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Finally got the right lighting to take these pictures because it has been so cloudy recently☁️ but I’m really happy with how all of it turned out. I know it’s not perfect but I can’t expect it to be. I obviously borrowed some ideas from other people and if I knew the creator I would give credit but sadly I don’t. But if you happen to know them please leave their name.

as I turn over my calendar, I’ve realised this sounds like Dan is urging me to nurture my plants until they outlive Phil himself.

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So I saw the Haikyuu!! scoreboard calendar with Team Karasuno and Nekoma’s little animal moscots… look at how cute they are…

And they are going to include Bokutowl!!! 

But… what’s that thing right below Tobicrow…



stop holding onto the past

Sweet Surprise | Jung Hoseok

Group/Member: Bangtan/J-Hope

Genre: Fluffy~

Summary: It’s Hoseoks birthday! And you’ve taken it in your hands to throw him the best party ever, but of course that’s easier said than done.

Words: 1,230

A/N: Technically it’s still his birthday here in the US of A! So of course I had to make a little something something~


February 18th. To others it may seem like any other day nicely planted on the calendar, but to you it was different. There it was sitting in front of you, challenging you to do something. Challenging you to throw your best friend the most amazing birthday party he had ever had. Tapping your foot repeatedly against your hardwood floor you reach into your jean pocket pulling out your phone.

Quickly dialing the number you knew by heart you raised your phone to your ear. Small rings traveled to you as you patiently wait for the familiar ‘hello’ to greet you. Looking past your shoulder over at your clock that hung above the TV, read that it was 12:49. He had to be awake, right?

Just as the thought crossed your mind a cheerful “Hello~” was finally heard through the phone. “Hoseok! Happy Birthday!” You cheer back making a fit of laughter fall from his lips. “You know you already texted me that at 12am. Thanks by the way.” It was your turn to return the fit of laughter at his tone of voice. “Why? Did I wake you?” You ask a smile edged on your face. “Maybe. But it doesn’t matter, waking up to a text from you is one of the best ways to wake up.”

His words made your heart skip a beat but you quickly covered it was another small laugh. “Well, i’m glad. So what are the plans for today?” You ask a small smile gracing your lips at the fact that he has know idea what you have planned. “Um, well I think Jimins throwing me a small party.” His words stop you in your track as your eyes widen. “You’re obviously invited!”

No. No. No! Jimin can’t throw him a party! This was your chance! Jimin threw him one last year, which wasn’t as spectacular as it sounds. The cake arrived 2 hours late only to have Tae slip and fall while bringing it in and landing right on top of it. “Y/N? You still there?” Hoseoks voice sounded and you quickly cleared your head. “Hmm? Yeah, sorry. I just suddenly thought of something.” You mumble back.

“Oh? What about?” You quickly shake your head letting off another round of small giggles. “N-Nothing. It’s nothing. I- uhh. Better go. You know get ready for the party in all.” You say trying your best to sound excited but in reality you probably sounded like the complete opposite. “Yeah of course! It’s at 4 here at the dorm! Don’t be late.” You inwardly groan but non the less nod and reply “you betcha.” You quickly hang up the phone and scroll through your contacts looking for one certain number.

Clicking the contact you hold your phone up waiting for his voice but instead are greeted with his voicemail. “Hey it’s Jimin, you know what to do.” You groan and grab your bag hurrying out of your small apartment hitting his number again. “Come on Jimin! Pick up!” After a few more rings Jimins voice fills your ears. “Hello?”

“Jimin! Don’t you dare think about throwing Hoseok a party!” You shout at him making his delicious laugh fly through the phone. “Good Afternoon to you too, Y/N.” You roll your eyes as you turn the corner entering the cake shop. “You know damn well, i’ve been planning this party for 2 weeks!” You state. “I don’t need another mishap on his birthday like last year!”

“Oh come on! It wasn’t my fault that his cake was ruined! Blame Tae.” He suggests making you groan again. “It’s not just the cake, I just want this to be perfect.” Walking up to the counter you smile handing the cashier your card for the cake. “It will be, I just told Hoseok that i’m throwing it to get him to believe this won’t be that extravagant. You know to lower his expectations.”

You laugh lightly as you grabbed the cake saying thank you to the baker as you carefully walked out of the shop. “Okay, just making sure. Remember that it’s at my place. You somehow need to get him there.” Jimin groans at your words making you shake your head. “I’m not a child Y/N. I know what to do.”

“Just don’t make a mess of things, please?” You ask as you take in the view of your apartment again. “Come on Y/N. Look who you’re talking too. I’ll get him there in once piece, promise.” You nod but there’s a small voice telling you that you should be worried. “Okay, see you then~” You end the call and carefully make your way to your door and inside. This would go okay. This will be perfect. Right?


3 hours later and you had completely transformed your small apartment into a birthday party wonderland. Streamers and balloons hung high on your ceiling. The cake set nicely on your coffee table surrounded by plates and party favors. All of Hoseoks friends and family gather making small talk as they wait for the man of the hour to get here.

You glance back and forth at the clock as it gets later and later. Gosh where is Jimin and Hoseok? You slowly walk to Namjoon tapping him on the shoulder making him quickly turn around. He gives you a small smile and wave. “Any word from Jimin?” You ask to which he shakes his head. “Don’t worry, they’ll make it.” He assures you patting your shoulder. Just at that time a small turning of your door handle is heard and everyone freezes. “Hide! Everyone Hide!” Namjoon whisper shouts as the guest quickly find places to shield themselves. You crouch next to the coffee table as Hoseok voice is heard as he walks through the door.

“Why do we need to stop at Y/N’s again?” He asked just as everyone jumps up yelling 'Surprise!’ making him smile brightly fits of laughter falling from his lips. “No way!” He shouts as everyone gathers around him to wish him a happy birthday. “Hope-ah!” Tae shouts behind you as he pushes his way to him band member. His arms flare as he pushed past you making you loose your footing and fall. You see it happen in slow motion. Everyone’s faces turn from happy to shock as you fall straight down on your coffee table- and more importantly the cake.

Everyone gasps and goes silent as you sit there with the cake all over your face and dress. Jimin steps past Hoseok to see what happened and as soon as he takes in your appearance he bursts out laughing. Soon everyone joins in in small giggles as Tae rushed over and mumbles out apologies. Hoseok crouches down next to you a small smile on his lips.

“i’m sorry Hoseok. I wanted this to be a perfect party and I ruined your cake and-” Your words are cut off as Hoseoks finger smooths over your cheek gathering up some frosting. He smiles as he takes his finger in his mouth and moans in satisfaction. “I think that cake is just fine.” He says. “Plus this might as well be a tradition now. Destroying my cake.” You smile up at him and playfully smack his shoulder. “Happy Birthday, Hobi.” He smiles leaning in to lightly kissing your cheek. “Thank you Y/N.”


Created By ArwenKaboom

Eclectic Study

Created for: The Sims 4
Combination of black, white and wood that will bring little scandinavian charm into your sims life.
The set contains 11 items.
2 Bookcases, desk, chair, shelf, wire shelf (for decorational purposes), aeonium plant, hanging ivy plant, picture frame, calendar and end table.

With the right treatment, a conservatory can be as hospitable to people as to plants. Plants benefit from the maximum light allowed through the glass roof and windows. The quarry tile floor is both durable and elegant and the informal furniture in cane and bamboo, though not sturdy enough for use outdoors, is ideally suited to a conservatory; its soft lines and colors blend well with the delicate shapes of plants. 

The Small Garden (John Brookes) © 1978


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//Exams are so close now! I have reconstructed my study planner in my bullet journal for May, and tonight created a little mind map on alcohols for my chemistry module! (I kinda ran out of space. Oopsie). Also featuring my awesome Cameronian Tea all the way from Asia just for me!//