planting makes me happy!


My beautiful new and old plants. 🌱 I went to the flower market and bought so much. Last night was the planting night. I repotted 10 of them, and I have 2 to go. (some of them are not shown in the pictures) Planting makes me so happy and calm. 😊 Also, does anyone know the name of that red bell plant, I’d love to know? Have a magical day. 🌱🌸🌷🌞🔮💜

I really hope I don’t have to explain my shitposting…

You just know some civilian has been trying to give that to someone for a few days and nobody else would take it. Now he’ll be riding this high for the next week.

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Wishing Peter was playing with my hair

“Idiot.” You heard Peter mumble under his breath. You opened your eyes slowly, seeing Peter on the other side of your room. You yawned, stretching your arms above your head before smiling over at him. He was bent over, picking up your science textbook that had caused you to wake up. You moved over on your twin sized bed, patting the empty space on the bed next to you. 

“C’mere.” You murmured, having little to no energy to speak any louder. Peter bit his bottom lip, tugging the sleeves of his shirt down past his hands before padding over to you, head hung low. 

“I didn’t mean to wake you up.” He admitted, before moving your covers so he can climb into bed with you. 

“You would think your super special spider senses would have kicked in or something.” You joked, cuddling into your warm boyfriend, inhaling his crisp minty scented cologne that you had gotten him last Christmas. You looked up at him, blushing when you saw that he was staring down at you, smiling widely. 

“What?” You asked, resting your head on his chest in order to hide the blush and throwing an arm across his stomach to pull him closer to you. 

“Nothing. You just make me happy.” He whispered, planting a kiss on your forehead. You closed your eyes, feeling your face heat up once again. Peter’s fingers moved up your arm, slowly, leaving a trail of goosebumps. His fingers found the ends of your hair, beginning to twirl the strands between his fingers. His fingers moved to separate your hair so he can massage the base of your neck, somewhere he knew that you got plenty of knots in. You sighed out contently, knowing that in a matter of minutes he would be able to ease you back to sleep. 

His fingers moved from the base of your neck over under your ear to your jawline, tilting your head up. You kept your eyes closed, these movements become second nature to the both of you. You felt his warm lips plant themselves on yours briefly before dropping his hand from your jaw, letting your head drop gently back on his shoulder. 

He kissed your forehead once again before brushing your hair back over the back of your body. He hummed gently, a tune you didn’t know. You let your senses surround themselves to him; the smell of his cologne, the feel of the vibrations on his chest, the sound of his humming and steady heartbeat, and the lulling dance of his fingertips as he played with your hair. You let yourself focus on solely him and his movements, and it wasn’t long until you fell back asleep.