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Finished my main summer project, a seasonal planting calendar. This is meant to serve as a visual reminder of when you should be planning to plant your produce (based on the planting seasons of the Eastern U.S., NY specifically). 

Just a note, each plant has different needs, and some require starting seeds indoors while others can be planted directly outdoors (and some you can likely find already growing around you). Some have longer growing seasons than what is shown. Lots of info can be found online, have fun researching!

Prints & more found here. Happy planting!

November - Feronia

In ancient Roman religion, Feronia was a goddess associated with wildlife, fertility, health and abundance. As the goddess who granted freedom to slaves or civil rights to the most humble part of society, she was especially honored among plebeians and freedmen.

as I turn over my calendar, I’ve realised this sounds like Dan is urging me to nurture my plants until they outlive Phil himself.

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So I saw the Haikyuu!! scoreboard calendar with Team Karasuno and Nekoma’s little animal moscots… look at how cute they are…

And they are going to include Bokutowl!!! 

But… what’s that thing right below Tobicrow…




Garden prep! Its eight weeks until planting outdoors begins, and so I am making my fairy garden hills and starting seeds based on the moon planting calendar! What you are seeing is the foundation of a hugelkultur bed. You begin by stacking up wood, covering it with brush, and then compost, dirt and soil and cover with straw or wood chips. (At this point the ladders and twine are there just to keep the dog from disturbing our work and to protect cats and dogs from logavalances.) The buried logs hold water and through osmosis keep your garden watered most of the summer. The composting wood keeps the hill warm most of the winter. This bed is about 20 feet long and about 4 feet of surface on each side made of wood that came down during the storms this winter. This is going to be big little farm. I am going to use the square foot planting method on the hills to grow the survival vegetable, fruit and herb gardens I bought on a whim. The fairy hill will be witched up too!


Finally got the right lighting to take these pictures because it has been so cloudy recently☁️ but I’m really happy with how all of it turned out. I know it’s not perfect but I can’t expect it to be. I obviously borrowed some ideas from other people and if I knew the creator I would give credit but sadly I don’t. But if you happen to know them please leave their name.


Plants don’t usually have calendars, so how do they know when to bloom?

stop holding onto the past


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//Exams are so close now! I have reconstructed my study planner in my bullet journal for May, and tonight created a little mind map on alcohols for my chemistry module! (I kinda ran out of space. Oopsie). Also featuring my awesome Cameronian Tea all the way from Asia just for me!//

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