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d-esperado unpluggedinlondon plantpott

d-esperado, omfg what happened to his blog :(

unpluggedinlondon, omfg he is like the loveliest person ever, awh, and his blog is perfect, like one of my faveess! 

plantpott, her blog is sexy omg but she is so pretty it makes me sad :( why can’t i look like her omg! but seriously she’s so stunning omfg. 

send me urls and ill tell you what i think of them!

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name tumblr people/look book people you'd want to look like


  • plantpott
  • tropicalbath
  • daughterofhungryghosts
  • jud1th
  • melmeatsix
  • iv0rywave

there is another tumblr person i’d die to look like, she has bright blue hair in jud1th’s meetup photos, but idk her url.


  • kaylahadlington (c0mablack)
  • norelle rheingold

idk there probs more i’m too tired to think r/n

x x x