Blinded AU

quick sketch based off of dragonfangz AU where Dipper gets his memories erased and is taken in with the Society of the Blind Eye. However, a certain triangle keeps tabs on him.

I imagine that Dipper would be quite lonely, with Ivan referring to him as “Boy” and the other members feeling guilty about what happened to him to even interact with him. Perhaps Bill would then use this to his advantage, earning Dipper’s trust by ‘befriending’ him and even giving him a name (which Dipper feels is like a gift). This could eventually lead to using Dipper for his 'big plans’.

Or something like that. This AU is a wonderful idea and thank you for letting me draw fanart for it :)

ok but i need a plot where there’s these two idiots who are roommates, and they bicker and act like a married couple constantly, and can hang out like bros but they’re completely platonic, no we’re not in love that’s preposterous!! and it’s so evident that they’re into each other like whenever one goes out on a date, the other is all bitter like ‘no i’m definitely not jealous’. and they like leave bars together at some stupidly early hour and their friends tease them and they just go home and get drunk together instead. and like domestic washing the dishes and fighting over who does what and flinging soap at each other. and then one day it kind of just clicks, you know, like wow you’re my best friend but i think i might love you as more this is so difficult and just, give this to me now.

💫 Hubble Galaxy Classifications As Sigils 💫

A method of celestial witchcraft that calls upon the various shapes of galaxies, using their shapes as sigils, and my personal correspondences of those shapes. 

💫 Ellipticals: have smooth, featureless light distributions and appear as ellipses in photographic images. 

💫 Associations: wisdom, legal matters, confidence, logic, rhetoric, studying, technology, success, motivation, glamours

💫 Spirals: consists of a flattened disk, with stars forming a (usually two-armed) spiral structure, and a central concentration of stars known as the bulge. 

💫 Associations: self love, romantic love, plantonic love, communication, truth, self control

💫 Lenticulars: consist of a bright central bulge, similar in appearance to an elliptical galaxy, surrounded by an extended, disk-like structure. Unlike spiral galaxies, the disks of lenticular galaxies have no visible spiral structure and are not actively forming stars in any significant quantity.

💫 Associations: travel, freedom, power, creativity, intuition,  psychic abilities, spirit work, astral work

💫 Irregulars: galaxies that do not fit into the Hubble sequence, because they have no regular structure (either disk-like or ellipsoidal).

💫 Associations: strength, domesticity, protection, resilience, change, time, freedom, rebirth

  • Twelve in series 8: Clara, I'm not your boyfriend. *Let's her hug him* *tries to flirt by insulting her* *holds her hand on occasion* *looks at her like she's more precious than the universe* THis is totaLLY plantoNIC, More PLAtonic than PlaTonIc Plates
  • Twelve in series 9: *enjoys Clara touching his face* *Is okay with himself dying if it means Clara's okay* *will smile at Clara far too often* *holds her hand far too often* *initiates hugs* *flirts shamelessly* *imagined her cupping his cheek to help him move on* *looks at her like she is more precious than life itself* CLARA OSWALD IS THE CENTRE OF MY UNIVERSE AND I WOULD DIE FOR HER. Although it's not like I love her or anything, I just have a duty of care.
I never quite understood the power of positivity. I always underestimated the power of friendships and assumed that anything that made me feel something was destined to be more than ‘just friends’. I completely ruled out the idea of platonic relationships and i forgot how it felt to feel comfortable around someone or to trust so easily. It wasnt until we drove around that night, and I laughed when you got angry at that man in the carpark or you told me you cared about me, that i realised I am worthy of so much more than failed relationships. I am worthy of friendships like you and I, and me and Her, and Him and me. I am allowed to feel things and dwell on those feelings without it developing. It’s nice to feel loved and know that won’t be ruined because of some argument over some girl at 3am. Instead its a “are you busy? I’ve had a bad day” at 2pm, and a long drive that will fill ill all the empty caverns in my chest. Thats what its about. Anybody who tells you otherwise, probably shouldnt be around you.
—  This is going to be my year

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I WOULD LOVE WONDERBAT TO BE CANON but only if they do it right like these two strong intelligent characters loving and respecting each other and not all like 'this pretty face needs a strong manly man to rescue her all the time' like i need this to be a real Diana and Bruce relationship not damsel-in-distress and superhero relationship

wonderbat (Bruce x diana) is my all time favourite ship. since early on in Bruce Timm’s Justice league animated series. the way it was handled is really great for me for multiple reasons

  • Bruce and Diana care about each other from before anything non platonic shows up
  • Bruce doesn’t act all macho for no reason. he is actually really emotional and gets worried if there friendship/ teammate status would be at stake and asks Jon for advise and it is the cutest thing ever.
  • When Diana starts liking Bruce she is upfront about it and extremely confident and straight forward about what she wants.
  • Bruce literally adores the ground Diana walks on and even though she can withstand enormous amounts of pain and not feel a thing he would freak out and search the entire fight field if he has to to find her
  • Gender roles are more often than not reversed when it comes to a damsel in distress given that the writers of the show constantly reminded us that bruce is out of his league when it comes to meta human powers
  • all in all the all time OTP ever fight me.

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Failure- A Martha-Centric One Shot

The lovely Martha is hurting after her failure to become a goddess today, and that makes me sad. I’m going to make myself more sad by writing about. Okay, here’s a thing. There’s a lot of platonic Marthlington, because I love that more than anything if I’m honest. It got fluffy very fast. Enjoy!


Martha hadn’t been this scared in her life. Not ever.

There had been the time when she was hunted for her disbelief in her uncle Mianite. She’d nearly died many times, but that was better than this. She could beat any soldier.

She had been scared to propose to Steve, but that, after long last, had turned out for the best. It was Steve- he wasn’t anyone to fear.

This was different. This meant overcoming herself, and she wasn’t sure that she could do that. Despite this, she stood tall in the rune circle.

James, the lovely wizard, gave her a supportive thumbs up. She smiled graciously at him.

“We all believe in you,” Jordan reminded her, standing with the other heroes. “You can do this.”

The mystic took a deep breath. “Alright, here goes nothing.”

She activated the spell. The runes glowed, coming to life on the earth around her. She felt her entire being shaking, as if trembling against some great force. Martha wanted to scream out, but whether in pain or ecstasy she didn’t know.

The feeling consumed her entire being. She felt like a lightning bolt, full of electricity, power, and overwhelming potential.

And then, everything was burning.

Martha crashed down to earth, every cell in her being trembling and calling out in pain, seeming to be chastising her all at once for what she had attempted. The hot ground below her stung her knees, but she barely noticed. She was extremely tired.

“This….” She whispered, voice hoarse, looking around. Every where around her was the color of blood. She was already sweating from the heat. “Where am I?”

She heard a cry behind her. It was Jordan, falling out of a portal created out of the not-so-considerate wizard Waglington’s magic. “Wag!” He cried.

“Where…?” She tried again, feeling ready to collapse.

Jordan met eyes with Martha, dawning a confused expression. “Martha? Well, this is the Nether. Wag, did you send Martha here?”

By magic, James’ voice echoed through the hellish landscape. “I certainty did not! Martha, are you alright?”

“I believe this was my fault,” Dianite’s spirit spoke in their minds. With no body’s vocal chords to use, he could only be heard in the consciousness of others. “When I tried to stabilize you, I must have pulled you into my domain. I’m sorry, Martha, but without Mianite to counteract my pull, I’m afraid this cannot be done.”

Martha’s heart sunk. She had failed. As her spirit gave out, so did her physical form. Luckily, just as she collapsed, James pulled her back into the overworld with his magic. Instead of burning her entire front half on the nether rack, she collapsed into the soft grass outside her home. James, only a few feet away, quickly moved to her aid.

“Martha!” He cried, moving her onto her back and cradling her head in his arms. “Are you okay?”

Martha wanted to cry, but she was too tired. Instead, as she laid in James’ lap, she murmured, “I’m sorry, James. I failed you. I’m so sorry.”

“No, no, no, Martha,” James began, running his fingers through her hair. “You didn’t fail anyone. This wasn’t your fault- you were amazing. You survived just fine, and we can try again another time.”

Martha shook her head. “No, we need Mianite. He will never help me. I had to be strong enough to overcome myself, and I wasn’t. It’s impossible. I’m too weak.”

James was incredulous. “You, weak?” He gasped. “Martha, you’re anything but weak. You can see into the future, for the gods’ sakes! You can perform any spell imaginable! You fought your way through guard after guard in the Inertia to save Steve and Andor. Seriously, that was all you. We heroes spent that whole mission dicking around with puzzles. You just survived the most dangerous spell ever conceived, dammit! Martha, it is literally impossible for anyone to enact that spell and survive, especially if something goes wrong! You’re impossibly strong. You are incredible.”

Martha looked up into the eyes of the wizard. “You’re too nice to me,” She groaned, but she was smiling.

“I’m your Champion, I have to be,” He played off, but he was blushing.

“I love you, you idiot,” She laughed, feeling infinitely better.

Waglington feigned shock. “Martha, you’re cheating on Steve with me, again?!”

Martha tried to shove him, but her arms did not cooperate, instead she groaned. “You know what I mean. In the friends-yet-champion-and-almost-goddess-way.”

James rolled his eyes. “As long as Steve doesn’t have to rebuild my tower again, that’s fine by me.”

“It better be,” Martha laughed. She felt exhaustion tug at her entire being. “I don’t think I can move right now.”

“Want me to carry you to your bed?” James offered.

“Yes, please.”