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Took some time to run around in both gardens this afternoon. Minky was having a great time dashing around in his pajamas. Here at our house the flowers are sort of in a lull between the early season stuff and the more mid-season blooms. Our irises are still going, as are the chive plants, and the lily of the valley, and it looks like the poppies are on their way soon which will be neat! One of the two sets of hops is taller than me now, and the other is looking nice and healthy. Most of the rest of our herbs and plants are looking good, but not particularly interesting to photograph. Also there was a snake.

We trekked on over to the food garden where things are starting to sprout up, but more importantly we put in our tomatoes! Hopefully they all do well.

I’ve seen quite a few of these floatin around tumblr.  Work was slow, so I broke out my teensy lil set of water colors and my gel pen and made some lil upcycled glass terrariums.  It’s SUPER hard growing things that aren’t succulents in a terrarium.  I think its because theres no drainage, but I’ve seen other people do it.  -__-;;;  Dal’s probably fucking amazing at this since they’re all over his hive.

Funfact, the 4 leaf clover on the bottom right corner is real.  I put it in a small bath n body works hand sanitizer container. X3

** In no way am I an expert. I took horticulture as a blow off class in highschool… but i guess i acquired so knowledge from it hahaha so let’s go go go!
Plant are extra cool and they help you breathe and shit, so LET’S GET THAT GREEN THUMB ON!

What you need :

Things that cost $

  • PLANTING MEDIUM : aka what you usually know as dirt or soil. I recommend the higher quality kinds that have plant food in it already. [ cost : better quality soil - $10-$20, lower quality - $3-$5 ]
  • SEEDS : really up to you how much you’re willing to spend on seeds. I got some from the dollar store that grew perfectly fine [ cost : you don’t have to spend a tone of money $0.25 - $ –.– ]
  • POTS : this should be listed under the free section, but if you’re interested in those fancy flower pots, go ahead but pretty much you can use anything from a shoe to a shot glass. Just make sure there is a draining hole for your pots [ cost : free - $–.– ]
  • OPTIONAL : a plant pot coaster ( im not if that’s what its called 100%, but it to put under that pots to catch the access water), not completely necessary, there’s always an alternative for it, i used a piece of foil or you can use a bigger cup or a plate to catch the water.


  • WATER : I’m not going to assume that everyone can get water whenever the hell they want, but if not you can always wait for the rain or you can spray your plants, wrap the top part in a bag to cover the whole top and let condensation do the work.
  • SUNLIGHT : another option is buying a lamp, but if you can’t get a hold of sunlight…. i don’t know any other way to help you out with that.
  • HOLE MAKING INSTRUMENT : I forgot what it’s called, i think it’s called a dibble, it basically makes holes so you can put seeds into the planting medium. This can be a pencil, a toothpick, literally anything.
  • OPTIONAL : a cup + spoon for mixing

Let’s get to planting!

  1. Prepare your planting medium by dampening it with a bit of water. If it a mix to make sure that all of the water and soil is combined (this can be done in your pot, but if you dont mind adding an extra step, but go ahead and mix it in a separate cup and pour it into your pot when youre done)
  2. Depending on the size of your seeds, if its something as big as a sunflower seed, you can go ahead and just stick ¾ of it into the plant medium as for small seeds, you can either (ill have pictures available under the cut that you can refer back to)
    1. use the diy dibble and poke a couple of holes, makes sure theyre no more that ½ cm deep
    2. just sprinkle a bit of seeds around put a thin layer of planting medium on top 
  3. Give your plants a last watering session, just enough so that your water starts dripping through the drain hole.
  4. Leave it by a window or a lamp
  5. Remember to water if everyday and if you started out with a smaller pot, just make sure you switch it to a bigger pot when the plant grows

Something things to keep in mind while planting 

  • Plants dont grow over night, so be patient with them. Give it a couple of days before they start sprouting.
  • If it didnt work out, it could be that you missed a step or the seeds are just…. not working (?), but you can always try again DONT GIVE UP!
  • Plants needs some loving too, so check on them everyday, give them what they need!

Again, I am no plant expert, this is all the basic info i actually retained from horticulture class. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. GET TO PLANTING!

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