“What? No. It’s a real thing. Late Cretaceous, too. I wonder if they’re all late Cretaceous. That’s interesting. I mean, I guess, if you’ve got to make some sort of preserve and get the environment and ecology right, you really have to pick one, because creatures from different epochs and habitats—”

“Sam, shut up,” Clint growled.

“Screw you, Barton. I’m sorry, but this is exciting for me,” he spat back with a scowl.

“Yeah, yeah, you study this for a living.” Clint paused and shot him a curious look. “Do you get paid?”

“I get a stipend. That counts.”

Bucky ground his teeth and stared around the dense, odd forest surrounding them. “Is this really the time?”

“Well…” Sam said, and glanced longingly back towards the big dinosaur.

“You’re as nuts as your sister,” Bucky muttered. “Your sister who will murder me if I let you get gutted by a goddamned dinosaur. Move it, Lewis.”

“But—” Sam started to protest.

Bucky stared at him and growled, low and cold. “Move.”

Sam’s jaw went slack and his eyes went wide again. “Jesus. Yeah, okay, Jesus.” He edged back from the soldier. “Relax. I’m moving. Holy God.”

Clint snickered. Sam glared. “Shut up, Barton.”

They walked on for a half an hour or so. Sam stopping from time to time to look at a plant or a small, leathery creature in a treetop.

“This is amazing. This is so amazing.” He turned to them and laughed. “Tony always used to give me shit for wanting to be a paleontologist. Who’s laughing now, Tony?”

Bucky, tense at being surrounded by the alienness of this world, grumped, “Would you stop talking.”

“No,” said Sam, the wonder at the miracle of dinosaurs washed away his terror of the Winter Soldier. “Look, look. I think that might be a Stegoceras,” he pointed to a creature about the size of a goat that was watching them warily. “Proto-feathers, oh my God. Check it!” He edged closer to the creature, but Bucky caught him by the shirt.

“Don’t mess with the dinosaurs,” he said, feeling wearied by this whole thing now.

Sam mostly ignored him, and was muttering to himself. “It’s from the species pachycephalosaurus, and it—”

“You are making up these names,” Clint crowed. “Look a bushasaurus,” he said, pointing to a plain green bush. “Look a rockdactyl! Hey, a birdosaur, awesome.”

“No, but look at the proto-feathers,” Sam said, not paying attention to the mockery. “They’re beautiful. Awesome, awesome. And, you know, birds are dinosaurs.”

“Everybody knows that, Sam,” Clint said with a sigh.

“What?” Bucky asked, his face creasing in confusion. “Birds?”

“Okay, so Sgt. Caveman doesn’t know that, but everybody else does,” Clint corrected.

“Are you shitting me?”

“No. Puts a whole new spin on the world, doesn’t it?”

“Guys,” Sam interrupted.

“Come on, Lewis,” Bucky sighed and turned back to him, ready to get them moving again.

“No, no, wait,” he said, his voice moving from awed to nervous. He licked his lips and peered through the foliage around them. “These are all late Cretaceous dinosaurs.”

“You’ve said. Like six times,” Clint said.

“From what I can tell, they’re mostly North American,” Sam continued, shooting a dark look at Clint. “Which, again, I guess would make sense for a preserve when you’ve got to take habitat—”

“Lewis,” Bucky growled.

“Predators,” he blurted. “There are probably predators, right?”

Clint eyed him suspiciously. “What kind of predators?”

“Um … the kind you’re thinking,” Sam said, wincing a little.

“Say it, Sam.”

“Tyrannosaurus Rex.”

Clint laughed. “For real?”

“Yeah. You know, among others. I mean, look, all these creatures lived in a time period that actually lasted millions of years, so they didn’t necessarily exist together, but some did. So, you know, if it’s not a Tyrannosaurus there’s, uh, you know, variants.”

Clint continued to laugh like he just couldn’t help himself. “Tell me you know what a T-Rex is, Barnes.”

“I know what a damned T-Rex is, Barton,” Bucky said with a glare.

“Holy shit. Awesome.” Clint wiped a hand over his face and laughed again. “Real Jurassic Park shit all up in here.”

“I saw those movies,” Bucky murmured. “What were the smaller, meaner ones?”

“Velociraptor,” Sam said. “Except, those were way wrong, too. The real ones are only about the size of like a dog. And also, mostly found in Asia.”

“Are there ones like the ones in that movie, that were maybe from North America?” Bucky pressed, biting off each word with impatience. “And that are maybe bigger than us and vicious?”

“Well, uh … I mean. Sure. Depending on what sort of eras are represented here. Could be like a Utahraptor, or Deinonychus, or maybe —”

“Can we fucking move?”

“Yes, we can,” Sam agreed, looking like the reality of the threat around them was finally hitting.

“Hey, so,” Clint said, nudging Bucky, as they continued on. “If you saw those movies, how come you didn’t know the bird thing?”

“Well, it wasn’t like I was paying that much attention.”

“Why not?” Sam asked curiously. “I’d figure that would be way cool for … uh, you know, for a guy from your day. Steve was impressed.”

“Steve would be,” Bucky said with a snort. “I was watching them with Darcy.”


Bucky smirked and glanced at Sam. “I wasn’t paying all that much attention to the movie.”

Clint laughed hard enough that he stumbled.

“Gross,” Sam growled. “That’s my sister.”

“I know,” Bucky sighed and glared at Sam. “And I’m getting you back to her in one piece, is that clear?”

Sam swallowed heavily and looked away. “Yes, sir.”

A Small Needful Fact

Is that Eric Garner worked
for some time for the Parks and Rec.
Horticultural Department, which means,
perhaps, that with his very large hands,
perhaps, in all likelihood,
he put gently into the earth
some plants which, most likely,
some of them, in all likelihood,
continue to grow, continue
to do what such plants do, like house
and feed small and necessary creatures,
like being pleasant to touch and smell,
like converting sunlight
into food, like making it easier
for us to breathe.


Ross Gay, poet and professor at Indiana University

Listen to Ross Gay read “A Small Needful Fact” on NewsHour

monochrome-dust  asked:

Perhaps 22. (people who’ve influenced them greatly) for Taji and/or 14. (habits) for Tlilli :o

Rajat: “Taji, who left you here by yourself?”

This is who Taji referred to as “Auntsie” (Aunt C). She’s a hardy woman who’s told her adventures, babysat, and sometimes “kidnapped” Taji onto outside strolls. She exploits her history with Rajat to reach and reveal more of the world outside the hometown and what he lets Taji see. C forgets to filter her content, rather simplifies her dialect to what seems coherent for a child. (e.g. It was asphyxiated! = It stopped breathing!) 

Taji forgot much of her nowadays, but C always radiated posivity that makes Taji interested in seeing other people’s best. Little tidbits like the need to see new places, tend to plants/small creatures, and finding ways to persuade her father came from her childhood with C - sorta just became involuntary.

Now for Tlilli..That will be a different post heh.

Adding more concepts


These are specialized druids that focus on the plant life of the ship. They are first given a small arbor creature that they must take care of and raise until it is strong enough for it to be bound to the ship. Once that takes place it is fused with the ship permanently. 

Timbermancers are capable of controlling the plants, vines, and roots of the ship to suit its needs. The new Galestorm is a still a small ship with only a portion of its hull actually living flora. Thus, at this time, with no timbermancers and no full growth on the ship, the Galestorm cannot perform its most infamous offensive: change shape

The old Galestorm ship had many vetaran timbermancers that were capable of working together with enough precision and mastery that the ship itself was rarely the same shape twice. They could mold the living wood to change the ship’s shape for either defense, attack, or for speed. From a destroyer to a wave-cutting cruiser. 

Khalind Starlock, returning to the seas, is training the new generation of timbermancers to return the Galestorm back to its old, infamous glory.

A Small Needful Fact
Is that Eric Garner worked
for some time for the Parks and Rec.
Horticultural Department, which means,
perhaps, that with his very large hands,
perhaps, in all likelihood,
he put gently into the earth
some plants which, most likely,
some of them, in all likelihood,
continue to grow, continue
to do what such plants do, like house
and feed small and necessary creatures,
like being pleasant to touch and smell,
like converting sunlight
into food, like making it easier
for us to breathe.
—  A Small Needful Fact, by Ross Gay

“A Small Needful Fact

Is that Eric Garner worked
for some time for the Parks and Rec.
Horticultural Department, which means,
perhaps, that with his very large hands,
perhaps, in all likelihood,
he put gently into the earth
some plants which, most likely,
some of them, in all likelihood,
continue to grow, continue
to do what such plants do, like house
and feed small and necessary creatures,
like being pleasant to touch and smell,
like converting sunlight
into food, like making it easier
for us to breathe.”

—poem by Ross Gay // photography by Brandon Stanciell // music accompaniment by Blackstar

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