Took some time to run around in both gardens this afternoon. Minky was having a great time dashing around in his pajamas. Here at our house the flowers are sort of in a lull between the early season stuff and the more mid-season blooms. Our irises are still going, as are the chive plants, and the lily of the valley, and it looks like the poppies are on their way soon which will be neat! One of the two sets of hops is taller than me now, and the other is looking nice and healthy. Most of the rest of our herbs and plants are looking good, but not particularly interesting to photograph. Also there was a snake.

We trekked on over to the food garden where things are starting to sprout up, but more importantly we put in our tomatoes! Hopefully they all do well.

Cuz, I’m a nice sister. Planted and made a Succulents pot for the twin’s desk. GRAB ALL DEM COMPUTER RADIATION! (Or so they say. Bwah ha ha!!)
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