So there’s this thing in my head that wouldn’t leave:

so let’s say that uraraka hits that time of the year where every college kid (despite them being in hs) experiences the throes of poverty and have to endure not eating for a couple of days

and lets say at this point she and bakugou spar from time to time

and let’s say he finds out


“No wonder your stamina’s so shitty.”

and uraraka learns that bakugou really is damn good in the kitchen.

Tree Bros Prompt 2/?


He isn’t a super hero, it’s like God gave him this punishment to remind how much he hates himself

He can still see them. No matter how many jackets he wore, or bandages he puts on. He can see them. He always could.

He didn’t know what he did to deserve this. Just getting high one night, and suddenly you can see every scar on illuminate from your body. And not just yours.

He remembered that next morning and not wanting to go to the last day of school. But as his sister walked into the kitchen, he sees it all. Every time he has smacked her, pushed her, threw something at her, it was staring at him in the face. Almost like they were taunting him of what a monster he was.

He didn’t even realized that he was crying until his sister, the one he hurt so horribly was right in front of him.

“A-are you ok?” She asked. He just broke, right in front of her. Grabbing her, sobbing to her stomach where one of her bigger bruises were. Apologizing.

It was the worst day in his fucking life.

All summer he stayed in his room. He didn’t want to see anyone and his family just took it as that normal. Kinda sad now that you think about it huh?

Sometimes Zoe would try to talk to him, but all he could see were the bruises. Screaming at him.

The only thing that would ever help was the drugs. Smoking so much, he couldn’t see the scars, he couldn’t hear his body screaming at him. It was something he heavily relied on.

But sometimes he couldn’t do that, he just wanted the scars to shut up. He might’ve been high when he thought that scaring his arms more would’ve helped. But, y'know, it did. It
Released so much stress that he didn’t care how much blood was on the floor.

But when he woke up again, he felt even worse. Even more scars, even more guilt.

God, he should end it.

As summer drew on so slowly, he ended up get used to the scars on his arms, as long as he didn’t pay attention to their illuminating light (which was a lot harder than you think). At least he wasn’t crying like a baby every day.

But, just like that. It was over. Summer vacation. Senior year and he could still see them. He as even more scars than before. But at least Zoe’s were almost gone. But still present enough to haunt him.

He went, forced from his own will, he didn’t want to speak to anyone, didn’t want to see anyone. It was like people could see what he saw. His scars. He could feel the eyes looking at him. Calling him names.

Wait, who the hell was calling him names?

He turned to see a cocky kid with glasses. He recognized this fuckboy. A real dick. He then saw him, and what Connor saw, stunned him.

Evan Hansen, the one person who was in same ranks as he did. Had a different sort of light around his apparent broken arm. It was dark navy, almost black. It almost sent a chill up his spine. He then had a sudden thought.

‘That was there in purpose’

Haha, that’s all I could really think of with this one. Jeez, Connor was kinda hard to write. I’m nervous that people aren’t liking these. Sorry. Well here’s the original prompt:

Person A has the power to see/sense injuries (anything from bruises to broken bones to hypothermia) they meet Person B when they see suspicious or worrying injuries as they past each other.

Headcanon: Queer Platonic Partners Hunk and Lance

Okay so for everyone who doesn’t know what that means, it’s like ULTIMATE BEST FRIENDS

It’s a purely platonic relationship with similar qualities to a romantic one such as small kisses cuddles etc.

So imagine Hunk and Lance, total best bros. With QPPs you can also be in a romantic relationship w someone else but your QPP wont mind uNLESS THEY HURT YOU bc your qPP WILL FIGHT

Hunk and Lance always supporting each other. Lance venting abt his crush to Hunk being a normal thing, Hunk and Lance baking cookies, cuddling, small kisses, always supporting each other. Nyma hurting Lance and Hunk waNTS TO FIGHT HER ON THE ASTRAL PLANE. Hunk and Lance being affectionate.

QPP Hance is my aesthetic. Feel free to add onto this I love them in this relationship sm y'all!!!

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mckirk 'shit are you bleeding'

“No,” Bones grunts, hunched over. “I just like loosing vast amounts of red liquid from my leg for the fun of it,”

“Alright, no need to get snippy,” Jim says, pretending as if he isn’t pale faced, and that his hands wouldn’t be trembling if he weren’t holding pressure onto Bones’ leg.

“I’ll show you snippy, you uppity bastard,” Bones grumbles, leaning back against the wall. His forehead is shiny, slick with sweat, and his face is pallid. Jim feels something drop into the pit of his stomach, something roiling inside of him.

“You shouldn’t call your rescuer names,” Jim says as serenely as he can, just because he knows Bones is liable to get worked up if Jim panics.

Rescuer?” Bones spits out, but there’s a glimmer of humour in his otherwise foggy eyes. “Rescuer  my left foot, more like ball and chain,”

“So romantic,” Jim coos, tightening his fingers around Bones’ leg and ignoring his flinch though it kills him.

“When we get back to the ship,” Bones says, trying to point at Jim through fogged and concussed eyes, and only succedding in point at the other side of the wall. “I’ll show you fucking romantic,”

“Fascinating,” Spock says over comm. 

💫 Hubble Galaxy Classifications As Sigils 💫

A method of celestial witchcraft that calls upon the various shapes of galaxies, using their shapes as sigils, and my personal correspondences of those shapes. 

💫 Ellipticals: have smooth, featureless light distributions and appear as ellipses in photographic images. 

💫 Associations: wisdom, legal matters, confidence, logic, rhetoric, studying, technology, success, motivation, glamours

💫 Spirals: consists of a flattened disk, with stars forming a (usually two-armed) spiral structure, and a central concentration of stars known as the bulge. 

💫 Associations: self love, romantic love, plantonic love, communication, truth, self control

💫 Lenticulars: consist of a bright central bulge, similar in appearance to an elliptical galaxy, surrounded by an extended, disk-like structure. Unlike spiral galaxies, the disks of lenticular galaxies have no visible spiral structure and are not actively forming stars in any significant quantity.

💫 Associations: travel, freedom, power, creativity, intuition,  psychic abilities, spirit work, astral work

💫 Irregulars: galaxies that do not fit into the Hubble sequence, because they have no regular structure (either disk-like or ellipsoidal).

💫 Associations: strength, domesticity, protection, resilience, change, time, freedom, rebirth

the spell can only be  b r o k e n

                                                              by true love’s kiss

Happy April Fools, Ya Idiot

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16. Can I have the permission to slap the fuck outta him?

REQUESTED (by prompt)

Summary: A prank planned by (Y/N) and Stiles doesn’t go as they expected it to.

Pairing: Derek x Reader x Stiles (plantonic)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Author: @jeffdavisspawn

A/N: Sorry its short

“He’s gonna be so pissed when he finds his car undergoes a complete sticky note frenzy.”, Stiles said mischievously.

“Yeah, but we get to hurry up because he’s getting from the store soon.”, I rushed.

Stiles and I had managed to cover half of Derek’s car with sticky notes. I mean, it was April Fools and Derek was the perfect candidate. He got overly anger at basically anything which made it even more fun to mess with him. As I placed a couple more pink sticky notes on Derek’s windshield, a booming voice erupted.

What the hell is this??!?!?!

Stiles and I exchanged panicked looks. Ones that clearly said, “Oh shit! We’re definitely dead!”

“What the fuck did you to my car???”, Derek roared as Malia entered the scene. Once she saw the sight, she burst out laughing.

I couldn’t get words out of my mouth except the one stupid phrase that sounded good in my head but unfortunately did not play out well in reality.

“Happy April Fools, ya idiot!”,I said merrily holding my hands out in celebration.

“(Y/N) made me!”, Stiles protested which earned a very disgusted glance from me.


“She-uh- threatened me with her wolfy powers.”

“Shut up both of you.”, Derek commanded irritated.

Taking a deep breath and curling my mouth into a wide grin, I spoke,

“Derek, Malia, can I have permission to slap the fuck outta him?”, I said calmly.

Malia cracking up, “Go at it!”

“Mal-Malia, babe, come on, seriously!”, said Stiles as he started running from me.

(Untitled) Birthday

Birthdays. One step closer to Death like clock-work each year. Someone is born every day and unless everyone is sterilized that won’t change anytime soon. You come into this world with only two fears; falling and loud noises. You are taught to fear everything else. Unless you’re a hunter, then not even those things make you scared anymore.

Normally hunters don’t celebrate their own birthdays. They’re always too busy. Saving people. Hunting things. There’s rarely any time for such events—kid or not. It wasn’t a common thing.

 And that’s why when Sammy, Johnny, and Sasha woke up the morning of their shared birthday, they only gave each other drowsy morning greetings and headed to the kitchen for some good ol’ caffeine.

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How the Team Acts on Valentine’s Day

Genji: very over-the-top affection but with a very thoughtful twist; think a messily hand-sewn teddy bear that looks like his s/o, and gifted in a box that substitutes normal stuffing paper with hundreds of tiny slips of affectionate phrases on them

McCree: the classic romantic sop, just as you’d expect. Huge teddy bear, three colors of rose bouquets (red, pink, and white), petals strewn all over the floor. He cooks a nice candlelit dinner and puts the most romantic, soft country music he can find on the record player.

Pharah: she’s a little less good at being showy, but Mercy gives her hints both romantiac and plantonic, depending on how you ship them. (personally, PHARMERCY FTW!) She’s probably going to dress up in a suit and insist a bit more aggressively that she pays for dinner. The real fun begins when they return home ;)

Reaper: He’s the one who taught McCree all that soppy crap, so you’d expect him to be even showier, right? Actually, he’s more heartfelt than anything- minimalist, but with meaning. He’ll take off his mask over dinner (their favorite dishes, no matter how bland he may find them) and raises a glass of lamb’s blood a fine red, saying, “There will be no single day that I love you more than another, cariño, but today we can remember some of the best moments.” There will definitely be slow dancing afterward, and very soft cuddling. If they want to take it further, he will do anything they please tonight. 

Soldier76:  There will be no going out- all his suits are from his golden days, so someone would be bound to recognize him. Not that anyone would ever complain about his food- it’ll be hard getting to the couch after he;s done serving all four courses.  He takes his time getting all done up in a suit and shaving his stubble for the dinner, but what will probably end up happening is him changing into sweats and cuddling with them immediately afterward. His presents are always a little extra to make up for his tiredness, stuff along the lines of Genji’s, but with neater stitching. 

Sombra: She get’s some good tricks up her sleeve for this one; imagine having almost every singer, band, composer and producer at your disposal (literally, with the amount of blackmail she has on literally every and any celebrity.) She has somehow found a way to collect a handful of every single flower on this side of the ocean decorating the restaurant she’s reserved- and probably bought out- for the night. It’s undoubtedly some penthouse-suite, 3-Michelin Star type of restaurant, with a menu she has personally customized to fit the tastes of her boo.

Tracer: She zips all around King’s Row trying to book a reservation at a fancy restaurant before Valentine’s Day. But let’s be real, she’s probably doing this at 5:00 on Valentine’s Day, so there probably won’t be a reservation open until 12 am. Exasperated, she throws on a suit and video-calls Winston, begging him to guide her through a basic dinner to make before her S/O gets home. By the time they’re home, Winston is in tears on the other end of the line, and Lena’s suit is covered in flour and soy sauce and Gods know what else- but it’s still a sweet gesture. Who knew that she could steal a rose that fast?

Hanzo: He lays out a simple, elegant display. Red and white roses, a silken tablecloth, one of his old well-tailored numbers in a red that accents his new gold nose bar. He lays out a red carpet- where does he even get these things? It astounds everyone- and is thankful that takeout from fancy restaurants is now a thing. He’s awkward during dinner, but makes up for it by giving an even more awkward speech professing his love and dedication for his S/O after his hastily made dessert (which was probably vanilla ice cream with Hershey’s syrup drizzled elegantly on top.) It’s the thought taht counts, right?

Junkrat: Have you seen those photos of a thousand dominos falling down to form a huge heart and the words “I Love You” in some ridiculous calligraphy font that can only be seen from and airplane? yeah, he does that, but with gunpowder somehow. And the plane is just his Concussion Mine, but he ‘s holding his S/O when it goes off so they see it together.

Mei: She painstakingly carves an ice sculpture of something basic, like two swans with their heads dipped in a heart. That’s all she does. It takes up all of her time, and honestly, she cares more about the swans than she does her S/O’s reaction to them at the end of the night. 

Torbjorn: What is love? Love isn;t real. Not for this goblin. 

Widowmaker: She doesn’t even notice taht it’s Valentine’s day until her S/O brings it up. When they do, all she really does is shrug and mumble, “It is not a real holiday, anyway. Just an advertisement.” However, she betrays her own aloofness by immediately grabbing for and kissing them after she says this, which will (as usual) lead to very sensual things happening ;))))))))

D.Va: SHE IS ONLY 19, SHE WILL GAME WILL HER BOO ALL DAY. The mech will be programmed to do the heart emote over and over until it self-destructs.

Reinhardt: He likes to say that going to Valentine’s Day dinner at some fancy restaurant would attract too much attention since he’s a living legend, but he’s really more hesitant because he’s always tired lately. What’ll probably happen is him dressed up nice and kicking Torbjorn out of his own house as a romantic, homey setting. 

Roadhog: He cooks a five-course meal that somehow has meat in every single one of the dishes… even the dessert. Nothing unusual, except that he’s cleaned up a little bit (nicer clothes, maybe a suit if he really has that much energy) and might keep his mask off for longer than usual whilst eating. I headcanon Roadie as being the kind of like baths and bedttime right after dinner, so perhaps he has stolen a bath bomb from Widowmaker to make the bath tonight a bit more luxurious for his boo. As an extra course, he stole some top-quality chocolates for them during his daily escapades with Junkrat, and will probably nudge them to share during the bath as well. 

Zarya: She and her S/O spend the day out helping others in her hometown, which is what Zarya spends most of her time doing on a regular day. Today, she insists on spending a bit more on food for the homeless couples they encounter, as well as on chocolates for the children. However, due to the help of certain old compatriots, no matter how late they arrive home together, the apartment will be decorated at least half-decently. The roses will be half wilted and the dinner cold, but it won’t matter. She’ll style her hair up a little and slap on some formalwear for a dinner they’ll dine on half asleep together. 

Ana: She writes Fareeha and sends some cheesy card she ordered off of whatever version Etsy of the Overwatch era has. If she has a S/O, they’ll probably get about the same treatment, along with a simple dinner. She’s not one to go all-out, and she’ll probably have a S/O who understands her not needing to. She doesn;t need to be flashy in order to make her affections known. 

Lucio: He’ll go around the same route as Zarya, but on epic high-speed skates instead. And he’ll definitely have enough energy to quite literally zi[ them around to some high-tech new restaurant at the end of the night, so they can try something new together. That will also carry on into later hours….

Mercy: She will make time for her S/O on Valentine’s Day even if she’s half a world away from them on call. There will be some awkward videocall dinner, at the very least. However, if they’re together, she pulls a Tracer and rushes some presents, probably even running to Genji for a messy teddy bear commission. 

Symmetra: Let’s talk about the kind of fancy, over-the-top arrangements she’ll make with her tech, while completely disregarding the actual dinner bit of the day. Presents are no problem, arrangements are barely worth a second of concern, but she completely forgets that food can;t be made with hard-light technology. Guess it’s a takeout kinda night. 

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I can't believe this thought just struck me now, but it did. In 302, one Bellamy finds Clarke in the cave with Roan & looks at her all lovingly & brushes the hair out of her face? He's still with Gina. His girlfriend of several months. If anyone's boyfriend looked at Clarke the way he does in that cave, girlfriend would be dropping him ASAP. That should have sold all haters at least on Bellamy's love a year ago. Because Gina wouldn't have considered it plantonic. At all. Girl had self respect.

He was still with Gina. Honestly, I loved Gina but I didn’t like their scenes together, because I know what it’s like to be with someone who isn’t all in to the relationship and it sucks. It’s almost enough, but not really. Everyone who saw him dragging his stabbed leg could tell how he felt about Clarke.

The fandom however, still was saying it was platonic.

Evidence? What evidence.

Why can’t we just accept that they’re just friends.

Really season 4 is ALL fanservice, forcing this perfectly happy sibling-like relationship into the romantic just for the awful Blarkes. It totally came  out of NOWHERE. 

*searches through the thousands of meta posts from the bellarke fandom illustrating the bellarke romance over the course of 4 seasons with evidence from the text.*


lumalilac  asked:

Ok you called Dett, Sonny and Skip 'Queer Plantonic Friends' a few asks ago. Does that mean they are canonically in a QPR this entire time and I just havn't noticed or am I just misinterpreting? Also, If I am not, is Ace also in on the QPR? Cause that would explain a lot. I'm just a very QPR-rep hungry person.

Yes I would say they are! The bandits can get affectionate towards each other, but I wouldn’t say they are in a romantic relationship, because Dett is Aro and Sonny is a couple years younger than the others. But I absolutely love queer platonic relationships