So there’s this thing in my head that wouldn’t leave:

so let’s say that uraraka hits that time of the year where every college kid (despite them being in hs) experiences the throes of poverty and have to endure not eating for a couple of days

and lets say at this point she and bakugou spar from time to time

and let’s say he finds out


“No wonder your stamina’s so shitty.”

and uraraka learns that bakugou really is damn good in the kitchen.

Hey guys, as a huge Zutara shipper who truly believes they should be together…

Can we just…stop using his diving in front of lightning for Katara as incontrovertible proof of his love? Cause like…of all the stuff that’s between them, that’s the least compelling. Especially the argument of “nobody does something THAT extreme for just friends!”

I don’t know about you, but I’d take lightning for my friend. 

Don’t denigrate platonic love to support a romantic ship.

Headcanon: Queer Platonic Partners Hunk and Lance

Okay so for everyone who doesn’t know what that means, it’s like ULTIMATE BEST FRIENDS

It’s a purely platonic relationship with similar qualities to a romantic one such as small kisses cuddles etc.

So imagine Hunk and Lance, total best bros. With QPPs you can also be in a romantic relationship w someone else but your QPP wont mind uNLESS THEY HURT YOU bc your qPP WILL FIGHT

Hunk and Lance always supporting each other. Lance venting abt his crush to Hunk being a normal thing, Hunk and Lance baking cookies, cuddling, small kisses, always supporting each other. Nyma hurting Lance and Hunk waNTS TO FIGHT HER ON THE ASTRAL PLANE. Hunk and Lance being affectionate.

QPP Hance is my aesthetic. Feel free to add onto this I love them in this relationship sm y'all!!!

the spell can only be  b r o k e n

                                                              by true love’s kiss

Voltron College AU: Sleep-and Getting Pidge to Sleep-Isn’t For the Weak

@allorana @quietdeerfan 

This is for you guys! 

Pidge looked exhausted.

Her skin was even paler than normal, the rings under her eyes covered almost half her face, and the eyes themselves looked glassy.

Nevertheless, she tapped resolutely into her laptop. Although her eyelids continually flickered, her fingers flew at fifty miles a minute, refusing to bend to the pure tiredness that she must be feeling.

Matt had had enough. “Ok,” he said, standing up and walking over to Pidge. “You are going back to your apartment, and you are going to bed.”

Pidge slapped away the hand that he had placed on her shoulder. “No,” she said peevishly. “It’s not even eleven thirty yet.”

“Pidge, you look half-dead. How late did you stay up last night?” Shiro asked.

Pidge didn’t answer. That wasn’t a good sign.

“Pidge…” pressed Shiro. “Answer me. How late did you stay up?”

Pidge huffed. “I had a huge software project I had to finish…”


“I may or may not have pulled an all-nighter.”

“Pidge!” Matt and Shiro cried. Although, actually, Matt wasn’t surprised. Katie had done this a few times at home as well, but she didn’t do all-nighters often. Mostly only if she was extremely excited about or dedicated to her project. However, he had specifically asked Allura—her roommate–and the rest of the gang to help him bully Pidge into getting at least a couple of hours sleep a night.

“How are you even alive?” Keith asked.

“As much as I hate to agree with Keith, I agree with that question!” Lance said, sitting up. “Go to bed, Pidge!”

“Yeah, not getting any sleep seriously messes people up, Pidge! People should get at least six to eight hours of sleep a night.” Hunk chimed in, looking very concerned.  

Allura only rolled her eyes and sighed. “I try, I try.”

Pidge scowled. “I’m fine. And I’m NOT going to bed. I just made a huge breakthrough-“

“That can wait until morning. Come on, sis. Bed.” Matt tugged the laptop out of her hands and set it on the other side of the couch. Pidge lunged for it, but Matt grabbed her gently by the arms.

“Give it back!” she yelled, struggling to retrieve her precious laptop. But exhaustion was starting to take its toll, and her struggling was very weak. “Its…give it…mine…”

“Up you go.” Matt tugged her upwards, but Pidge’s stubbornness was by no means abated. She sunk to the floor, refusing to budge.

“No…” she whined.

Matt dragged her a few inches across the floor. “You can finish it in the morning, Pidge. You can’t stay here much longer anyway, it’s almost curfew.”

“Ten more minutes…”

Matt glanced at the rest of the group. Both Shiro and Allura looked exasperated, while Hunk, Keith, and Lance had mixed expressions of amusement and annoyance. Matt sighed. If they only knew how long he’d had to put up with this…

With a single, well-practiced jerk, he dragged Pidge to her feet. He then squatted, then stood up, leaving Pidge dangling over his shoulder. She was still crazy light, thank goodness.

“Put me down!” Pidge kicked a bit, struggling again. Matt knew she hated being carried like this, but desperate times, after all, call for desperate measures.

“Allura, can you grab her laptop?” Matt started walking towards the door.

“You need some help, Matt?” Shiro asked, sounding torn between concern and laughter.

“I’m good.” Matt answered. Keeping one arm wrapped around Pidge, he opened the door with his free hand, then walked into the semi-cold night.

Allura walked beside him, the laptop safe inside Pidge’s backpack.

The stunned silence inside Shiro’s apartment lasted about a minute after Matt, Pidge, and Allura had all left.  Then Lance broke it.

“So apparently Matt can bench-press Pidge. Wasn’t expecting that.”

“She is his sister after all.” Shiro offered. “Knowing Pidge, this isn’t the first time he’s had to do this.” He smiled at Keith. After all, Matt wasn’t the first person in the group to have to bodily carry a sibling to bed before.

But apparently, neither was Lance. “You know, I prefer the piggyback method myself to the fireman’s carry. Hurts my shoulder less. But then again, at least Maria and Anton were a little more willing to cooperate.”

Thank goodness Pidge and Allura lived in the same apartment complex as he and Shiro. While Pidge was light, carrying anybody for more than a couple minutes could wear a person out.

By that time however, Matt and Allura had reached the apartment. Pidge was still protesting, but the phrases only came out half formed and rather slurred, and she hung limp over his shoulder. Allura opened the door, then reached for Pidge. “I’ll take her.”

Matt squatted a bit, allowing Allura to take Pidge into her arms in the bridal carry. “Thanks a lot, Allura. Good night, Katie.”

“Rover-“ muttered Pidge. Matt smiled.

“Your laptop is safe, Katie, I promise. You can play with it in the morning.” Matt said, scratching her head a bit before he turned to return to his apartment.  

After Matt left, Allura carried Pidge into her bedroom, setting her gently on the bed. Pidge was by that time completely asleep. Allura set the laptop down on Pidge’s desk. “Goodnight, Pidge.” she whispered softly. She then tiptoed out, closing the door behind her.

shout out to aros who are invisible in the “invisible trinity of lgbt+” posts

shout out to aros who dated people and felt really shitty when they couldn’t love their partner back the same and they had no idea why

shout out to aros to dated people and felt weird because their feelings and the feelings their partner had for one another were not congruent

shout out to aros who feel broken because while our society is really focused on sex, it’s probably more focused on romance since most people think you have to be in love or open to loving someone romantically to have sex with them

shout out to aros with “passing privilege” even though The Straights™ reject them just as much as The Gays™

shout out to aros who get asked if they have a s.o at family functions and are pounded endlessly with “oh, why not?” and you can’t explain to them that you will probably never have an s.o because they wouldn’t get it or it would group you into lgbt+ and that could be dangerous

shout out to aros who get harrassed by people in the lgbt+ community for not “really being part of it”

shout out to aros who live in a romance focused world

shout out to aros who are confused because society teaches us from birth that we’re supposed to find The One™ to settle down with and have kids but don’t ever feel the need to find that person or do but totally leave out the romance part

shout out to aros who cling to pacific rim with their lives because drift compatible is the only phrase they have that can describe their very strong platonic feelings without people going “haha. yeah. SURE. plantonic….”

shout out to aros who are still trying to figure out where they fit on the spectrum

shout out to aros who feel like they’re wrong because everyone is so foucused on being in love and dating

shout out to aros bc yall ignored for no good reason and the A in lgbtqiap+ shouldn’t have to stand for three or more things and yall get swallowed up by agender and asexual and get completely ignored. you’re important and you’re valid.

💫 Hubble Galaxy Classifications As Sigils 💫

A method of celestial witchcraft that calls upon the various shapes of galaxies, using their shapes as sigils, and my personal correspondences of those shapes. 

💫 Ellipticals: have smooth, featureless light distributions and appear as ellipses in photographic images. 

💫 Associations: wisdom, legal matters, confidence, logic, rhetoric, studying, technology, success, motivation, glamours

💫 Spirals: consists of a flattened disk, with stars forming a (usually two-armed) spiral structure, and a central concentration of stars known as the bulge. 

💫 Associations: self love, romantic love, plantonic love, communication, truth, self control

💫 Lenticulars: consist of a bright central bulge, similar in appearance to an elliptical galaxy, surrounded by an extended, disk-like structure. Unlike spiral galaxies, the disks of lenticular galaxies have no visible spiral structure and are not actively forming stars in any significant quantity.

💫 Associations: travel, freedom, power, creativity, intuition,  psychic abilities, spirit work, astral work

💫 Irregulars: galaxies that do not fit into the Hubble sequence, because they have no regular structure (either disk-like or ellipsoidal).

💫 Associations: strength, domesticity, protection, resilience, change, time, freedom, rebirth

ahsokai  asked:

mckirk 'shit are you bleeding'

“No,” Bones grunts, hunched over. “I just like loosing vast amounts of red liquid from my leg for the fun of it,”

“Alright, no need to get snippy,” Jim says, pretending as if he isn’t pale faced, and that his hands wouldn’t be trembling if he weren’t holding pressure onto Bones’ leg.

“I’ll show you snippy, you uppity bastard,” Bones grumbles, leaning back against the wall. His forehead is shiny, slick with sweat, and his face is pallid. Jim feels something drop into the pit of his stomach, something roiling inside of him.

“You shouldn’t call your rescuer names,” Jim says as serenely as he can, just because he knows Bones is liable to get worked up if Jim panics.

Rescuer?” Bones spits out, but there’s a glimmer of humour in his otherwise foggy eyes. “Rescuer  my left foot, more like ball and chain,”

“So romantic,” Jim coos, tightening his fingers around Bones’ leg and ignoring his flinch though it kills him.

“When we get back to the ship,” Bones says, trying to point at Jim through fogged and concussed eyes, and only succedding in point at the other side of the wall. “I’ll show you fucking romantic,”

“Fascinating,” Spock says over comm.