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Hi! I’m looking for some new blogs to follow and more mutuals!!! So reblog this post if you post

•Steven Universe
•Tokyo Ghoul
•Anime/Manga in general
•Kawaii things
•Aesthetic stuff

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Looking for more blogs to follow!

I kinda want to follow some more blogs because my dash is becoming a lil’ repetitive…

So if you want me to check out/follow your blog then please like or reblog this or smth ^_^

I really like:
•  Yowamushi Pedal
•  Haikyuu!!
•  Kuroko no Basuke
•  Free!
•  Sports anime/manga basically
•  Anime/manga in general tbh
• Kuroshitsuji
•  Tokyo Ghoul
•  Zankyou no Terror
•  Neon Genesis Evangelion
•  Nintendo
•  Video games in general lmao
•  Plants
•  Aesthetic stuff
• Bath bombs are totally cool
• Space stuff
•  Art
• Cute fashion
•  Anything related to the stuff above :^)

I’ve probably forgotten a bunch of things but you get the idea:)

Don’t be afraid!!