planting urns

(”Freesias”, Bee reads. Heavenly-smelling, sleek and strong while still rounded and soft. Shapely and handsome.)

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(Miss Jessop’s Upright Rosemary, he finds on another page. This one’s mostly blue, sometimes a little steely gray, but vibrant and spy and surprisingly nice.)

(The Blue Tango urn plant. Exotic in its red and blue contrast, broad and bold while still maintaining a delicate edge.)


(and Bee still goes back to the flower that resonates the most with him.)

(Plain, little yellow cucumbers.)

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Yuga Aoyama: Proteas or Urn Plant

I’m not going to lie, I had to look these up (I’m no botanist (´ ꒳ ` ✿) ) I hope I found the right ones because finding Proteas was kind of hard

Aoyama Yuga: Urn plants! Just look at how elegant they are with those perfectly matched colors and sharp edges, mon ami(e)!