Man, witches are just so good

☆ Kitchen witches who have herbs drying all over and always have flour on their clothes from baking pies with sigils in the crust.

☆ Garden witches who have permanently dirt-stains on their knees from taking care of their succulents and watering them with all the moon water they can provide.

☆ Crystal witches who are constantly buying more shelves to store all their new babies and having their windowsill overflowing every full moon to get all of its energy.

☆ Sigil witches who always have a paper and pen on them and sketch out positive sigils and leave them around for passerby’s to be affected by them.

☆ Divination witches who wake up an extra hour or so before starting the day to see what their cards, runes, or pendulums have in store.

☆ Tech witches who have a notebook on them at all times to write down new additions to their online altar code or grimoire and are always sending emoji spells to their friends.

☆ Elemental witches who have candles all over the floor, random bowls of water precariously perched in odd places, incense always in stock, and piles of salt around doors and windows.

☆ Familiar witches who cater to their animals every day and often spend more on the animals than they do on themselves.

Just. All witches are so good. If you’re a witch, you’re lovely and valid and amazing. ❤

Calling All Witches!


I really, really need some witch blogs to follow. Being a baby hedgewitch myself, I prefer blogs focusing on gardening, herbalism, plants, etc. But I appreciate all kinds of witches!

Please like or reblog if you post any one of these things focusing on:

- herbalism

- gardening

- white magic

- spells

- sigils

- kitchen witchery

- hedgewitchery

- baby witch tips

- crystals

- potions

- positivism

- nature

- sea witchery

- green witchery

- meditation

- environment awareness

- healing

- taoism

- mental illness help

- tea

- candles

- animals

- zen

- tarot

- witchy art/aesthetic


I am an ally to lgbtq+ witches \(^o^)/

Much love,


Cold sunset ❄️🌬🌵⛅️

I’m back to the studio after a nice holiday break - I hope everyone had a happy New Year! This is Graptopetalum paraguayense, watercolor and ink illustration.  


Created to work with the new moon’s energy, but you can use this handy spread at any time.

While crafting this, I pictured setting an intention like planting a seed. Each card walks you through planting your idea, seeing it take root, and then learning how to nurture it.

1. The Seed - your intention

2. Hesitation - fears stopping you from planting

3. Push It in the Ground - overcoming fears & then the waiting process

4. Taking Root - how your intention will first show itself becoming a reality

5 & 6. Bring It to the Surface - ways to nurture your intention and make it work for you in the best ways possible!

Feel free to use this spread, post pictures, and tag me in them! Please, do NOT steal this photo, remove the tag, and use it/reblog it as your own.

Thanks and keep on divining, my friends. :)


August 1st 2015

The children are learning a propagation technique called cloning. Instead of growing from seeds, the practice of cultivation they are most familiar with, we thought it was an appropriate time to demonstrate a shortcut. We have several rosemary bushes on our property but one is larger, more aromatic, and more flavorful than all the rest. We explained to the children that the primary reason for this is because this particular Rosemary bush has superior genetics and “cloning” is a method of gathering and multiplying this bush into many others without the need for seeds. Because the natural rooting hormone is stronger in the lower branches we started by cutting them and placing them into a cup of water. Then we shave a bit of the bark off the ends, dip into a rooting hormone, and place the cuttings into the moist media. Once covered and placed under the light it only took a week to see the roots growing. Once we have roots on all the cuttings we now have clones… Genetically identical plants as the bush the clones were cut from. Now the children understand that successful growing is a byproduct of the propagation of superior genetics.

We hope this post finds you well.